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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 27 2013
pledged of $149,075pledged of $149,075 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 27 2013



Let us introduce Leddie to you. It is light, small, inconspicuous even. But with a little help from you - it can do so much!




Just turn it on - and let the magic begin.


Thanks to Android or iOS  app Leddie will change colors of light in full RGB range. It will allow you also to change speed and sequence of color and it's luminosity. You can remember your settings and Leddie will repeat them later on! Control light with your iPhone, iPad or any other smartphone or tablet and make the best of it!

Leddie's got three diodes in upper cover and one in the bottom cover. Cool thing is that you will be able to control them separately! For example set different color, luminosity or sequence for each side of Leddie, or just leave only one of them turned on.

Along with Leddie you'll receive access to an Android or iOS App that will let you to do whatever comes to your mind with Leddie's lights. New versions will be only for Kickstarter backers free of charge.


Surely there will be times when you don't want to use any device to control Leddie - or you want to give it to someone that don't own one. That is why we'll add special button, allowing basic control over Leddie without any additional device. Just press it and choose from preset functions and options. Please note, that the prototype does not posses this functionality.


But the coolest part is that Leddie will connect to your favorite social media and phone and you can use it as your little buddy messenger! Receive all VISUAL NOTIFICATIONS of calls, text, e-mails... get some light when something's up on on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, Pinterest, Tumblr*... and we're waiting for suggestions from you, backers!

Leddie not only will light up any time you receive a call or message, someone posts on your wall or likes your tweet - Leddie will let you choose color, speed and sequence of each of these notifications and more!

(NOTE: Pinterest is currently working on such functionality of notifications, so we'll add it ASAP, as for Tumblr and LinkedIn - the notification possibilities are still in development and for the time being a bit limited)

Tweet? Two green and one purple light. Facebook post? Four yellow and one blue. Message from your boss? Blinking red light. The options will be countless and only up to You. Set length and number of repetitions and much more.

You don't have to check everything all the time to stay in touch. Working, listening to the music or watching your favorite show? Don't bother anymore to dig into your smartphone or tablet to keep in touch with the world.

This function can be also very handy with people with some hearing impairment, to ease them staying in touch with family and friends.

Just turn Leddie on or onto automatic mode and easily establish your settings! The app will be as intuitive as possible and it will remember as many options as you'll like.

The application will have safety digital certificate: Swiss Code Signing


  •  Any iPhone or iPad with iOS 4 and up
  • Android devices running OS 2.3 and up.


- take it outside - to your garden, camping, for romantic picnic in the woods. Set a bottle or transparent tray on it and it will give you light with a color and luminosity of your choice

- need a lamp near your bed, that won't wake you but let you see a bit around? don't want to disturb your partner while going to the bathroom or taking a sip of your night water?

Put a bottle on Leddie, darken the light and you'll no longer push the water onto your bed or trip yourself on your way.

- need romantic entourage? Led Leddie do the job. 

- want to watch movie or play games undisturbed? Connect Leddie to your social network and let it do the job of checking who wants to stay in touch.

- your child refuses to sleep in the dark and drinks juice while in bed?

Dim Leddie and place it near his bed so it can become one of his greatest pals. And yours too - no more shouting "mommy, I'm thirsty!" in the middle of the night :)

- want to have a party and need something kick-ass? put the best beverage on Leddie and display it in an exceptional way.

- having friends around? with a glass ball or any other transparent object make a discotheque-like light

-want to display beautiful flower vase? Put it on Leddie and see how they glow.

These are just few ideas. We are positive you'll come up with much more.


And with Your support we'll give you different colors of Leddie's for you to choose. When backing, just indicate the color's number and we'll make sure it will look gorgeous!


If you want even more exceptional Leddie, fell free to choose one, that will be made of anodized aluminum

It will be limited edition and Kickstarter only, so hurry up!


Though we have a functioning prototype as seen on the pictures and in project video, there are still some things to be finished or added, and starting production on our own is way too expensive for us. We strongly believe Leddie is worth your support!

