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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.

Updated Our Journal (64): Console Copies for Backers – We Need Your Input!


Hello Exiles,

With the game's release right around the corner (Feb. 28), every day brings something exciting and new. Today we have something to share that we think looks amazing. Our friends at Techland created a story trailer that covers the events leading up to the game: the backstory behind Torment, brought to life in animated format (needless to say, minor spoiler warning).

In addition to being a great intro to Torment for newcomers, we also think it's just a pretty cool video outright. But that's not the main reason we're doing this update...

Console Copies for Backers?

**If you’re not interested in consoles, skip this section**

On February 28, you can get your digital PC copies of the game through our backer site. If you ordered physical goods, Techland is handling the distribution. In addition, they’ve told us that you’ll receive your physical copies very close to release! 

As you may recall, Techland also funded work on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game. Since that announcement, one of the top questions we’ve received is "can backers get console copies as well?” We’ve been exploring the possibilities of making this a reality for you, and would like to offer them... but we’ll need your help.

The console manufacturers charge us for generating console game codes – a cost per code, but also with a minimum order size. While we’re not looking to make a profit, the expense is not trivial for us. Therefore, if the demand is there, we'd need to ask any backers who want a digital console copy to make an additional 1,800 point ($18) pledge on our backer site. You would get both the original PC copy, plus a digital console copy of your choice. This is not unlike how we did things for Wasteland 3.

However, because there’s a minimum order size, we also need to make sure there’s enough interest from our backers before can confirm it. If there is, we’ll be happy to offer copies, but if the demand is not there, we won’t be able to do a small order. As well, there is a time limit – we can only provide console copies to you up to the release date of February 28th, so if you want one as an add-on, please be sure to let us know as soon as possible.


So, how do you let us know you want a console copy? We’ve added a page to the Torment backer web site specifically for console code requests. Log in, and tell us on that page if you want a PS4 or Xbox One copy. If we get enough interest, we'll email everyone who signed up and let you all pledge for the $18 console add-on prior to the 28th!

Beautiful Desolation

Last, but not least, as lovers of beautifully hand-crafted isometric games, we'd be doing you all a disservice if we didn't give a nod to Beautiful Desolation.


This one is a post-apocalyptic adventure game set in Africa, made by the team behind the gorgeously horrible STASIS. They also worked with us to produce some of the early Wasteland 3 prototype work we’ve been showing over the last few months. The Bischoff brothers are not only excellent game developers, but also really good guys, so head over to their campaign and support them!

Chris Keenan
VP of Development

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    1. Timothy Lose on March 1, 2017

      Would have loved to pick up the game on PS4 and would not have minded pitching in an extra $5 or even $10, but $18? I am a Kickstarter veteran and can tell you that pricing is BS.

    2. Greg Osborne on March 1, 2017

      @Pawel Krakowiak, Same here, I sent a letter to customer service.

    3. Paweł Krakowiak on February 28, 2017

      Dang, I missed this update. I just read it now and it's already Feb 28 and there's nothing on the linked page. :(

    4. Golden Ratio Games on February 28, 2017

      Irritated I missed that this due to the small window to register interest (why not keep it open until 28th at the very least?).

      Looking forward to receiving my useless Collector's Edition reward at some undefined point in the future and maybe I'll even get to play the game if it makes it onto PlayStation Plus in six months' time.

    5. Jacob on February 27, 2017

      Nevermind, claimed my key, gonna be up late. Sorry responsibilities but i will get there! :P

    6. Jacob on February 27, 2017

      Soo, it's 28th of feb in Denmark now. Where is it? :P

      *Wants to play* :D

    7. Carsten Tille on February 24, 2017

      @JimPotenza: Because the minimum has unfortunately not been achieved.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jim Potenza on February 24, 2017

      So, they're not willing to take our additional $18 on top of what we donated to switch to a digital console version, even though they put this offer out and set a deadline of the 28th for solicitations? This sucks. I'm sure they're busy preparing for the official release, but why offer something that their donors ask for and then just renege on it?

    9. Carsten Tille on February 24, 2017

      What's about the Statue? Is it in the Backer Collectors Edition?

    10. Missing avatar

      StrangeCat on February 23, 2017

      I still want to own a Ps4 just to have it. I'll buy a Ps4 version regardless.

    11. Jamie Wells on February 23, 2017

      When will you provide us the procedure of converting our Steam key into a GoG key?

