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A simple game that inspires kids aged between 4 and 8 to play on their own using their creativity and items found around every house.
34 backers pledged CA$ 7,133 to help bring this project to life.


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CA$ 7,133


*Voir la description française au bas de cette page*

'Mommy, I'm bored!' ... We've all heard that one haven't we?

So, how do you play?

It's really quite simple. We'll let our first ever tester, Zoé (6 years old, kindergarten) explain with the short version here:

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Want to know more in depth? Check out the longer version for more explanations... this one is in French, but has English subtitles:

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What are the *real* game instructions?

First of all, have your child pick a card from the Imagination category. This is what your child will become during game play.

Secondly, have your child pick a card from the Item category. Your child has to get the item he or she has picked in the house, and use it / integrate it into game play.

Finally, have your child pick a card from the Situation category. This is what will inspire your child to begin game play in a given situation.

If any of the choices picked aren't quite what your child feels like playing or using, then they can pick another card at any time!

The idea is to inspire kids to begin a role playing activity. Often, the first time they play, they are unsure of how to go about it, since it requires them to use items in ways that they are not used to. For example, they may pick a spoon as an item, but they had maybe never thought of a spoon as being a wand, a paddle, etc. Once they get the hang of it though, watch out! Their creativity will definitely be in overdrive!

To help parents and kids use the game the first few times, the game instructions will have all of the available object tiles noted with different ways of using said items.

Here are the specs of the game:

  • The game box will be approximately 4.5 in x 4.5 in x 2 in high with a 2mm thickness.
  • All game tiles will be 2 in x 2 in and 1.5 mm thick for easy pick up.
  • 81 tiles total per game (including 2 blank tiles per category).
  • Everything printed in full color CMYK processing, dual sided printing and varnished (gloss finish).
  • Visual aspects of the tiles will resemble this, but are not guaranteed to be final:
  •  Here are the visual aspects of the size and thickness of the tiles:
* Prototype to show size and thickness - not final printing quality.
* Prototype to show size and thickness - not final printing quality.

 Outdoor expansion tiles:

We will be printing with Print Ninja!

Project reviews

Here is our first ever official project review from the Montréal game firm 'Les Rois de Trèfles'.

See the game review here (Link to YouTube) 

Who am I?

My name is Ashleay and I'm a mom to a six year old. I'm a very creative person, and I enjoy reading, games, movies, and spending time outside at the cottage.

What have I made?

Kids tend to go to screens when they're bored. Yet, we have so many games, objects, and options to keep them busy 'in the real world', so let's use that shall we?

I'm planning to create an awesome game that encourages our kids to think outside the box, and to keep themselves busy while parents, teachers, guardians attend to other tasks!

The advantage is that it does not require anything special, and allows parents to immediately get back to what they need to be doing without having to go through long explanations or rule books - quite simply because, there are no rules per se! This is a game solely to inspire and encourage kids to role play.

I'm very excited to share this with you, because I truly think anyone from any area, background, and style can appreciate what this game has to offer. Vibrant colors, fun characters, diverse situations, what's not to love?!

Where did this idea come from?

My project came from the fact that my daughter, who is a very creative six year old, also got those 'I don't know what to do moments', and sometimes, I didn't quite know how to occupy her myself. Now, I just tell her 'Go Inventa Game!' and off she goes, creating a whole imaginary world for herself, no matter where we are and for how long I need to keep her busy. I'm sure you'll be just as impressed as I was by how magical your child's imagination and creativity can be with just a little nudge!

What have I accomplished so far?

I've play tested the game with many different children, at school, daycare, etc. and it's been highly praised and appreciated by all. 

Teachers have mentioned how they were impressed by the fact that once kids played once or twice with the game and got used to the concept and idea that you can use items for something other than their original intent, they were basically unstoppable in terms of creating new games and enjoying free play.

I did go over the idea of having the game on an electronic version, but that kind of defeated the purpose of keeping kids away from screens, didn't it? 

Instead, I created a game that... :

  • is for approximately ages 4 to 8. 
  • is simple to use for younger kids (whether they can read or not yet) - kids do not need to know how to read, but they do need to be able to make an association between the three images they will be randomly picking during game play.
  • has 75 fun, vibrant, colorful tiles for children to pick from.
  • will include 25 tiles per category (Imagination, Item, Situation), as well as an extra two blank tiles per category for children to add in their favorite items, ideas, or even themselves to the game! 
  • has a total of 19 683 different outcomes and possible scenarios to be randomly picked!
  • is 100% non-violent (no swords, violent items or situations, etc.) to encourage positive thinking and situations.
  • encourages children to help, find, explore while learning about different jobs, learning to think outside the box, and to simply have fun!
  • can be easily played indoors and outdoors.
  • is travel friendly.
  • sparks imagination, adaptability, independence and creativity.
  • can be played alone or in a group.
  • has diverse ethnic backgrounds and genders so that every child feels included and inspired to do anything he or she can imagine!
  • has bilingual tiles for ESL and FSL students.
  • has colored vowels and easy words to encourage early readers to get a head start.
  • requires no extra purchases.
  • encourages kids to recycle, discover new uses for their current toys or household items they already have and allows them to see items in a new way.
  • is a boredom-buster that adapts to what the child already has on hand and likes.
  • has items that were picked because they were non-messy, non-violent, and available in mostly all households. While the game is meant to be non-dangerous, supervision is always suggested.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to a lack of space, names of 'Imagination' tiles in French are written in as being in the masculine form only. However, children of all sexes are represented in the tiles in general and no gender limitations are imposed in the game.*

Here is my schedule:

The game per se is already visually designed. A few touch ups will be needed, but the main idea is set. 

