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Hardcore Beat-em-Up/platformer/fighter with stylish combos, custom moves, colorful sticker characters and destructible environments.

After the Kickstarter is Complete Pre-order Super Comboman on Starting Thursday 11/16

If you missed backing us on the Kickstarter it is not to late to back the Super Comboman team. Head on over to after Thursday 11/16 to pre-order the game as well to to gain access to an exclusive forum, a copy of the Super Comboman artbook and other SCM swag.

We have had a successful Super Comboman Kickstarter experience but that means that the of our development has just begun. 



Update 4

Become immortalized as a sticker in Super Comboman reward $200 tier now unlocked until the end of our campaign.

If you wanted to be stickerized in the game or create your own sticker design in the Super Comboman universe we made it easy for you. Check out the reward bar for more details.

Super Comboman Arcade stick styles for our upper $500 tier reward:

Super Comboman team member Sam Billen talks about collaborating with the team and shares his secrets to creating sound effects for games.

Update 3

Naomi Kyle from IGN talks about Super Comboman, busts some awesome combos and discusses the SCM team!

Update 2

  • Added reward: Be in the game as an enemy!
  • Updated illustrations for the Super Comboman artbook!
Super Comboman Artbook Illustrations 5-16
Super Comboman Artbook Illustrations 5-16

Update 1

Super Comboman Team at Gamespot for a quick preview!

About Super Comboman

Super Comboman is about an energetic islander named Struggles (Strugs) who lives in a sticker universe and rocks a distinguishable talking fanny pack named Fanny and slick hair style. Due to his obsession with comics gets into mischief where at his jobs which he takes to take care of his little brother Lil Nug.

The game is about comboing mindless workers, breaking a ton of stuff, juggling physics items and interacting in the sticker  world.

The game is going to be for MAC, PC and Linux (Stretch goal)

Think Smash Bros. meets the Marvel Vs. Capcom series as a platformer where you get to customize your own combos, solves combos and collect stickers. We aim to create a game that anyone could pick up and play by mashing buttons but would allow players to do amazing things if they level up their skills.

  • Combo Chains: When an enemy is hit multiple times it creates a combo chain which has variety depending on the direction and the type of attack input. Creating chains is also based upon physics and special moves. 
  • Swappable Perks: When a combo chain reaches a certain level perks are unlocked which give you extra momentum to punish enemies and traverse through the environment.
  • Customizable Combos: Collecting stickers will allow players to level up, earn new abilities and learn super moves. Moves are swapped and upgraded through the sticker inventory system.
  • Character Customization: (Stretch Goal) Collect stickers that give Struggles new mullet nuggets, hats, shoes and FANNY PACKS!
  • Sticker Store: Some stickers in game can be collected and some can be bought. Purchase new items with combo coins you collect in game and use them to buy power-ups and moves.


Struggles is obsessed with combos and his favorite comic book character… the mysterious SUPER COMBOMAN. Struggles and his little brother lost their parents when they were both young and it is up to Struggles to support them by taking on random jobs through a capitalist, emotion draining corporation called DODOCO. Instead of completing his job the right way he ends up emulating Super Comboman and busting combos on everything in sight.


Each set of levels is a new job with contextual environments and puzzles with the first one being a construction site. Others that will follow store, movie set, the mall and more.


We have been working in Unity 3D which is making it easier for us to port the game to multiple platforms.

Our plans are to release the game episodically for Mac and PC and we will be releasing mobile versions for Android and iOS and Linux. We have alphas for Android and iOS. We are close to a Beta release for the PC and Mac and are focusing on those platforms first. Once we finish all features in those versions we will define the mobile platforms.


Super Comboman’s gameplay is about explosive combo action, exploration, physics-based puzzles and destroying the environment through combo maneuvers. 

Combos and Customization

Super Comboman’s combo system revolves around simple principles and a 3-button layout where your attacks are linked together to create longer combo chains. 

Sticker Universe

The world takes place in a sticker environment which affects Struggles and the enemies contextually. 

Players will collect stickers in the world that get transferred to a sticker book and open up new moves and special attacks.


Our inspiration came from Beat-em-ups (B-mups) and fighting games such as Streets of Rage, Treasure games, the Marvel Vs. Capcom series and current action titles as well as our favorite comic books and anime. 

Gamespot Interview and walkthrough

Our goals for the game are simple:

Our mission for the game is solid combat with pretty visuals, a sticker theme as well as tight arcade-like controls and up-gradable moves. Colorful, memorable graphics and characters. 

