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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

Brian Speaks, First Stretch Goal Added and...oh yeah, One Million Dollars!!!

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Thanks to all of you we passed the $1.1 MILLION mark over the weekend! This puts it at the 23rd most funded video game Kickstarter of all time after less than week! We can’t thank you enough for your support. It is so inspiring to see so many of you continuing to join the RPG renaissance and prove the party based dungeon crawl genre is far from dead!

The reception of our in-engine video of The Bard’s Tale IV was also absolutely phenomenal. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now, and if you did and loved it, share the word with your friends! ! The more that you share it, the bigger our budget, and the better the game we all get. We cannot do it without your help and involvement! 

The in-engine video walks you through a level built in Unreal Engine 4, using our in-game-quality art assets, with no pre-rendered bits anywhere. This kind of prototype serves to give you an early look at our game, but also for us to familiarize ourselves with running these environments in Unreal engine 4 and to get a feel for our goals and atmosphere. But a video can’t answer all questions, so over the weekend in the project comments, we asked you all to let us know what topics you want to hear more about. 

Brian has recorded a video to answer those questions.

Stretch Goals

Another question was regarding stretch goals. Where are they? We certainly have a number planned and ready but it just doesn’t feel right to put them out before we know we’re going to fund. Now that we’re comfortably heading to being fully funded we can no longer resist sending the first of these your way!

At $1.3 million, we will add an enhanced companion NPC system and add 2 more CNPCs, including Lioslaith the Shadow, a legendary Spear Daughter of the matriarchical Fichti people, the dark haired, woad-painted nature worshippers who live in the deep forests far to the northwest of Skara Brae.

With this enhanced companion NPC system, all recruitable NPCs will have unique personalities and backstories which will open up interesting side content and add rich and surprising reactivity to your adventure. In addition, these CNPCs will voice their thoughts and asides, giving their take on the people, places and events that you encounter as your party moves through the world. No two CNPCs are alike and they carry their own reputations with them. While they can add some additional firepower to your party, some might even get you into more trouble than you were expecting…

Spread the Word!

Your amazing support has led us blazing past the $1 million point and on the path to reach our initial funding goal, and we’ve got some great stretch goals cooking. Beyond your pledges alone, it means a lot to us to hear from you and see you spread the word on our campaign. Every post you comment on, link you provide, hashtag you use, goes back to us and helps spread the bard's song far and wide. Together, we can make a difference!



We’ve also been listening to feedback regarding our campaign, and we have heard you! We’ve now opened up a number of digital add-ons with ideas to add more moving forward. You’ll find the current ones listed on the Kickstarter page:

$5 - Guilt Absolution Letter/E-mail from Brian Fargo

$8 - Digital "History of The Bard's Tale" Novellas (3 novellas spanning TBT 1-3 lore)

$8 - Digital The Bard's Tale IV Novellas (currently 3 novellas on TBT IV lore)

$15 - Digital Novella Compilation (all available novellas)

$20 - Extra Digital Copy of The Bard's Tale IV (PC, Mac, and Linux)

Add-ons give you more flexibility to get exactly those rewards you’re looking for, for instance supplementing a physical tier with a few of the digital extras.

To add an add-on: click the blue "Manage" button at the top of the Kickstarter page, and increase the amount of your pledge to match your add-on choice. Later on after the Kickstarter campaign, when we open our backer web site, you’ll be able to specify which add-on you intended to choose.

Example: You pledged for a $105 Premier Collector’s Edition +$8 shipping, but would like to add a digital copy for a friend and a Guilt Absolution Letter to pardon your buccaneering ways. That would be a total pledge of $113 (base tier and shipping) + $20 (extra copy) + $5 (Guilt Absolution letter), for a total of $138. Click the blue “Manage” button next to your pledge, and manually change the amount pledged to $138. You do not need to change anything about your tier selection.


With our own Kickstarter going strong it’s time for us to share the love with some of our friends and fellow crowdfunding hopefuls.

The first project has less than a week to go, an open world action RPG titled Umbra. It takes place in a corrupted world that is falling apart, where you play a former soldier forced to flee a death penalty for your magical powers, expressed in the game by the unique Apocalyptic Form mechanic. It’s a gorgeous-looking isometric game that has funded but has some juicy stretch goals that will make it that much better.

Second, Fallout 1 Lead Designer Chris Taylor and Fallout/Planescape: Torment designer Scott Everts have teamed up with Obsidian to create a strategic card game based on Pillars of Eternity, entitled Lords of the Eastern Reach. We’re very excited to have this card game be available for our board/card game nights, and this project too has some very enticing stretch goals open to us!

