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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.

Updated Our Journal (66): Beyond the Beyond

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

tl;dr: New content coming to Torment, rewards status update, and THANK YOU!

Hello Exiles,

We are now a little over one week after the release of Torment! It's been amazing to see the reception that the game received. The game has been an extremely strong success critically, with praise, awards and even several perfect scores along the way. If you want to read some of the reviews, we’ve done a pair of roundups that you can find here and here, as well as an accolades trailer. More importantly, we've been seeing your feedback throughout the forums, comments and social media.

We've heard from hundreds of you who have reached out to say that that Torment: Tides of Numenera is a worthy successor to Planescape: Torment, and that is something we are extremely pleased and humbled to hear. We'd love for you to get out there and keep spreading the word, leaving reviews, posting comments, sharing your experiences, and more. There’s a lot to discover in this game, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all discuss the story and events of the game for years to come!

When we came to you on Kickstarter, you gave us an incredible opportunity to make a game that would never have happened otherwise. It's through your continued support that these kinds of games will continue to get made. You have our everlasting thanks for providing us the ability to bring these type of games back.

What Comes Next?

Since release, we have been tirelessly reading your feedback, comments, and reports, and using that to plan a few patches for the near future. These will be primarily focused on fixing some pesky bugs that some of our players have encountered, as well as performance and stability optimizations, both on PC as well as on consoles. You can expect to see our first patch coming in the next couple of weeks.

But, we also want to address the longer term. Four years is an extended development timeline for an RPG, and it is a hallmark of our ambition for the game. Torment has the longest script we've ever produced at over 1.2 million words, and provides more nuanced reactivity and more complicated quests and stories than we have ever done before.

Despite that, there were some features we wanted to include in the game that we weren’t able to finish in time for release. Companions, in particular, were a big production trade-off. Not only does a single companion take many months of work from writers, scripters, designers, and artists. Because we wanted companions to interact and react to the game world and conversations in a deep way, their implementation needed to happen later in the development process, when quests and area design were mostly complete. As we were iterating on the companions, we felt the time was best spent building them out deeper as opposed to slamming in a few more on a surface level. These development decisions are never black and white, but we always approach it from a position of what we truly believe is best for the game. As we addressed in a previous update, reducing their number was a necessary trade-off to hit the level of quality we wanted.

But, there's a saying that no work of art is ever truly complete. We certainly know that many of you were looking forward to some of the things we couldn't squeeze into our release build, and it just didn't sit well with us leaving those behind. Now that we have had a time to see your feedback on the game, we also have a better sense of where we can focus our resources to improve.

To that end, we are pleased to announce that we will be working on additional content and updates for Torment post-release. These updates will include:

  • Oom ("The Toy" companion).
  • Voluminous Codex.
  • Crisis system improvements.

Our initial updates to the game will focused on bug fixes, optimizations, and other improvements, while the content additions will come later down the line. Both the patches and content updates will, of course, be completely free for all Torment owners, including backers, PC buyers, and console players. We will have more news on these in the coming weeks and months!

Digital Rewards Update

At this point, most of you have received your rewards digitally and are playing the game (if you aren't please check out our Torment web site, login or create an account, and link up your Kickstarter pledge email if needed).

In the week since release, a few things have been added and updated, so we wanted to call those out for you all...

First, backers at the Lore Seeker, Digital Collector's Edition (PayPal), and Numenera Seeker reward levels and above, are eligible for an Immortal Edition upgrade key. This will let you get many of your digital rewards on Steam or GOG. Many of you requested this and we are happy to oblige! To get this, you can check your Keys page on the Torment backer web site.

Second, many of you who claimed your game key for Steam Early Access asked if you could receive a GOG key for final release instead. We've heard you! We now have an "Exchange" button on our backer web site that will let you exchange your Steam Early Access key for a GOG version of the game. Please note that this can only be done if your Steam key was claimed prior to the game's Feb. 28th release date, and once exchanged, you cannot exchange it again.


Last, as a free bonus to you all, we also have made a Backer Outfit Upgrade key available to all Torment backers. This key will grant you a set of three additional armors at the start of the game. This is currently only available for Steam – however, we are working on a way to provide this content to backers who got the GOG version of the game very soon!

As an additional note, many of you have been contacting us with support inquiries – thousands, in fact! Rest assured that we are responding to everyone as fast as we can. If you need assistance, please be sure to contact us at our support page. If you did write in and haven't got a reply, we will respond to you as soon as we can! We appreciate your patience during this extremely busy time.

