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From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

Free Game Offer Extended!

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

As we’re entering day 2, we’re still going strong! We had massive interest in our free game offer, and now our good friends at CD Projekt Red and have graciously agreed to allow us to extend the offer for another 24 hours! Anyone who backs The Bard’s Tale IV on Kickstarter in the first 48 hours of the campaign will receive a FREE copy of inXile’s Wasteland 2, or CD Projekt Red's The Witcher, or The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. To be exact, this offer ends on June 4th, 6am PST. To be eligible for the free copy you have to back at the $20 reward tier or above.

Help us spread the word! Be sure to tell anyone you think might be interested in this deal and was on the fence about backing, as this will be the last chance to get your free game from us!

We’ve been getting a few questions, so to clarify: We’ll deliver your Steam or key for Wasteland 2 or your DRM-Free key for The Witcher or The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings after the Kickstarter campaign ends and all pledges are collected. Once the campaign is over, we'll have our backer web site ready to go, where we’ll distribute all our backer rewards, including your free game. With Kickstarter’s aid, we are able to track exactly when you first pledged, so if you pledged at $20 now but later on want to upgrade, don’t worry, we’ll still know you were a backer in our first 48 hours!

Our Kickstarter inbox has been overflowing with questions, and we’re loving your excitement and interest in our game. We’ll have a lot more updates during our campaign going into more detail on The Bard's Tale IV, but we also wanted to point out a few interviews we did before our Kickstarter launched: Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Eurogamer interviewing Brian Fargo are likely the most in-depth, but you’ll find more on PC Gamer, Game Watcher, onet.gry (Polish), and others. Keep an eye on our Tumblr page to keep up-to-date on our latest news. You can also find us on Facebook and Brian Fargo on Twitter.

Thanks for all your support!

Matt Findley

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    1. Daniel "Mazraku" Attenborough on

      When are we getting our bonus key?

    2. Matt Glafcke

      Just wondering when the steam key for my early backing will be available? I backed on the 3rd of June and have yet to hear about my free key to Wasteland 2. Any reply would be greatly appreciated!

    3. James H on

      For those of us who backed within the first 48 hours and we already have Wasteland 2 from a previous KS backing, is it possible to get a copy of Torment in stead?

    4. Missing avatar

      Steve Dufresne on

      I just remember i'll get Wasteland 2 great :)
      When do we get it?


    5. Dalivus Morgan on

      Great offer and I'm eager to see the return of the bard! When do we collect the freebie?

    6. Andrew Tuckett on


      I think I've misunderstood your comment and I've only just realised. I thought you meant the update for wasteland 2 which all current owners will get for free. Sorry about that.

    7. Missing avatar

      pottendo on

      Thanx inXile! That's generous. I loved playing 'The Bard's Tale' no long ago on my tablet (Android). Any problem, if I have a different identity on Steam?

    8. carmelo tuscano on

      for wasteland 2 please on steam italian key thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      A.J. on

      So I missed this by 3 hours? Fudge!

    10. Christian Simard on

      I already have all 3 games as many of us do but I do not see that as a bad thing at all !
      I know they are all very good !!
      And will make a great gift to the person of my choice !!! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Tevaul on

      Cool thanks!

    12. ET3D on

      @Andrew Tuckett, really? All current Kickstarter versions will have the extras added? Nice. When did they say that? (BTW, for WL2 $30 backers, were the two copies Classic editions?)

    13. Andrew Tuckett on

      @ET3D All WL2 versions will be updated to the Classic edition.

    14. Anaxphone

      @Jyles Cinco: If you are talking about qualifying for the free game, it is $20+ only.

    15. ET3D on

      Don't know if it's been answered, but what version of WL2 will we be getting? The bare bones Kickstarter edition, or the Classic edition (which has bonuses)?

    16. Jiri Cerny on

      I got all of those games already, like lots of people I imagine. And? Still it made me smile and appreciate guys from inXile even more, just for the gesture they did. Heck I backed BT as I want to see it happen (not even my cup of coffee tbh), this is just a sweet bonus. Free WL2, yay! Am sure one of my friends will be happy panda once this campaign is over...

    17. Missing avatar

      SpaceVoyager on

      I want a pizza. Free, with world wide delivery. Pretty please?

    18. Erik Grape ⊂ Orders aplenty on

      How about appreciating what you get? Geez, what is it with people nowadays. Wouldn't want to come to their birthday parties bearing gifts..

    19. 4ydx on

      How about coupons for Witcher 3?

    20. Jyles Cinco on

      Does a single dollar pledge count? I may or may not increase depending on fiscal conditions, but I'd like to at least keep track and contribute a little.

    21. Missing avatar

      Porthos on

      You know, I sure as hell hope that people aren't being that serious when they complain about getting free things. Because, you know, FREE. As in "you get extras for nothing".

      Sure, I already have all three games myself. So? This was a nice gesture by everyone involved that has the side benefit of driving up pledges. And, sure, it would be great if this was an offer for something that the vast majority of us didn't have. But in THAT case, it'd probably be for a crap game and thus the complaints would shift because no one would want that stuff. ;)

      In short, I think this is a nice gesture on the part of inXile even if it is absolutely worthless to you. Even if you can't use the extra code in any way shape or form. Because, as in all things gift-related, it's the thought that counts.

      That's the way I see it at least. :)

    22. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      I'm guessing a good 90%+ of us already own these. Most of us are probably already return backers from Inxile's previous 2 kickstarters anyway, and the witcher games have been as cheap as $2 each in various sales.