Chris Keenan
Project Lead

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    1. Missing avatar

      Blowfish64 on

      Was waiting for the ubiquitous new stretch goal where they promise to include stuff that should be in the game by default. Oh sweet, at 1.3 mil, npcs will have unique back stories! What a novel concept that isn't already a staple of any self-respecting rpg! Kind of like how in the torment kickstarter where they had the "extended endings" where they would have slides detailing how your choices affected the game. Because before they hit that goal, your choices weren't going to matter? These kind of tactics really make me a bit sick. If they pull it with their next kickstarter, I'm not supporting them anymore.

    2. Missing avatar

      Saxon1974 on

      I don't think the party view is worth it, nor does it feels very bards tale like.

    3. Caltrops Dot Com on

      I'd like to show my support to Sir Eyeball who is farther down. He has a bad back. Don't make this guy sit in a chair for two hours because quicksave wasn't implemented. In fact, he chose his Kickstarter handle based off the one part of his body that wasn't in pain at the moment he signed up.

      The people against quicksaves who lack discipline to not hit the F5 key shouldn't have a say in anything. Sir Eyeball is making time in intense physical discomfort to play the game. THAT is the kind of supporter we should be listening to. I don't have any physical problems but I do have friends with kidney stones which is sort of the same thing because I have to listen to them. Look, power goes out twice a week during the summer where I live. The engine already supports quicksaving, so we're actually asking for less work! It is literally not everyone else's problem because some people can't stop themselves from saving anywhere and need to ruin it for everyone else.

      Lastly, the song "Badh'r Kilnfest" translates directly into English as "Allow Quicksaves."

    4. Missing avatar

      forgottenlor on

      I also think you should be able to save your progress everywhere. I'd have no problem, though, if, when I reloaded I appeared in the nearest tavern, or whatever. I think this would be nice, as you could keep all of your level progress, et. even if you aren't near where you were. In a way many dungeon crawling ARPG games use this system (with gates, et.) and it is much more reminicent to the system used in early CRPGS like Wizardry and the Bard's Tale than the save everywhere system used today.

    5. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Congrats on reaching the psychological threshold of $1M!

      I also like the stretch goals, especially the absolution letter / Email though for the life of me, I'd swear that ironically my Apple IIc copy of BT3 was legit. However as for the copy of WL1.......

    6. Missing avatar

      SXF on

      If the third-person combat camera is purely an aesthetic feature and you're not sure whether it fits in the budget, I would personally rather see that money spent on something else. It's pure fluff, and not even fluff that everyone will like - I know I would prefer first-person combat.

    7. nitrium on

      Not being able to save at any time is a potential nightmare if the game/PC/GPU etc isn't 100% stable, and let's face it, that's a BIG ask. Almost all AAA games crash randomly on occasion, including the recently released Witcher 3, even after 4 patches. Also there doubtlessly many people, even in developed countries, that have flakey power that can go out without notice (especially rural areas). I don't mind a single save slot, but imo you absolutely must be able to save your progress at any time.

    8. Nine

      No OST?
      Attack them with "THE LASER"

    9. Missing avatar

      gunkymonkey on

      I agree that custom portraits could be a problem. They could probably do custom portraits but they probably couldn't be too varied or you could say kind of basic. But I agree I would hope Inxile would make good looking Preset portraits, and have plenty of portrait options. Well maybe I'm wrong and with the Unreal 4 engine it won't be too hard or complicated to do custom portraits. Just think how nice it would be to see a portrait of your Bard singing or your mage casting a spell. But honestly I would prefer first person view with portraits (especially animated if possible) over a third person view of your characters. Too me it just wouldn't feel like The Bard's tale series like I said before. I am personally one who loves JRPG's like the older Final Fantasy games, so I wouldn't hate seeing your characters but to me it just wouldn't feel right for this game.

    10. Grant Probst on

      @GunMonkey - Animated portraits is actually a pretty interesting idea. That way they could react to being hit and get beaten up and battered as they get lower health. Could be cool. The only downside to that is you couldn't really use custom portraits, so you'd have to hope inXile makes them pretty. Otherwise you might be stuck with some creepy looking party members.

    11. Logan on

      Diffidently love Brian answering via video...please do this more!

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Krzak on

      I'd like to third @Dave Blanchard and @MikeHumphreys request. Beat the first one, but 2 & 3 taunt me...

    13. Missing avatar

      Troy Lee on

      I have a question for Brian Fargo or the devs for the next time they answer questions.

      Exactly how complicated are the mazes/levels going to be? Are there going to be mazes at all?
      I'm asking because you've said graph paper won't be necessary, but you also haven't mentioned auto-mapping. But you HAVE said levels are laid out on a grid and everything is at right angles...

