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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

The Bard Goes Caroling

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

TL; DR - Post-launch check-in, a look at what's coming next

Hi All, Paul here with an end of year check-in! The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep has been out for a few months now, and we wanted to let you know where things are and where things are going. Let's dive right in with a look at the game's post-launch from Creative Director David Rogers!

A Note from David

Hey everyone, David Rogers here to tell you about some of the good stuff we have coming down the pipe in the upcoming 2.0 patch. We've been hard at work poring through our forums, listening to reviews, and talking directly to some of our most dedicated fans so we could continue to improve the game. This patch brings another sweep of balance changes such as:

  • Last patch, we focused primarily on balancing player abilities, and you'll see a little more of that this patch. 
  • We're turning our main focus to enemy tuning and balance in order to ensure our enemies continue to challenge you throughout the game. 
  • We're also making several adjustments to the end game economy by adding an additional tier of high level, master-crafted, items; adjusting merchants to sell more useful gear; expanded their inventory size for easy of use; and adjusted the gold faucets so gold stays useful and not over-abundant through the end game. 
  • We're adding additional portraits to character creation which includes 2 new female dwarves and 2 new male elves. 
  • We've added 9 new fast travel locations to the world. We've buffed many of our unique items and elven puzzle weapons to make them feel more competitive vs. standard gear.

This patch also brings a few long requested features, namely inventory filtering and controller support. These have been two of our most requested features and we're please to be bringing them to you. We hope with all these changes you'll give the game a 2nd playthrough or that one of these features encourages you to dive in. If you've left a review on Steam or GOG and we've made changes that address your concerns, we'd also appreciate you revising that review. We're passionate about making The Bard's Tale IV the best game it can be, and we hope that shows with every patch.

I want to give a very special thanks to everyone who's been active on our forums, written reviews, made reddit posts, and generally everyone who's provided us feedback. So much of what we did this sprint was pointed out by you, the fans. You didn't have to stop and reach out to us to help us improve the game, but you did, and that support has been invaluable. Thank you!

A Note from Jeff & The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep team

Jeff Pellegrin here, and I would like thank everyone who communicated issues, bugs, concerns, and feedback (both positive and negative) on GOG, Steam, Kickstarter, etc. We aggressively tackled many issues and continue to patch and add features to The Bard’s Tale IV based on your input.

One key feature to show that we are listening is an extra Song of Exploration “Struggler's Lament” which can instantly resolve most doors that are locked by puzzles. The ability will not resolve optional content that can be rewarding and could be critical in your adventures, so make sure to still learn our different puzzles systems because that knowledge will come in handy eventually! Best of luck and thank you!

The Best Way To Say "Thank You!" 

Hi everyone, Paul back for the remainder of the update. Last summer we held a contest - the more wishlist adds that we got for the game, the more benefits for every player. We never achieved the last item on that list - the free DLC. That was that, but then, as some of you know, the game had a rougher launch than we'd hoped for. Since then, we've released several updates, and as David and Jeff have detailed, we're continuing to support the game with even more improvements.

We knew that we wanted to do something special for everyone that was there at launch, as a way to say thanks for your support at that moment, and we realized the solution was right there for us - deliver the content that we didn't get with the Wishlist Initiative. We're happy to report that every owner of the game will be getting "The Royal Necropolis of Haernhold" DLC for FREE in early 2019, so look forward to a new adventure in the dwarven realm of Kinestia!

Here's what Lead Designer Russell Krueger has to say about the area:

 The Royal Necropolis of Haernhold is a new, combat-focused dungeon that lets players travel to Kinestia to uncover the nature of Tarjan’s treachery and undo the catastrophe that has befallen the tomb of the dwarves’ greatest hero, Gaerwyn. We are pleased to announce that this dungeon will feature several new mini-boss fights and two very challenging boss fights.

 Fans of our puzzles won’t be left out in the cold either! While the emphasis is very much on trying out and acquiring new, powerful gear and then using it on the most challenging fights we’ve ever made, we are also able to leverage all of our existing puzzle designs and components for a set of new, mind-bending puzzles that players will have to solve to find the secrets of Gaerwyn’s tomb.

Combined with the combat balance updates for end game parties, players will have plenty of content that will keep them on their toes! A friendly word of warning however: once players step foot into the Royal Necropolis, they will be stalked from the shadows by one of the most powerful and deadly minions Tarjan has ever bent to his will. Keep an eye out above you, because you never know when this creature will drop in to say hello…

Mac/Linux Update

For those of you patiently waiting for the Mac and Linux versions of Barrows Deep, we unfortunately do not have a definitive timeline, but work is progressing on both versions. The increased delay is down to the post-release updates and feature additions, and developing both those updates and the Mac and Linux versions at the same time would have been slowed down both substantially. Now that the game is in its current state however, the pace of development is picking up.