We'll need support from Kickstarter community to:

  • add possibility to control Leddie also without smartphone or tablet 

To make it possible, we will add a button to switch between around 10 modes/colors installed by us. This option will be very convenient when you won't have a phone on you, but especially important for the kids or elderly who don't use phone apps very easily (or simply don't own one). The prototype does not have that function.

  • prepare Leddie for production

Our prototype is hand-made and therefore not so perfect in shape. To make it so – and allow production, we have to order a form, to make perfectly shaped and colored casings by the company based in Poland, that is specialized in preparing forms for ABS items. It will be used to prepare under-pressure casting made from ABS. This is a significant cost of bringing Leddie to life.

As for now, our prototype is white (and hand painted:) and we want to give you broad spectrum of available colors. Moreover, we will get rid of this little metal legs as they will be made from one piece of ABS plastic together with base cover and in the same color or material (in aluminum version).

  • we need the equipment for trimming circles for Leddie

Circles will be made from PMMA (Plexiglas). The one build into the casings on the top of Leddie will be satin, carefully chosen for optimal dispersion of light. The second, transparent one, will be added separately to Leddie, allowing you to put bigger objects than it's dimension without sliding them off Leddie. We will manufacture these circles in our workshop, so we need to buy CNC machine for that.

  • finish the iOS and Android app

Currently it's possibilities are limited and making it fully as we (and You) would like to have it, is beyond our funds. Now it controls colors, speed and luminosity and first trials of connecting it to social media have been made (some successful, some not entirely:)).

There has to be made sequential programming of RGB lightning by the specialist in light systems programming, with our help.

Our app has to be refined also in scope of functionality and user interface (including it's design, now it's rather coarse). This has to be done by the specialist from mobile iOS and Android Apps as well as graphic designer. The apps have to be tested and licensed before launching it on Google Play and iTunes.

Our goal is to connect Leddie with all major social media platforms and some other apps. As for now we have beta version, still with a lot of bugs and unfinished. We already appointed highly qualified professionals, with broad experience in similar applications, from Poland and USA, to make sure final version is flawless.

  • prepare and produce final PCB circuit

As for now, Leddie's electronic parts are home-assembled (as you can see on pictures below) and for the moment there are two PCBs inside the prototype. We need to prepare final version on one PCB and install it together with all other electronic parts in Leddie. This will be done together with our business partner company.


Our first similar project was the glass with LED diodes, connected with a coaster, that served as a wireless docking station, controllable and connected by smartphones or tablets. It was meant to be a party and home gadget.

But then we realized, that the coaster itself may be much more useful and versatile. We worked hard to achieve functionality prototype, with is mostly alike the final product, heading to the smoothest and easily working.

And now Leddie, thanks to Kickstarter community, can the first ever light coaster that gives you so much control and connection!

We have a functionality prototype connected to smartphone via Android beta app, and it can be controlled by it in a limited way at the moment. We are in period of trials of connecting it to social media and refining the app altogether, but we basically have done everything we're able without help and quite a lot of money, to make it fully professional.


FEBRUARY 2012 - the idea of Drinkiez begins - led glass combined with the wireless docking station

JULY 2012 - functioning prototype of Drinkiez

SEPTEMBER 2012 - beta version of application for controlling the drinkiez

predecessor of Leddie - Drinkiez
predecessor of Leddie - Drinkiez

NOVEMBER 2012 - the idea of splitting the source of light and drinking part - the idea of Leddie. We realized Drinkiez might be too heavy and not handy enough, not to mention prone to destruction too easily.

drawings of Leddie- how it should be inside&out
drawings of Leddie- how it should be inside&out

DECEMBER 2012- FEBRUARY 2013 - preparing functioning prototype of Leddie.


