Torment: Tides of Numenera

by inXile entertainment

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    1. Demian Walendorff on

      Congratulations! You deserve it! This kickstarter was well conducted since it's inception, so, no surprise it was so quickly funded. A very nice work of you with the previous vote system via the Torment site, a well made move. Also the video pitch was excellent. I guess you guys must make a web series!

    2. Roq on

      Thought the gaming industry had moved on to satisfy a broader demand outside my own interests. But, nice to know that it is isn't just me and that other people feel the same way. That's why Kickstarter has been so revitalizing, I think.

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      joshua moyers on

      I just wanted to thank you Brian and the inXile games for careing about your fans. Its great to see a company today more worried about makeing an amazing game then trying to sell as many copies as possible. I can't wait for my wasteland 2! Keep up the amazing work!

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      David Holmin on


    5. Trond Solberg on

      I am happy to back you! What you say in the update about these days' focus on micro transactions and mmos are my thoughts exactly.
      I just want games to go back to how they were. Story focused single player games! Games I could relax and enjoy.
      Today I feel as though I can't even take a shit without getting the consistency rated in real time via some social link. Thank you for renewing my faith in the future of gaming.

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      RoedeOurm on

      Ah ! Didn't see the title of the update : Updated our Journal
      Soo much great memories rushing back to me :D

    7. Aditya V Iyer on

      congrats! can't wait for it :D

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      Brian Bierlein on

      Congrats! Really looking forward to seeing more of what you have planned for Tides of Numenera. Good luck on your stretch goals. I hope you hit every one of them! :D

    9. K. Simms on

      Brian, you are holding a large and sacred gaming license in your hand - even if it is a spiritual successor, as you know Planescape: Torment is highly regarded. This is why the fans funded your game so quickly.

      Don't mess it up :)

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      nm on

      No, thank you, for reviving narrative crpg scene. It means to me a lot ^^

    11. Jan Smejkal on

      You fucking deserve it, lads! We were constatntly told last few months, and from what was happening in real it seemed true, that there is a massive Kickstarter fatigue, that after the extatic beginnings people fell back on earth, that they spent too much money on KS projects already, that they want to see finished projects first. And yet, you managed to break another awesome record!

      I personally intedted to give less money this time but, oh my freaking god, the contours of the story blew my mind and have decided in a moment to give you twice as much. This project incredibly promising, it is a wet dream for rpgamers!

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      Ed Boucher on

      Fantastic news!

      I bought the original when it came out on a complete whim, and had my mind completely blown. Looking forward to similar results this time- but not too similar, I hope!

    13. Koshinator on

      You have our faith... now all you need to do is meet our expectations (no pressure :P)

    14. Kostas Kallianiotis on

      Merely reading the "Updated our Journal" opening gave me goosebumps for a few seconds. Really flooded with nostalgia and with joy over the possibilities this game offers. Cheers guys.

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      Justin Lowery on

      Watching that was more fun than anything on television! Congratulations! And thank you for doing this! Planescape: Torment is without a doubt the most original CRPG I have ever played and I am so completely excited for this outing to yet again be something wholly astounding and original that will forever be part of my being. You guys are incredible.

    16. Piotr 'Jasiek' Próchnicki on

      Congratz inXile! Yep, bring Chris Avellone to the frontline as a stretch goal! =) <--- I second this! XD
      You can always bribe him by playing Arcanum in his stead xD

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      Kevin Neighbors on

      I am totally stoked that this game is going to be made, PS:T was amazing. Just don't pull a Bioshock:Infinite and take 3 years to make it...

    18. Jip van der Kramer on

      Halleluja for the fed up with MMO and Multi-Player and the Micro-transaction based. RPG's.. we want oldschool rich-deep.. story driven RPG"s with characters we care for!! :-)

    19. T.J. Brumfield on

      I have to assume inXile would like to work with MCA again, and I have to assume he'd love to work on a Torment game again. If he isn't on the core team from the beginning, there must be a reason. Perhaps he will be busy working on the new Star Wars RPG for Obsidian?

      I think it would neat to get him to write perhaps a companion even if he couldn't contribute on a larger scale.

    20. Mr Propellerhead on

      No, no... thank YOU.

    21. Symon von Vagabond on

      You guys are quality, I'll put my money where your mouth is any day!

      Now we play the waiting game...

      F5... F5... F5... F5... F5...

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      Andrey on

      That's what you get for going NO DRM, in part.

    23. Diego on

      That THAT publishers. So much money to be made with what people actually WANT instead of ANOTHER CoD clone...

    24. Christopher on

      I'm honestly not surprised by this. PS:T fans have been screaming for a spiritual successor to their favorite game for well over a decade. Greatness of the kind seen in PS:T is a rare thing and people have been yearning for a similar experience ever since.

