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A man walks into a chocolate bar.  The chocolate bar turns and says,"Hey man, are you trying to make truffle?"
A man walks into a chocolate bar. The chocolate bar turns and says,"Hey man, are you trying to make truffle?"
373 backers pledged $19,351 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Delivery, Important!

If you're delivery address has changed in the last 4 months, or if you will not be in town to receive your chocolate during the next couple weeks, please let me know asap.

We will be shipping out on time.  Woo-hoo!  Please remember the the truffles and truffle bars are perishable, so if you do not think you will be around to get them into the fridge after their long journey in the mail, let us know and we'll work something out.

Here are a couple more product images mentioned in the last update.

Ah, the beautiful new hot cocoa tins!  We choose not to emboss the logo on the top of the tin as seen in the project description due to cost.  But the ribbon-sticker-seal across the top may even be the better choice anyway.  It just pops.  Kudos to Aaron for the cool product shot.

The new truffle bars looking classy.  The names of each flavor will be hand written on the label.  Fortunately we have a volunteer helper with beautiful handwriting.

The cacao bean bags.  The cacao beans in these fancy packages are some of the rarest on earth.  Enjoy them as is or grind them up and make choffe.

The 2pc.  Imagine getting one of these on your pillow at a charming boutique hotel.  ::grin::

And this last one so you can kinda-sorta see the 24pc wrap.

Aaron and I are still simply stunned by what the designers Jason Grube and Corrianton Hale were able to put together.  Great work guys.  And thank all of you for helping to make it happen.

Reward Fulfillment Update

Good news.  Our rep at the import warehouse found ONE 22lbs bag of premium cocoa powder stuck in customs somewhere on the east coast.  She had it shipped directly to us.  22lbs of cocoa is barely, barely, barely enough for us to make 121 cans of cocoa mix to fulfill the reward tiers.  ::phew::  Hopefully more cocoa arrives this month and we can start offering it again in the shop and online.

Last week we've prepared exactly half of the reward tiers.  We'll start shipping out this week, and finish sometime early next week.  This should get everyone their chocolate by Valentines Day as planned.

Kick-it-Forward Update

Check out this Kickstarter project, Jiva:

In our kick-it-forward commitment, we set aside $250 to help other businesses on Kickstarter with a scale problem like ours, while also being environmentally minded.  Jiva matches this criteria, and the product looks awesome.  If you are a fan of coffee, be sure to check out what they're up to.


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    1. Karl Mueller 2-time creator on

      Hi Allison, we can handle that! I've sent you a note to coordinate the details with you.

    2. Missing avatar

      Allison Colbert on

      Hi, Address is still the same, but it was going to my mother, who will be out of town through Valentine's day. Any way you can ship after that? Thank you so much and I know she can't wait to try it!

    3. SinoSamba <(-'.'-)> on

      No change in address.

      And these are looking wonderful! Can't wait to get them.

    4. Alison Bahm on

      Hi there. Address is still the same, but I will be out of town from the 4th - the 8th. Is it possible to hold off shipping for a few days at least? Many thanks!