  • we developed a scheme for electronics components underlying the AVR and PIC with Bluetooth 2.0

  • Leddie's shape has been developed and  there was handmade PVC prototype

  • we tested various ways of lighting of the top and bottom of the stand, to find most attractive and efficient one

  • we made a prototype of the entire electronic system and conducted multiple tests of their functioning

  • we selected and tested quality for electronics components which are foundation of entire Leddie

FEBRUARY – APRIL 2013 - Working out the possible uses and best solutions for materials and production. starting the preparations for launching the project on Kickstarter


  • we selected companies that can perform part of the work needed to implement the project into production (electronic, material and programming). Based on the analysis of the collected bids we estimated the costs necessary to complete our project and start production

  • we developed a scheme of production steps that will be essential for the associated companies to fulfill our requests toward specific steps of Leddie's production

  • we created a preliminary application to control the functionality and the assumptions for final version that need fine-tuning

  • we made a film

  • we started spreading the word about our little buddy

JUNE 2013- asking You to support our work and let yourselves get some fun!

  • preparing system for establishing contact with Backers and making every possible data in perfect order

  • constant connection with Kickstarter community

    We have done everything up to date, that does not require massive funding - that is why we feel we are ready to ask Kickstarter community to support fun and innovative Leddie!


JULY 2013 –As soon as we (as we dream and hope) receive funds from your backing, the whole production process begins in one eye blink. 

  • check all the orders and payments, prepare logistic data of the Backers (addresses, kinds, amounts, colors etc.), maintain contact with Backers system launch

  • order the form for casings, in European plant specialized in such a production. 
  • order some electronic from Shenzen - Bluetooth, batteries, battery charger. As a company working in LED lightning and electronic devices we have confident very good suppliers, that were checked many times through different occasions.

  • preparing final version of PCB by creators of Leddie and order production in SMB company, that is very well-known in the region for their capability to present highest quality products in big amounts

  • order CREE diodes directly from producer in USA

  • contract already assembled team or high class specialists working on the the iOS and Android apps (specialist in light systems programming, graphic designer, 2 specialists from mobile iOS and Android Apps supervised by one of Leddie's creators, Roman Bendik)
  • design packaging of Leddie and order it's production in European packaging company

AUGUST- OCTOBER 2013 – Assembling electronic modules and finishing the app, production of casings and polycarbonate parts.

  • finish the App, throughout testing and licensing it in Google Play and iTunes

  • assemble PCB circuit in SMD company, Polish microelectronic plant that specializes in such production

  • finish production of casings by renown European company, Their production capacity goes into millions each month, so no matter how you love Leddie, they will come through:)

  • produce polycarbonate parts in our workshop, using CNC machine, to be purchased within the project. It's capabilities goes into thousands parts a day.

  • assemble final Leddie's plastic and electronic parts into finished product (in our workshop). We cooperate on daily basis with a team of industrial electronics, programmers, people experienced in assembling mass production of electronic devices (or max. number of made pieces of one product was 250 000, and we hope to make it again with Leddie, so there's no way we won't manage).

  • test each Leddie separately and control their each individual quality. We will check it's functioning within the electronic as well as physical parts and ability to connect with mobile devices. 

  • confirm all the orders and maintain contact with the backers

  • pack all of plastic version of Leddies in Philadelphia and ship them to backers through well-known shipping company

  • prepare prototype and place order for aluminum Leddie

OCTOBER 2013 – Producing aluminum Leddies and deliveries,

  • production of aluminum Leddie casings by our company in Poland from block of a material on CNC machinery by specialized metal processing plant. 

  • anodize the special Leddie casings by our specialists

  • send products for backers from Philly and first deliveries


Final deliveries, including special, aluminum Leddie

  • proof all the aluminum Leddies

  • final deliveries from Philly

After obtaining the funds from Kickstarter community we are planning to start production ASAP.

We dedicate our work to you - without your help we will not be able to start production! If you have any questions - do not hesitate! We will be more than happy to talk some more about Leddie.

Our success in in your hands - so please help us! 


