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Join the RPG renaissance! From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy.
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
From the creators of Wasteland 2 and Torment comes the long awaited sequel to the Bard's Tale trilogy. Thank you for making this game a reality. The bard is back!
33,741 backers pledged $1,519,680 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Peter Taucher just now

      Hi guys. I got the email with the Steam Code yesterday ( subject was 'The Bard's Tale IV - The Bard's Tale I-III Classic Trilogy Remastered (Digital) Steam Key' ) ...

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Scassellati about 14 hours ago

      3 days, and still no word on OSX/Linux release. Very frustrated with this company.

    3. Nancy Hutchins
      about 18 hours ago

      I reopened the survery, finally found where I could select my desired delivery key. No key has been sent.

    4. Mighty Max 1 day ago

      I cannot wait to play this game!! Are the specs for it already out? and Have they shared a release ETA yet? Sorry I don't visit the page often enough and don't see that info anywhere. :)

    5. Chris Oates 1 day ago

      Exactly, Wally. I did all the steps Jason Chau outlines, but the final email with the key never comes.

    6. Wally Valters 1 day ago

      Jason, the problem lies in the last step... the additional email with the key, after the confirmation, never comes

    7. Jason Chau 1 day ago

      Hi folks, I've managed to download my BT Trilogy pack, this is what you need to do (even if you have already completed your survey):

      1) Once you've received your Crowdox email which is titled 'The Bard's Tale IV: The Bard's Tale I-III Classic Trilogy Remastered (Digital) - Choose your key!' click on the survey link at the bottom

      2) On the bottom of the newly opened page, select to reopen your survey

      3) When the next page opens it may land on the Extras tab (the others being Rewards, Shipping and Confirm). Click on the Rewards tab on the top left. This should bring you to your rewards section. On the bottom of this page select your country and GOG or Steam version download. Press continue and confirm and finalize all selections until the survey is complete.

      4) You should receive an email from Crowdox with the title 'The Bard's Tale IV - CrowdOx Confirmation' which should show your GOG or Steam confirmation. Another email will follow after this titled 'The Bard's Tale IV - The Bard's Tale I-III Classic Trilogy Remastered (Digital) GOG/Steam Key' which contains your keys for redemption.

    8. Wally Valters 1 day ago

      Same as others. 3 days, still no email with the Steam key...

    9. MikeHumphreys 1 day ago

      @Inxile Like Rivethead mentioned, I also wishlisted BT4 on my Steam and Gog accounts.

      I would suggest sending out an update to your 37K backers and let them know about this.

      Feel free to offer an "incentive" like a free copy of the upcoming remastered Wasteland game for being a cool kid and wishlisting BT4. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Shmerl 1 day ago

      @Brent Rose: probably not until all three parts are out for Windows. For methods to run the Windows release on Linux and MacOS see this thread:…

      May be Krome can help a bit and release Windows version with OpenGL / Vulkan / Metal renderers enabled. That would allow manual usage of Unity player for other OSes with game resources.

    11. Peter Taucher 2 days ago

      I'm quoting Chris:
      "I got my confirmation but no key email. Had the survey sent again to re-submit everything, got a second confirmation email but still no Steam key. :/"

      Same for me. Is there any way to get the keys for the classic / remaster versions? The show up in CrowdOx as an item and one says 'This selection has been locked by Digital Fulfillment' ... but I got no email with a subject containing 'Digital Fulfillment' ...

    12. Andrey Rudkov 2 days ago

      I got my Remaster key, but no beta :(

    13. Chris Oates 2 days ago

      I got my confirmation but no key email. Had the survey sent again to re-submit everything, got a second confirmation email but still no Steam key. :/

    14. Sandor 2 days ago

      @Thomas Same here but then I checked the last update's comment section and then I found the solution there (check it now if you haven't done already).

    15. Thomas Vilfroy 2 days ago

      Well 2 days later and still no email or anything, have checked spam folder..nothing there.

    16. Rivethead 2 days ago

      Ok I wishlisted at both Steam and GOG just so the new kids can get a lower price and/or free stuff. Very interesting marketing approach here.....

    17. Brent Rose
      2 days ago

      @Creator - When are the Linux and OSX versions due out?

