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Help build a show like no other: a Steampunk opera - ambition, exploration, mermaids, mutinous lasses, airship pirate, Her Majesty QV2!
95 backers pledged $4,282 to help bring this project to life.

Queen Victoria Steampunk Video

Posted by Inventing Earth (Creator)

Luminous Thread has posted the first video from the Queen Victoria show that originated in the production workshops sponsored by Inventing Earth in 2011 and 2013. Thanks again to all our backers who helped to make this possible!

The Song of Our Homelands is the mutiny scene that ends Act One of Queen Victoria’s Floating Garden of Secrets and Natural Wonders. The prostitutes, street vendors, peasant girls, and scullery maids held captive on HMS Annelid, a scientific research vessel that doubles as a floating reformatory for wayward women, declare mutiny and take over the ship. This video is a single camera angle and features three songs by (in order) Ruth Brand as Nina, Corinne Denney as Molly, and Jacinda Espinosa as Marguerite. Dance solos by Elizabeth Van Noy (Irish step dance) and Neena Massey (South Indian bharatanatyam). Susan Rahmsdorff plays Olga, Zil Ricker plays Half-fast Stage Manager. Music Direction and piano by Daniel Mullens. Recorded at Su Teatro in Denver on May 5th- 2013.

Learn more about the production at

Having decided to take over the ship, the women reminisce of their homelands and tell their stories of how they came to be on board HMS Annelid and what they will do when they make it home. When the Captain and Lady Henrietta come on deck to see what the ruckus is about, the pirate lasses take them prisoner. The scene ends with a dance honoring Ganesh, a god of peace known as the Remover of Obstacles and Lord of Beginnings, a patron of the arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. The dancer is accompanied by Laurissa Vibhuti, a keeper of the Devadasi Sadir tradition.

Queen Victoria Steampunk lives again!

Posted by Inventing Earth (Creator)

Dear backers of our 2011 production workshop,

It's true. We're at it again. The 2012 production workshop is underway already, and we've just put up an all new Kickstarter project.  

Please watch the video since it features moments from the last year's showcase performance and you can see how we are progressing the work as we move it into the new season of professional shows:

Plus, it gives us an excuse to say THANK YOU again for your support last year. See what you've helped to create?

Of course we'd love to have your help again to reach our goal of $5,000 to pay stipends for this year's singers, dancers, players, costumers, prop makers, technicians, and for the space rentals for rehearsals -- not to mention materials.

But regardless, the video is yours to enjoy! You helped to make it happen. Thank you!

Ben & Mary

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Luminous Thread to stage complete steampunk opera!!!

Posted by Inventing Earth (Creator)

Hello friends and supporters! Thanks to your fantastic support last year, we completed Act One of Queen Victoria's Floating Garden of Secrets and Natural Wonders, hired a professional cast, built sets, props, and costumes, and shipped the entire show to Massachusetts to stage a showcase performance. 

We've been a bit quiet since then as Mary and Ben relocated their household, jobs, art studio, and costume shop to Denver, Colorado. We had visited L.A. and Boston and discussed options with contacts in New York and San Francisco, and also toured Toronto, Basel, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. We picked Denver because the city is going places, open to new ideas, and looking to up its game. It's a city that supports the arts and we are happy to be here.

Late last month a successful show producer in Denver signed on to help us stage three of our shows for the 2012 - 2013 season. The third and most ambitious show in spring 2013 will be the full length steampunk opera that you helped to inaugurate last year. We've formed a new production company that will manage the effort and we are writing to you tonight to invite you to visit the new website for Luminous Thread Productions: and its blog

There is also a Facebook page at

Please visit us there as well, Like the page, and share it your smart, fun, theatre-loving friends and acquaintances. Thank you for your continued interest and support. 

We hope to hear from you in the digital realms or in person at one of our future shows. See you there!

Greene Fyre (Mary) & Ben

Steampunk Opera: video from our Preview Show in September

Posted by Inventing Earth (Creator)

Thanks to our backers and a huge effort from many volunteers, we completed the production workshop and showcased our efforts in a single performance on September 18, 2011 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The acoustics in the hall were very challenging, but here is one outtake that came through. Enjoy! And thanks again for your support.

Text and music copyright 2011 Mary Lin and Ben Sargent

We did it!!!!

Posted by Inventing Earth (Creator)

Dear Friends,

The preview was more successful than we could have ever imagined! We independently got rave reviews for all aspects of the show - costuming, singing & accompaniment, the witty libretto, acting, the music, and sets. (Robert of Abney Park was super excited about sets, and even asked if they would stay on stage during the band's performance!). Many, many people commented on the high level of professionalism and wow factor of the show in general.  We'll be posting links to media reviews in coming weeks.

We've been asked to return to do the complete opera next year and we're talking to other venues and event producers who want us to perform at their events and venues in the coming year.

We're very pleased to report that with your support and other donors outside of Kickstarter we are able to pay all our collaborating artists - an important goal for us. (Ben and I have not been paid, FYI, but we hope that might happen in the run of the first production.) 

We will be mounting a new Kickstarter soon that will allow us to create the costumes and props needed for the second half of the show, and to cover costs of a first full-on production. 

Thanks, dear friends! You are helping to bring the joy of opera to many, and to help make our dreams come true. 

In steam,

Mary & Ben

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