  • Bluetooth 2.0 up to 33ft.

  • 4 x Led RGB CREE diodes (LOGO CREE)

  • Battery NIMH 4.8V 950 mA (in a prototype there are different batteries). Fully charged batteries last up to 15 hours of constant work, on standby mode (automatic) when not used - up to 40 hours, when off - it will light up even after several months without charging!

  • Works also plugged (and charging)

  • PCB based on AVR and PIC chip

  • Power supply 5V 80-590 mA and USB charger and power supply (via computer, tablet or whatsoever), standard micro-USB socket

  • You can charge LEDDIE up to 1000 times! That's why charging takes up to 6 hrs, so that you could enjoy Leddie much longer

  • 3 basic settings of Leddie - off, on and automatic. If you set on, the light will be constant, no matter if anything stands on Leddie or not. If it's automatic, the sensor will activate Leddie as soon as you set something on it or touch it.

  • When “on” or “automatic” - fully controllable via iOS or Android app, receiving notifications from phone, text, mail, social network (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace, Pinterest, Tumblr)

  • Program Leddie to show any color, or any color-changing sequence (at least 10 sequences will be preset, but you can program much more on your own)

  • On the bottom cover there will be button allowing you to switch between around 10 preset modes/colors

  • Checking battery status: a) through application on the device you use (iPhone, Android smartphone, Tablet etc.) b) 5 diodes set under the Leddie - press the button and check the batteries

  • special transparent circle that will allow you setting bigger objects on Leddie without sliding off

  • Leddie weights approx. 0,33lbs

Leddie functioning prototype with additional PMMA circle
Leddie functioning prototype with additional PMMA circle
Bottom of Leddie// Battery check
Bottom of Leddie// Battery check


With all rewards that include Leddie, you'll receive: Charger AC100-240V out DC 5V 700mA with a 9.8 ft wire and cable USB - mini USB with a wire 9.8 ft long, polycarbonate circle. And - of course - Leddie in a color of your choice.

Each Leddie, in addition to a regular box will be packed in Eco-friendly linen pouch with strings, allowing you to pack it and carry with you. 

reward set
reward set

$39 –  EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! You'll receive Leddie 40$ below retail price and you'll be the first to enjoy it and be proud of it - for sure! Choose from the available colors as well!

$54 –  EARLY BIRD! You'll receive Leddie 25 $ below estimated retail price and you'll be nearly first to enjoy your new led buddy. Of course you can choose any color from our offer.

$69 - You'll receive Leddie 10 $ below estimated retail price. Of course you can choose any color indicated above too.

$109 - SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION - KICKSTARTER ONLY! Enjoy one-of-a-kind aluminum Leddie, even more durable and outstanding.

LEDDIE WILL BE reliable - we give you 2 years guarantee, so don't be afraid that your contribution will go to waste!

LEDDIE WILL BE portable - put it in your pocket or purse and go for a picnic or a party!




Our team is international and consists of members from the USA and Poland:

Andrew Bendik and Roman Bendik - creators of Leddie. The owners of European-based company Led-Glass. They are both highly experienced in designing and production of electronic and lighting devices. They were constructing and developing Leddie for more than a year.They will be responsible for the production and programming  process as well as testing the devices. They have a huge, nearly 20 years experience in  electronic and light design and production, mostly very innovative and untypical. They have conducted production among other: 250 thousand of easy-chip modules, x-pro or multi-system around 20 thousand each. They have also worked with highly complex LED controlling systems- both designing and manufacturing them. Among their success there is a first wooden floor serving as a performance stage with RGB panels and controlled by DMX. Among other of their worldwide inventions there is patent pending device, eTouchFX, that constitutes completely different principle of electronic devices control through nearly any possible material (in the process of entering the market). They've also invented laser cannons serving as Ethernet data transmitting tool in the air up to 1.5 mile.