Physical Goods Update

We've been getting lots of questions about physical rewards recently, and we're pleased to say they are shaping up great! Here's a sneak peek at the Collector's Edition box and novella set...

Collector's Edition box.
Collector's Edition box.


Printed Novella Compilation.
Printed Novella Compilation.

Many of you have messaged us wondering what the status of shipping physical rewards is. To recap, we previously contacted everyone receiving physical goods late last year and early this year, asking them to update their shipping address on our backer web site if needed. Provided you gave us your correct shipping address by January 27th, 2017, you will be ready to receive all your physical goods when they ship. Our first shipping list has now been sent for processing, so shipping should begin very soon!

Note: If you missed the January 27th deadline, or require a sudden change of address, we won't be able to squeeze in that change for the initial shipment wave – however, we'll be in touch about how we can handle late shipments.

Thank you once again to every one of you. If you've enjoyed Torment and want us to help keep making more RPGs, be sure to help us out, whether that's by following us on social media, giving a like or subscribe on YouTube, writing a review on Steam, GOG or elsewhere, or just spreading the word in general. It's your amazing support that allows us to continue making the games we love. We can't stress to you enough how amazing a journey working on this new Torment game has been, and we are excited to see how we can continue to improve it even further.

Chris Keenan
VP of Development

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    1. BlackGauntlet

      Never understood the need for "Director's Cut".
      This is an indie production.
      Basically, everything in it is as intended in the "director's" vision already.
      There are no censors or publishers to be up in their mug.
      Seriously, the term is being misused to the point where it becomes a default fallacy.

    2. dungeoncrawl on

      Yeah, see Journal Update #10 and look how cool those shirts are. It says "designs may change" and boy did they. The black shirt I have is FAR inferior to any of the 3 that are mocked up. Guess I learned a lesson here. I figured the shirt would only improve. I learned a lesson here I guess. But the lesson is to not assume my favorite game company would deliver something at least as cool as the mock up. I'm a little sad that's the case.

    3. dungeoncrawl on

      Received my t-shirt today (my only physical reward) and I'm SUPER disappointed. During the campaign, the picture of the shirt was a cool light grey/blue color and it was NOT the artwork on the shirt. While I expected their might be some changes, this is a completely different product. I'm nearly done with the game and the artwork is nothing that would even vaguely remind me of this game. Also, its black...not the cool light grey/blue color of what was teased. I don't know if there is anything that they're willing to do but I'm super unhappy with this. Also, I typically wear XL everything...have lots of shirts that are XL. This one is MUCH smaller than a typical XM shirt.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Are you going to implement an actual faction system in the updates?

    5. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      There should be 7 Novella's not 6, Colin's is missing? this better not be yet another thing that you guys have screwed us out off?

    6. Missing avatar

      Fateor on

      I loved the game and am super stoked to hear that we might be getting "Directors Cut" improvements like we did with Wasteland 2.

    7. Carsten Tille on

      OMG... when will the Backer CE be shipped???? Man... whats wrong with YOU!?

    8. Alexander on

      This game is a massive disappointment. No tinker-toys would redeem this piece of graphomania.

    9. Missing avatar

      Simo Syrjänen on

      Can't wait for the rest of the game to be delivered.

    10. Missing avatar

      Paul Stuart Billingham on

      Where is my physical boxed copy? Still waiting for it!!

    11. Carsten Tille on

      @Graham: try to use two fingers and swipe up and down. So i will zoom in and out.

    12. Missing avatar

      Graham West on

      I haven't been able to play the game very much because you can't control the zoom in/out unless you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, and I'm using a laptop with a touchpad. Are you going to put out a patch to add keyboard zoom controls in the near future?

    13. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Like many KS backers, I very much appreciate that stretch goal content not in the game's initial release will become available later and importantly, free of charge.

      Better late than never, esp as it would have impaired release date and quality of initial build.

      This should definitely reduce complaints that the game was released without all promised content!

    14. rone on

      I want to buy the soundtrack. How can i do this other than dropping $20 on the Legacy Edition upgrade?

    15. Missing avatar

      benzeneboy on

      Hey, thanks for finally telling us how not finished this game is - I wonder how long it will take to get all those things in AFTER production. Nice of your company to not tell us that you hadn't met the stretch goals for this campaign until AFTER the missing content was discovered by players and until AFTER you had run the crowd-funding campaigns for Bard's Tale IV (KS) and Wasteland 3 (fig). I'm sure we can look forward to those games being as much of a **success** (wink, wink) as T:ToN was. Nice boat in that WL3 video, where'd you get it? But seriously, in the mean time, you might want to check the Steam reviews for your game (since they are written by actual players) and not just the reviews by the professional game journalists.

