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A man walks into a chocolate bar. The chocolate bar turns and says,"Hey man, are you trying to make truffle?"

Intrigue Chocolate Co.

Hi, this is Karl and Aaron with Intrigue Chocolate Co.  Founded in 2006, we specialize in a European style chocolate ganache that pairs well with wines, teas, and coffees.  We like to introduce people to the world of flavor through the medium of chocolate.

We do not add any stabilizers, preservatives, or any more refined sugar than is already in the dark chocolate.  This insures the freshest flavor and a silky smooth texture, but makes it a perishable product in need of refrigeration.  It also makes finding sustainable packaging that much more challenging.

We follow these guiding principles:

  • Educate our customers about chocolate
  • Promote healthy choices
  • Learn and grow
  • Tread lightly

Some Yelp Love

"You think you've had chocolate, but you've never had good chocolate until you've had Intrigue Chocolates."  - Allyson M.

" prices, tastiest treats, and amazing service.  THANK YOU!" - Yekta A.

"Wasn't really familiar with European truffles, but what a treat!  I shared some with coworkers and we all became fans.  Great selection of flavors that you won't find elsewhere."  - Daniel S.

"There is a reason Intrigue consistently gets 5 stars... Aaron is the master of truffles.  He is amazing.  His flavors are amazing." - Alex S.

(We welcome you to read more Intrigue Chocolate Yelp reviews!)

The Project

Based on feedback from customers about their first impressions, we've decided to update our logo and our packaging.  It was a difficult process to let go, because the past design represents a lot of dedication, hard work, and tender loving care.  But the designers we worked with incorporated elements of the past in with the new to hold onto the roots of where we've been and respect how we got to this point.

Below are examples of the old and the new.  We love the new look.  But custom designs are all about the minimum order, not about how quickly you can sell once you have them.  Now we need your help!

The Truffle

From half dome to square to give a flat side. The new shape will allow us to use colors more consistent with our brand, while easily communicating the flavor by applying a label to each.


Seasonal Truffle Collection

From reusable silver tin to recyclable rich-brown paper.The entire new package is carefully constructed with only one tiny drop of glue, yet also contains specially designed air pockets to protect the truffles from squish and melt.

24 Piece Gift Box

Two of the assortment boxes together form a complete package with the use of a logo'd band around the center. Designed for sharing the experience with someone special.

Truffle Bars

We are adding a custom wrapper to clearly display the flavor.  The silver foil is beautiful, so we didn't want to replace it, just accentuate it by giving it armor better suited for sharing.  The inside of the wrapper will have a message printed inside:

(example above is from our 2pc solution for weddings and events, but the inside will be similar to the truffle bar)

Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mixes

We will be adding an embossed logo to the lid, and matching the label to the rest of the brand effort. Reducing our core cocoa line-up to the top three (Jamaican Hot, Vanilla Bean, and Lavender) will allow us to offer a rotating cast of new flavors.  After all, why should the truffles have all the fun?

Origin Cacao Beans from Peru

New product!  We have received interest in roasted, origin cacao beans.  Tasting a bean like this was previously reserved for people who visited the shop.  These beans are one of the rarest varieties in the world, having an amazing flavor that can't be matched.  Somewhat like a coffee bean, they have flavors of roasted nuts and aged balsamic.


All backers will be invited to participate in the creation of our shop art wall in November.  We're looking for you folks out there taking pictures of spices, cacao plants, and chocolate! 

Shipping is limited to addresses within the USA due to perishability and cost.

I'm Allergic to Chocolate, But Still Awesome

Our thanks for supporting Intrigue Chocolate Co.  Additionally, we'll be asking all of our backers to contribute photos to our soon-to-be art wall.  We'll be looking for cool photos of spices, cacao trees, or chocolate.

The Meaning of Life is- OH LOOK CHOCOLATE

The 12 piece seasonal truffle collection.  This is the flagship product of Intrigue.  Keep it to yourself or share it with a friend, but always remember to let the chocolate tell you its story at its own pace.

I'm Allergic to Dairy, But Still Awesome

This is for those of you who want the more shelf stable products or need to avoid the dairy.  A bag of roasted, origin cacao beans, and a gourmet hot cocoa mix that serves up to 10 cups (depending on the size of your hot cocoa mug).  UPDATE:  We can ship this to Canada.  Unfortunately I cannot change the prizes in the right hand column to reflect.


Our three popular gourmet hot cocoa mix flavors.  Flavors include Vanilla bean, Jamaican HOT (spicy), and Lavender.  UPDATE:  We can ship this level to Canada.

