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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

Shout to the Heavens! We Need You to Spread the Word, Get Some Goodies!

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Hello Exiles,

We have less than $60K still to go to be fully funded! You all have helped us craft our vision of The Bard’s Tale IV and very soon, it will officially be a reality. As we get closer to E3, we’re going to be facing an uphill battle of getting the word out about the game. Gaming press will be covering the E3 announcements and The Bard’s Tale could get drowned out. This is where we need your help!!!

During the next few weeks, anything you can do to help spread info on our game will be paramount to our success. We have seen over the last few years the impact of our passionate fans and have no doubt that if you kick it into overdrive, it will be a massive boost to the project we all love. So share our videos, talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, forums, or anywhere else you think there might be interest. If every backer got a single other person to join the team, we would be breaking records. So without further ado….Release the Kraken!!!

Calling All Adventurers

Let’s dust off those chairs in the Adventurer’s Guild and start exploring! We thought we’d do something fun, encouraging you to spread the word and giving you cool stuff to unlock by doing – including some bonus rewards as a thank-you to our backers! As we reach the milestones shared below, a story will unfold detailing our collective journey through the Enclave of the Fairy Host. Each time we complete an achievement, a new piece of story will appear, detailing the struggles and triumphs of the excursion. Along the way, we might even have some interactive decisions that will modify where we go. So here is what you can do to aid in our quest…

  • Facebook Likes: like The Bard’s Tale IV on Facebook and get your Facebook friends to do the same!
  • Twitter Followers: follow @Brianfargo on Twitter and encourage others to do the same!
  • Tumblr Followers: follow our brand new Tumblr page and reblog our posts to spread the word!
  • YouTube Subscriptions: subscribe to inXile’s youtube page and spread the word!
  • YouTube Video Views: spread the word on our in-engine video everywhere to rack up those views!
  • Retweet Brian’s Message: retweet this tweet and encourage others to do the same!
  • The Bard’s Tale Fan Art: send us your fan art drawing or sketch through a Kickstarter message or Facebook post/message.
  • A Bardic Song: record video or audio of you performing a bardic song, upload to YouTube or elsewhere and send us the link through a Kickstarter message or Facebook post/message.
  • Kilt Photos: take a photo of yourself or a group of people in a kilt with a sign that says #BardsTale4 and send it to us through a Kickstarter message or Facebook post/message.

We will gather fan-made art, songs and photos and share them on Facebook and Kickstarter Updates. We'll be keeping a live tally of the amount of followers, likes, retweets and submissions we have and keep you updated as you unlock each of these achievements!

That’s only half the fun! As you rack up achievement points, we’re unlocking rewards at every 4 points (represented as rooms in the dungeon above)! At the first 4 points: we add a physical code wheel to *all* physical tiers, including $65. Digital tiers will receive a digital representation of this code wheel. The code wheel will not be required to play the game, but using it will unlock additional lore and flavor throughout The Bard’s Tale IV world.

The Bard's Tale III Code Wheel (image credit:
The Bard's Tale III Code Wheel (image credit:

Of course, we will reveal more rewards as you progress!

A View of the City
A View of the City

Crafting our Stretch Goals

We’ve got plans for some exciting stretch goals and even announced our first one: at $1.3 million we’ll add an Enhanced Companion NPC System and add 2 more CNPCs. What’s next after that one? At $1.35 million, we’ll add a Crafting System

As we showed in the Kickstarter text, items are very much a part of our sense of discovery and mystery, and you can thoroughly study many weapons and unlock ways to enhance or modify them.  When we hit the $1.35 million stretch goal, we’ll compliment the item interaction with a robust crafting system allowing you to find ingredients and components throughout the world that allow you to make all kinds of game modifying items and weapons. By tying this in with our magic system, you can influence the newly created item’s abilities directly through many of the various abilities. With this system, after unlocking an item’s potential you can imbue it with power from a certain school of magic, or a specific spell, or even a Bard’s song to give it a new, unique capability.


Our friends and colleagues have been a huge help in getting this Kickstarter off to the fast start it has, so thanks to all the Kickstarter and other campaigns that helped spread the word! A few years ago, Brian backed the very successful HEX MMO Trading Card Game, one of the many great success stories on Kickstarter. His backing level allowed him to a create vanity card, but then Cory Jones from HEX contacted Brian with the idea of hey, why not share this card with the backers of your upcoming campaign. After all, it is you who make my games possible!

