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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      nicedeasung 4 days ago

      i am korean backer

      i want get my korean ver steam key

      what should i do if i want get my key?

    2. Missing avatar

      JB 5 days ago

      To amend my comment bellow I managed to get my game but I had to send several requests on their support site and it took like 2 months. So keep nagging them if you haven't received yours.

    3. Dave on June 7

      I am a sad panda. I still have not received my digital PC copy. Wanted to change it to PS4 because my PC crashed but not enough people were interested. Still would like my copy though.

    4. Jon Turner on May 31

      Hi guys, I managed to get my game but had to trawl through the FAQ, comments and updates. You have to go the and set up an account there with the same email you have for Kickstarter. Once this was done go to the Rewards & Pledges menu and select Rewards. There I found my game ready to download and any other rewards you had attached to your tier. Hope this helps.

    5. Missing avatar

      JB on May 26

      Backed this, never received my game. Support doesn't answer. I do not recommend inXile entertainment games.

    6. Bryy Miller on May 13

      Hi, I can't seem to get on my backers side on the main website. I only have the beta and would like my full copy.

    7. Missing avatar

      h2tjd on April 16

      Hello, I am a south korean and backed this project several years ago. I recognize that I can get a key of Korean version of this game. Can you introduce me how I can that key?

    8. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on February 20

      I'd be interested to know how other backers got a refund from this - I have asked InXile several times (through KS message and support tickets) without success. In my case, they've failed to honour their commitment to provide a version for Windows XP (which was still a year away from EOL at the time this KS was funded) and I've not received any physical goods (pledged at Cypher level) aside from the Numenera manual (which I've offered to return).

      Needless to say, I won't be touching anying InXile-related with a bargepole and would urge others to treat this company with extreme caution.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dresdencypher on January 23

      I agree, most of the stretch goals weren’t released and it’s a super short game without much depth, only 2 major areas

    10. Missing avatar

      Fabrizio Bellicano on January 22

      Hey, how does one get a refund? I see many people asking for it, I wonder if it is possible in general or if it's only for the CE?

    11. Missing avatar

      Disillusioned Backer on January 18

      I would likema refund as well. This is an epic fail.

    12. ThomasN on December 5, 2017

      Oh and text is also blurry.

    13. ThomasN on December 5, 2017

      This game is made of fail. First you need some german translation from some fan because yours is crap and then the text is scrolling sluggishly and/or is hidden even though I press space. Uninstalled after half an hour.

    14. Missing avatar

      Squarefox (Maximilian Hönig) on November 27, 2017

      Great game! I am happy, that I could support it.

    15. Adam on November 22, 2017

      So glad I bailed on this trainwreck and got a refund when I did long ago

    16. ShadowNate on September 11, 2017

      Same here. Waiting on the extra stuff to mark as complete. Any news?

    17. Brian Heinz on August 31, 2017

      Any further update on that last Novella and the comics? I want to check off Torment as "Fulfilled" on my KS backed projects list.

    18. Missing avatar

      on August 27, 2017

      I have also not received my physical copy

    19. Missing avatar

      Sean on August 9, 2017

      Just to let everyone know: I'm STILL waiting on getting my physical copy. Put in 3 tickets on their support, had a dev check things out for me on the forum, too. Nothing. Even after they said they were finalizing a new string of re-shipments for the physical goods. Nothing. No response to my latest ticket, nothing. Been waiting 4 months on the ticket and plus however long they physicals were actually sent out to backers. . .

    20. Jared Roswurm on July 31, 2017

      The wait is over. I finally got a refund. Thank you!

    21. Inhwan Lee on July 29, 2017

      Hello, I am a south korean and backed this project several years ago. Today I recognize that I can get a key of Korean version of this game. Can you introduce me how I can that key?

    22. John WS Marvin (Dread Unicorn Games)
      on July 23, 2017

      I never got Torment: Tides of Numenera -- The Explorer's Guide. How do I get it?

    23. Mark Graydon on July 4, 2017


      I sympathize with you. I'm just saying that asking over and over again on KS comments doesn't seem to be working. Your last few messages didn't say whether you'd contact their support, so I figured I'd mention it.

      Best of luck with your issue!

    24. Jared Roswurm on July 2, 2017

      This kickstarter is Torment!

    25. Jared Roswurm on July 1, 2017

      @mark I've already contacted their support email, and they said they would send a game to me promptly, but this wasn't the case. It's been over a month since they said that my order somehow fell through the cracks and they would reship another in a timely matter. Either I'm one of the last people of 75k to receive the game that all my friends have already played and have moved on now, even though they didn't back the game, or I'll never get it at all, ever, and have to borrow it from one of those friends to play it.

    26. Mark Graydon on June 30, 2017


      I'm no expert, and I don't work for InXile, but when the last six posts here are you asking for a refund, and there's no response, I suspect that your message is not getting through, and you're wasting your time posting this here.

      KS comments are a poor way of getting in contact with the company. You're much more likely to get a response if you go to InXile's website, find their contact info, and use that to reach them directly.

    27. Jared Roswurm on June 28, 2017

      Hello, still waiting months and months for my game or a refund? What the hell in going on? Definitely not expedited customer service on the support email. This is my 7th time asking for a refund since I never received my game! I would like my $125 back

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Hendrickson on June 21, 2017

      Oddity Collector's Edition box for sale. Opened but not played. $75 + S&H

    29. Jared Roswurm on June 1, 2017

      This is my 6th time asking for a refund since I never received my game! I would like my $125 back.

    30. Jared Roswurm on May 30, 2017

      This is my 5th time asking for a refund since I never received my game! I would like my $125 back.