The Perfect 2nd Date

A 24 piece gift box, and a special note from Aaron on how to pair with coffees, teas, or wines.  Delivery is intended before Valentines Day.  This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy chocolate with that special someone.  The name of this level is inspired by the true story of a now-married couple that shared a box of Intrigue Chocolates and a bottle of wine in Central Park on date #2.

Chocolate, I Have a Friend You Should Meet

Get introduced to chocolate!   12 piece seasonal truffle collection, truffle bar, gourmet hot cocoa mix, roasted origin cacao beans, and an Intrigue Chocolate Co. t-shirt.  Flavors of truffle bar and cocoa mix are chef's choice, but let us know if you have food sensitivities before fulfillment and we'll do our best.

Teach a Man to Chocolate and He'll be in Truffle Forever

A truffle making demonstration class taught in our Pioneer Square location by Aaron.  Class is usually 6 - 8 people for open discussion.  Ask the chocolatier, and then take some of the chocolate made in the class home with you!

What I said was, 'Give me all the chocolate you have.'

The full run:  10x 2 piece gift boxes to share with friends,  12 piece seasonal truffle collection , a signed 24 piece gift box with a special thank you note from Aaron, 3 truffle bars, all 3 flavors of gourmet hot cocoa mixes, a bag of roasted, origin cacao beans, 4 single truffles in our build-to-order bag, and 2 Intrigue Chocolate Co. t-shirts.

Here, Smell This

Come to the shop and work with Aaron one-on-one--or with a +1--to create a new truffle!  You will be led on an exploration of our spice rack and taught to use your sniffer to build a flavor profile.  Then Aaron will teach you to get your hands dirty (figuratively!) as we make your invention come to life.  Even those who can barely make toast are welcome!

Show a Little Confection

Ten 24 piece gift boxes for you to keep all to yourself or share with others.  Aaron will sign them, and include a special thank you note.  (Our thanks in advance!)

Chocolate IS the Reason to Party!

Our shop holds about 20 people comfortably.  We set it up so you can arrive with a party, try chocolate and wines at pairing stations, hang out, indulge, and then head home with a little something in tow.  We'll work out the details and theme before hand, but it will be sure to be enjoyable.

$18,000 Stretch Goal:  Too Sexy for this Chocolate

If we can hit $18K, we'll have a little extra to print t-shirts and add them as an option for pledges of $25+ for an additional $5 for shipping (therefore, to take advantage of this, up your pledge to $30 and I'll keep track and reach out to you individually for shirt sizes.)  For $45+ reward level, the t-shirt will be free and part of the fulfillment process.  If you're at $25, consider bumping your amount for some extra value. If you are already getting t-shirts with your reward package, we'll throw in another truffle bar instead.

Remember, this only applies if we hit $18,000, so bumping your pledge early helps, but be sure to encourage others to pledge too so you get the t-shirt!

$50,000 Stretch Goal: Hire Lucy Ricardo

If we can hit our $50,000 stretch goal, we will have roughly $20,000 remaining after printing and fulfillment of rewards.  A $20,000 reserve will ensure that we can focus on business development and keep the new team member super busy.  With that many pre-orders, we will need to hire a creative jack-of-all-trades type of person to help out, especially to wrap all the chocolate.  Someone with the enthusiasm of Lucy Ricardo, but perhaps with better problem solving skills.

Thank you!

From Karl, Aaron, and everyone that has been a part of Intrigue, a big hearty THANK YOU.  And welcome to the flavor-exploring community!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There are some risks with the production of the packaging, but we're working with a great local company who can get creative to solve any problems that arise.

Because all chocolate is hand-crafted, delivery and production speeds will depend on how much interest we have here for our project. The more we sell, the more we have to produce, package, and ship. Taking good care of an artisanal product is greedy of time and attention, but it’s worth it! Worst case scenario is that rewards are produced in stages, one batch at a time.

Of course, if you help us hit our stretch goal you might get your chocolate sooner...

And if you share this campaign with all your friends, we’ll have to order a LOT of new packaging (which reduces our per-unit costs) and then rent a storage unit to hold everything. Somehow that seems like a First World problem, no?


  • Intrigue Chocolate Co rotates the flavors we make each month depending upon inspiration and ingredient freshness and availability. So we'll just have to wait and see! Here is a link to the flavors we did for 2012, and you'll probably see several of the same in your box for 2013:

    Last updated:
  • We can ship the non-perishable items to Canada, which include the cocoas, beans, and t-shirts. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that the chocolate truffles, shipped with cold packs, will arrive within two days when crossing the border. We just couldn't guarantee the quality at that point.