    18. Mario Weißenborn 2 days ago

      same as Dave Elvis Elder. this is one of the worst manuals and ways to get a key i have ever seen. a wall of text explanation in font size 8 instead of a nice, short 1. 2, 3 list with pics...

    19. Missing avatar

      Edwin Bupp
      3 days ago

      Now that Bard's Tale is a success my suggestion for what you should tackle next is SSI Gold Box Games. Pool Of Radiance and sequels for Commodore 64 STILL holds a place in my top 10 RPG's.

    20. Michael Russo 3 days ago

      Hello! I tried sending the Crowdox survey to my email address, but I am not receiving the survey. I think I might have changed my primary contact email in KS between the funding of this game and now, if that makes a difference. Any help is appreciated! :)

    21. Dave Elvis Elder 3 days ago

      Have clicked the link, re-opened the survey, but what ever key type I choose I just get a popup saying "The request was aborted and unable to be completed. Please try again."

    22. Jori Kauppinen 3 days ago

      @inXile entertainment Hmm not sure what has happened then. I always check junk/filter folders when things go wrong. Nothing in those folders from yesterday or today. Only email I've received from CrowdOx was the "do the survey again and choose your platform for remaster", that was several hours delayed because CrowdOx had issues and that email was in the normal inbox.

      After that nothing, no confirmation email for survey finished, no key email, no email for survey resend request that I did 2 times and no confirmation email that I've opened a support ticket. It's like my email is purged from their systems when they fixed the issues. All the previous emails from CrowdOx has worked fine, some digital fulfillment emails for BT IV and Wasteland 3 survey for example. I've already got a bad feeling that there will be issues for me in next month when BT IV is released.

      Anyway THANK YOU alot for the GoG key in private message, I also received it in my email from Kickstarter as well! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Francine Robert
      3 days ago

      Got the key on GOG and it works fine, have already explore the map of Skara Brea, only have to search the houses now. :D
      Images are good, and the resolution and sounds are quite fine. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian Scassellati 3 days ago

      Why is there not a response from the developers about OSX support? All of the original reward/campaign materials clearly show support for OSX and Linux.

    25. inXile entertainment 3-time creator 3 days ago

      @Jori - According to the records you were sent your key. Might want to check junk/filter folders? I also sent you a private message here on KS with your key. Cheers!

    26. Jori Kauppinen 3 days ago

      @inXile entertainment I also have finished the survey using the link in email I received from CrowdOx 13h ago. The congratulations summary page was showing GoG as the platform of my choice for the key. Still have not received even the confirmation email, that I've finished the survey, not to mention key email.

      I also tried the workaround below to resend the email. That was 2h ago, no email yet. So I sent in support ticket to CrowdOx, meaning 1-2 business days worth of more waiting, sigh.

    27. Brent Rose
      3 days ago

      I guess I missed something but I thought today's release was a simultaneous one for Linux, Mac and Win? Got my gog key, but it's windows only.

    28. inXile entertainment 3-time creator 3 days ago

      @gamehorder see the workaround below if you are still having an issue.

      @bluejay I don't believe so, re: GOG connect, but not 100%. Also, what you choose for remasters does not set what you choose for BT4.

      3 days ago

      RE-completed survey, chose my platform... still nothing. (This was yesterday) I now have two extra "Thank You for completing the survey" messages. WTF?

      3 days ago

      This extra 24hr wait for a key is kinda pissing me off...

    31. Missing avatar

      Bluejay 3 days ago

      Will the Steam version be allowed to use GOG Connect to also obtain a GOG version? I am undecided as to which version makes more sense. Also, will the BT4 version have to be the same distributor that I pick for BT1-3?

    32. Missing avatar

      George L. Perez 4 days ago

      got it playing it. nice job. one day late so what! it's looking good. no more graph paper. i still have my commodore 64 copy with my attempts to use graph paper since kept getting lost. finally maybe able to finish the game.

    33. Missing avatar

      Adam Hardy 4 days ago

      I thought I'd received a bum link - I wasn't shown a choice of which key to receive - but I found I didn't have to have the e-mail re-sent. Instead, I just had to click a link at the bottom that said "Open your survey", then go through a confirmation dialog, in order to get the key-type choice.