Goods Have All Been Shipped

One of the true delights of the last couple of months has been seeing folks react to their physical goods arriving. We love all the pictures that you've sent along, and it's also been great that for such a large project. Fortunately, there have been very few issues with backers receiving their physical goods, and we're continuing to work with backers who have reached out for support. No one was more excited about receiving his goodies than our own Brian Fargo, who has been waiting 30 years to add the newest game to the Bard's Tale shelf!

The Bard In Concert

Of all the features of The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep, the one that has been universally acclaimed has been its rich soundtrack. We're celebrating that with a special concert on January 31st in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in Scotland. The concert features a number of performers from the soundtrack, all conducted by the game's composer Ged Grimes. 

Tickets are available here and you can read about how the show came together here. For those of you not in a position to join us in Scotland, we are looking to stream the event, and will share those details on our social media pages once we have them. 

Seasons Greetings

Finally, a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all of you! It's been an amazing journey, and thank you all for being a part of it (and helping to make it happen)! With The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep and The Bard's Tale Trilogy, 2018 was very much The Year of Bard's Tale. Heading into 2019, the franchise is still going strong with the concert, your journey to The Haernhold, the arrival of Thief of Fate and Legacy Mode into The Bard's Tale Trilogy, and of course the debut of Barrows Deep on console! Thank you for helping us bring this franchise back. See you all in the new year!

Until Next Time, 
Paul Marzagalli 
Public Relations & Community Manager 

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    1. Derek J. Balling on

      Echoing the comments from everyone about my disgust at the utter lack of any sort of integrity when it comes to living up to the commitment to Mac/Linux users.

    2. Peter Verdi on

      It is quite baffling how Mac/Linux users are treated like second class backers by you guys. The game has been out since September 2018 and there is still no word on a Mac/Linux version other than "It's coming". This simply will not do.

      I've been a fan ever since the very early Interplay days and have over the decades always been dedicated to Brian and his various teams/companies and the games they created, but now I'm just very frustrated, disappointed and angry. Stop treating us Mac- and Linux users, who contributed to making this project a reality like everyone else, like second class gamers.

      Right now I'm sitting on my big box Collector's Edition that only contains a (for me useless) Windows-CD. I have already accepted the fact that as a Mac-user I will most likely not get a physical CD/DVD of the game, but merely a download code. This bitter pill I could still swallow.

      However, not even getting a timeframe, an estimate from you as to when Mac- and Linux-users can expect to be able to play the game, almost half a year after its release, makes me wonder if you guys are still dedicated to the Mac/Linux backers and the Mac/Linux gaming community. So please, could you give a more detailed update on the Mac/Linux versions of Bard’s Tale 4 other than “It’s coming”?

      Also, one of the main reasons (apart from wanting a continuation of my all-time-favourite RPG-series) why I backed this project to the extent I did, was the prospect of remastered versions of the original games. Also in this regard you continue to disappoint Mac- and Linux-users, because to this day we still don’t even know if you’re going to release these remasters for Mac and Linux at all! All we have to date is a vague statement that you will look into "other platforms" after the whole trilogy has been released on Windows. Could you please give clarification if there will be Mac- and Linux-versions of the remastered Bard’s Tale Trilogy or not?

      Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in advance for your reply. Sorry for venting, but the current level of information for Mac/Linux backers is simply frustrating. Maybe you guys can do something about it.

    3. Matt Lee on

      It's been well over a month since this update. As a Mac user who backed this game at a fairly high level, I'd like another update on progress of the Mac versions of BT4 and the BT1-3 remasters.

    4. Jonathan Schmidt

      This pisses me off. Still no Mac version?!? Not even an estimate as to when it will be released? I call BS.

    5. Patrick Bernard on

      An update at SOME point about the Mac/Linux version WOULD be appreciated for those of us that backed early based on that promise. It HAS now been MONTHS so... would very much appreciate to get into the BT goodness. Please?

    6. Missing avatar

      Howard Bampton

      Yet another Linux user who has been left high, dry, and unfulfilled.

    7. Missing avatar

      JochenHoff on

      Ok, after reading comments i realised that Microsoft bought you off and this means there will never be a Linux Release of the Game. Shame on you to get in Bed with this cancerous Monopolist M$.

    8. Missing avatar

      JochenHoff on

      Where is the goddamned Linux Port that i gave you my Money for?

    9. Richard Hyde

      Still waiting, glad to know we aren't a priority....

    10. Firesnakearies on

      Is this coming to PS4?