    Last updated:
  • The cocoas and the beans are both vegan options. For the hot cocoa, you use whatever substitute for dairy that you wish. My preference is rice milk, but coconut milk works very well too.

    We can and do occasionally make any of the truffles with coconut milk for special orders and friends (in fact it made a great desert option for a vegan Thanks Giving Day, which took a bit of creativity). We don't carry vegan chocolate full time because the chocolate and the coconut milk tend to separate after a couple weeks and must be enjoyed as soon as possible. Although we don't have any here on the kickstarter reward options, you may special order a batch of vegan truffles by emailing Aaron:

    Last updated:
  • Our products do not contain gluten, however they are made in a facility where gluten is used for making other products. We are always extra careful about cleaning and prepping our space, but please decide based on your own sensitivity.

    There is one exception to this, which is our stout truffle. Our equipment is cleaned thoroughly to take precautions against cross contamination.

    Last updated:
  • There is no corn syrup or corn starch. There is some sugar already in the 70% dark chocolate, some natural sugars in the cream, and we sometimes add a small bit of honey to help certain flavors really shine. All ingredients will be listed for each truffle on the website if there are any specific concerns.

    It's been a strict goal of ours to not add additional refined sugar, preservatives, or stabilizers. We believe it affects the flavor in undesirable ways. But this is also what makes the chocolate perishable and in need of refrigeration. A small price to pay in our opinion!

    Last updated:
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    :::I'm allergic to chocolate, but still awesome::: Our thanks, and an invitation to participate in the creation of our shop art wall by suggesting instragram-like photos in Nov. along with all our other backers. (more in the rewards description area)

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    :::The meaning of life is- OH LOOK CHOCOLATE::: 12 piece seasonal truffle collection in brand new shiny packaging. Hurray! To be picked up or shipped to addresses within the lower 48 of the US, beginning early 2013.

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    :::I'm allergic to dairy, but still awesome::: Gourmet hot cocoa mix and a bag of roasted, origin cacao beans. To be picked up or shipped to addresses within the lower 48 of the US, beginning early 2013.

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    :::Cocoarumba!::: All three flavors of gourmet hot cocoa mix: Vanilla Bean, Jamaican HOT Chocolate, and Lavender. Make with your own dairy or alternative of choice. To be picked up or shipped to addresses within the lower 48 of the US, beginning early 2013.

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    :::The perfect 2nd date::: 24 piece gift box, signed, with a note from Aaron on how to pair the flavors inside with coffees, teas, or wines. Take it to the park with a blanket and enjoy together. Delivered just in time for Valentines. (A now happily married couple did just this date #2, and credited that date's success to chocolate. Best of luck to you both!) To be picked up or shipped to addresses within the lower 48 of the US, beginning early 2013.

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    :::Chocolate, I have a friend you might like::: Intrigue introduction sampler. 12 piece seasonal truffle collection, truffle bar, gourmet hot cocoa mix, roasted cocoa beans, and an Intrigue Chocolate Co. t-shirt. To be picked up or shipped to addresses within the lower 48 of the US, beginning early 2013.

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    :::Teach a man to chocolate, and he'll be in truffle forever::: 2 tickets to a truffle making demonstration class led by Aaron in the Pioneer Square chocolate shop. He'll teach you the ins and outs of how to start working with chocolate as a medium for exploring flavors.

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    :::What I said was, 'Give me all the chocolate you have'.::: A bonus sampler. 10x 2 piece box for giving to friends, a 12 piece seasonal truffle collection, a signed 24 piece gift box with special thank you from Aaron, 3 truffle bars, all three gourmet hot cocoa mixes, bag of roasted cocoa beans, and 2 Intrigue Chocolate Co. t-shirts. To be picked up or shipped to addresses within the lower 48 of the US, beginning early 2013.

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    :::Here, smell this::: Private class on combining flavors, followed by a truffle making, hands-on lesson led by Aaron. Just for you and a +1. Learn to use your nose to identify and combine flavors and to balance them together. Then learn to make the chocolate yourself. Held in our Pioneer Square shop.

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    :::Show a little confection::: 10 gift boxes of 24 pieces. Do something special for your friends! To be picked up or shipped to addresses within the lower 48 of the US, beginning early 2013.

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    :::Chocolate is a reason to party!::: A private chocolate party at our shop in pioneer square for up to 20 people. We'll provide the chocolate and the beverages (to be worked out in person) to pair, nibbles, and just flat out have fun at the shop one night. Thank you for your support!

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