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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

Are You The Keymaster?

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Preparing for Key Distribution

Hey Everyone,

Paul here with a very quick update on key distribution. Tomorrow (Friday) around mid-day, we're going to disable the backer beta keys. We are doing this for two reasons. First, this will allow beta backers to choose either Steam or GOG for their main game. Second, we need to replace the beta with the release build.

Shortly after the beta goes offline, we are going to begin rolling out emails that will prompt you to log into your backer survey and choose a Bard's Tale IV game key for either Steam or GOG. Just wanted to give you a head's up on that to be watching your inbox (and various other folders) for that email over the next few days. If by Monday you have not received that email for whatever reason, please follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Crowdox survey:
  • Enter the e-mail that you used for Kickstarter (or, if you've changed it, the email you currently use for CrowdOx) and click "Resend Email".
  • You'll get an e-mail with the link to your survey. Open it and find "Do you need to make changes or want to add an extra item?"
  • Click on the “Open Your Survey” link below in this email. This is right below your Balance. This will open your survey up in a new browser window.
  • Open it and scroll down to find "Do you need to make changes or want to add an extra item?"
  • Click "Open Your Survey" there.
  • Then (important and easy to miss!), please click "Reward" tab on top left of the survey.
  • Scroll down and find “The Bard's Tale IV” and select your GOG or Steam key.
  • Complete the survey by clicking through each of the tabs (the buttons are on the bottom of each page) until you get the confirmation.
  • Once you do so, a key will be generated for you and sent to you in a separate email.

For whenever you receive your key, you can follow these instructions to make your key active:



IMPORTANT NOTE: While you will be able to activate your game key, the game will not be playable until 9 AM PST on September 18th when the game goes live!

Thank you again for helping us to get this far! The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep is almost here! We would like to ask you for one more favor: our ability to continue creating in-depth RPGs has always gone hand in hand with you helping us to spread the word. We would be very grateful if you would support us even further by sharing your positive views of the game if you are enjoying it. We'll be in touch again on launch day, and to help tide you over as you wait for the key, check out the game's launch trailer if you haven't seen it yet!

Until Next Time,
Paul Marzagalli
Public Relations & Community Manager

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    1. Jacob Wisner

      No key and the crowdox link does not work. "Project Not Found"

    2. Dark Backer on

      Didn't got my key.. what I need to do? thansk

    3. wuha on

      Maybe this help some people with the "Digtial - None" Problem
      So i answered (want a steam key) to the mail (soundtrack and so on without the key) and few hours ago i got now the steam key. I think the support change the Platform on crowdox to steam.

    4. Missing avatar

      Shahab Babakhani on

      I've got my GOG game key but it's just for the basic version and has no extras from the tier I backed and paid for.

      What's going on?

    5. Yoti Iosifidis on

      Also no key... Can't wait to play and hope this issue will be solved soon. I don't like the idea of being punished for being an early backer of the game.

    6. Daniel Mossberg on

      Same here seems like they have a lot of problems

    7. Niclas Jacobsson on

      No key and cannot edit my pledge or do anything with it....

    8. Jalister on

      @wuha - Sorry to hear you are having the same problem. On the other hand it makes me feel a little better that I'm not the only one. It means I probably didn't mess something up, and there is a glitch they will fix. I can be patient a little longer.

    9. Scott Kelley Ernest

      I finally got mine.. and I ended up doing the same as Duncan.. was an hour later I got the key though.. so hard to say what finally got me it. Well.. I emailed about it too. So it could have been anything. At least I have the key now

    10. wuha on

      I have the Same Problem @Jalister.

      Never again any Game with this Platform..

    11. Jalister on

      At Crowdox my item is stuck on The Bard's Tale IV (Digital - None), and it won't let me change it to The Bard's Tale IV (Digital - GOG Key). It keeps saying I've already confirmed my choice, and I have not received a key.

    12. DoctorVanGogh on

      So..... an hour before release and we *still* haven't received any backer entitlements....

      This is rather frustrating...

    13. Missing avatar

      Kevin Smith on

      Same here. Clicked the link in the email. Received the trilogy key but not the IV key. Waited a day. Nothing. Did the same as Duncan Jones and had the key within minutes.

