Torment: Tides of Numenera

by inXile entertainment

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    1. John Lacy

      Six hours,two minutes, grats guys and gals!

    2. Joacim Löwgren on

      Good luck. Don't mess it up. ;)

    3. GuiOhm on

      That update title! <3

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Girling on

      Congrats! Now get back to work on Wasteland 2 :p

    5. Gregory Bondy on

      Congrats. Now get to work! ;-)

    6. Igor Kurtes on

      Yeahhhhhhh we made it!!!!!!

      now Fargo set your mindset to $5+ million! It can be done!

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      Thomas C. on


    8. Keeper32 on

      Welcome to Kickstarter (again) =-)

    9. Missing avatar

      Se0x00 on


      I am looking forward to this game. :)

    10. Hans Christian Nenseth on

      Good luck!!
      Must be a record :)
      Hope my 250 ghelps ;)

    11. Diablo169 on

      I'm so stoked for you guys, make us an awesome game :D

    12. Missing avatar

      d10sfan on

      That's very impressive! Curious to see the stretch goals

    13. Missing avatar

      David Gordon on

      Torment is a big name amongst the fans, and you guys and gals are the people who *should* be creating it.

      I'm surprised it took that long, frankly.

    14. Antony Zymosis on

      RPG fans rock! Is it a surprise? ;)

    15. Boris Ulyanskiy on

      So. Fucking. Sweet.
      Sweetest response from the sweetest developers in the world.
      Love you all so much.

    16. Christopher W Rueber

      Just goes to show how much appetite has been built up for a traditional RPG, since so few are coming out!!

    17. Kevin Kortekaas on

      Your intro video sold it for me

      (I jest!)

    18. Kevin Felker on

      Wow, wonder what stretch goals they'll come up with. :D

    19. Missing avatar

      Miro Lucchi on

      Big up to all my fellow backers for making this happen!

    20. Joos on

      awesome indeed !

    21. Missing avatar

      Alex Newman on

      Good luck. We are waiting for you.

    22. Ricardo de Jong on

      Awsome job guys :). Will be a long wait till dec 2014, but I'll have wasteland 2 to entertain me ;)

    23. Firesnakearies on

      Thank you for bringing back the style of game that I truly love, something I've been missing and wanting for many years!

    24. Missing avatar

      Ben Allen on

      I'll be happy to help inXile to keep making these sorts of games as long as they're willing to make them.

    25. Missing avatar

      mighty82 on

      From Russia with love:-)

    26. Silver on

      Thanks, Brian! We're all looking forward to hearing more from the team!