    11. Richard Doll on

      InXile team. PLEASE - try to a bit more specific with regards to the Mac/Linux version. It isn’t just a nie optional thing - whoever works on any one of these OS is likely not going to just setup a Windows game PC for Bards Tale. So as a Mac user and backer I would appreciate at least a rough time frame - calendar quarter?
      It’s been 30 years plus since the C64 I can wait a bit but give us SOMETHING... Thanks!

    12. Ben Loggins on

      I can't express what this game is to me. I haven't been so immersed in a game like this since the original wasteland in the 80's. I've beaten bt4 twice. second time on hard difficulty. just can't finish it on legendary. yet. I installed bootcamp/ windows on each of my MacBook pros so I could play. worth it. I'm replaying again. and am dying for like. new content. new battles. I want a battle to last like. hours. it's too good.
      so yea. to hear you're releasing new content and additions. best thing I've heard. ever.

    13. Mike Garrett on

      Thanks for the continued focus on Mac/Linux. I can't wait to get in the game.

    14. Missing avatar

      David on

      Guys, this isn't an acceptable update for Mac/Linux. You need to be more forthcoming about the general release window. 1Q2019? 2Q? 2019 at all? I don't mind waiting and I know that it will take however long it takes... but those of us who have already paid deserve more detail.

    15. Xaelvaen on

      I am beyond satisfied with this game, your company, and your efforts to constantly improve. Thank you all very much, and Merry Christmas to you and your families!

    16. Jedra7609

      Thanks for all your hard work. Merry Xmas to the whole team from me here in the UK!

    17. nitrium on

      Definitely not the game that was pitched, and definitely not really in the spirit of old skool RPGs let alone a spiritual successor to the original Bard's Tale trilogy (I was kinda expecting a slicker version of the Legend of Grimrock games). That aside, I still ended up thoroughly enjoying the product that was delivered so can't complain too much.

    18. Steve Osgood on

      Did y'all do anything about the font sizes and clarity? I got to where I couldn't play any more because I couldn't read the skill or craft descriptions.

    19. DeeK on

      Thanks for all your hard work, team! Really appreciate the DLC bonus. Collector's box is fantastic, and I really dig that cloth map, which is actually cloth.

      Looking forward to getting the Linux version of the game. I'm happy to wait, as I've got plenty to do in the meantime. Do we get an updated CD with the Linux executable on it? That'd be very satisfying.

    20. Jeff Hessell

      Just wanted to say thank you to the developers of The Bard's Tale IV for taking me back to my teenage 1980s Commodore 64 days! I've enjoyed the hell out of Barrows Deep, and hearing that you guys are still adding stuff makes me want to start over again with a new party.

      Am I just being nostalgic? Do I just want to love it like I loved Bard's Tale as a teenager? Of course I want to love this game. But as it turns out, I DO love this game! This version right here. As far as I'm concerned, it's pretty great, and I've happily logged many an hour in front of my computer. Just like (very) old times! (And the music IS awesome too!)

      I feel kinda bad that this game isn't working for some of the other old school nerds like me. I'm sad for them. But... I'm happy for me!

      And I guess that's all I wanted to say.

      Thanks, guys.

    21. Andre on

      Also Happy Holidays to InXhile and all the backers.

    22. Jason Playne on

      I am looking forward to finally playing the game - I will be getting into it as soon as the Linux version drops.

      As a bonus the game should be even more polished by then.

      I wish you luck and speed on the Mac/Linux versions!

    23. Andre on

      Great Update. Thanks for all the hard work adding extra content and patching out the existing bugs and improving the game. It is nice that this content update coincided with the Wasteland 3 one and that the Bazaar stretch goal was reached for WL3.

      On a side note has any one from Canada received their LP sleeves? I am still waiting for mine.

    24. Daniel

      @brian bagnall but Matthew is correct in his critique. If you are doubt, go back to the steam forums and inxiles own forum and read old messages around release and you will see the sheer magnitude of the negative feedback they got from their decisions. Good for you, that you liked the game, but that does not in any way invalidate any of the critique targeted towards inxile because of this kickstarter. It just means that in spite of being a totally different game than originally advertised as, they still managed to produce something that >some< people like. I hear there are actually people liking a game like "Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing" so I asume there are people that would fall in awe of the commercial flop that barrows deep turned out to be as well.

      Also, I'll advise you not to use language like "you are the worst" about other backers, as it breaks the community guidelines about how we treat each other in here.

    25. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Thank you for making all the changes. I think a lot of people love the trilogy so they easily get upset, but ultimately I want to see a great game. I will definitely do a second play through to see all the changes and the new content.

    26. Niels on

      Not happy about still no real news regarding Linux version.