This means that my schedule would (ideally) be this:

  • Campaign goes live: April 25th 2019
  • (Production and confirmation of personalized visuals to pledges that chose to have a tile or a cover box character created included in this period)
  • Campaign closes: May 26th 2019
  • Send order to printer for pre-press testing: June 1st 2019
  • Confirmation and sending to production: June 3rd 2019
  • Production time (approximately 4 weeks): July 1st 2019
  • Delivery to me (approximately 6 weeks + 1 extra week in case): August 19th 2019
  • Delivery to pledges (between 2 to 12 business days): First week of September 2019
  • Backup of a month in case production (or delivery) hits any snags... 

Final delivery to pledges (USA and Canada) = October 2019

*Please note that shipping outside of USA and Canada could take a longer time to receive reward. *

Here is my budget:

Game components were kept to the simplest manner so as to keep production costs as low as possible. We wish this game to be accessible to as many children as possible. 

Plus, no need to add more game pieces to lose around the house, right?

Each individual game costs me approximately 18.09$ USD to produce and 9$ USD to ship to Canada / USA.

Here is a breakdown of those costs, based on 500 printed games, if our Kickstarter campaign is successful:

  • Printing and manufacturing of game: 9.69$ USD
  • Purchases, taxes and production team fees: 6.47$ USD
  • Shipping to buyers USA / Canada: 9$ USD
  • 5% Kickstarter fees: 0.94$ USD
  • 3% Payment processing fee + 0.20$ USD per pledge: 0.79$ USD

Total 27.09$ USD (Approximately 36.17$ CAD as of the time of calculation with current conversion rates).

*PLEASE NOTE: Although we've done our very best to include all custom fees, any extra custom fees when delivered will be the buyer's responsibility. Perks given with pledges are for this first edition. We cannot guarantee that new (future) editions of the game will include everything seen on this version.*

Why do I care?

I'm passionate about kids learning to develop new skills and being able to keep themselves busy without needing adult help. 

I want our kids to become independent and I want them to see different uses in every day objects without being stopped by conventional norms. 

I'm committed to making this game work because I see moms and dads in the same situation as me who would like their kids to learn to keep themselves busy, alone or in a group, without needing a screen or a parent to direct their actions.

I want to make a difference. I truly want kids to be able to reuse what they have on hand, seeing items with new eyes and appreciation and allow them to occupy themselves in a safe and familiar environment.

I think Inventa Game can improve our lives as parents while being of great help to getting our kids back to being kids - by playing freely and letting their imagination run wild!

... So, what are you waiting for? Go Inventa Game!

PS: This is my first ever game. While I hope it turns out perfectly and that we've thought of everything, you may have suggestions or ideas for us! Please, don't be shy to reach out.


À quand remonte la dernière fois que vous avez entendu un enfant dire: «Je m'ennuie?» Si vous êtes un parent, probablement trop souvent! Heureusement, une nouvelle expérience de jeu (inventée par une maman) vient de démarrer sur Kickstarter… et rend l’ennui obsolète. 

Inventa Game est un jeu facile à jouer, conçu pour inspirer le jeu de rôle et encourager les enfants (âgés de 4 à 8 ans) à s’AMUSER, à être créatif et à sortir des sentiers battus.

Le style de jeu unique d’Inventa Game utilise trois catégories de jeux différents (Imagination, Item, Situation), avec 25 tuiles colorées par catégorie. Il incite les enfants à interagir avec leur environnement et à transformer les objets quotidiens trouvés dans la maison en jeux captivants aux possibilités illimitées. Et oui, cela les éloigne de leurs smartphones et de leurs tablettes!

Inventa Game en un coup d'œil:

· Développe la créativité, l'indépendance, l'autonomie et l'imagination

· 100% non violent

· 100% bilingue - un excellent moyen de faire pratiquer l’anglais langue seconde aux enfants

· Joué seul ou en groupe

· Focntionne à l'intérieur ou à l'extérieur

· Encourage les enfants à réutiliser leurs jouets plus anciens et à penser à des façons créatives d’utiliser ces derniers

· 100% pas d'écrans!

Inventa Game a été testé par plusieurs groupes, (avec plus de 50 enfants dans des écoles et des garderies): les enseignants et les éducateurs ont été émerveillés par la façon dont le jeu a amené TOUS les enfants à jouer et les a obligés à réutiliser des jouets longtemps laissés de côté ... jusqu'à maintenant! 


Risks and challenges

My main challenge will be timelines, as I have never dealt with having items made overseas. I do think that I've covered all my bases by double and triple-checking with printers and all visual aspects of the game are almost final. I think it's safe to say that my timeline, with the added buffer weeks here and there, should be alright.

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