    12. Missing avatar

      Aaron Crandall on February 23, 2017

      I suppose i should have just kept my money so that I could use it toward the platform of my choice.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jesse on February 23, 2017

      Dammit! I missed the email where they asked about this. Sorry. I'm sure there were plenty others on the same boat. I'm really disappointed.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christopher on February 23, 2017

      I've supported all of your Kickstarter projects and have been a fan for many years of your company. I don't understand how you can delay a game to provide console support, offer said game on console, but can't provide a change from PC to PS4. I would like a refund and you can keep the PC version.

    15. Streamjumper on February 23, 2017

      Quite disappointing. Got delayed for consoles, then got strung along for an answer on console codes for months with no word whatsoever until the last minute, then they got "hundreds" of responses in a week but didn't make an undisclosed goalpost, so we're fucked on that front.

      Great. Not only will I be avoiding this company like the plague when it comes to crowdfunding, but I'll warn anyone I talk to about what to expect. from them. With some luck I can find someone to buy my code so I can look into picking up a copy of the game for my preferred platform. Used, or heavily discounted, of course.

    16. Ivan Fiedoruk on February 23, 2017

      We get delayed for console port then we got no choice to use the console port? What a lame excuse, gentlemen.

    17. Steve Dozniak on February 23, 2017

      A refund, please.

      You could have made a deal with sony for a part of the profit from the game sales. And will sale well even on PSN.

      Rip offs.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris on February 23, 2017

      I'm in the same boat and I'm sure we're not alone. It is extremely disappointing that while they deliver more than 2 years behind schedule, IN PART DUE TO THE DECISION TO DEVELOP FOR THE CONSOLE, inXile chose not to offer an olive branch to restore a measure of customer trust.

      On the assumption that the inXile team remains involved with crowdfunding (based on their involvement with the Fig crowdfunding platform, it seems like they will be), really follow-through on your promises to try to the disappointment that this experience has been for so many backers moving forward.

      What you should have done here was be more transparent about what it would take to get this done and keep us informed along the way. Tell us, "We need 1,750 copies for Xbox and 2,000 copies for PS4 (or whatever the numbers) to get this off the ground." Put the survey together with all relevant options, including the both and either. Give us a progress bar updated at least daily (though live should certainly possible) telling us how close we are. Be prepared to eat the difference if we get within 20% of the numbers we need.

      If hundreds of us responded, that has to cap out at 1,900-what's the dollar value we're talking about here to acquire those? Even if you had to pay retail price to acquire those licenses, 1,900 backers * ($50-$20) = $57,000. This project raised $4.2 million in crowdfunding and significantly more through more traditional channels... If that's too much, limit it to people willing to replace a PC copy with digital console copy. You'll cut out the arbitrage crowd and I doubt you'd be out of pocket more than $10k-15k.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ben Stanley on February 22, 2017

      Well, I just got an email saying that there won't be console codes on offer, so I guess I've just been totally screwed over. I don't even own a pc that could run this game any more, so PS4 was my only hope of ever seeing a return on the money I donated. Now my only option is to pay 70 freaking dollars for a game I've already paid for.

    20. Lukas Fauset on February 22, 2017

      That video was *quite* cool.

    21. Missing avatar

      Benedikt Schepp on February 22, 2017

      Its listed in the PS Store. But are there any news regarding our keys?

    22. Tim Burnett
      on February 22, 2017

      Dang it, looks like I missed the deadline too. I didn't notice the update until today. Bummer.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kendall Thrapp on February 21, 2017

      I tried going to the console preference page tonight, but it now says "Thank you for following up with our console game code questionnaire. At this time, we are not collecting new data for this initiative.". Did I miss the window?

    24. Dustin Walton on February 21, 2017

      Fingers crossed enough people want the console version too. I already uploaded enough credit to purchase if they do!

    25. Missing avatar

      VkBest on February 21, 2017

      Will this game support PS4 Pro?

    26. Missing avatar

      Casey Nordell
      on February 20, 2017

      Any update on this? Is it going to happen? I've registered my preference, but I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is and purchase this console port at this reduced price. They said it needs to happen before the end of Feb and were a week out and I haven't heard anything further...

    27. Darth Trethon - Exile in Torment on February 20, 2017

      @iMelson Just select your primary console.....for me the PS4 is what I mostly game on whenever possible with PC as a backup though that will likely be demoted to 3rd option when I finally decide to buy an Xbox, which will likely be the Scorpio....would have bought a Slim if not for the Scorpio coming this year and MS not really having any game I desperately want or much care about.....I really hope they fix their lack of games.