So here we are: as another FREE promotion, all The Bard’s Tale IV backers a tier $20 or above will receive a play set (4) of the AA version of the Exiled Bard cards. You’ll receive the codes for these a few weeks after the end of our Kickstarter. This promotion is one of mutual friendship between two Kickstarter, and I hope fans of both our products enjoy it as such!

Chris Keenan
Project Lead – The Bard’s Tale IV


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dean Dyer on

      TLDR; Code wheel app

      Just an idea for the code wheel, for those of us that are digital only- make an app for that, so we can still have it sitting next to us as we otherwise play full screen.

    2. Mobin Mobeen on

      So any plan for Consoles Release?
      I will gladly up my pledge just for sake of having playing this game on PS4.

    3. Grant Probst on

      @Caerdon - Thanks! I am glad enjoyed it. It was a fun way to kill a few hours, while I was sitting in my car in the summer heat and jamming out. Viva Brian Fargo!

    4. Lemur From The Id on

      @Grant, that was simply glorious! :)

    5. Grant Probst on

      It's 12:44 am where I am at, so I am sure this will be buried by the morning, but here's my grand "bardic song" I just submitted for our collection:

      -grant! ;)

    6. AngoraFish on

      @Dablue, I had assumed that most devs would be hoping that their Kickstarter generated a lot of funding to make a game. My apologies. Clearly the actual goal is to get an early rush of funds and then dramatically slow that down as latecomers are discouraged from backing at all. Consider myself corrected.

    7. Anaxphone

      I'll be sticking to digital only rewards as usual, but I might just print out the codewheel for nostalgia's sake.

      What's next, a booklet with numbered text snippets to refer to? ;)

    8. Roq on

      @Steve, re combat. No combat with a zoomed out view doesn't need to work like isometric combat in WL2 etc. In a FP game you generally want to have each party member performing a single action in their turn, so you can click through really quickly for default actions. But there is no reason a single action can't be: move to an opponent within melee range then do a sword slash. And if the enemy is not in melee range then a click through would activate any weapon equipped in the ranged slot.

    9. Missing avatar

      Troy Lee on

      Save game is not a huge issue to most people. It's a huge issue to a very vocal minority of immature people who won't quit spamming the comments section like a bunch of petulant children who want their lollypop. You idiots need to quit wasting bandwidth so the real fans of the series can talk about the game. Brian already made it perfectly clear, in plain simple English, in Update 4 how saves will basically work.

    10. Dablue

      @Rob: then they should have acted sooner. Simple as that.

    11. Missing avatar

      Brendan Hartmann on

      @Caerdon, @Brian - Thanks, I have no idea how I missed that but I do appreciate that it is going to be addressed. As you were. I'll slip away quietly now and pretend that nothing happened here.

    12. AngoraFish on

      More evidence of the problem with early bird pricing - sure you get a quick start (mostly from the people who were going to back the game regardless), but then experience a grind from there on as every latecomer gets rubbed in their face the fact that two days earlier they could have saved $5-7.

    13. Lemur From The Id on

      @Brendan - Mr. Fargo just commmented on it below.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brendan Hartmann on

      Nice update. Would it be possible to get some clarification on the save game issue in the next update or two please? It should be apparent by now by the volume of discussion on the forums and comments that it is a huge issue that needs to be addressed soon.

    15. Lemur From The Id on

      Will the digital code wheel be accessible in-game or is it some separate program? I don't want to be constantly alt-tabbing out of the game. Printable diagrams for mak... uh, crafting your own wheel would also be nice.

    16. S.D. on

      Monkey Island had my first code wheel... I nostalgia'd pretty hard on that little reward item you mentioned above :-)

    17. Brian Fargo - Chief Tormentor

      I will give an update on my thoughts on the save system Monday, but it won't be such that you can't save the game within a reasonable period of time. I like some tension and reward for risk, that's the main point.

      Carry on!

    18. JeroenB on

      Is there an overview of the progress somewhere?

    19. Missing avatar

      Graham N.Y. on

      code wheel - Please please no.

    20. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      You guys certainly took to the challenge, three achievements already down! Keep it up!!

    21. Dablue

      Ffs stop whining about that bloody save

    22. Steve on

      @Roq - Would it not then just be WL2 combat with swords and FP exploration?