    31. Jared Roswurm on May 29, 2017

      I would like my $125 back

    32. Jared Roswurm on May 29, 2017

      This is my 4th time asking for a refund since I never received my game!

    33. Duskwind on May 27, 2017

      Apparently I have a parcel on the way from Techland, though the subject line and tracking page are in French and the "Colis n°" doesn't work.

    34. Drakan on May 24, 2017

      Received my Artifact tier Collector Edition, thanks.

    35. Missing avatar

      Sean on May 20, 2017

      Almost 2 weeks after trying to contact their support and posting on their company site. Does anyone work for them? Everyone I know has received their stuff and I can't even get information on what I should be getting. Anyone have any ideas?

    36. BlackGauntlet
      on May 16, 2017

      It's funny how the updates all sound like InXile is doing us a favor by completing one of the many unfulfilled Stretch Goals.

      It's like having your boss/customer agreeing to pay you $2K for your work yet only gave you $1K when you're done then expecting you to rejoice as they give you another dollar after you "reminded" them about their obligations.

    37. Cody Faulk on May 16, 2017

      Overall, this is disappointing. This is nowhere near as good as Planescape: Torment was. I... this is so sad.

    38. Missing avatar

      Sean on May 14, 2017

      10 days and counting on not hearing back from support about my physical copy (not CE, just regular). Any info would be appreciated about who to contact about this.

    39. GroovyDad and the Slap Me Some Skin Kids on May 12, 2017

      Hey Paul, I am just checking in to see if you guys have made any headway.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sean on May 4, 2017

      Hello, I'm wondering who I can talk to about not receiving my regular box copy, yet. I haven't gotten any email that it's gone out, yet. I put in a ticket to inXile several days ago, but haven't heard anything back yet. Are all physical goods still being shipped or is something wrong?

    41. Mark Dorney on May 2, 2017

      I was disappointed with the poor quality CE as it was but it was even worse when I got my PS4 version, which I bought separately. Discounting the fact that there is a better quality PS4 CE available for less money than this shoddy one cost, the normal version I bought from Amazon included the same OST, and a paper version of the cloth map. And, you know, the game came in actual case. So what was the point of the CE again?

    42. Gordon Milner on May 2, 2017

      I am a little concerned after reading the most recent messages about the quality of the CEs, but I'm in the UK and have yet to receive any information about confirmation for shipping or anything. Any updates for us Europeans?

    43. Michael Caldwell on May 1, 2017

      What I got in the mail was the CE box?

      ...that's a joke, right? I'm only partially joking. They can't actually consider this a CE. The books are tiny, making the art terribly difficult to appreciate. The liner was nothing more than cheap, thin cardboard. Even the cloth map was some super cheap, crappy material. I had a better map with the original Ultima IV.

      Haven't bothered to play the game yet. Waiting till I have time to commit to it. But if their efforts towards the ridiculously expensive CE box is any indication of the quality they put into the game, I'm guessing that'll be a disappointment as well.

    44. Nick Korotya on May 1, 2017

      I have received my CE box around a week ago, and I was hugely disappointed by the quality of almost ALL items.
      - The box looks fine outside, but it's too big for the content - stuff inside dangles around (I was lucky nothing was damaged. Inside "lining" looks extremely cheap (I get the idea of unusual non-rectangular feel, but the implementation is terrible).
      - The artbook is way too small – pages are ~13,7 * 18,5 cm (~5,4 *7 inches). You can’t really enjoy first few “big” pictures in that formal.
      - Сardboard envelope for game DVD is shockingly cheap. Considering many collectors editions have nice “steel boxes”, anything below normal DVD-box should be no-go.
      - 40-page stapled manual looks cheap. I expected something with more pages and binded, with lots of interesting fluff text – like original Fallout 1/2 or Baldur’s Gate 1/2 manuals. Alternatively, you could have included printed Strategy Guide.
      - Map is okayish, but the cuts are uneven…
      - Soundtrack’s box is a bit better than game DVD one, but still has cardboard front cover. And ink already started to peel-off near bending corners.

      I compared all this to with few of Collectors Editions I could lend my hand on @ friends (within same price range - such as Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear; different addons for World of Warcraft, etc). All of these looked and felt much, much better…

    45. Nick Korotya on May 1, 2017

      In my case UPS' customs brokers sent e-form to fill, I just wrote "PC game TTON Collector's Edition, 110$" w/o specifying box details, it was enough (delivery to Moscow, Russia).

      The box should count as 1 item for customs/UPS purposes.

    46. Drakan on May 1, 2017

      @Paul Marzagalli. Thank you for your swift reply, much appreciated.

    47. Jared Roswurm on May 1, 2017

      Should everyone in the US have gotten their physical goods yet? Because I haven't, and my friend who I made fun of for not backing the game got it months ago.

    48. Paul Marzagalli on April 30, 2017

      Signed goods have been taking a little longer as we needed to send boxflaps and bookplates to our various authors and developers all over the world. We're now done with signing (the moment of truth caught here:, with the parts going back to our shipping & handling company for assembly and shipping - you will receive notice as soon as your goods go out!

      In other news for everyone, we are working on a backer update that we hope to have out to you very soon.

    49. Drakan on April 29, 2017

      Does anyone know if the signed collector editions have been shipped already to Europe? I am still waiting to even receive confirmation of mine having being shipped. Thank you for any reply.

    50. StillAlive on April 25, 2017

      I have a question for backers who have/had troubles with UPS.
      I can't get my CE box from UPS because they are asking for a detailed description of items inside the package (complete with number o items and their cost) and an order confirmation. Did anyone else had that problem?

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