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Join the RPG renaissance! From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy.
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      lxlvl99 on June 8

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    2. Missing avatar

      Madcat Angrymog on June 1

      Will we be able to make female characters in parts 1 and 2 of the remastered versions? It was really galling back when I played them aged 11 that I couldn't do so.

    3. RoyT on May 28

      Will the digital map be available separately?

    4. Paul Marzagalli on May 27

      @todd we've announced Q3, 2018 for the game's release.

      @Shahab This link will help you get access to whichever rewards you currently have available:

    5. Missing avatar

      Shahab Babakhani on May 27

      I can't access the rewards page. Is it gone?

    6. Todd Ferrullo on May 26

      @inXile: So the Beta begins in July, any guess when the game will release? I expect it will not be before Q4 this year.

    7. Ben Buttery on May 26

      Love how the horn and the axe both have a back story!

    8. Paul Marzagalli on May 26

      @maxheadroom Thanks, got it.

      @Rivethead Murphy's Law that when we did a revision on the site, it reverted some old errors that had previously been addressed. Thanks for the head's up.

      @Robert Here's the walkthrough regarding how to check/change your shipping address to make sure the package is going where it needs to:

    9. Missing avatar

      Robert Hibbard on May 25

      I keep leaving messages asking to confirm my shipping address since you sent Torment to my old address (even though it was updated to my new address on both Kickstarter and the Torment site). First, I was told to check the details on the Torment site, and on the Bard's Tale site. I found that my new address was already listed on BOTH Kickstarter and the Torment site, but somehow you mailed my Torment CE to my old address. So I asked again how to confirm that Bard's Tale would go to the right address, and I was told to check the Bard's Tale site, which was under construction. I waited until it was up, and asked again, and was told that it was migrating to a different system. So I waited again, and about a year ago I asked where I need to go to confirm my address for Bard's Tale since there actually doesn't seem to be anywhere on the website to check it. I feel like that's long enough to wait for a reply. I'm going to send another message and if someone could respond that would be great.

    10. Rivethead on May 24

      Hi Inxile,

      I happen to notice you have a new tweet announcing pre-orders of the game. When I went to the revised website to take a look at the different pre-orders, a few things stood out:

      Under Features - in the Build a Team of Heroes section it says "Level your up companions"....should be level up your companions

      Under Features - the Delve Deep Into Deadly Dungeons section is listed twice (once in the left column, once in the right column)

    11. Maxheadroom on May 21

      Just a heads up. CrowdOx rewards still lists the remasters as being done by Olde Skuul. Don't know if you need to change that for any legal reasons or whatever

    12. Missing avatar

      Dean Edward Ross
      on May 18

      I did not realize you were remastering the trilogy, that is so awesome.

    13. Missing avatar

      ross elliot on May 17

      any news when the collector edition will release?

    14. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on May 17

      Thanks for the kind words! :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      macdeath on May 17

      Thank you so much for the new GFX of the remastered. A dream comes true!
      Great Company, you care about the fans!!!

    16. Joel McCoy on May 17

      The remaster is looking great. Is there any way to be able to switch between the modern graphics and the old graphics on the fly like some other remasters have done?

      Not a make or break sort of question, but it would be a cool feature.

    17. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on May 16

      Thanks, Dean! We should have a new backer update for you pretty soon now. Stay tuned!

    18. Missing avatar

      Dean Edward Ross
      on May 13

      InXile entertainment has to be my new favorite company. keep the nostalgia coming guys.

    19. Brian Bagnall on May 10

      Any Commodore lovin' Bard's Tale fanatics out there like me? There's a new Kickstarter about the fall of Commodore by yours truly:…

    20. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on May 8

      @KSwanson - Goods are still in production. Both they and the game aren't out yet.

      @Daniel Savoy - When the game is close to release, you'll receive a prompt to log in and let CrowdOx know whether you want a Steam or GOG code, and on what platform (PC, Mac, or Linux).

      @Edward - Check your KS messages.

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Savoy on May 7

      so I filled out the survey in December. I got the emulated copies and the GOG key for Wasteland 2. I have not gotten a key or prompt to pick a platform for bard's tale IV.

    22. Edward Smola on May 7

      I've been waiting since December for someone to help me fix issues I've been having with backer survey. Can someone fix the backer site so I can apply overpayment to the extras I wanted. I've really tried to be patient with this. But reaching out to you via kickstater messages, comments and emails to support have gotten me nowhere. I don't want to get the wrong rewards like I did for wasteland 2.

    23. K Swanson on May 4

      So _ I have not checked in on this game in awhile.
      Backed at $105 premier early bard collectors edition.
      Filled out survey long time ago just checked it looks fine
      Whatever happened to the physical goods? Never got anything.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jesterx on April 29

      Where i get my key?