      I'll be picking WL2 since of the three I guess it has the best trade value for being newer and an actual Steam key, though even then the market will be inundated with these when we all receive them anyway.. Meh.
      Would have prefered a coupon code for Witcher 3 or something instead. Oh well.

    23. Missing avatar

      Bryan Weber on

      Really hope I made the 48 hour window.

    24. BlackGauntlet

      So do I. Any decent RPGer would have all three and many more.

    25. Anaxphone

      Making me wonder what percentage of us have all three of those games already.

      (I know I do.)

    26. Bryy Miller on

      Thanks for clarifying it.

    27. Missing avatar

      Falko Klaaßen on

      @GvM: Don't worry, it's always better to have just a few good friends than many bad ones.
      Unfortunately I can't help you with your extra copies. Got the same problem as you. :P

    28. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Wait, the witcher ones are GoG only?
      Eww yuck.
      Guess WL2 it is then.

      Also +1 on Van Buren.
      Actually thought thats what this Kickstarter would be months back when the rumours started.
      we DEFINITELY need this now after the crappy Fallout 4 teaser trailer went live and showed us merely another FPS game instead of a Fallout game.
      Maybe after Torment has launched :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris Venus on

      John Romero: I have already booked but I'm not just asking for myself but for clarity and for some of my slower friends. Better raise the ambiguity before than after.

      Mal: So if 6AM PST is 1PM GMT (ie 1PM UTC and 2PM BST) then does that mean that people do use PST to just mean US pacific time whether is is PST or PDT?

    30. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) on

      excellent! I told my friend this morning at 9am PST not realize it was gone by 6am PST... but now they're in for $20.

    31. Mike Kolesnik on

      To everyone complaining about the free games offered, just share the love and give WL2 to a friend...

      I also have all 3 and plan to give WL2 to my teenage brother to play so he can experience some other form of gameplay that doesn't revolve around shiny graphics and actually has some depth, and some text to read in a non linear story.

      You get this for FREE, inXile didn't have to do it anyway since 20$ for BT4 is a sweet deal by itself, but getting WL2 which is worth at least 20$ (when on sale on GOG) is really just icing on the cake.

      P.S. hoping next game is Van Buren, FO3 missed the mark for me...

    32. Missing avatar

      GvM on

      @Roland: I do not have enough friends for that ;-)

    33. Roland Austinat on

      @cOgnaut: I'm in the same boat ... but we could share the love and give the code to friends who should play a great game like Wasteland 2 - and then maybe even buy The Bard's Tale 4. ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      GvM on

      Additional giveaways could be Bard's Tale (2004) which includes BT 1-3 on GoG or maybe Dragon Wars. Just thinking. Except for Dragon Wars I own them all.

    35. cOgnaut on

      Awesome! You guys really rock!
      This is a silly question, but I already have Wasteland 2 and The Witcher 1 and 2... Is there something else I could get instead? Lol

    36. Tracey Craig


    37. Matija Marković on

      I also have all three games in my library, could you wink-wink, nudge-nudge CDPR to give a discount for Witcher 3 Expansion pass or to give the Witcher adventure game. I'll give away the game, it's no problem, but it never hurts to ask ;)

    38. Dennis Danelia on

      Awesome! Looking forward to playing Wasteland 2 while I wait for Torment: Tides of Numenera! Wish I was aware of the Kickstarters till then but I'll be following from now on.
      Who know's, maybe we'll even return to the Gate some day.

    39. Rod Lemmon on

      I already have all three of the give away games. I guess I will be giving whichever one I choose away to a friend.

      I am 100% invested in support to gaming companies bringing back good games without bloated eye candy and nickle and diming the gaming community with DLCs and other in game purchases.

      Let's hope that this is a sign of a gaming reformation in progress.

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel Santos Ferreira Alves on

      Well, I already have those three games.

    41. Mal on

      FYI: 6 PM PST would be 2 PM CET/1 PM GMT.

    42. Kingslayer on

      @William Ashley: Probably the deal is with GOG specifically, and they can't give out Steam keys, whereas InXile as the publisher of Wasteland 2 can give out keys on any service they like. If the deal was with CD Projekt, Namco Bandai or Atari or whoever the hell counts as the publisher now of TW1 and 2, then they could give out keys for Steam.

    43. John Romero on

      Chris, ACT NOW, and you won't have to worry about it later!

      Joey C, I have seen where InXile has substantially supported numerous other Kickstarter efforts over the years since Wasteland 2 first collected their proceeds. Also, investing 1.25M USD in this project represents an investment in the success of Bard's Tale IV, and providing additional great gaming software for us, the gaming community. I think they're keeping their word on the kicking forward business..

    44. Missing avatar

      Chris Venus on

      "To be exact, this offer ends on June 4th, 6am PST" - Is that really exact? Just curious because as I understand it anywhere that usually uses PST is now on PDT so giving times in PST seems unusual. Of note is that 6am PST is actually later than 6am PDT so this may mean people could pledge in that hour window and cause confusion.

      Apologies if this is obvious for US people but as a non-US person I needed to do the timezone maths and look up the timezones in question to confirm and got myself confused. :)

    45. Nakano

      Nice offer! I have been wanting to try Wasteland 2 and see how its tactical depth compare to JA2 (though I remember hearing it was not quite on that level yet, but maybe future games will make this possible - its license is also up in the air again if wanting ideas for future projects).

    46. Evil Midnight Lurker

      Why isn't there a Steam option for the Witcher games?

    47. MennisD on

      Super rad!!

    48. Missing avatar

      JoeyC on

      Hey whatever happened with kicking it forward? What were the results of that for wasteland 2? It was a big selling point.

    49. Geoff May on

      Excellent news!