    14. Missing avatar

      Duncan Jones on

      I had problems with the 'Make your Selection!' link, no key was emailed no matter how many times I tried. Reading the posts from Robert and Todd I clicked on the link to manage your pledge instead. Clicked through my pledge without making any changes and saved. Got my key at long last 5 minutes later.

    15. Scott Kelley Ernest

      Can we get the key generation working please?

    16. Gary Collins on

      I am getting an email telling me to take the steps above, but when I attempt to do so, the survey shows that the selections are locked. Frustrating to be told in two places to do something, and then to have the thing you are told to do be impossible.

    17. Steve Claridge on

      Same problem with the Steam keys. I have emailed and to hopefully get a resolution.

    18. Missing avatar

      Dmitry on

      Same here. Filled the corrected poll, waited a day - nothing. Filled 2nd time - nothing. Resend poll through the link in the post and filled it - nothing.
      Also going to email support. Really clunky, first time I have such problems with gaining keys

    19. gorkomatic on

      Huh. And now I've received two emails with GOG key. Problem solved, apparently.

      ...Still really clunky.

    20. gorkomatic on

      Same here. Clicked on the correct, picked GOG, no email with code.
      Reopened survey, saved... same thing.

      A bit annoying, honestly. I've never had such problem with any other kickstarter (none of them used crowdOx, though).

      Oh, just got another "thanks for filling out the Survey" email. Still no key...

    21. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      Got the two emails asking me to make a platform selection. Clicked the link in the "corrected" one and it asked me to choose a platform. Selected one and it took me to a survey review page that showed I had selected a Steam key. Never got an email with the actual key though. Tried the "resend my survey" button, and never got an email with a new survey link either. Just emailed support now.

      Good job Crowdox how much are you charging devs for this cobbled together trash?

    22. Paul Marzagalli on

      If for some reason you aren't getting your keys, please email They've been working to both get folks their keys *and* trying to nail down why these issues are occurring for some people so they can get sorted overall. The vast majority of the key distribution is going fine so far, but obv. that doesn't matter when it's your key still outstanding. Apologies if you're one of the ones affected but both inXile and Crowdox teams are working to resolve remaining issues.

    23. Missing avatar

      Todd Johnson on

      Ok, I tried what Robert said he had done (re-opened the whole survey as if I wanted to make a change, changed nothing and saved it) and now I have keys! Yay! Thanks for the tip.

    24. Missing avatar

      Todd Johnson on

      My survey never seems to go to 'locked'. Everything is filled in but if I click on the link to go to the survey I get to a screen asking me to fill in the GOG or Steam questions along with the name I want and quote (my level had that option). The name/quote is correctly filled and has been for a long time. The platform questions are already set to Steam but it would let me change them if I want to. I re-selected both as Steam and then click the 'Save products and review' and it shows everything filled out. It never 'locks'.

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert Prior on

      Ahh nevermind I locked mine in on Thursday, re-opened and closed my survey today changing nothing (as platform selection was already locked in) and key got sent quickly after.

    26. Missing avatar

      Robert Prior on

      Still no key for 4. Re-opened selected steam and got a trilogy key sent but nothing for 4. Survey now shows both as locked in for steam.

    27. Kilranor on

      I complete the survey a few times and still no key sent ??? The platform GOG is locked but no key ??

    28. Missing avatar

      RYan on

      Hmmm also locked and can't get my key, hopefully it comes before tomorrow

    29. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Kryszczyński on

      I have the same problem. I filled out the Survey three days ago and I still have not received an email with the key

    30. Ronnie Viklund

      Re-Opened the survey and chose Steam and saved it 4 days ago, still no key in the mail though.

    31. David Camp

      Same boat as you Todd but no email even after 24 hours

    32. Missing avatar

      Eisberg on

      If your platform is showing as locked when you re-open your survery, that means a code has been generated for you and should have been sent. Re-open your survey to make sure that your selection is locked, and complete the survey again.

      if it is locked do 1 of these:

      1- Go to the official forums and send a private message to…
      Asking if he can help you out and explain that your selection is locked and you have not received your key yet. You have to be signed up for the forums, make a post, and then the moderators have to accept your first post before you can send Private Messages.

