Torment: Tides of Numenera

by inXile entertainment

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    1. RCaravana, Exiled in Torment 5.16 on

      Really, when I saw the words "Planescape: Torment" I just shouted: shut up and take my money! For me, it was, by far, THE best computer RPG of all times! Just after I've played it, my thoughts were preciselly "this was great, but no one is ever going to do something like this, just because it's probably not that marketable". This is just to show how many orphans of that (or any) great narrative are out there. I sincerely hope you can deliver a game as great as Planescape was (and the more you promise, the more you have to live by that promise, hehehe). Live long and prosper!

    2. Kyle Humfeld on

      The nerds grew up and now we have money. Keep doing what we love, and you can keep having it. =)

    3. Quafe on

      Keep on keeping one!

    4. Aaron J. Peterson on

      Thankfully "the market" in the classic sense is on its way to obsolescence. Enough of the rent-seeking money lenders!

      Nearly frictionless ways of finding/creating/building niche markets means 2 wonderful things: many more people getting paid for doing what they love and many more people getting what they want and in higher quality.

      I'm looking forward to Wasteland and Torment both so much. This is a fabulous wonderful time, thanks for being awesome.

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      Bartosz Adamski on

      @Kyle Humfeld: Spot on :)

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      Greenfr0G on

      Oh boy!

      Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, I was shocked that collector´s edition tier was all gone at 8:00 PM when I check in for the first time :O!
      And that CEO part of pitch video made me laugh so hard, had to see it twice in a row :D

      Congratulations again!

    7. Viz - Numenera Savant of Sagus Cliffs on

      Congrats!! can't wait to see the stretch goals - can we get high res versions of the artwork on the kickstarter page to use as our wallpapers please :) To tied us over until we can play :)

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      Robert Eubanks on

      You had me at.... well any of it. I've been waiting on games like this for a decade or two. Awesome that it funded this fast, but I can't say I'm surprised.

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      Jed on

      All i can say is congratulations Brian and inXile!

    10. wererogue on

      I've been trying not to get excited about this for a while, but you hooked me when Chris described the Immortal, and you landed me as soon as he uttered "The Forgotten One".

    11. Missing avatar

      Fain on

      Congratulations inXile team!! Can't wait to play this bad boy!

    12. Sempavor - Bandit of the Obsidian Order on

      Thank you for your vision, Brian!

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      James Whalen on

      Grats guys I know it's going to be an awesome game.

    14. Missing avatar

      Rob Johnson on

      Just recently re-played the original torment - great game. Looking forward to playing the new torment.

    15. Mikael Rasmussen on

      I wonder if that's a funding record for the target amount?

    16. Jean-Yves Hemlin on

      "(...) we could not be happier about receiving your trust in us."

      Well... frankly... with your track record... that is the least we could do!

    17. Missing avatar

      Gyges on

      I imagine everyone was ready with their money-cannons, their fingers twitching as the kickstarter was about to open. At the exact moment it did, the sun was blotted out by a deluge of funds, propelled entirely by the power of nerdgasms. Amazon is probably quenching self-combusted servers as we speak.

    18. Alan Villarreal on

      With Torment, Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity .. golden age of gaming will once again be upon us!

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason Masters on

      I'm guess I'm not the only one who didn't bother reading the huge pitch (I'll get to it at some point) and just threw money at it lol.

    20. Missing avatar

      Comber on

      Cheers guys. I'll probably upgrade to shirt-tier when we're down to hours. And buy it for my brother and all that.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tsumoro on

      I must of clocked hundreds of hours in PS:T exploring every avenue, nook and cranny I could muster the fortitude into exploring. I literally put my pledge down and then watched the pitch video. Hopefully now with the goal being reached we can look forward to some nice stretch goals which will make this new experience as meaty as possible. Can't freaking wait!

    22. russell on

      @Brett Nieland
      a micro transaction game is usaly a free to play game that then sells armor or weapons or gear or just funny looking clothes for your char at small prices unsaly under 5 to 10 bucks. so the game makes its money by having some people pay for suped up chars and the free players or base level players still have a game but not as good of stuff. I personaly dont have a problem with the model as it allows you to try before you buy and if you love you can dump from 0 to 100's into a game. others hate it as they see it as the richer players have a better experience/more powerfull. but thats the basic idea.