    28. iMelsom on February 20, 2017

      The console questionaire lacks options for "Both" and "Any" for those of us who have woth consoles.

    29. Missing avatar

      John N on February 18, 2017

      I got a copy of Wasteland 2 with my Torment pledge, but since I prefer console whenever possible I purchased the console version anyway. Then I discovered I cannot play it because the text size is ridiculously small, even set at maximum. I can read it but it's straining my eyes (my vision is fine and I don't have this problem with other games). I'm on a 32" tv, but I've seen people with good vision and 40"+ TVs saying the same.

      What is the text size on Numenera compared to Wasteland 2? I need to know so I don't waste more money.

    30. Netobvious
      on February 17, 2017

      Thank you for linking us to the South African "Beautiful Desolation" game. I would have missed it without this shoutout by "Torment: Tides of Numenera" here.

    31. Jenny Langley
      on February 17, 2017

      Is there a way to get a physical console copy as a backer, other than just buying it full price at the store? I backed for the physical version, and I don't do digital-only games if it is at all avoidable.

    32. Missing avatar

      VkBest on February 17, 2017

      No news about this? Sony needs at least 10-15 days for generating the keys, and the game is releasing in 11 days more

    33. Yuri Gusev on February 17, 2017

      Quoted. Ready to change my extra copy for console version

    34. Johnny W on February 16, 2017

      Can anyone tell me if there's any Planescape Torment spoilers in the story trailer? Thanks!

    35. Dan Spezzano on February 16, 2017

      Stupid question but if I already have the beta on steam I still need to go get a new key from the backer site on the 28th? Most other projects just automatically roll my beta into the retail.

    36. Macharius on February 15, 2017

      I really like the video. Is there a chance that it would be used as the intro for the final version of the game?

    37. Thomas Bernecker | Dream Traveller on February 15, 2017

      I second Chris Kaley's question, any chance to change from PC to PS4 version?

    38. Soumithri on February 15, 2017

      Hello - just wondering whether backers who don't live in Europe or North America will be able to use the code provided for the PS4 version of the game? It's not worth it for me pay another $18 if I can't play it on my PS4 in India.

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris Kaley on February 14, 2017

      How about a less than $18 option to change from PC to console? I don't really need the game on two devices, and given the rapidly increasing obsolescence of my PC, I'd rather put this on my PS4.

    40. Torment- The Enduring Exile on February 14, 2017

      What is the difference between the beta key and the Backer Edition?

    41. Thrakker on February 14, 2017

      A question regarding keys - I have my beta key, which should convert to the full game when it leaves early access, correct? Additionally I have a key called Backer Edition. Are these essentially the same, or is there anything additional in the Backer Edition key? I'm assuming both aren't redeemable if the beta will convert to the full game

    42. Daniel Beswick on February 14, 2017

      I'd love a PS4 copy! I have a question, though... You (understandably) say you need to know if the numbers will be there to support console editions. For other projects with console versions (specifically PS4) on offer which I've backed, European and American editions of digitial game releases on PS4 have been effectively seperate entities. Does this mean you need to assess whether you have enough pledges to make it worthwhile per territory, or is it just one large accumulative target?

    43. Stephen "Stoibs" D
      on February 14, 2017

      Damn, well that's a shame.
      Thanks for the response.

      Might just stick to the PC version then.

    44. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on February 14, 2017

      @Stephen D: Whoops! I think someone else asked about resolution earlier and I got the questions mixed up. ;) Both consoles run at 30 fps.

    45. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on February 14, 2017

      @Senchaholic: Correct, we are using this survey to determine if we can hit our minimum numbers needed. :) It's not actually possible to pledge for a console copy yet - this is only for us figuring out if it's possible to make happen based on the level of interest our backers have.

      We'll contact everyone who answered "yes" with further instructions if we do hit the numbers we need to.

    46. Stephen "Stoibs" D
      on February 14, 2017

      That's not what I asked, but we're getting warmer.
      What about the framerate?

    47. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on February 14, 2017

      @Stephen "Stoibs" D: Both Xbox One and PS4 run at 1080p!

    48. Althor on February 14, 2017

      Can you tell us what are the minimum number for each platform ? Jus out of personal curiosity.

    49. Senchaholic on February 14, 2017

      BTW, as I understood it, we're supposed to purchase an additional 1800 points when you provide a confirmation. So I have answered YES, but I haven't purchased anything yet.