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A man walks into a chocolate bar.  The chocolate bar turns and says,"Hey man, are you trying to make truffle?"
A man walks into a chocolate bar. The chocolate bar turns and says,"Hey man, are you trying to make truffle?"
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Intrigue Chocolate Co. Packaging Arrives

And it looks beautiful. Take a look.

Not shown well in this picture is the chartreuse ribbon that peeks out on the side.  The logo and text is all embossed, and the high-grade paper feels amazing in your hand.

The inside pattern is so delicious!  You can see how complex the folds are needed to bring this box together, like intermediate origami to put it lightly.  Notice the border around where the chocolate will sit?  This boxes has air pockets on all sides of the truffles.  Now when you hold the box of chocolate the truffles won't melt from the heat of your hands.

You may also notice a couple issues.  The first is the white paper corners which happen due to the stress on those sections when folded.  I think we can just touch those up with a brown marker.  The second is some loose areas where the glue isn't holding the sides together as well as we'd like, which will take an extra spot of paper glue applied by hand as well.

In all, this box takes about 5 minutes per unit to construct, but worth every bit of time required!

Truffle bars get a nice treatment too.  We will usually use a silver foil instead of gold, but you can see how well these labels complete the package now.  These look even better stacked together like precious metals.

Build-to-Order bags will receive a sticker seal.  Each are a couple inches in diameter.

I'll post pictures of the cocoa tins, cacao beans, and individual truffles shortly.

Reward Fulfillment Update

Chocolate: We are on track for a early February delivery date, with t-shirts, woohoo! We do have one hiccup to deal with: cocoa powder is still out with our supplier, stuck on a ship somewhere in the Atlantic. More is scheduled to arrive on January 31st, but it is always a tossup. If it arrives the 31st, we will be able to send hot cocoa mixes on time. If it does not, then we will ship chocolate first, and then ship you the cocoas when they are available.

Art Wall: Not much progress, and it’s looking like this effort will get postponed until after Valentine’s Day due to logistics. Not only are we fulfilling the Kickstarter update, but February is our biggest month of the year for walk-in shop traffic. Lot’s to do, not a lot of time to put into shop upgrades. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

Classes: Schedules are not yet laid out. We’ll tackle this shortly to try to get everyone on the calendar shortly.

T-Shirts:  Check it out!

These will be printed up by Sanctuary Art Center in the next couple weeks on tri-color American apparel t-shirts.  Unfortunately the price on these is much higher than I expected.  So be it, we hit our stretch goal.  And because we actually want you to wear the shirt, we made the decision to stick with a good material and a beautiful color even if it does put us in the red a little further.

Kick It Forward

Still looking for suggestions. Any favorite projects you see that should get a little extra attention?

Thank you team!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me:


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    1. Lisa Klein Padilla on February 1, 2013

      Can not wait it looks beautifl

    2. Karl Mueller 2-time creator on January 22, 2013

      Thanks Kevin! We're looking forward to getting these rewards together and shipping them out. Eventually you'll have to open the box though ;)

    3. Kevin A Swartz, MD
      on January 22, 2013

      Wow, very nice, the kind of thing that looks so nice you're hesitant to tear open the package in order to eat the (surely delicious) chocolate inside!