    16. Mothra on

      congratulations on the success and thanks for the coming updates !

    17. dungeoncrawl on

      Anybody know about any progress on the T-shirts? Haven't heard a peep about that yet.

    18. frederic tarabout on

      We are supposed to be happy that you are actually doing the stretchgoal companion that was promised and that you didnt deliver without notice? That's kindof disappointing communication InExile. The critics are also not that good unfortunately yet, though I hope the future patch will satisfy everyone.

      I know you were crazy dedicated on the game and I know how much work making a game is (game dev as well, and was very happy to get to see you guys at writing talk at GDC) but there's a certain lack of honesty and information in the kickstarter updates that need to be adressed. Anyway, best of luck!

    19. Colin McComb on

      @Konstantin Karasik - Chris has turned in his work. I'm working on finishing the novella and will then turn to the comic book. It's coming!

    20. Nemo Pohle on

      I'm happy to have backed this but the lesson you get from games nowadays is: Don't play on release. Applied to Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars - and of course to most games from those big publishers.

    21. Konstantin Karasik on

      Excuse me, but where are the comic books by Chris Avellon and Colin & Adam and the last Novella promised?
      Is it not going to happen?

    22. Muad'Dib on

      @Mr Fargo's PR account

      The Wasteland 2 backers were the last to got their physical copies and CEs, and the Torment backers are the last to get their physical copies and CEs.

      The Kickstarter CE is WORSE than the retail CE (no statue, no talisman for backers).The Wasteland 2 Ranger Edition had content the Kickstarter edition hadn't.

      You missed stretch goals during development and then went silent about it. Backers had to read about it from the game press, not from you until you were forced to post an update.

      You practically abandoned this Kickstarter and the comments section.

      People who asked for a refund or had a question did get an answer after weeks or no answer at all. Your communication was and is horrible.

      No, you didn't learn anything.

    23. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Please do something with Russian localization! Just give it to people who LOVE GAMES.

    24. Carsten Tille on

      @Anaxphone: So it was at least probably polite meant... a pr guy would only the truths twist so that it sounds better.

    25. Anaxphone

      @Brian Fargo, I'm sorry, but please run those statements by a PR person first next time. I'm more irritated at the tone in your reply than in the stretch goals promised and left undelivered.

    26. Markus Rajala on

      Uh, the Preorder rewards has a bug- Witchcrafted Shapestone Harness does not work. It should confer a +1 Cypher limit, whereas it actually inflicts a -1 penalty to that limit.

    27. Missing avatar

      TheJTrain on

      @Ken Mencher - redeem the Immortal Edition upgrade key from the backer site on GoG, that will unlock the included digital rewards like the novellas, strategy guide, map, etc. Don't quote me that it's exhaustive though, I didn't go double-check the tiers against what's downloadable with the Immortal Edition upgrade, and there are still a few things unreleased as of yet.

    28. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      Only thing still not happy about is the retail collectors edition had items not available to KS backers statues etc, I hope these will become available or do u expect us to buy game twice?

    29. Markus Rajala on

      Oom? Could it be he, the legendary hero, the greatest cube ever to roam the multiverse and also a template for a highly marketable magic toy?

      Also, glad to see some new additions popping in post-release without price tags attached, unlike so many, many other dev houses. So far, really enjoying T2, albeit the combat has still got the best of me, mostly due to the clumped up enemy initiatives. Still, thankfully my slick Castoff has managed to smooth-talk his way out of most anything so far.

    30. Brian Fargo - Chief Tormentor

      I’m very happy for those of you that have enjoyed playing Torment, we did put our all into it. And I truly apologize for the missed stretch goals. Making games is full of surprises in development and we made a mistake in coming up short on the companions and other items. We learned a lot since 2013 and we were very careful in the promises we made in Bard’s Tale 4 and Wasteland 3. It pains me to see how upset you are because indeed you are the ones that backed us and gave us your faith. We know that your trust and support is paramount and we are working hard to restore that.

      Bard’s Tale 4 is looking spectacular and Wasteland 3 is making great progress. There is no way on earth we will miss any of the features we called out. We are still quite a small company and we know that our communication could be improved. To resolve that, we are bringing on a full time community manager to better communicate with you during production.. Truce :)

      We love making these kinds of RPGs and we appreciate you supporting us."