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      Kyle Haight on

      @Aaron J. Peterson I think of Kickstarter as a return to a more pure market. What is a market, after all, but a forum for voluntary trade? Now I can express my willingness to pay for this kind of product without having to work through a gate-keeping middleman like a traditional publisher. So I say good riddance to rent seeking, long live the market!

    24. Missing avatar


      inXile started remaking Wasteland 2, showing they have excellent taste in games. They showed us early footage of the game that was exactly what I wanted to see, proving they know how to make games I want to play. Then they say "hey, here's another game that might interest you. We want to make it with the same people who have the taste and skill to bring you wasteland 2." I say "Sure, take my money. Please. I'm only doing it to keep the half-team off the streets."

    25. Simionas Mircea on

      Are you kidding me ?
      Considering how much me and ALL THE TORMENT FANS have waited for another Torment game, I say this amount of money isn't enough.
      I'm pretty sure you'll have at least triple that by the end of the 30 days.

    26. TeknoGrief on

      Thank YOU guys !!!

      One huge request. Do whatever you can to bring Planescape on Steam. It will spark more interest for Torment and allow us to buy it (again)

    27. The Evolutionary on

      @Mikael Rasmussen Its the fastest $1 million in Kickstarter....EVER. Unbelievable! I don't know if the Kicktraq's projections (given one day sample) can be nearly accurate (32 Million?!?) but...I'd say this projects is likely to raise at LEAST 2 million, more likely 3-5 by the time its done.

    28. Matthias De Oliveira on


      Half of the appeal of this is that it will be DRM free.

    29. Jessica Williams on

      TeknoGrief, just buy it on gog again @_@

    30. Benoit Tousignant on

      Is the game ready yet? Lol just kidding! Congrats on the ultra fast goal achievement!

    31. TeknoGrief on

      Hence the again.... Also some of us dont like the take your installer and do what you want approach you know ? We enjoy opening our soul to Gaben

    32. Missing avatar

      Cliff on

      PS:T, Baldur's Gate and Fallout 2 were some if the first computer games i played that have stuck with me till this day. Having Torment, Project Eternity and Wasteland 2 being created right now is just incredible. i cannot wait for all 3 of these games to release. Way to go Brian and everyone at InXile.

    33. Patrick Mahoney on

      Thanks for the hard work guys... happy to invest my money on a team that knows what theyre doing.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Humphreys on

      The more excited the fans get, the more excited the team gets and vice versa. :D Can't wait to see what the next 30 days will bring, let alone the game itself.

    35. Tweeg on

      A great stretch goal would be everyone gets a copy of the original Planescape Torment only touch up the visuals :D

      *wishful thinking*

    36. Missing avatar

      Damon Lok on

      Thank you for making a spiritual successor to Planescape.

    37. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Thank you for this Kickstarter. It comes the same week as EA announces they are going to infect every single one of their games with micro-transactions. To me, you are the big middle finger to EA. The once great company who published your first game, is now a soulless blight on the gaming industry. You still make games. They monetize potential markets. $1.2 Million in a few hours with no simplifying, cross marketing, or making more accessible. Just a solid game concept. Suck it EA. /endRant

    38. Peter Ebbesen on

      No, thank YOU Brian, and all on your team, for dreaming to think that there was still a market for those of us who like to play deeper and more intellectually stimulating single-player games. The last half decade or so has truly not been good for us in terms of gaming.

      As one of those who grew up playing Interplay CRPGs after school in the 80'ies and have been with you on and off as a customer ever since, I can only say that with Wasteland 2 and now Torment... it is good to see you back.

      Now see that you deliver. ;-)

      Ps: 6 or 8 characters in a party. Really, we can handle it. I know that the 2000's pretty much cut it down to 4, thus reducing tactical complexity and role redundancy in favour of more frequent reloading, but your core audience doesn't have the attention span of mayflies. We can handle larger parties. Honest. Of course, that might not mesh with the story, and the story should take precedence, but just don't go for a 4 character party because it has become the standard.