    27. Brian Bagnall on

      @Matthew You are the worst. The creators of BT4 went above and beyond with the quality of this game IMO. It wasn't perfect, but it was engaging and the graphics were for the most part gorgeous. I've played over 65 hours so far and haven't felt bored for a second, the only game so far this year to do that for me. Superbacker or not, all this venom you are spewing sours the Kickstarter experience for everyone, creator and backer alike. Reign it in a little bit please.

    28. Missing avatar


      That's it? That's all you have to say?

      You released a product that didn't work and you have the gall to tell us to be thankful? You had the feedback on the beta forums but didn't use it. You continue to publicly ignore criticism and critics. You have yet to make a mea culpa or to offer restitution for the fact that you failed the backers through many broken promises.

      Go away. You've done enough damage.

    29. Missing avatar

      George Gibbs on

      Glad to see more progress, hopefully the Linux build isn't too far off! Are you on a recent enough UE4 release to use Vulkan?

    30. Missing avatar

      paradroid on

      Sorry, I think you forgot to include the section on when the Mac/Linux version will be shipping. Can you please write a short para about this?

    31. Jeremie Lariviere

      that concert is going to be wonderful!

    32. Daniel

      Honestly, I'm surprised you bothered making an update here, considering you didn't deliver bards tale 4, but instead delivered "puzzles deep". You lost all credibility with this one. I also find it sad that you keep pulling the non windows people around the stage by the nose with empty promises even after Microsoft bought your studio. The takeover by microsoft also puts a decisive nail through any remarks your company, or representives from your company, made about olld school games where a big publisher wasn't calling the shots. Of course, with the fiasco barrows deep turned out to be, I can't say I am surprised. If nothing else, I hope you at least have the retrospective to look at the scathing critique you got for barrows deep and then compare with praise that Krome got for the remasters. To put it bluntly: you failed. and you failed big time. And you did it by ignoring the legacy you were supposed to build on.

    33. Missing avatar

      solarempire on

      Looking forward replaying the game with the new patch! Thanks for your continuous support and patching!

    34. Sean Hutchinson on

      I'm very happy about the controller support. Thanks!

    35. FooBrew on

      Very disappointing that Linux/Mac users still can't even play the game (that we backed you for) and, yet, we're still obviously not a priority to you.

    36. Andrew Pam on

      I'm looking forward to the Linux release, and thank you for continuing to work on it!

    37. Riordan Frost on

      Ditto what Hannes H commented, but I would go further and say that you shouldn't have launched the PC version without Mac/Linux. You said in the campaign that it would be all three versions, and that clearly wasn't prioritized. I feel like the game's shining moment has already come and gone and I didn't get to be a part of it despite being a backer (of this and other inXile games).

    38. Missing avatar

      Hannes H on

      > For those of you patiently waiting for the Mac and Linux versions of Barrows Deep, we unfortunately do not have a definitive timeline,

      I have to say I am a little disappointed. You are adding portraits and are promising to ship an expansion in January, but you can't tell us when Linux support will be ready? This is not a bonus feature that decides whether or not people give 90% rating or 91% rating, IT MEANS BEING ABLE TO PLAY OR NOT FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE!

      If you can't get it out on day 1, that's ok, but if it reaches us more than six months later, than really there is no point for me in backing the game, I might just as well wait for the first GOG sale. Especially considering that probably there are platform specific bugs, as well, that will take even longer to get fixed then.

      I also backed TToN, Wasteland 3, and I got Wasteland 2 DC, but I will likely not back your games in the future since I kinda feel treated like second-class customer/user/fan here.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mawthra on

      I still wish backers who backed at the "Ultimate Edition" level would get the proper versions on GOG and Steam so we can have all the DLC in one place, but... at this point, probably never going to happen

    40. Trevor Martin on

      As an early (serial) backer and long time critic of the way that BT4 was designed... I just wanted to say thanks for the continued improvements and QOL fixes. The new combat orientated dungeon sounds good and I look forward to giving BT4 another chance in early 2019. Merry Xmas peeps.

    41. Chaney Engel on

      Gentleman, I would like to send a very heart felt THANK YOU!!! I admit that it was an adjustment to start this game. After 30 years of waiting, it was bound to not live up to what we original players envisioned. I myself would have been happy with the story line, and the old game engine (quirks and all). You modernized it though, after the initial adjustment, I have absolutely loved it. The patches, and additions have just made it all that much more of a fantastic adventure. Sign me up for BTV!!!!!

    42. queerchameleon

      3 years later and a year late on delivery an still in beta. Good job
      /golf clap

    43. Missing avatar

      Bret Hermsen on

      More Mac/Linux update thanks!!!

    44. Steve Sawaya on

      Thanks for the Mac/Linux update!