Kamil Jurasz, who is responsible for international relations, logistic and cooperating with US based contractors. Also qualified in electronic manufacturing .Electric technician  of military aircraft, US soldier. Very reliable and experienced in logistic management. Interested in electronics and music.

Maria Kahlau - Media& Marketing Manager, godmother of Leddie. Responsible for introducing Leddie to the market. Highly experienced in conducting multi-million media  campaigns, working in international environment   Likes people, has high communication skills, therefore will be responsible for maintaining relations with backers and media.  Open-minded and resourceful. Interested in social media, human rights and corporate social responsibility.

Beata Tutkowska - Office Manager of the company, managing the B2B and B2C relations. Will be supporting Kamil in managing logistics, especially on European basis. Has a logistics university degree. Innovative, keen on lighting systems and making things smooth operating. Will be managing contacts with most of suppliers, conducting schedules and preparing and maintaining programs for backers support. Former athlete, especially handball. Interested in graphic design, customer service and human resources.

Peter Gedziorowski - Production Plant Manager, responsible for enabling the production of Leddie and managing technical stuff. Electronic geek, keen on design too. Has electronic college background and specializes in production in the company. Technology and sports lover.

Michal Mikolajewski - Leddies Spokesperson and financial manager. International management graduate in London. Responsible for every piece of the puzzle and Leddie delivery process add up:) Globetrotter, passionate about traveling and meeting new people. Will support also some media actions for Leddie.

We have worked together to come up with best design and use the best technology available. Each of us have different background and work experience, but we are all enthusiastic, passionate and great in working together. This diversity and broad experience makes our team perfect for accomplishing goals that we (and you) put ahead of us.

Many Kickstarter campaigns can encounter problems when taking their prototypes to production. This includes issues finding suppliers and engineering products for mass-production. Smooth execution is absolutely essential to overcoming such risks. We take this lesson seriously and have been working for long time negotiating with suppliers, testing component quality, and building a team that can execute on our promises as soon as we gain required resources. 

Finding the right people is a challenge for any endeavor. Success in such a big tasks requires a team of talented, passionate, and motivated designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We have already formed a great and extremely motivated team, but we will have to extend it whether the Kickstarer kicks in:) In fact, we are already managed to make a shortlist of candidates who are willing  to step in any time to make our dream come true.

our workshop - where it all began
our workshop - where it all began

Risks and challenges

Without challenge the work is rarely worth being committed to! We are positive that with our expertise, enthusiasm and Your help we will overcome any obstacles!
No doubt introducing a device such as Leddie carries a some challenges and risks. However, thanks to our experience and responsibility we are able to minimize these risks.
Our international team is experienced in inventing and lunching new products in electronic and lighting industry, as you can read in our Bio. The company based in Europe will be responsible for the whole production process – partially conducting it on our own, partially in cooperation with renown companies. We will be using European, US and Shenzen components of best quality available.
Due to the fact that to assemble Leddie we use a) widely available components, b) cooperate with best plants in a region and c) manufacture parts on our own, we can reduce the risk of overdue deliveries to minimum.
Production of such a product is quite complicated technologically and mass production requires very precise technological process. We faced this challenge by preparing detailed production plans and our own methods of storing intermediate products, and we are able to minimize that risk as much as it is possible. The base for proper work organization is our team, which consists of suitable people responsible for particular stages.

Taking into consideration the fact that the interest in our product might be worldwide, we have prepared logistic process which guarantees proper dispatch and shipment. A challenge for us will be to create a separate department responsible just for the logistics, which will depend on number of backers.
We are prepared to manufacture both 2000, 20000 or more Leddies in similar period of time. We cooperate for years with members of our production chain, so there will be no problem to fulfill our responsibilities toward backers.

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    SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION! Enjoy one-of-a-kind aluminum Leddie, available for Backers only! The pack will include charger, USB cable and of course Leddie in Eco-friendly linen pouch, with additional PMMA circle for bigger lifts as well as certificate - numbered and signed by our team. For US shipment add $8, for Canada $14.

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