      So if you are not already signed up on the forums, then go to option B

      Go to their twitter…

      make sure you are following them. Then send a tweet to them, there is a button on the left hand panel that says "Tweet to Inxile Entertainment"

      I did both of these options myself. The first reply from the PM in the forums was my key. For the Twitter, they answered me back willing to help but since I wasn't following them they couldn't message me, but I told them it was resolved.

      So both options will get you in hold of someone that can help you out quickly, quicker than going through the customer support. Though I do recommend using their customer support for anything else, just use the methods above I stated above for the key issue.

    33. krayzkrok on

      Todd that's what happened to me too, but eventually an email arrived containing the key. It took about 15 minutes or so.

    34. Missing avatar

      Todd Johnson on

      I tried redoing the email and get sent to a page that says, "Congratulations!
      You've completed the information needed to get your rewards for The Bard's Tale IV. Here's a review of your finalized pledge information. " But there is nothing to click on, no tab for reward anywhere, just the list of all of the stuff I had pledged for and fully filled in earlier. And of course no confirmation of any key for steam.

    35. Missing avatar

      Todd Johnson on

      This process did not work at all. I got the email, clicked on the link, chose steam key for the two things that needed it and then there was nothing to click. I've used CrowdOX before and it never worked. They always had to change to a system that worked and redo it all. Seems to have happened again. Maybe it takes a while (days) to generate the key? I sent CrowdOX comments on the lacking of anything confirming that anything had happened. The only thing on the crowdOX page I can click on besides 'show more' is 'open your survey' and I've already completed it.

    36. Alexander Lucard

      Mine is locked and it won’t generate my code for me. I wish to god CrowdOx wasn’t so awful. It’s not that hard to have a section where you can view/download aka Backerkit. Does anyone know why they went with CrowdOx of all things?

    37. Andre on

      Thanks so much to Paul Marzagalli for helping me with the key delivery issue. @Tomimt @Paul Sheppard. If you are still having issues with your key delivery try contacting Paul AKA phimseto at the inxile forums. Hew a great help. I am sure he is swamped with messages but he still got to me very fast.

    38. Tomimt on

      I contacted crowdox via the email they used to confirm the choices, as it says it can be used to do that. I got an automated reply stating that support staff is taking a look at my request. So here's fingers crossed and all that.

    39. Paul Sheppard

      I have the same issue as Tominit. It says that I chose a Steam key (had to do that on Friday even though I am sure I had previously done this). It now says that choice is locked but I haven't received an email and yes I have checked my spam

    40. Andre on

      Oh never mind I found your post saying who helped you. :)

    41. Andre on

      @Eisberg. I saw your thread at the forums. Who did you message there to get help for the key issue?

    42. Missing avatar

      Eisberg on

      When you reopen your survey, does it say your selection is locked? If so, then there is a problem and you need to contact Inxile directly to get it fixed. When it says it is locked that means a code was generated and should have been sent to you.

      a good way to contact them is by becoming a follower of theirs on Twitter and then send a message to them explaining the situation. They responded back to me willing to help, but I got it resolved with the second option

      I private messaged one of their developers on the official forums, I picked one that was making posts most frequently, and his reply included my game key.

      If it is not locked, then yeah, that means they have not generated your key yet and you should wait till at least monday and if you don't just do the options above. I got both of them to reply to me on the same day I messaged them, so contacting them on monday will be ok.

    43. Tomimt on

      Despite the Crowdox says all should be fine with my order, and it has said that since this update was posted, I still haven't received my GOG key. I've even re-opened and re-submitted it several times and it just keeps saying it all is okay and my key is a GOG version.

      I don't know, maybe they do have a single person there sending out the e-mails and he's doing it alphabetically, so that would put me to the lower rungs.

    44. Morgan Clabaugh on

      The other digital extras will go out in a separate fulfillment?


      Credit where credit is due: points back for this round going (somewhat) better than the Remastered round. Thanks for making it less painful to get a string of letters and numbers.

