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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

The Original Trilogy Coming FREE, Deluxe Double Album Soundtrack Upgrade

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Exciting news today: every backer of The Bard’s Tale IV ($20 or more) will get free digital copies of the original The Bard’s Tale, The Bard’s Tale II: The Destiny Knight and The Bard’s Tale III: Thief of Fate!

The originals! We can’t get you these boxes but don’t forget The Bard’s Tale IV comes in this style album box in the $65 tier. Photo credit @joefielderIII
The originals! We can’t get you these boxes but don’t forget The Bard’s Tale IV comes in this style album box in the $65 tier. Photo credit @joefielderIII

Even before we launched the Kickstarter, we were constantly asked "can you do a re-release of the original The Bard’s Tale trilogy" and we heard you. We have been hard at work behind the scenes looking at ways to make it happen! The first step was getting Electronic Arts to sign on as they own the publishing rights to the old games, having originally brought them to the market in the mid-80s. EA very graciously had no objections at all, a big thanks to them for their help in making this giveaway happen.

The emulated versions of the classic games will be released for free at the end of the campaign for every backer at $20 or higher, and distributed through our backer web site. This is our way of giving our thanks back to you for all your support and helping us bring back The Bard's Tale.

Some of you may know that the emulated versions of these games work on most modern machines, but are a little rough around the edges. Thus, we have an agreement with the original The Bard’s Tale III programmer Rebecca "Burger" Heineman and her company Olde Sküül to update the games for modern machines! She will be working to make the games run natively, without needing emulators, on PC or Mac. This re-releases will be primarily based on the Apple IIGS versions of the games, along with updated art.

We’ll get you the emulated versions of the trilogy as soon as the Kickstarter ends and our backer site is up. Meanwhile, Rebecca will be working on the updated versions of the games and if that goes well we’ll get you those as soon as she delivers them to us, also for free! As we’re not working on these versions ourselves we cannot give an ETA or guarantee on their release, we’ll all be waiting for Rebecca to deliver us an upgraded version worthy of the name!

Of course, playing the originals will not be necessary to follow the story of The Bard’s Tale IV, but we hope you’ll jump on the opportunity to experience them as thousands of fans did back in the day!

Deluxe Double Album Soundtrack and Add-Ons!

We've been looking at our plans for the soundtrack and realized that with multiple musicians working on this (including the very talented Julie Fowlis who you heard in the in-engine video) we're simply going to have too many songs to put on one CD. So we're expanding the soundtrack to a Deluxe Double Album!

If your tier already contains the soundtrack (that is tiers $50, $70 and $95 and up), whether digital or physical, you are now upgraded to the Deluxe Double Album! Physical tiers receive two CDs and digital tiers receive both albums digitally.

The soundtrack has also been one of our most-requested add-ons, so we're now making these digital add-ons available:

$8 - Digital The Bard's Tale IV Base Soundtrack

$15 - Digital The Bard's Tale Iv Deluxe Double Album

New Tiers

We have rolled out new reward tiers for you guys to choose from. First up, we have the $33 Guide to Skara Brae tier that includes the Digital Guidebook and Digital Artbook, and by popular demand, we have brought back the Supreme Box Collector tier at $675 for those who want to fill out their shelves!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the full reward matrix on our Tumblr for easy reference for what each reward tier contains.

Brian Fargo Leader in Exile


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    1. decumos on

      A thousand thanks to you, guys!
      Although, is there any chance that the original trilogy will also become available on Linux?

    2. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Chet The manual is in all tiers that contain the game. $33 adds the guidebook and artbook.

    3. Fox Cunning [AoUA] on

      If this was any more awesome, the world would implode in awesomeness!

    4. Interstellar Marine on

      First time ever I hear of EA for once doing something good. That was real nice of them

    5. Chet on

      I hope I'm wrong, but it looks like we have to pledge at least $33 to get the game's manual?

      Please tell me my $20 pledge will not leave me having to figure out the game without anything but a tutorial in the beginning.

    6. bitmap on


      I really hope the non-emulated versions come out, it would make things less complicated.