      I guess what I'm getting at is are we going to have old-school rectangular levels on a grid with spinners, teleporters, and secret doors and 0-width walls like the originals? Levels where the maps themselves could be very difficult puzzles. Bard's Tale/Etrian Odyssey/Stonekeep style.
      Or is that style of map being replaced with something more straight-forward like a first-person Baldur's gate or Wasteland/Fallout? Where levels are much, much more straightforward, mapping of any sort isn't really necessary, and the levels are populated with more events/puzzles at fixed spots.

      Looking forward to it either way. Thanks.

    14. Missing avatar

      gunkymonkey on

      I actually agree with you on not wasting resources on giving you a view of your party during combat. Also I almost feel like showing your party during combat wouldn't give you The Bard's Tale feel. I feel like the resources could be better used in other areas of development. I also agree with using portraits, but I think it would be great if they were animated portraits, it would be more immersive and cooler that way,

    15. Christian Vierheller on

      Can you make It possible to do an add-on for the ReliquaryBox holders to create an Item/NPC/Puzzle ? I really liked the Idea of Creating an NPC but then I did choose the lower Tier just to get the Reliquary Box.

    16. Windemere on

      I also agree with OST as an add-on, if not making it available in lower tiers. I was very surprised at the $50 entry level to get the sound track, they should be standard in digital download distributions.

    17. Davide Rubiconto on

      I'd actually love to have that party view, it's quite nice to see what your hard earned gear looks like. Also animated spells help with the immersion in my opinion. Why not both the options? Classical and party view?

    18. Windemere on

      Thanks for the update. My personal opinion would be not to invest resources into that party view. Seems like a lot of effort for little ROI. I'd be happy with a generous selection of portraits with an interface to upload your own for each character when viewed from the UI.

    19. Davide Rubiconto on

      Awesome video by Brian. I liked everything he said.

    20. Marcelo Martins De Oliveira on

      The cloth map would be a great add on option!

    21. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      We're seeing all your add-on and stretch goal requests and considering our different options. Always happy to hear so many ideas!


    22. Missing avatar

      Michael C on

      Can we have stretch goals for console ports?

    23. Leewelo Lorekeeper

      +1 to the OST add-on request (digital, lossless)

    24. Missing avatar

      Saxon1974 on

      My add on requests;

      Cloth map
      Original soundtrack redone for bard songs
      Album style box
      Physical novellas

    25. Missing avatar

      Saxon1974 on

      Love the answer regarding not saving anywhere. It created so much excitement trying to make it out of the dungeons in the early games. Maybe you could create safe zones in certain places? Or how about a powerful wizard spell that will scribe your progress but can only be used once a day?

    26. MikeHumphreys on

      Second @Dave Blanchard's request. A stretch goal which would allow the original games to get updated would be awesome.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on

      Any chance on offering the trilogy updated for modern machines(more so then the ones off the bard's tale you released a few years back) They don't run well on modern machines even with your update...they run to fast.

    28. Paul Marzagalli on

      Would love a feature where, if the original games and characters are going to be referenced, we have the option of defining those characters' names and classes. That in turn dictates where you might find references to those characters in the world. Any chance of making that happen?

    29. bpstrat on

      I like the idea of the OST add-on as well. In addition to this the map, either digital or cloth, would be a nice add-on. Thanks for the recent video and keep up the good work!

    30. Kenny

      On the subject of shout-outs, don't forget about Hero-U

      Another new game with an old-school pedigree. Anybody who remembers the old Quest for Glory series should check them out! Only 6 days left in their campaign!

    31. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      About the combat: is it planned to integrate tactical positions, i.e. simple frontrow/backrow?

    32. Missing avatar

      draelix on

      While I appreciate the more historical setting, so far there's little in the game that actually reminds me of the original three games, other than the name of the city being Skara Brae.

    33. Jon Woods on

      Great video Brian, thank you for taking the time to answer some of our questions.

      As a die hard Bard's Tale fan (I am currently replaying the original trilogy), I am curious about the character slots. You said in the video that there would be 4 character slots, 1 slot for an NPC, and 1 slot for a summoned creature. Why the decision to go this route? Is it due to the addition of NPCs in BT IV?

      Lastly, regarding the point of view during exploration, if you decide to include limbs and such reaching out into the world, could you include an option to turn that off? The perspective from the original games, and what was displayed in the in-engine demo worked great.

      Thank you

    34. Lemur From The Id on

      There's a very simple solution to 95% of the problems people seem to have with restricted savegames: autosave on exit which is then deleted on resume. I like restricted saves otherwise, but that convenience is a must in this day and age.