    31. Missing avatar

      acm on

      1.2M words in the script (PS:T seems to have 1M)? I tried to exhaust all conversations, talk to everyone I could find, and read every description in my ~30 hour play-through. Where is all that content hidden (honest question)?

      Critical success, eh? One more reason to ignore those professional claqueurs. And in hindsight it was also a horrible idea to have console ports of such a game, best to make developers promise *not* to support consoles.

    32. nitrium on

      The main point of contention among backers especially, is that you just didn't deliver the stretch goals you promised:…

    33. Sirio Martini on

      @Muad'Dib - They're different editions though. The one you can buy seems lamer.

    34. Elisus on

      So far we have 6 of the 7 novellas. Any word on the last one?

    35. Lee Sweeney on

      So the director's cut will have all the stretch goals that were paid for upfront?

    36. Carsten Tille on

      @Friedhelm: Bei Steam werden die DLCs automatisch heruntergeladen. Diese Extras zählen als DLC. Du musst auf das Spiel Rechtsklick machen und im Explorer anzeigen auswählen evtl. Auch auf Eigenschaften und in den Eigenschaften ist dann im Explorer anzeigen. Bin mir da gerade nicht ganz sicher. Im Spielverzeichnis findest du dann die ganzen Downloads. Das ist bei Steam sehr dämlich geregelt. Viel Erfolg.

    37. dungeoncrawl on

      @Muad'Dib - grrrr! That's maddening. Just...why?

    38. dungeoncrawl on

      @Pimpollo - ouch...that IS funny.

    39. Muad'Dib on

      So the Kickstarter backers who paid for their physical copies and CEs nearly 4 years ago are the last to receive their stuff, while those simply buying from Amazon or Techland already received them.
      Same shit happened with Wasteland 2.

    40. dungeoncrawl on

      @pimpollo - let's also not be condescending. What means commercial success? Could be that selling 300k copies is a commercial success for InXile. None of us are in a position to say unless you're Bryan Fargo and you're looking at the costs and revenues.

    41. Missing avatar

      Pimpollo on

      Let's not be naive, the game has a "mixed" score on Steam and a decent user score on metacritic for a reason, many reasons. I finished the game and felt it was a solid title but not as worthy of a successor to Torment than Mask of the Betrayer was. That being said, I look forward to a Director's Cut.

    42. dungeoncrawl on

      @Nick - So, Steamspy says 94k owners. Who's in a place to say if that's a "commercial failure" at this point. We're on week 1-2. It also doesn't count GOG. I'd say it's too early to tell. You look at other RPG's out there like the Shadowruns and Wasteland 2 and they're in the 400k-600k ranges but they've been out a long time. Regarding Steam user reviews, the VAST majority of those that are giving low reviews are upset that they didn't meet some stretch goals they promised. I'm upset about that too....they should deliver that. But they're 'mostly' those people trying to punish inXile for missing that promise. They're not, again 'mostly' giving the game an actual bad review.

      mbpoplano24 sounds like one of those that is super upset with inXile and is pining for their failure here.

      I want them to be taught a lesson so they get it right next time and meet their promises that we gave EXTRA money for. But I don't pine for the game's failure. I'm really enjoying it BTW. Could use more combat but, the story and writing are great.

    43. Ken Mencher

      Is it just me, or do Lore Aspirant backers get the same rewards as Lore Seeker?

      I was able to download the digital content from your site, but it'd be nice to have it unlocked on GoG, so in case I want to get it at a later time, I can get the whole game & extras from a single location.

    44. Kenny

      @dungeoncrawl - Look at his other posts, he's apparently always like this. A troll best to be ignored.

    45. Nick J. on

      @Dungeoncrawl. Likely Steamspy, and Steam user reviews.

    46. dungeoncrawl on

      @mbpopolan24 - "sold so little that it is clearly going to be a commercial failure". Where do you get that data from? Also, where is the 69% approval rating from?

    47. Missing avatar

      mbpopolano24 on

      "Amazing reception"... "Extremely strong success"... big words for a game that is sitting at 69% approval and sold so little that it is clearly going to be a commercial failure. But keep drinking from the kool-aid fountain if this is what you need to sleep at night.

    48. Joe Connolly on

      Can you share the results of the console survey? I'm curious to know if there was there enough interest.

    49. Jordan Springer

      I understand where you are coming from in terms of the cut companions and other stuff from the game and I appreciate the entire team wanting not to half-ass anything. Would there be a chance that the other companions in the game that were cut could show up in future updates?