      The Crowdox system still stinks on ice, and I'll stress again that sticking with them is a fool's errand because their poor implementation still makes this far more difficult than it should be. The improvement is more in the fact that the system, while designed by a reject from the Monty Python Gumbys, at least alerted me faster to take action and actually dispersed a key more quickly this time.

      It was still unnecessarily complicated to navigate their system but it's faster only because this is my fourth or fifth time through it & familiarity breeds contempt.

      But I'm also reading fewer issues with other Backers too. So there's that.

      But back into the red, on points -- permanently -- for making us do this a third time. That's just unacceptable, perhaps inexcusable. I sincerely hope that someone "over there" (wherever "there" is) has made whomever the responsible party is sit in the corner to think about what they've done.

      I think I know what you're going to say: but, because you've already selected a platform, the keys will be disbursed automatically without any need for additional Backer input! You've burned up the goodwill you had, and I simply don't believe that will happen without a hitch at this point.

      Because, while this round went better, better is a relative term. I'm still reading about fairly significant issues some people are having.

      If you couldn't make them all unlock on one key, you could've at least issued ALL the keys at once. I mean, it's not like you didn't have all the extras planned out *three* *and* *a* *half* years back or anything, and since you're ready to release, it's reasonable to expect that it's all ready to release. Extras are either integrated into specific release packages, for which you should already be able to issue keys, or they're their own separate DLCs and the same applies.

      It is starting to feel like you're actively trying to alienate the fan base. I have to assume that, as a business which, at the end of the day, must be profitable to survive, you're not actually trying to do that...but it's getting harder to believe that assumption.

    45. Missing avatar

      Eisberg on

      So I got my key. The system did mess up for me because of when I did the platform choosing.
      On Thursday I had money left to spend on my account and I opened up the survey to spend that money on something, and that is when I noticed they had opened up the choosing of platform, so I naturally did it. This happened before I saw the backer update #52. Basically that messed up the system for me cause it happened before they fully started the key distribution process.

    46. Eric on

      Oh wait, weird. I literally just got my key now. Right after I wrote that message. :) Hah.

    47. Eric on

      I ran through all of these steps... and I never got a key. I thought maybe I screwed it up or missed a step but I double-checked word by word.. I did all those things but never received a key. I don't like the way CrowdOx does this at all. Honestly, I think Backerkit handles this so much better. They just list the key right in the portal which makes SO much more sense.

    48. Missing avatar

      Eisberg on

      yeah, why Crowdox doesn't have links/keys right on their website, or at the very least a button to press that resends all your released rewards and game keys emails again, is beyond me. I think problems like this would be easily solved with a simple function like that.

      I don't think I will be getting a game key unless someone specifically fixes the issue for my account. Last time I contacted support, it took them a week to respond back, which is ridiculous, so I am hoping posting about my problem at different places inxile is at will increase my chances of getting help before the game goes live.

      But honestly, I have a feeling I won't be able to play on release day because of this, and because of my work schedule, I won't be able to play it until Sunday night on the 23rd if I don't get to play this coming tuesday.

    49. Missing avatar

      Eisberg on

      @Ryan Deroche
      are you also trying to make changes to the extras? If so, make the changes to the extras first, and fully complete your survey, and then reopen your survey again and make your selection for platform choice. Apparenetly you get that error when you are trying to make your platform choice while also making changes to the extras in the same session.

    50. Andre on

      @RivetHead @Eisberg

      The same thing happened to me. I chose the GOG key at crowd ox and now it is locked in. Which is fine as I dont want to change it to Steam. Though I have not received the key yet. All I can think of is that the key has been selected for me just not delivered yet for what ever reason.

      Regarding crowd ox, I agree with you Rivethead. I much preferred it when InXile delivered the content via their website. As was done with Torment Tides of Numenera. I feel like Crowd Ox is more complicated then it needs to be. Mostly in that the rewards, downloadable directly or redeemable keys are not linked directly with the backer survey section of crowd ox....but with a separate email(at least that is what I recall). It is too much searching around and checking for different emails. Backerkit(though not perfect) seems better. I hope Inxile can refine the process a bit.