    34. Missing avatar

      riverstomp 4 days ago

      First of all: Thank you for the BT1-3 keys.

      But: Whoever designed / approved that utterly unintuitive crowdox workflow for key platform selection should consider switching to a job in a less sophisticated environment.

    35. Missing avatar

      Shmerl 4 days ago

      Thanks for using my HOWTO :)

    36. inXile entertainment 3-time creator 4 days ago

      Emails finished going out, but there are still some individual hiccups in the system. if you are one of those still waiting, you don't have to. The system is in place for you to go in on your own and choose your key. A backer by the name of Shmerl did a precise walkthrough which I'll share here:

      Anyone waiting for their keys, here is a hint how to speed things up:

      1. Go to the Crowdox survey:
      2. Enter your e-mail you used for Kickstarter and click "Resend Email".
      3. You'll get an e-mail with the link to your survey. Open it and find "Do you need to make changes or want to add an extra item?".
      4. Click "Open Your Survey" there.
      5. Then (important and easy to miss!) click "Reward" tab on top left.
      6. Find The Bard's Tale I-III Classic Trilogy and select your GOG or Steam key.
      7. Complete the survey until all is confirmed (several steps there).
      8. After around 10+ minutes you'll get your GOG or Steam key in e-mail

    37. Nick Waltz 4 days ago

      To update, I got my first email asking me to choose my system but no second email with the actual key yet.

    38. Missing avatar

      David Scarlett 4 days ago

      Got mine working with the mentioned method. I finally got the email early in the morning.

    39. Dan Spezzano 4 days ago

      For whomever figure out how to get around this horrible system, THANK YOU. I got to play last night not because I got my email from CrodOX (I still haven't) not because when there was a work around Inxile posted a backer update. Only because someone figure out how to get around a horrible process. Sure it took me 3 tries and I was getting ready to just give up but it worked.

      So thanks again random KS backer!!

    40. Ikaros 4 days ago

      Is this some kind of joke? no support for OSX.

    41. Tomimt 4 days ago

      This project was the first time for me using Crowdox and I dislike the system quite a bit. In the end, I got the code fast, but man, I hate jumping through unnecessary hoops and the service seems to be nothing but.

    42. Missing avatar

      Daz Moore 4 days ago

      I'm not even sure if I am getting Bard's Tale IV, I couldn't see if there was a choice of Steam or GOG on the choice of the crazy CrowdOx Survey, I am not sure if it is available now or I have to go through this website again :(

    43. Missing avatar

      Daz Moore 4 days ago

      It wasnt obvious where the Digital Trilogy was locationed on CrowdOX, it took me four times before I found it to choose Steam. It needs to be easier

    44. Nick Waltz 4 days ago

      It really seems like to speed things you up have to go back into your survey and reopen it, click through and then save it again. I did that and got my email within a half hour. I do agree though that CrowdOx is the worst and I fully expect this same issue to happen when BTIV releases.

    45. Missing avatar

      Marco Torre 4 days ago

      email received sometimes this night (I'm CET+1). Survey was kinda tricky, at least for me, had to do it twice to understand how to choose the platform. Now waiting for the steam key. If RNG God is fair, game will crash on startup ;-)

    46. Maxheadroom 4 days ago

      Despite Inxile's assurances i've little confidence there wont be issues with BTIV / Wasteland 3

      I dont blame them (beyond their decision to use CrowdOx) but EVERY one of the FOUR projects ive backed using CrowdOx have had issues.

      I fully expect a 'Sorry, email servers are down again" email around the 18th of next month

    47. Ben Turner
      4 days ago

      Holding out hope someone can get step-by-step instructions figured out for Mac - right now, I've got my Steam key, but I'm stumped if I know what to do next.

      (I think the answer is "wait another year for the Mac port", but you never know)

    48. Missing avatar

      Shmerl 4 days ago

      And for those who want to run the game in Wine (Linux / MacOS), see some details here:…

    49. Missing avatar

      Shmerl 4 days ago

      I made a short HOWTO for those who still didn't get the key:…

    50. Planete Ldvelh 4 days ago

      i could not wait, so yesterday, i have bought Bard's tale on Steam. this morning (short night), at 5, i have received the survey, and completed it (asked for a gog key). took one hour to receive the key after the survey.

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