      Also, awesome job on selecting the Apple II GS version for this, that one is the best :- D

    7. CatInSpace on

      Thanks so much! :)

    8. Iain Smith on

      That's fantastic news. I enjoyed replaying the GS versions of 1 and 2 under the Android version of Bard's Tale, but couldn't bring myself to play the Apple 2 version of 3. Let's hope that Rebecca can polish up a fun, stable, and colourful version of Thief of Fate :)

    9. internisus on

      Incredibly generous for backers, and a great move from a game preservation standpoint as well. Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Perry on

      Heh. I could not wait for IV so I had already purchased The Bards Tale with the original 3 and am currently staring # 1. And dying every 3 steps. But still playing! To play again with it fixed sounds awesome! I hope we can get them before IV is released.

    11. gyrocoptor on

      Updated versions of the old games for PC and Mac, nice. Will this include Linux as well? If not, will we be able to access the original files so we can run them in our own emulators?

    12. Missing avatar


      Yay for getting Burger Becky on board with this. Will the updated visuals be based on the Amiga versions (yes please!) or feature entirely new art?

    13. Missing avatar

      Matti Peltoniemi on

      Great news! I played a hell out of Bard's Tale 3 back in the late 80's, and can't wait to do so again. PS. If you include the boxed editions of original 3 BT's, I will double my pledge from 100 to 200 without a blink ;)

    14. Jason Tibbitts

      This is great. However, if you're giving out the DOS version of BT3, I hope it's the one floating around which has a whole pile of bugs fixed by someone hacking around with a disassembler. Otherwise the DOS version really isn't playable.

    15. Javawarlock on

      Awesome, Bard's Tale 1 along with Questron 2 on the apple IIe were my first role playing games. My dad pirated them back when I was 7. I may have to chip in for the forgiveness letter even though it wasn't me doing the pirating. I didn't really understand what I was doing in the game but I recall that on the save file there was one character that had a mirthril plate and was unstoppable. Without him I probably would have not been able to play the game at all.

    16. Missing avatar

      Zeanith on

      That's amazing! You guys constantly impress!

    17. DeadLili on

      I am extremely happy to hear this. The versions that come with The Bard's Tale (2004) don't work well with 64bit Win7. I would love to play these again!

    18. Zombra on

      I am turning around on my distaste for gaelic folk. Excited about the extended soundtrack.

    19. tarasis on

      Pleased to hear about the original trilogy news. I was hoping they would get a release ala Wasteland 1, without needing to run The 2004 Bards Tale, so yeah. Particularly on getting native versions of the games (hopefully in time to the iPad!)

      It's killing me though that this hasn't crossed over and funded.

    20. J.R. Riedel on

      This further demonstrates why I will continue to back your projects!

    21. Tom Champion on

      Great News.
      Will the $20 digital add-on include the free copies of Bard's Tale Trilogy as I would like my friend to experience the original games when I give him the extra digital copy.

    22. Chaney Engel on

      I second (and third) the nerdgasm. Unreal!!

    23. Tomimt on

      Those upgraded versions of the original BT trilogy do sound sweet. I really liked what you did with Wasteland 1 with the added music and what not, so I do hope to see something similar.

    24. Chris Sullivan on

      You just blew my mind! An updated Thief of Fate?! Tarjan forever!

    25. David (Jester's) Craft

      The originals, updated for modern machines? Pardon me, I think I just had a nerdgasm.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dave Young on

      This is a nice gesture for those new to the series. How will the I, II, III versions differ from those that were included with the Bard's Tale remake?

    27. Missing avatar

      stanley fyffe on

      You guys rock
      Great addition. Can't wait to replay these. Loved them as a young lad.

    28. Parmenion Beerwolf WoOS|AoUA|BoSB|DOoD on

      Wow great update. Thanks for including the first three games and to be updated too. Fantastic :-)

    29. David Lundin on

      Wow you guys! I was planning to at least give the original trilogy a try, and getting the emulated version for free is cool. But getting fixed up versions by Miss Heineman, that is beyond cool and way more than I would have expected. Really hope that goes well!

    30. Missing avatar