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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Chris Grozis on

      I have seen no emails about the future of Bard's Tale Backers from Kickstarter, or if I am supposed to sign up somewhere else? - Where is this going?

    2. Missing avatar

      Jordan Soyer on

      On the backer portal but showing nothing about Wasteland 2, am I looking in the wrong spots or is it not linked yet?

    3. Claus Bornich on

      I also would like to be able to get my hands on Wasteland 2 and see how the Bards Tale IV project is shaping up.

    4. Joseph Noll on

      I'm hungry for updates, throw us a bone once in a while

    5. ERlCV on

      yep... would love my copy of Wasteland 2... hmmmm

    6. Nico Maier on

      @Jessica Yeah, I'm also eagerly waiting for my copy of Wasteland 2. Lets hope it doesn't take much longer...

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve Clark on

      Uh, I backed for $750, and I haven't received any email about any rewards or anything like that. @Rangerkeenan, is that something you can help with??

    8. Jordan B. on

      Yeah, I presume we're waiting on the "backer site" for the 48h promo rewards? Anything from inXile on this perchance?

    9. Jess Thetip on

      I'm guessing we won't see early rewards (Witcher 2 or Wasteland 2) until Sep 23rd or later as that's when the "Summer Cross Promotion" ends, as stated here:
      and I'm guessing that's when Bard's kickstart alternative funding closes, but I'm not sure. I'd really like my "first 48" pledge reward too, (in case anyone at inXile is listening)

    10. Missing avatar

      Ingo on

      Any news on the first 48h pledge reward (Wasteland 2) Its been quite some time since the kickstarter ended....

    11. Mike Rainbow on

      I didn't get my coupon either. Can this please be fixed?

    12. Zwarteziel on

      The gift-coupon is very much appreciated! Thank you for doing this!

    13. Missing avatar

      Adam Alliss on

      Hi, any news on when we will receive our pledge rewards? Keen to get my hands on Wasteland 2.

    14. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      Hi guys, the coupon should be appearing now (as of this morning). OtherSide are using emails to link things up, so do note that if you changed emails between backing both games, or even more recently, that may explain why you aren't seeing your coupon.

      If you need help with your coupon not showing up, please contact OtherSide support (email We are communicating with OtherSide where issues arise, but they are are handling most of the promo details.

    15. Thomas Vilfroy on

      Didn't receive the email either nor coupon. Also with both KS concluded, one won't be able to up their pledge either. So hopefully there is a way when we get the pledge manager. Sounds like this idea was quickly thought of without thinking of the possible ramifications / side effects.

    16. Rivethead on

      Servants?!?! Soup?!!?'re killing me. However, I loved the "Hey you dirty crow fondlers, fondle this bird" line......

    17. Christopher Babic

      There's an OtherSide forum post to follow here, I expect an answer to show up there at some point:…

    18. Christopher Babic

      Assuming the coupon just hasn't been rolled out yet (maybe Aug 5th?). Didn't see mine either yet.

      It can't be dependent on Bard's being listed in Backerkit, if they aren't even ready to be on there yet, or are doing there's externally.

      Probably just cross-referencing email lists between the 2x sets of total backers to determine eligibility I would assume.

    19. Missing avatar

      David Steinkopff on

      @Rayne me too, same problem

    20. Jordan Joestar on

      Very good update.
      I backed both games:

      The Bard's Tale IV: 33$
      Underworld Ascendant: 25$ (upgraded to 50$ two weeks ago).

      I'll upgrade my pledges to achieve the physical special editions.

      I invite everyone who backed The Bard's Tale IV to pledge even Underworld Ascendant, because will be an awesome game... two great games are better than only one. ;)

    21. tarasis on

      The small print on that page says "The coupon will be redeemable between August 5th and Sep 23rd 2015; after which any unused coupon will expire." - as it's not the fifth yet, it may not be active yet.

    22. Jon Woods on

      Thanks for the Update @inXile

    23. Missing avatar

      Rayne on

      I pledged 20+ for both as well and don't see the coupon. I also never received any backerkit email regarding the bard's tale, so I assume there's no way for the system to know I backed both.

    24. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Daryl Surat: That's a question for OtherSide, but as far as I know they are still working on getting the coupon added to their BackerKit. Should be some more details here on that:

      @DarkCoolEdge: That stuff is coming with our own backer site, which as we said is in the works but not quite ready yet. :)

    25. madGamer on

      @Daryl Surat i have the same problema i dont see any cupon and i dont have bards tale in backer kit. i didnt see any survey mail.

    26. DarkCoolEdge on

      Hi, when will we get our free game (The Witcher/The Witcher 2/Wasteland 2)?

    27. Daryl Surat on

      It seems that I as well as a few others aren't seeing any sort of $5 coupon displayed in BackerKit, but upon further checking I notice that I was never sent anything that would register my Kickstarter pledge to The Bard's Tale IV through BackerKit. My pledge is only listed on Kickstarer, but not there. Therefore, BackerKit has no way to know that I've backed both projects. Did I miss a survey email?