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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

Down to the Wire! Final Stream Reminder, Last Community Fan Works, Bardic Brian Unlocked!

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Hey Exiles!

We are down to the wire! With just a few hours left to go we are all hands on deck and eager to see exactly where our final pledge level will end up. It goes without saying that we are deeply appreciative of all your support throughout the campaign. With over 33,000 backers showing support thus far, we are just 3,000 backers away from being in the top 10 most-backed Kickstarter gaming projects in history!

As we head towards the finish, we are as pleased as ever to say once again: the Bard is Back!

Final Hours Stream, Featuring Quill18 and Wasteland 2 Director's Cut!

This is just a reminder that we will be live streaming our Kickstarter campaign wrap party on Twitch with renowned YouTube and Twitch steamer Quill18. The stream will start at 4 PM and go to 6 PM PST (though the party won’t end there). We also had many of you offer to join us for the party in person; we can no longer take additional guests, but we are looking forward to meeting some of our biggest fans!

As a special treat: we will also be live streaming brand-new gameplay from Wasteland 2 Director's Cut during the party! If you are a fan of Wasteland 2 you will want to check out this exclusive and extended hands-on look at the game. We are excited to share it in this much detail for the first time!

We will be re-posting the stream link to social media and Kickstarter later on today, so keep an eye out. In case you miss the stream, we will upload it to YouTube later!

Bardic Brian Skin Unlocked!

Our final social media push saw a huge uptick in fan contributions, likes, follows, and all that good stuff. We cannot make these games happen without you and we are ever-thankful for your support. Everything we do to get our games out there relies on your faith and goodwill – our "marketing budget "is the same budget that goes right back to supporting our fans.

On that note, you have impressed us yet again! Thanks to support on Tumblr and new fan art contributions, you have unlocked 21 achievements in total, and the Exclusive Bardic Brian Skin has now been unlocked for all backers of The Bard's Tale IV!

Brian is a little embarrassed, but such are the sacrifices he makes for you guys.

Enclave of the Fairy Host Story Updated

It's been a while since we've highlighted the Enclave of the Fairy Host story in an update. Our lead writer Nathan Long has been penning these for your social media achievements, and we figured we'd give him some more time in the spotlight, especially as the story is flavored with elements of our lore and gameplay concepts. You can as always view the full story on Tumblr, but here is an excerpt from some of the later chapters!

The elven mosaics in this room depict a feast in an underground banquet hall with tree roots for pillars and witch-lights for lanterns. Elves in beautiful clothes eat and drink and listen to an elven bard. All the servants are humans. An elf maiden has a man for a pet. He curls on a pillow at her feet.

The chanting is louder here. You can distinguish the words now. You recognize them as ancient Einarr.

The Einarr chanting fills your head as you enter this room. It shakes the floor and seems to make the very air vibrate. Two Einarr stand guard in front of an ornate pair of double doors on the far side. They ready their spears and cry out as they see you, but no-one hears them. The chanting drowns them out.

Anders thrusts out a hand and they slump to the floor, fast asleep. You step over their snoring bodies and ready your weapons as you approach the doors.

"This is it, friends,” says Lioslaith. “Your enemies are cornered. We must triumph here.”

“Yeah,” says Fiona. “Or the elf ghost is going kill us all, thanks to Anders.”

Anders grunts. “Let’s just finish it.”

You push open the doors.

Nathan will be finalizing the story depending on our final social achievement tally, so we may have yet another chapter or two for you.

Final Fan Roundup

When we said last update that it was our last chance to feature fan art... well, turns out we have another last chance! Thanks to your incredible contributions in these final hours we have brand-new pieces to share from our community. You can see a selection of these below.

Bard's Ale render by Sergey Mishchenko.
Bard's Ale render by Sergey Mishchenko.
Another Bard by Tomimt.
Another Bard by Tomimt.
Trow Boy by June.
Trow Boy by June.

All of our fan art is in our gallery on Facebook, including kilt photos as well, so check 'em out!

We'll be back later today to share the stream with you. In the meantime, let's make this an epic and fun finish to a long campaign!

Eric Schwarz
Line Producer


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    1. Dusk Shadow

      Noice. I look forward to the game when it comes out late 2017....never thoght I would say somethign to that tune...but the bard brings it outta me ( TERRIBLE PUN FUNDED) lol HUZZAH! =p

    2. Maggot-Brain on

      WELL DONE Brian Fargo and inXile - Congrats - This OLDER School Gamer has been gaming since playing the very FIRST text-based game - 'COLOSSAL CAVE' - on mainframe computers I maintained from the late 60s to 90s, and i want to reply to those who belittle/trivialize OLD-SCHOOL game developers and/or their games created during the 'GOLDEN AGE' of gaming. This 'GOLDEN AGE' was highlighted by at least three major series of games: BARDS TALE, ULTIMA and WIZARDRY. Besides saying SHOW SOME RESPECT for the OLD-SCHOOL game developers/pioneers, I have 3 words for my final reply: GET A CLUE!!! I am SO excited about BT IV, and can't wait to replay BT I, II, III as well.

    3. Chet on

      I'm excited about the game being funded, but I'm still a little disturbed that out of work game devs are our stretch goals.

      I could understand if say, Tracey Hickman or RA Salvatore assisting in the writing were low tier goals but, game devs that have became celebrities due to their own proclamations ...... It's on the verge of ridiculous.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gabe on

      1.5 without counting PayPal, yes! Here's to hitting all stretch goals. Enjoy the party guys, hope it brings a ton of last minute pledges. Will surely see the replay of the stream.

    5. Steve Jensen on

      Regarding your stream time (4pm to 6pm PST) ... don't you mean PDT? We are in the middle of Daylight Saving Time right now... ;-)

    6. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Michael We sympathize with the situation in Greece of course! And just so you know, we will continue crowdfunding on our own site after PayPal closes, though not all tiers may be available/exactly the same, but you'll have an option to support us still later.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael Papadopoulos on

      I really wanted to help this game, and I'm sorry to report that because of the situation with the banks in Greece I won't be able to pay my pledge. I hoped that the restrictions would be lifted by today, but nothing happened. So again sorry that I won't be able to help.

    8. Joseph Carone on

      I'm really glad that this got funded and I can't wait to play your game... But maybe hyping the inclusion of old school game designers was a mistake for your stretch goals. Most of the games I've backed on Kickstarter usually push more features or higher production values, and the behind the scenes nerd trivia stuff was tertiary. The bardic Brian thing is also a little cringey, not sure who'd actually want it or ask for it.

    9. Dragoon on

      I want that ale.

    10. Philip Konczak on

      Good luck with the final few hours sadly in scotland we will be in the wee hours of the morning so will be asleep when it finishes. Wish you a vert highland good luck. Oh and one thing we need is a boss version of nessie to meet.

    11. Missing avatar

      Raúl on

      Lets see what happens in the final rush hopefully with PayPal contribuciones next goal could be achieved.

    12. Sir Chaox on

      Awesome update, and great idea. I hope the WL2 stream will get some interest going over here!