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Update #9

Happy Valentine's Day!


Chocolate rewards are delivered, in the mail (hopefully delivered on time today), or will be in the mail by next Tuesday.  Class schedules will be out by next week.  Thank you for all the kind words about the chocolate, and the new packaging this Kickstarter project enabled.

We sincerely hope the chocolate makes today extra special.  We're thinking of you all.  Here's a little something from Disney worth sharing:


Karl & Aaron at Intrigue Chocolate Co.

PS:  Send a fun picture of the chocolate to either our Facebook page or Twitter (@intriguechocola).  The winning picture will get something cool!

Update #8

Final Stretch


Fulfillment Update

Fulfillment of kickstarter rewards should all be shipped by Monday and arrive on Wednesday (Thursday if the post office is slow about it).  If you are picking up your boxes from the shop, feel free to come by any time during normal working hours.

Here's what fulfillment looks like at the Intrigue Chocolate Co. shop:

Cocoas and Fortunato No. 4 beans being put into boxes.

Our office side of the shop. It's not a pretty sight. Between shipping materials, t-shirts, and new packaging boxes, we're full to the brim!  Fortunately there is some table space left for folding and piecing together the new boxes.  This is where I spend most of my time while Aaron is in the kitchen making truffles.

Only a small hangup on fulfillment that affect a few of you at the $50 tier.  I've reached out to you already.  If you have not connected with me yet and absolutely need the chocolate by Valentine's Day, then tomorrow (Saturday the 9th) is the last chance to let me know that I need to prioritize your order.  Otherwise it's likely we will still get your chocolate to you on time, but not guaranteed.  If you do not receive by Thursday, you will receive a box in the mail one week later.  Thanks again to those that offered to be patient just a little longer.

New Website

We've launched an updated website to better showcase the new band and packaging.  It's a little bare bones right now, and we are getting by with our amateur photos until later in the month, but take a look!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to reach out to me directly at  Thank you!

Update #7

Pre-Delivery, Important!


If you're delivery address has changed in the last 4 months, or if you will not be in town to receive your chocolate during the next couple weeks, please let me know asap.

We will be shipping out on time.  Woo-hoo!  Please remember the the truffles and truffle bars are perishable, so if you do not think you will be around to get them into the fridge after their long journey in the mail, let us know and we'll work something out.

Here are a couple more product images mentioned in the last update.

Ah, the beautiful new hot cocoa tins!  We choose not to emboss the logo on the top of the tin as seen in the project description due to cost.  But the ribbon-sticker-seal across the top may even be the better choice anyway.  It just pops.  Kudos to Aaron for the cool product shot.

The new truffle bars looking classy.  The names of each flavor will be hand written on the label.  Fortunately we have a volunteer helper with beautiful handwriting.

The cacao bean bags.  The cacao beans in these fancy packages are some of the rarest on earth.  Enjoy them as is or grind them up and make choffe.

The 2pc.  Imagine getting one of these on your pillow at a charming boutique hotel.  ::grin::

And this last one so you can kinda-sorta see the 24pc wrap.

Aaron and I are still simply stunned by what the designers Jason Grube and Corrianton Hale were able to put together.  Great work guys.  And thank all of you for helping to make it happen.

Reward Fulfillment Update

Good news.  Our rep at the import warehouse found ONE 22lbs bag of premium cocoa powder stuck in customs somewhere on the east coast.  She had it shipped directly to us.  22lbs of cocoa is barely, barely, barely enough for us to make 121 cans of cocoa mix to fulfill the reward tiers.  ::phew::  Hopefully more cocoa arrives this month and we can start offering it again in the shop and online.

Last week we've prepared exactly half of the reward tiers.  We'll start shipping out this week, and finish sometime early next week.  This should get everyone their chocolate by Valentines Day as planned.

Kick-it-Forward Update

Check out this Kickstarter project, Jiva:

In our kick-it-forward commitment, we set aside $250 to help other businesses on Kickstarter with a scale problem like ours, while also being environmentally minded.  Jiva matches this criteria, and the product looks awesome.  If you are a fan of coffee, be sure to check out what they're up to.

Update #6

Intrigue Chocolate Co. Packaging Arrives


And it looks beautiful. Take a look.

Not shown well in this picture is the chartreuse ribbon that peeks out on the side.  The logo and text is all embossed, and the high-grade paper feels amazing in your hand.

The inside pattern is so delicious!  You can see how complex the folds are needed to bring this box together, like intermediate origami to put it lightly.  Notice the border around where the chocolate will sit?  This boxes has air pockets on all sides of the truffles.  Now when you hold the box of chocolate the truffles won't melt from the heat of your hands.