    25. geekers on April 11

      I never got my digital key, either...

    26. Paul Marzagalli on April 10

      Dropped you an email, Mathew.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mathew Beall on April 9

      Hi - I haven't received my alpha steam key yet, who can I talk to?


    28. BlackGauntlet
      on April 3

      Did you think otherwise? XD
      I'll bet on my nuts that it'd be on consoles later if they hadn't announced it yet.
      Any takers with the balls to take on my challenge to go balls deep on the Barrows Deep wager?

    29. Paul Marzagalli on April 2

      Hi Aaron, correct. However, if you wanted, beta test access is available as an add-on via CrowdOx.

      Hi Bruce, remasters are still being worked on. Will share some more news on that front when we are able.

    30. RoyT on April 2

      Beta test begins at $105 level

    31. Missing avatar

      Aaron Mesnar on April 2

      I did Early Byrd pledge, this does not include the beta correct?

    32. Bruce Walker on March 30

      So is it confirmed no remaster of BT1-3? I can't figure out what is happening here...I now it was a third party project and there were some issues.

    33. Missing avatar

      Stephan Gauch on March 29

      My problem has been solved. Thank you very much. Really looking forward to it.

    34. Missing avatar

      Robert Garrow on March 24

      I can't even launch the alpha. It just keeps getting caught in a loop of updating and saying there is no executable file available. So...that's fun.

    35. Scott - Ascendant Bard of the Unknown on March 23

      Wow, just saw the system requirements on Steam for the new "Barrows Deep" storefront. They put me solidly in the "Whelp, not buying a new computer so I guess I can't run this thing" camp. I forget, did we ever get word of this being ported to consoles?

    36. Stephen Page on March 23

      Wow, it seems that cheaper pledges include the Alpha Test but the more expensive ones don't!

    37. Stephen Page on March 23

      Guys, I pledged from day one with the 'PREMIER COLLECTOR'S EDITION - EARLY BARD 2' which does not include the Alpha Test, is there any way I can buy the Alpha Test as an add-on?

    38. Missing avatar

      Stephan Gauch on March 22

      @Julien: As I backed as Early Bird the account balance is less than 135. Anyway it seems that the issue will not get solved and I am stuck with stuff I did not want. Most notably I m stuck without the box which was the main reason for going in at that amount and not stick to the low budget version. I also can not change my package as “Some of the selections have been marked as locked from the project creator and won't be able to be changed.”. Best is I simply stop caring about it.

    39. Rivethead on March 22

      @RoyT - I had a similar thought after watching his video as well. I think it comes down to this: he was rushing through the gameplay to try to be the first to get video posted to YouTube. If it were a "normal" walkthrough, he would have likely taken his time. I'm still laughing at the fact he looked at the puzzle sword twice and never noticed a major pulsating clue just screaming to be looked at more closely. But I do appreciate that he was the first to get some video out there.

    40. Julien on March 22

      oups I forget to add this other useful link to for
      *How can I change my Bard's Tale IV pledge or select add-ons?* :

    41. Julien on March 22

      Stephen if you have pay PREMIER COLLECTOR’S EDITION at 135$ then you can see only the green key meen beta key. The alpha key dont seem to be there.
      you can look by yourself there :

    42. Missing avatar

      Stephan Gauch on March 22

      Seems my problem is unsolvable in a way. despite my efforts here to communicate the problem repeatedly. I backed “PREMIER COLLECTOR'S EDITION - EARLY BARD 2
      A HIGH-QUALITY PREMIUM COLLECTOR'S EDITION BOX.” and I did not get that option. I got the “VIP BEHIND THE SCENES ACCESS Bundle”. To me this seems like an all digital reward. I upped my backing amount for the sake of getting some physical artefacts for old times sake. Honestly, after waiting for months for some type of solution I regret backing this project.

    43. RoyT on March 21

      Just watched some of baxom on YouTube doing the alpha. It was painful to watch. He didn’t have a clue what to do. Sorry baxom. I guess the user manual is not ready yet.

    44. Frank Markovich on March 21

      How long till we get our alpha keys?

    45. BlackGauntlet
      on March 19

      You'd be rather disappointed even when it goes gold.😁

    46. RoyT on March 13

      Alpha testers get access to the buggy versions. Beta testers get the cleaned up version

    47. Brian McCabe on March 13

      Re: Reliquary boxes. Ok, thanks! I'm not worried about waiting as long as they are coming eventually.

    48. Julien on March 13

      beta tester test beta version and alpha tester test alpha version...

    49. Missing avatar

      Scott Moon on March 13

      Has any new wallpapers shipped out after the first batch. I thought I read that was another set. BTW do BETA testers get access to the Alpha?

    50. Donald Hopkins on March 13

      Thank you Paul for clarifying!

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