    39. Missing avatar

      Rachel Bowen on

      Congratulations to the team on reaching your funding goal, and I wish you all the best in the development of the game. Been waiting so long for another Torment game to come along, and can't wait to see what you guys can accomplish. I think this proves beyond doubt that there is still a market for these types of games.

    40. Victor Pinto on

      Hope I had more money to put on your project Brian. You are showing to the publishers how the games should be created, so keep working hard, you earned your success

    41. Armin Wolff on

      Folks, you had me at the word "Torment".
      Now shut up and take...
      Ah, well, you know that one by now :-P

    42. Missing avatar

      Michel Dziadul on

      My money to you, is a middle finger to EA (plus all the publisher out there ruining great IPs)! Damn does it feel good :) Bring on more project, I'll be glad to throw money your way!

    43. Missing avatar

      Joshua Alguire on

      You guys don't happen to have the rights to Master of Magic or Master of Orion, do you?

    44. Missing avatar

      Josh Solomon on

      @Michael Dziadul: I second that. In fact, I was planning to buy SimCity today, but then I read about all the BS that EA put in that game like always online DRM, city sizes limited to 2x2km (surely so they can sell bigger maps later with microtransactions, and day 1 I decided to pass.

      Then I found out about this and dropped $125 on it...really happy to spend my money here and not on an EA game :).

    45. Missing avatar

      Roger on

      I came here after getting the e-mail from the Wasteland 2 newsletter (update #26), and I have to say I'm not _that_ surprised (though I did let out a blasphemous expeletive when I saw the number).

      Brian, I heard you say in an interview about WL2 and Kickstarter that you got asked in more than one occassion why anyone would trust you with a single red cent, sight unseen, and you answered something akin to "well, you do this for 20 to 30 years like I have, and people will trust you".

      The awareness of what Inxile is doing has grown. Everyone who heard (and backed) WL2 since it was first announced knows about the Inxile/Kickstarter duet. Unsurprisingly, we were ready to pull the trigger :)

      As you mentioned, it's all MMO, microtransaction, multi-player driven these days. Anything else is too small for the big players, and thus we're left with indie developers for something different. That in itself is not a bad thing (and kickstarter is helping too, kudos for the kicking it forward idea and, more importantly, implementation), but there aren't many indies with the kind of experience you guys are bringing to the table. Maybe we who like old school RPGs aren't that numerous, but by jove, as long as you bring good games we'll keep throwing money your way. And even if you're funding Torment before WL2 is out, we trust you guys enough to do this.

      In the time it took for me to write this comment, the pledge went up by another $20,000. This is going to be epic. I only pledged the $20 digital, I really wish I could get the physical collector's edition, but things are really tight these days :(

      P.S.: Maybe not the best place, but one thing. The newsletter from inxile explaining why Torment is starting pre-production before WL2 is shipped was fine and spot on. However, and going back to the 'indie' aspect I mentioned before, what's going to happen to WL2 support after shipping if the dev team is moved to the new project? I mean, if bugs are found or other problems. Lingering bugs and little support is sadly endemic to the indie scene, for obvious reasons (too small, not enough money). Saying that the team is going to move to the new game after shipping can leave some people nervous.

    46. Missing avatar

      Dennis on

      Stretch goals are nice, but how about giving us some rewards for funding you so quickly?

    47. Missing avatar

      Dan Spitzley on

      Congrats, guys! I'd like to say I'm surprised at how quickly you got funded, but frankly I'm not. I knew there would be a solid backing out there. I'm a bit disappointed I won't be working on it this time, but now I get to play it fresh. Go get 'em!

    48. Bobby Allen

      Gratz. The way I see it is it will probably take a year or close to it to get through Wasteland 2 and by the time I have finished that a shiny new box will be left on my door step.

      I like that you keep folks in the loop. Tossing your WL2 backers a bone was a very nice jester as well. Now if I could only get the Nuckelavee song out of my head things would be great.

      If DF does another project I most likely would not back it because of their lack of communication.

      For me the journey is as important as the finished product. There are way more games on the shelf than I can imagine time to play.

      On a side note: you mention PC, Max, Linux.... What about Android? Specifically OUYA?