      Promise us more of that--complex characters that we can care about, meaningful choices and consequences, and deep, emotional investment--and... well, you can see how quickly we come to show our support.

      Just don't let us down. ;)

    25. Rafael Failbook on

      Congratulations! an hd version of the old game would be awesome...
      never played it but I have heard from friends that it was one of the best rpgs ever made.

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      Creston on

      Die publishers die.

      I will happily keep funding your RPGs, inXile. :)

    27. Symon von Vagabond on

      Waiting for this game is going to be... torment.

      Sorry I had to go there.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rick G on

      Congratulations guys! Can't wait to see this project take shape!

    29. Andrew on

      Congrats on funding! Can't wait to see what stretch goals you have in store for us!

    30. war3rd on

      One of the best games to have ever been created deserves some type of sequel. If you can maintain the same level of quality that we saw in the original Torment CRPG, I will be very excited to say that I was a backer of this title. You have a high hurdle, but I'm sure you are capable of achieving it. Thanks Brian!

    31. Sir Pledge-a-lot on

      What do we learn?

      Do not trust the marketing guys. They have the most overrated opinions in the world.

    32. Christopher Cork on

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for beginning this project. Planescape:Torment makes my top 5 (if not my #1) favorite video game. You folks at inXile are wonderful people who make excellent product.

      The industry today is heading in a direction that I feel a lot of gamers are not confidant. The suits think they know what we want. But as evidenced by how quickly this campaign reached $946,941 as of this comment, it just goes to show how wrong market analysis can be.

      Thank you inXile for giving us something to be excited about.

    33. Devilution on

      The Holy Grail among true RPG's makes it's return ! Power to the Gamers ! Screw you EA and co !

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      Sven Dufva on

      You just keep making great RPGs and we'll keep funding them! :-)
      (and never, EVER, fall to making MMORPGXPTurboGraPHXwhatever...)

    35. theAnton on

      So happy to be a part of this and changing the gaming industry for the better! :D

    36. Alex L on

      For your next project you should get the right's to Arcanum. That game was awesome!

    37. manio on

      Grats inXile and Brian, we love you!

    38. theAnton on

      Oh, and I wonder how many of the stretch goals will be achieved before you have the time to announce them. :P

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      Fabrizio Cioni on

      So happy for you and for me. You bring hope to this old boy.

    40. Vlad on

      To celebrate I have more than doubled my contribution from $110 to $250.

      So... how about a spiritual sequel to Arcanum next?

    41. Jeremy Young on


      You guys should just keep daisy-chaining great games. Given this pattern, you could probably crank out a whole bunch of these before you have to really branch out to new territory. Bottom line is that there are so many opportunities for ALL types of games. The audiences are not going to be Call of Duty sized– but they don't need to be.

    42. Brian Olvera on

      Time to work on those stretch goals guys ;)

    43. Sonat Osman Yılmaz on

      you need more? we will pledge even more!!! set the goal, and we will reach it. just focus on creating good rpg s. we are bored of dumbed down console hybrids! what we need is you.

    44. Missing avatar

      Bryan Taylor on

      I couldn't have said it better. I hate the current trend that every game must be an MMO or multiplayer!
      Single player gameplay has taken a backseat to developers and it sucks! I am glad the goal was reached so quickly and I can't wait to play!

    45. Nicholas Greder on

      "Almost every article and new game was focused on being an MMO, multi-player or micro-transition based. This wasn’t our style and we couldn’t generate interest in the classical narrative type of RPG that we all grew up making and playing." A good game will always generate interest.

      Congrats InXile! I wish you 3X this amount!

    46. Chris Jean

      Planescape: Torment is the game that got me to start playing RPG games. I was never interested before. On a whim, I tried out the game and fell in love.

      When I heard that you were going to do this, the Kickstarter was set to start in about ten minutes. I eagerly refreshed the page endlessly just waiting to throw my money your way.

      With all the junk like everything being tied to online, there not being such a thing as single player, and studios caring more about cranking out multiple crap games a year rather than works of art and passion, we need quality games more than ever. If this game is half the game Planescape: Torment is (still playing it off and on these days), we gamers are in for a treat.

      Wishing your team the best of luck. It looks like you'll need it with this kind of a response. :)

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      Anthony Cecchini on

      Congrats, it goes to show that professionals who dedicate themselves to engaging worlds through stellar game-play and storytelling will always have a place in the gaming world and in our hearts. I wish you well in recreating the feeling, the experience, that the original Torment held for so many of us. Cheers!

    48. David Sievers on

      Was there any doubt this would fund fast? True, I did not expect it this fast, but fans want to see these games back. If point and click can come back , these games certainly can.

    49. Jalister on

      Congratulations! May inXile and Obisidian rule kickstarter.

      I will not back MMOs or micro-transaction style games. I do like some multiplayer though, depending. I liked multiplayer in Icewild Dale and Diablo 1/2 for example.