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$100 pledged of $5,000 goal
$100 pledged of $5,000 goal


We are raising funds to create a  31 page intergenerational coloring book which explains all of the instruments of a symphony orchestra, including how to listen for them in different selections of music from classical to pop.  When you attend concerts these days you will find that most of the people in the audience have grey hair, something I comically refer to as cue tips.  The purpose of the coloring book is to enable grandparents, parents and children to all share in the wonder of classical, semi-classical, and popular music as played by a symphony orchestra.  The Florida Intergenerational Orchestra is just what the word means--a combination of elderly and youthful musicians-about 65 of us-from the ages of 9 to 96.  We know how important it is to blend the generations, and learn from each other, and in the process keep the future of symphony orchestras bright and alive.  The symphony, just like sports, always needs new fans.  By sharing the immense joy of music with our young and elderly generations we plan on keeping the future alive for the symphony.

We plan on offering these FREE  intergenerational interactive coloring books to school systems, senior centers, independant and assisted living facilities, outreach music programs and our concert audiences. We will utiilize these coloring books at Music Demonstration programs as an educational guide to the orchestra with the mission of enticing the audience to attend our concerts. Our hope is to continue our legacy of "blending the generations through music" by offering mentorship programs and  concerts.

It is hard to emphasize how important it is to maintain the symphony orchestras as a cornerstone of culture in our society.  An investment now in that future is not only important but uplifting and spiritually rewarding. Here are 2 youtube videos to see the FLIOA in action.



Risks and challenges

We have several prototypes of the coloring book that we paid to print. We just need the funding to be able to print a thousand of the coloring books. We feel there is very little risk inherent in the project. There could be possible delays associated with our printers or a large number of orders that we would have to fill ( a delightful risk if that is the problem). We have no other projects pending other than our usual symphony schedule, and require no premarket approvals that we are aware of.

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