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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

Early Beta Returns

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

TL; DR - Beta Reception, Early Changes from Feedback, Polishing the Graphics, Pledge Reminder, BT Trilogy Sneak Peek

Beta Reception

Hi All, Paul here with a few updates regarding the Backer Beta. First, we thought we would share some of the more notable looks at the game from Creative Director David Rogers' barnstorming press tour in support of the backer beta release. We received some great reactions, and wanted to share some of what has been written about the game. Take a look at what's been said:

This quote from an old school BT fan who checked out the beta gave me a chuckle, as I can relate to this particular sense of liberation (and I suspect a few of you fans of a certain age out there can relate as well):

Finally, we really enjoyed VentureBeat's look at how we brought the original Bard's Tale box art to life for Bard's Tale IV:

On that last item, there's an accompanying video that is well-worth watching as well if you haven't seen it yet:

Beta Feedback Update

We were thrilled with the reception of the beta both from the public and our backers, particularly through the submission form link that let players give their feedback directly from the game. It was great to read all the kind words, and even where there was criticism, it was constructive. On that note, we've been poring over the comments and data in the near-month since the beta's release and discussing it in-depth daily.

We are now at a point where we can share some early feedback from the dev team on your comments. As we begin to implement fixes and other tweaks, we wanted to give you an update on some of the changes we have planned for the launch version of the game (as well as some changes that we are considering) thanks to you. Here's a list, along with a call out of some of the many names whose comments were read and considered.

  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as Zortok, we are increasing the number of mastery slots from 3 to 4.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as mdntblue, we are working on granting mercenary tokens earlier so that you can make you own characters sooner.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as dpisacane, we are speeding up how quickly you get to six party members.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as Paranoiac, merchants will have multiple pages so that it is easier for you to sell your stuff.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as Sirtechfan, along similar lines, we’re tuning the item economy for the early part of the game based on your feedback.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as Drool, we are working on improved ways to compare items in the shop. You will be able to compare items in a store with items equipped on your characters.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as Nystrom, one quality of life feature for inventory: we’ll have pages for inventory items, lore items, and quest items so players can more easily track/understand what they are picking up.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as lemiarty, starting inventory will be larger.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as Jalis, after the eight main narrative quests, there will be significantly fewer waypoints telling you where to go. For the most part, it will be a destination marker and that’s it.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as Omelet79, we are adding a cost to resetting your characters’ skill trees. It is no longer freely available anywhere. You now pay using a mercenary token at the Review Board to do so.
  • Courtesy of feedback from users such as Entrei, adding a “surrender” button on combat that allows you to reload your most recent checkpoint rather than play out a losing combat. We will be sure to add a “Are you sure?” double-check to avoid any accidental activations!

If you didn’t see your suggestion here, that’s not because we haven’t seen it. We are tracking and considering everything that is coming in. The above are items that we’ve reached consensus on, and wanted to share with you now. Thank you again for the feedback so far. It is helping to make The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep a better game.

Polishing the Graphics

Along with different changes across the game's mechanics, we're also polishing character models as we get closer to the release date. This is more of a "show, don't tell" item, so we've prepared a "before & after" shot to demonstrate some of the progress going on in terms of the game's look.

Before & After
Before & After

Backer Pledge Reminder

One last Bard's Tale IV item, one that only pertains to a small number of you. Right now, we're happy to report that 93% of you have filled out and confirmed your backer pledges at CrowdOx. Obviously, we want all of you who have helped support the game to get the rewards you are due, so if you haven't or aren't sure, we encourage you to first check your email records to see if you have the confirmation email from CrowdOx from whenever you did your backer survey. If you don't, then you can follow these instructions on how to have CrowdOx send/resend your survey so that you can access it and confirm it.

We'll also be working with CrowdOx to send out a reminders directly, so you may receive an email prompt on this as well. And for the rest of you, no worries. If you have confirmed your pledge, then you are all set.

The Bard's Tale Trilogy Sneak Peek

Finally, thank you for all the support we received regarding the change in date for The Bard's Tale Trilogy remasters. We're on target for a release next week on Tuesday, August 14th. A number of you asked if we could at least provide a small sneak peek. I promised that I would look into it, and am happy to share a few screens of what you can expect when we release the game later this month! Enjoy!

The Tale Begins
The Tale Begins
The Adventurers Guild
The Adventurers Guild
The New & Improved Automap
The New & Improved Automap

Between The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep and The Bard's Tale Trilogy, it is a great time to be a fan and supporter of The Bard's Tale series. Thanks to you all for helping us make this a reality! We're still listening and looking forward to your feedback as time goes on!

Until Next Time,
Paul Marzagalli
Public Relations & Community Manager

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    1. Missing avatar

      Krister Parmstrand on

      After playing the beta I have a few remarks; the beta feedback should've been easier - having'd having to register on another site is clunky. Also the minimap was confusing to say the least (though this was fixed for me by disabling the rotating mini map).