    23. Roq on

      Would very much like some more details on the combat mechanics. And you haven't yet said at what funding level you will be considering this third party combat style. That is far more important than NPC back stories... The really big distinction for third party combat is whether characters will move independently of each other or just be rooted to the spot and wave their waepons around. If it *is* independent movement then that would be a major innovation for FP RPGs and you should crow about it!

    24. Missing avatar

      Michael Stacy on

      I want to see someone with that ridiculous hat (with face paint) in the game!

    25. Andrew Abramavage on

      just found this Kickstarter at like 4am after a long game of Magic. i instantly pledged for the last $670 tier......then told my friend about it and he also pledged a good amount. so excited about this project.....will definitely help you spread the word and get as many people on this as possible! thanks for making this possible. :)

    26. Missing avatar

      stuartcain on

      Awesome. I still have my BT3 codewheel on my desk.

    27. Missing avatar

      Troy Lee on

      Code Wheel! More lore. On top of the original trilogy and the remastered trilogy in the last update. And you guys will be funded in another day or two.

      You have absolutely knocked it out of the park with this Kickstarter and exceeded all my expectations. Congratulations inXile.

    28. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Gregg - lol, great story. thanks for that!

    29. Jon C ~ The Lurking Writer on

      Biggest issue I have with this is the timing - my funds are limited for the next month - else I'd be backing at a much higher level than currently.
      I've tweeted, facebooked, and tumblr-ed everything I could. Huge fan of the original games and the 'reimagining'.
      My only regret for the game is that the late great Tony Jay will be unable to do the narration. :-(

    30. Missing avatar

      draelix on

      Awesome, a code wheel.

    31. Radon on

      Well, we´ll do---but a strong recommendation to you: The initial reaction of many users on GamingNewsSides on your trailer was "this is fake"---you can make these folks calm down and MAYBE even back your project if you´ll be giving out a benchmark/ graphics demo/ whatever based on that trailer.
      And, on top of that, you don´t even have to host that stuff. Hardware sites will be happy as hell to get their hands on tech demos once again...

    32. Missing avatar

      MajorDeegan on

      That code wheel sparks a hilarious memory. As a young teen, I "rented" BT3 from one of those early game rental services. Made my requisite copy of the game (Probably used Fast Hackem at the time). Because the code wheel was held together with that rivet, the only way to photocopy it was to take it apart. Which I did. And then put the wheel back together with a small nut and bolt. (I only wish I had taken a picture). Needless to say the rental service charged me full price for the game. I can only imagine the reaction of the person who processed the rental return. :) Fun times...the folly of youth.

    33. Raiiban on

      While I don't doubt the campaign will make goal and beyond I almost wish you guys would cancel the campaign and hold off for a month. Launching right before E3 was probably a mistake, new will gonna be dominated by that and all the companies began blowing their loads early with reveals and "leaks" to suck up all the headlines and attention Bards Tale IV would have gotten otherwise. Hopefully there's a big push towards the end to make up for the balance when things calm down and word gets out more.

    34. Jon Woods on

      Damm the art for this is fantastic!

    35. Davide Rubiconto on

      I'm tempted to create 30k different accounts to complete all those social achievements, but I'm confident they will be reached in no time. Great update.

    36. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      now that's more like it, I LOVE the city concept art / screenshot and the code wheel - awesome idea!!!

    37. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Alex Gregory - You're fast. ;) Working on it!

    38. Missing avatar

      Alex Gregory on

      You should add the stretch goals and social achievements to the main page.

    39. June

      @inXile I had a question which got buried in the main chat... since it's brought up again in this update, reposting it here :)

      Assuming we reach the stretch goal... How are the members of our party going to interact with the cNPCs? Experiencing a bit of confusion over that... Outside of combat, we are in first person view. Is this going to be from the POV of one party member, or the party as a whole (a la Grimrock), such that if we move/turn around we don't see the others in our party? If the latter: will the cNPCs be separate from our original party, and talk to our collective view outside of combat? Or will we hear snippets of dialogue coming off screen as we roll along merrily in one collective party-and-cNPC blob?

      Also: how smooth will the transition be from first person to third person combat, and vice versa? I know the in-game video presents an example, but the camera just shoots upward without staying to watch the combat in order to end the video.

    40. Lee Sweeney on

      Sorry can not help with this until the Save game stuff is hashed out.
      DO not want my friends getting upset with me because of it, we can just not sit playing for hours, sometimes we have to stop every 15min so the Save is a huge deal.