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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

The Bard’s Tale IV In-Engine Video

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

We finally put the finishing touches on the video for The Bard’s Tale IV In-Engine Video. The biggest question we get is how we plan to bring the genre forward, and this video should answer the question. Exploring in the world is a major part of the experience and we wanted to make use of the full screen and all that Unreal has to offer to make it as compelling as possible. Once combat starts, the combat shifts out of the first person mode. We are still debating the best ways to present combat as that is ultimately dictated by the final budget, but rest assured it will be party and turn/phase based.

The song you’re hearing was written and performed by multi-award winning Gaelic singer and multi-instrumentalist Julie Fowlis, who you may know from the two songs she contributed to Disney Pixar’s major motion picture, Brave. You may also know her from her own albums, too. Julie Fowlis grew up in a Gaelic-speaking community immersed in Scottish culture, and the songs she will contribute to The Bard’s Tale IV’s soundtrack will make the setting that much richer.

From Julie herself: "Éamon and I are delighted to have contributed music for the iconic game The Bard's Tale. For us, it has been a fascinating journey exploring and creating music, drawing from the depths of our ancient Scottish Gaelic tradition, and marrying it with the fantasy world of a renowned computer game, now 30 years old." We hope you enjoyed this first look at The Bard’s Tale IV!

Thank you for your continued support,
Brian Fargo,
Your leader in Exile

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    1. BlackGauntlet

      I'm surprised that, after nearly 200 messages, with gripes & praises, no one suggested Occulus Rift support. XD

      Do what you always do, InXile. Surprise us pleasantly.

    2. Petrell on

      Those unavare what 1st person dungeon crawler means should go youtube and check videos of Legend of Grimrock 1 & 2. Also those who don't know original Bard's Tale games, look videos here:….

    3. Missing avatar

      coder1000 on

      Man! This kicks it into a whole new place.

    4. John Medany

      Holy Crap on a bike ... Thats fairly jaw dropping for in game engine footage (pre rendered or not)... Love it.

      Oh and I'll add my vote for full voice acting please - Having played most recent games with it it jarring going back to games without it (as long as its done by actors (not necessarily name actors - just ones who can, you know, act) ...

    5. Entropy - Graywalkers supernatural RPG

      "zoom-out to 3rd person for combat, where it's easier to handle tactical combat."
      Love it. Great idea to have truly tactical combat, where you can position/move each party member!

    6. Missing avatar

      Gordon Gurray on

      That looks awesome and feels right... I cant wait until 2017 and I just hope that you achieve the goal for funding... but I guess so!

    7. ET3D on

      That was great. I'm definitely keeping my pledge. If I was not budgeting my Kickstarter pledges closely I might have upped it. We'll see.

    8. AngoraFish on

      More Julie Fowlis please!

    9. Silver on

      Awesome! Even better than I expected. I'm starting to get hyped for this one.

    10. Dennis Danelia on

      It looks absolutely fantastic and gorgeous! Though for the most part, amazing and breath taking as it looks, it still feels like a video game. Not a bad thing if that is the feel you're going for, just though I'd share my immediate impression.

    11. Shant on

      Cant wait!

    12. Roq on

      @Sleepwaking - I get motion sickness too, could never play Doom & Borderlands 2 is instant nausea. However I've never got motion sickness with FP dungeon crawlers, because the viewpoint camera tends to be much more stable. Perhaps try watching a play thru of say M&M X on you tube and see if you have a problem with that. Motion sickness is very like sea sickness in that it happens when your point of view is jumping around in relation to what you are viewing.

    13. Missing avatar

      RPG Fan on

      *Throws money at screen*. Now, just don't make it like M&M X :)

    14. I'm Board! Games & Family Fun

      Magic Mouth FTW!

    15. Sleeperwaking on

      I'm another one that will have to rethink my pledge if it's going to be 99% FP - I get serious motion sickness from FP if I play for more than 15 mins, and can't watch other people playing for more than a few seconds. Having only played the 2004 non-canon version (third person - loved it) I didn't realise this about the original games.

    16. Iofhua on

      The trailer looks great! It would blow my mind if that's what the finished game looks like - in a lot of other games that would be cinematic quality graphics right there.

      Like some previous posters have said - I would also prefer it if the goblins had less cooing and more snarling. They are supposed to be evil creatures, after all. Granted it's a very minor complaint and I could live with that if that's what they turn out to be, but I just think evil, snarly monsters would fit the theme of the game better than cute cuddly ones.

      But I'm not saying you can't get cute once in a while when it's appropriate. I liked how the fairies looked. They would be more of a cute creature, I think.

      I only very briefly played the first Bard's Tale on the NES, so I don't really know what the earlier games were like. So this is just my opinion - I don't want to undermine what the traditionalists would want from the game.

    17. Olfan Karls on

      Beautiful foliage, technology has made great strides in the past few years indeed. I'm not quite sure about the water yet, couldn't get a thorough enough glimpse of it. Can I have a video of the party wading through a creek maybe? Falling leaves both reflecting and casting shadows on the water surface while it waves from being disturbed by its own flow, the wind, and the party walking in it. I'm sure the story and mechanics will be fine, so the only thing for me to pull your attention to is please don't neglect the water—ugly water implementations are huge immersion breakers especially when everything else is just right.