      I am looking forward to the final version...

      Yet with that said, when I saw the remaster I was thrilled - it looks really, really great :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Anthony Rolli on

      Thank you for the update! I'll keep an eye out.

    3. Rivethead on

      @Anthony Rolli - several weeks before release, we'll be sent an email asking if we want a Steam key or GoG key. After that, I suspect they keys will be emailed on or shortly after release (currently stated as 9/18/18).

      So I'm guessing in the next few weeks....

    4. Missing avatar

      Anthony Rolli on

      Sorry if this question has already been answered, but I'm having trouble locating information on it. Can someone remind me when Steam keys will be sent out?
      Much appreciated! =)

    5. Daniel

      @David when you played bands tale 3, the game mechanics were the same as in bands tale 1. In Barfods deep there are no gamemecahnics that are the same as the previous games. Random encounters? Don't exist. Armorclass? Changed to be a damage reduction attribute. The impact of strengt, intelligence, constitution? Changed. You want strong mages, not intelligent mages. (Oh, and no roll for attributes. It is fixed) How to increase your attributes? Gear is the only way MMO-style (dagger of +3 strength) impact of level? Only to again point to send in a skill tree that gives you abilities you can't use anyway because you can only bring 3 (in the future 4) preselected learned abilities into combat (and this includes basic attacking. Having a tank without the ability to attack at all was all to possible). You want more hitpoints? Get gear with +constitution, Because your constitution attribute is your health, regardless of level. Damage done by weapon? Your strength score, so that Dirty dagger deals more damage Than a claymore if it has a higher +strength attribute. And so on and so on. There is litterally not a single mechanic in the game from the Old games. Everything have been changed. And as for the comment About skara brae location. Google "skara brae BARDS TALE" (or bards tale 3 map that shows location) of skara brae, cause that is the skara brae that is supposed to be in a BARDS TALE game.

    6. Rivethead on

      Hey Paul - I'd love it if you could give us some insight on the difficulty of the game in the next project update. One of the things that attracted me to this project was Brian specifically stating: "prepare to be challenged, this will not be an easy game". It's also something that concerns me too: games can be so damn hard that frustration ruins it. As I understand it, the original games were notoriously difficult. There's a balance to be had between challenging and rewarding. Now admittedly, I have not played the beta nor watched very much of the beta gameplay (I'm concerned about spoiling too much). But what I have seen hasn't looked too difficult or challenging. I'd love to hear David (or really anyone) discuss the team's approach to making the game difficult (and rewarding): is it puzzles (that really need you find the clues before you can figure it out), enemy strength (super buffed bad guys that will require several attempts to defeat), enemy numbers (battles that will overwhelm your heroes - like facing 4 groups of 99 berserkers), etc. In short, what makes BTIV a challenging game. Personally, I think making it a hard game will help cement the BTIV's connection to the original games. Thanks!

    7. David Nemeskey on

      @Daniel I haven't played the beta, so I cannot comment on most of the issues you brought up, although I must say I also find the idea of waypoints peculiar. However, having played two of the original games, I am really wondering as to what e.g. BT III had to do with BT I other than "the name and some random namedroppings". Let's put it this way: story wasn't the strongest part of the original trilogy, so what more would have you expected?

      As for the location of Skara Brae, well, why don't you look it up on Google Maps?

    8. Missing avatar

      Manalishi on

      @Daniel & @Ralph, Not having played the beta and from what you say is true, it looks like I will be enjoying the remasters more than then new game :( Time will tell...

    9. Missing avatar

      NHILONE on

      I want to know how do i get this Bards tale 1 trilogy remastered when it comes out on August 14,i was a backer of bards tale 4 since was announce.I know i get all the trilogy plus bards tale 4 do i recieve an email,to me and have link were to download them or i get some kind of key steam or gog and go from there site? Also thank for the promise of remastering the old bards tale very happy about the new improvement graphics sounds automap the whole pizzas all topics includeds hehehe. cant wait to replay once more all 3 plus the latest bards tale.its like going back in time when i was a kids playing in my moms and dads house basement.Will never get old i hope you make more bards tale sequels until the end.

    10. tarasis on

      Gotta said I really prefer backerkit over Crowdox. With BK I can easily get to any digital rewards that are already available. With crowdox I have to rely on digging up the email that was sent, nothing in the portal itself.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sergio on

      I'm sorry, what, there were objective markers in the beta? With waypoints?

      Seems to me @Daniel is exactly right. Guess I won't be backing any more Inxile projects either.

      Kickstarter was supposed to enable the kind of experiences big publishers aren't interested in anymore, not to put out modern style accessibility-first rpgs with old IPs.