    35. Roq on

      @vitirr I reckon your idea of keeping a progress record that can only be rolled back to the last save point, but allows you to stop and restart is a good idea! Also, with a system of save points, surely saving could be done at each save point without any manual intervention - The game would just say something like "You have reached safety! Progress saved".

    36. Sir Eyeball on

      thx did not watch the video. That clears that then though only one spot for NPC seems a bit sad that you have to discard so many NPCs. 1 spot for summoning seems fine though

    37. delMar on

      Some random questions (inspired by Brian's video)

      Just out of curiosity: why not seven character slots, as in the classic trilogy?

      Part II did not take place in Skara Brae, how will this fit into the overall story?

      I really loved the code wheel from BT III. I know that it just existed for copy protection reasons, but it also really added to the gaming experience as a whole (immersion and such)... as much as I enjoy digital distribution of games, the lack of "feelies" is a real disadvantage.
      Looking up spells in the manual is also fondly remembered by me... Some kind of visualization of that spell-book inside the game (maybe like that parchment map in the trailer?) could be a good thing...

      I'm pretty sure that pledges will rocket once you have some more prototyped features to show. eg how the UI will look like, etc. Despite not having played BT for ages, I still could play the game blindly:

    38. Missing avatar

      gunkymonkey on

      In the video he specifically says there are 4 slots for just your characters, 1 for only NPC, an 1 more lot for just summoned creatures.

    39. Sir Eyeball on

      Oh and when we talk saving. People can implement their own house rules for saving but please do not restrict the ones that may need to save often. ( I have a bad back and need to shift position and even place often so I would need to be able to save when I need to move). Putting restrictions on saves seems odd as it is a feature you can manage yourself. Also aotusave would be a nice feature with manageable time between each. Removing features, we as users can decide how to use, should never be a solution

    40. Sir Eyeball on

      Great absolutely great I love NPCs. Please do not make the mistake a lot of party based RPGs make and make the NPC count toward your party number. Let there be a NPC max you can reach if there need to be a max but do not force me to make a 4 member party out of 6 to leave room for 2 NPC or something like that.

    41. Missing avatar

      gunkymonkey on

      If you decide to stick to the first person view in combat, I think one good idea would be to do something similar to what Starcraft 2 did. For the character that is attacking have a little window pop up with the an animated head and face of the character. Or even have an animated head and face of every party member showing during the combat phase. It would be a nice way to at least see some of your character during combat. You could even sometimes have them say different things during an attack phase. There could even be talk or joking between party members during this. When your moving through the world you could even at times or at set places or set points in the game, have little window of some of the party members pop up and have them interact with each other.

    42. Peter Hoogeveen on

      Hardcover Art Book - Add On? :)

    43. Missing avatar

      gunkymonkey on

      Can you please add some physical items as Add-ons especially the Album Box.
      I also like the idea of adding Alpha access as an item too.

    44. Missing avatar

      vitirr on

      For saves, I suggest that you implement an "iron mode" during the saving checkpoints instead of disabling saving altogether. This means that you can still save your progress but only in one slot, and whatever it happens it is final, even if your whole party dies, in which case you would have to load the last save from a saving checkpoint and loose all your progress since then.

      This would still allow you to save and not having to spend big playing sessions, or leave a session if you have to, while keeping the tension that you want to have in the game.

    45. Chris Liptau

      I would also like the option to add only the OST of the game to the basic perk, without the rest of the add-ons. Please consider :-)

    46. Roq on

      So when the camera has moved slightly back to show the party members, what will happen for short range attacks? Will the character move towards the mobs and attack - or just wave his sword in place?

    47. Sondre "Please never use FedEx"

      Hi, On the topic of the saving system:
      I suggest that you in addition to listening to feedback also watch the following recent Extra Credits videos before making a final descition:
      - Humane Design:…
      - Exit Points:…
      - Play Sessions:…

    48. Missing avatar

      vitirr on

      If you're not going to take advantage of the tactic aspects that a more distant (or third person view) camera would provide, then remove it altogether. It is not worth the resources that you would spend on it when it is only a question of visual presentation and no influence in gameplay. If you don't you will piss off both type of players, those who what a traditional first person combat, and those who would like a 3rd person view combat with full movement.

      Better spend that money in improving the visuals in first person view.

      At least give the option to keep it in first person. It shouldn't require any relevant additional effort on your side and you would made happy a good part of the audience. However, the system has to be prepared for that view too, do not make it as an afterthought that doesn't fit the combat.

      Just my opinion.

    49. foxbow on

      Hope it will not follow some of the other successful founded projects that will drop Linux support a month after funding.. =/

    50. Interstellar Marine on

      Oh yeah! Sure hope that stretch goal will encourage people to throw more money at you