    18. Stanley York on

      That looks amazing, I can't wait to get this game!
      Do we have any word on the System Requirements for this game yet?

    19. Turk

      Interesting engine, environments look good. First pass of animations look ok too. Looking forward to this

    20. Missing avatar

      Krister Parmstrand on

      @Bryy, hey mate try to be respectful. "Disturbing" as "Not in the vein of the Bard's tale that I know and love".

      absolutely no need in getting testy here.



    21. Bryy Miller on

      It's a video game, no need to get all 40-year old Manchild on us.

    22. Missing avatar

      Krister Parmstrand on

      And don't get me wrong, I am confident the team will pull this one off too (as they did with Wasteland 2). It's just that I have so fond memories of the original series (first playing it on the C64 then the excellent Amiga versions) that I am sensitive to minor, but disturbing details.


    23. Missing avatar

      Krister Parmstrand on

      @Bryy , I am sure you are right, but in contrast to the 2004 version the original series were not very "funny" per se. Call me a traditionalist, but the original flavour is what I am personally looking for. To me the introduction of comedy just does not feel right.

    24. Missing avatar

      vitirr on

      If there were an option for a full fledged well thought out first person option for combat (not just a cheap conversion from the 3rd person combat) I would surely up my pledge.

    25. Bryy Miller on

      That's because I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be comedic.

    26. Missing avatar

      Krister Parmstrand on

      It looks spectacular, but to be honest I am not sure voice acting is needed (I hated the laughing goblins - as I felt the were too comedic) , the music and singing however is so immensely beautiful that in fact I'd like to hear that song in itself right now.

    27. Missing avatar

      forgottenlor on

      I also prefer staying in first person for combat. Legend of Grimrock and Might and Magic X
      showed it can still work in a modern game. Legend of Grimrock and Lords of Xulima show you can still have tactical depths with formations.

    28. Hellspark

      Oh wow....

    29. Sean Võ Kirkpatrick on

      Are you kidding me with that trailer!? Zounds! :-D I really like the zoom-out to 3rd person for combat, where it's easier to handle tactical combat.

    30. Solaris on

      I really love the music. That trailer reeked of style. So excited!

    31. Angel Asencio on

      I hope that we get improved renditions of the songs of the original games in this one. Would love the familiarity and nostalgia as I play.

    32. Adam Sherman on

      At first those imps freaked me out, now I want a huggable plushie.

    33. Gunga Din on

      The first person view to slight zoom out during combat is awesome !!! Great idea, I applaud you !! Nice to for a tactical view and see the party members with all their animations and gear. With better graphics and animations, no need to hide behind a 1st Person view anymore. This coming from a C64 BT VET !

    34. Logan on

      I enjoyed the way Skyrim blended first and third person. I do a lot of third person, but when crawling a dungeon first person is a must!

    35. Riggo on

      That video was amazing!

    36. Blackghost on

      I prefer having a 3rd person option as well.

    37. Bryy Miller on

      I assume adding third person would be like in Skyrim. You already *have* the models, all you are doing is telling the computer to zoom out. No different from a mod that would do this.

    38. Missing avatar

      Adam Minder on

      Agreed with Shevek, Bard's Tale is a first person game and really helps the immersion to stay that way.

    39. Shevek on

      I hope there is no 3rd person option. Please do not waste precious dev time and resources on that. This is a bards tale game not the witcher. Everything should go towards making a perfect first persion experience.

    40. Clyde Lee Graham

      Will I still be able to populate the front row of my group with dead characters? It's not really Bard's Tale without the first turn meat shields. ;)

    41. Niezbo

      I, on the other side, feel more comfortable in 1st person view. Just look at Legend of Grimrock all-time first-person game - and that worked out just great! At the end we could have an option to whenever we like choose POV from menu settings.

    42. JamesVDZ on

      I prefer having a 3rd person option as well.

    43. Anaxphone

      Another who'd like to have an option for a third person view.

    44. Missing avatar

      Daniel Medina on

      Looks super good. People need to go read the Mythical Man Month to understand how software engineering actually works.

    45. Kevin on

      I'll throw in another vote for choice of 1st and 3rd person viewpoints. I actually get 3d sickness from 1st person viewpoints, so this is a big deal for me. (To the point it can literally make me puke.) Still going to back, but will be able to play a lot less if it's 1st person only.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      Now THIS is a game teaser video. "AAA studios": please take note. inXile: TAKE MY MONEY!!!

    47. M D on

      @Michaeljack - No, it's in-engine video. It's an example of what they might be able to do with the tools, not a guarantee that it will look like this in the end product. Maybe it'll all look like this, or maybe during development they decide that doing it at this level of fidelity results in the game being too expensive to develop a decent length game or too makes it too resource intensive on machine specs to the point where it's locking out too many buyers and they downgrade.

    48. Missing avatar

      King Quincy on

      That music is absolutely beautiful.

    49. WeiMi - Nellies pirated Bard from Oz on

      Remembering me playing BT1 on my C64 struggling finding
      my way in Skara Brae, as every building looked like the other
      I'll have to admit: Yes, it's an improvement..

      Just kidding ;) - Amazing graphics and music!!
      Will have to listen into some of Julie's stuff

    50. Bryy Miller on

      Holy Jesus.
      Holy Jesus.