    12. Ralph Hoenig on

      I don't understand why anyone would want to make a sequel of something and then change virtually _everything_ that was in the original.
      It doesn't make the slightest sense to me.

    13. gandalf.nho

      Can't remember if I received the survey in the past and I tried to get again, but the e-mail didn't arrived (I have the CrowdOx survey from the WL3 campaign, then I guess isn't problem with my e-mail)

    14. Thomas Vilfroy on

      Any word on what specs you will need to play this? I have yet to see any - but then I don't go looking every week trying to find it as well Sure be nice to know! Hopefully perhaps in another update...thanks! Thomas

    15. Belisarius

      Looks great, liking the mechanics i've seen and good to see beta feedback being considered and where appropriate changes made. 33,740 happy backers.

    16. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Didn't see it mentioned up there, but please tell me FoV sliders and setting are being considered before release also.

      It's waaaaaaaaay too narrow and unpleasant in its current state. Would love to be able to play for more that 20 minutes or so at a time without getting nauseous and suffering from motion sickness.. I can't actually fathom how this made it to a public build if i'm being critically honest. :S

    17. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on

      One comment on bards tale 1 remaster - from the video it looks like the map window (or game window) on the left side is pretty small on large screens. Couldn't it be a bit larger? On a 27 inch monitor you get this massive view of the player command entry and this tiny map window on the left side. Not sure if at this point it is possible to make it larger ?

    18. Daniel

      Having tried the beta myself, I can only say this to your anounced changes: Why the hell did people need to suggest these things to you in the first place? Did you guys not even try actually playing it yourself first or something? and honestly, increasing masteries to 4 seems like a stubborn child refusing to admit the whole design concept behind masteries and opportunity points is a total trainwreck. There shouldn't be a limit to what abilities you can use in combat in the first place! This isn't a card game where you create a deck of 'abilities to use in my next combat', and when you consider that you removed most of the spells from spellcasters the only answer I can see why you want to limit options is to make it easier to port to consoles. You also aptly dodged the elephant in the room for ALOT of beta backers: The only thing the game has to do with bards tale is the name and some random namedroppings. There are ZERO gamemechanics that are remniscent of the old games. Zero, nada, zilch, nul, nothing. Even attributes and equipment you have managed to change totally into something more "modern" MMO-style. Where's the old-school feel of this game? Cause having tried the beta it feels more like the kid in the fancy car from your video called the shots than anything else. Call it barrows deep, but for the sake of what little hope we have of actually getting a real bards tale game one day, remove the bards tale name from this product, cause it is as close to the bards tale series as the 2004 disaster called bards tale is.
      This project, and the way you have handled it, leave me no other action possible but to never back one of your kickstarters again. I feel betrayed by your pitch of wanting to bring one of my old favorite series to life again and then only using the actual name and SOME of the lore (the parts you didn't totally butcher, like placing skara brae next to the sea all of a sudden, or changing major parts of the past games). Seriously, WHY did you need to call this game bards tale when there is not a single game mechanic from the old bards tale games in it?

    19. Darklord on

      Getting all four games from one pledge is amazing, can't wait!

    20. Missing avatar

      Scott Moon on

      Only 4? I need at least 10 :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Flump - the flying turtle on

      I'm not in the beta; but one change I question is finding companions sooner. I always liked games where a few of them are found later because it adds something to the game chemistry (not well expressed). What was the specific motivation to finding companions earlier? You noted there was complaints but not the nature of the complaints.

    22. Missing avatar

      Wesley Rast on

      The remaster looks great, guys! Can't wait to replay all three, and to continue the story in BT4!

    23. Jeremie Lariviere

      thanks for the update!

    24. Pavel Kaspar on

      @inXile entertainment
      Thanks I appreciate it.

    25. Adam Sherman on

      Haven't played beta because I don't want to spoil the game for myself. But it's tempting.

    26. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Dan You'll be prompted via CrowdOx to choose a Steam or GOG code next week.

      @Pavel Will make an inquiry for you.

      @Joe Took a look at your pledge, and the reason you didn't receive a beta key is because your reward tier didn't come with one. However, the game is only just over a month away so the wait isn't long now!

    27. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Wilson on

      still have the original 5 1/4 disks..etc.
      The re-masters shots look great, Thanks for the update

    28. Missing avatar

      Peter Berg on

      Great news that you are taking the feedback into account. Can't wait to play with these changes!

    29. Dan Spezzano on

      How will we claim our remastered copies?

    30. Jason Harris on

      Those screenshots and changes/tweaks sound great!! The Remaster especially looks EXCELLENT.

    31. Pavel Kaspar on

      Anyone who had the chance to play the game or Devs, does the game support 21:9?

    32. Joe Titos on

      I am so excited about the changes being implemented to the new game and the sneak peek at the remaster. Although I filled out my backer pledge, I still have not received a key to participate in the beta...