You may also notice a couple issues.  The first is the white paper corners which happen due to the stress on those sections when folded.  I think we can just touch those up with a brown marker.  The second is some loose areas where the glue isn't holding the sides together as well as we'd like, which will take an extra spot of paper glue applied by hand as well.

In all, this box takes about 5 minutes per unit to construct, but worth every bit of time required!

Truffle bars get a nice treatment too.  We will usually use a silver foil instead of gold, but you can see how well these labels complete the package now.  These look even better stacked together like precious metals.

Build-to-Order bags will receive a sticker seal.  Each are a couple inches in diameter.

I'll post pictures of the cocoa tins, cacao beans, and individual truffles shortly.

Reward Fulfillment Update

Chocolate: We are on track for a early February delivery date, with t-shirts, woohoo! We do have one hiccup to deal with: cocoa powder is still out with our supplier, stuck on a ship somewhere in the Atlantic. More is scheduled to arrive on January 31st, but it is always a tossup. If it arrives the 31st, we will be able to send hot cocoa mixes on time. If it does not, then we will ship chocolate first, and then ship you the cocoas when they are available.

Art Wall: Not much progress, and it’s looking like this effort will get postponed until after Valentine’s Day due to logistics. Not only are we fulfilling the Kickstarter update, but February is our biggest month of the year for walk-in shop traffic. Lot’s to do, not a lot of time to put into shop upgrades. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

Classes: Schedules are not yet laid out. We’ll tackle this shortly to try to get everyone on the calendar shortly.

T-Shirts:  Check it out!

These will be printed up by Sanctuary Art Center in the next couple weeks on tri-color American apparel t-shirts.  Unfortunately the price on these is much higher than I expected.  So be it, we hit our stretch goal.  And because we actually want you to wear the shirt, we made the decision to stick with a good material and a beautiful color even if it does put us in the red a little further.

Kick It Forward

Still looking for suggestions. Any favorite projects you see that should get a little extra attention?

Thank you team!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me:

Update #5

Fulfillment Update #1


Hello, Kickstarter team!

Thank you for being patient since the end of our Kickstarter campaign.  If at any time you are ever wondering where things are with fulfillment, please feel free to email us at, or We'll respond ASAP.

Reward Fulfillment Update

Art Wall: Shop construction took a little longer than expected, so the November timeline for the art wall was pushed out to end of December. We are going to install a new menu wall, art wall, and social space near the front of the shop. We'll be looking to you to help find good photos of spices, herbs, and other flavor ingredients to post, so keep your eyes open! More to come on that in the next update.

Chocolate: We are on track for an early February delivery date, as planned.

Classes: If you are part of a demonstration class, we will email a certificate that will be good for 2 seats at any truffle making class held throughout the year of 2013.  If you signed up for the personal flavor-creation class, we'll connect with you individually to work out the details.  In both cases, expect a survey this week to collect t-shirt sizes and contact information.

Packaging Update

The design team is still busy tidying up details. There are so many details! After several rounds of revisions during November we have our final packaging text copy, and carefully measured cut lines. Jason (designer) put in the work to create several prototypes to ensure the folds in the boxes allowed for the perfect amount of room between the lid and base. That requires measuring down to the correct millimeter. Our final step this month is to triple check that the glues for the box and the stickers will keep a tight seal even in the refrigerator.

Then it's off to the printers in a week. Hurray!

Pricing quotes are in line with what we expected. It is expensive, but because of Kickstarter we can make it happen. Thank you, thank you again for helping to make this possible. 

Shop Construction: Completed

Two weeks ago we signed off on construction and were approved by the city of Seattle as a certified food-prep space. Previously we were sharing space in a commercial kitchen in Queen Anne. This set up is much nicer.

Cool, huh? If you are in the Seattle area, be sure to come on by and see it in person.

Kick It Forward

Between the packaging print job, the chocolate, and the shipping for these Kickstarter pledges, we will still be putting in some of our own money to complete the project. That means there isn't a profit from this project to put toward the Kick-It-Forward pledge. However, because the Kickstarter campaign did much better than planned the amount of personal money being applied is under budget. Aaron and I have decided to pledge $250 to the Kick-it-Forward effort anyway.

Read more about Kick-It-Forward

Our criteria is that these be small business with a focus on responsible and sustainable business practices, and need Kickstarter to get past a hurdle that small businesses can face. If you have a good candidate, send them our way.

Are there any projects you would like to recommend?

Thank you team!

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