  • Customizable combat system with a unique sticker style
  • 8 enemies
  • 2 bosses that are satisfying to fight
  • Large levels with secret areas to explore
  • Physics-based puzzles and objectives
  • Narrative for the character Struggles

We have most of those goals complete. These are the features we are finishing up: 

  •  Sticker system and up-gradable combat system
  •  Opening story and character development 
  •  Additional music and sounds from Sam Billen 
  •  Add over the top special effects
  •  Final animations

Why Kickstarter?!

We want to finish the game and get it out for everyone to play ASAP with all of the features intact. 

We have been alternating development schedules by working part-time in chunks and full time for periods which has affected the pace of production. Reaching our Kickstarter goal will allow us to finish the game faster

We started the game from scratch while working at other companies, got into a non-funded incubator program in the IGN Indie Open House, and worked extremely hard to get the game to where it is today. 

Super Comboman has been entirely self-funded by the members of our team including our co-founder Alicia Castillo Holley. We have spent our time to make Super Comboman hot and tasty, but we need your help to complete it. Some of our team members don’t have jobs and want to get the game out the door. 

What will the money go towards?

The money you pledge will go towards many of our expenses including licensing, hardware, travel, booths at conferences, supporting the developers and bring Super Comboman to mobile platforms in all its gloriousness.

Most of the key elements are in the game and the core mechanics have been tested and ironed out. We are now at the stage where we are building content and finalizing features for the first release. 


What you have been waiting for...the rewards! 

Exclusive Kickstarter Super Comboman Artbook:

Super Comboman artbook illustration from awesome artist Niccolo Balce
Super Comboman artbook illustration from awesome artist Niccolo Balce

We have some amazing friends who decided to help us in our efforts to completing the game and put in the time to create some jaw dropping illustrations that we are releasing exclusively for our Kickstarter. The book will be available in PDF format, as prints and a limited run as posters as well.

The artbook will include Original Super Comboman art from some of the industries top illustrators as well concept art that shows off some of our character design and development process.

Fanny pack Swag:

For certain lucky backers we are rewarding you with customized Super Comboman fanny packs that will include, buttons, stickers and a special surprise inside.

Team Super Comboman

Team Super Comboman is an independent team who has been bootstrapping this game from the very start. We are comprised members who have experience working on AAA console and PC titles as well as development experience at other start-up tech companies. We have been developing the game for 1 1/2 years, are passionate about development and love games. 

Sound and Music

Our good friend and composer Sam Billen from Primary Color Music has been composing the soundtrack and designing the sounds for the game. Here is a link to his work!

Here is a couple snippets from the game: 

Stretch Goals

$20,000 – We will ensure there be at least 10 different enemies and 5 new up-gradable abilities as well as 2 bosses in the main game. We will also throw in the endless combo mode with specialized levels where you can practice combos. More Story, lots more stickers to collect.


We appreciate your support and checking out our Kickstarter, we can't wait to see you busting combos!!!!

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We are 75% finished with the game at this point, finalizing the features, adding polish and testing Super Comboman to make sure the game is ready to ship will be a challenging aspect of development. We take pride in our work and want it to be the best game that we can make.

The main risks of development at our current place in development are:

Platform compatibility: It is important that the game performs well on all of the platforms we are launching on. This process will require us to test on the various devices or system specs for each platform.

Feature implementation: There are features that will change some of the pacing and difficulty of the game as well as the progression. This will also require testing and iterative development to overcome.

Combat and level design balancing: Combat is an important factor in Super Comboman and we have been iterating it over time. With each movement or animation we add we need to also adjust the enemies, health and other various designs in order to keep the game balanced.

Our development philosophy is an agile, iterative and constant play testing method. We incrementally add and make changes to features based on the feedback we receive during play testing and balance according to how we need to make the game more fun.


  • We are definitely looking into the possibility of PSN and XBLA. Super Comboman was inspired by some great console games and it is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to bust combos on the couch. It would take longer and cost more to get on consoles as well. We will add a stretch goal to our Kickstarter for this purpose. We are also going to be able to launch on Ouya, where we can easily port the game for a console experience.

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  • The PC and Mac will be the first versions to be released. If we reach our 2nd stretch goals it will allow us to release the iOS version sooner. Since this is not clear in the description we will give any backer who pre-ordered the game at the $8 level and up a choice of iOS or Android version of the game.

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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    "Thank You Combo Illustrations": We will add you as a Super Comboman Supporter in the credits as well as give every backer a Sweeet set of Desktop Wallpapers and Mobile Backgrounds straight from the Super Comboman Artbook!

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  • Pledge $8 or more
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    25 backers All gone!

    “EARLYBIRD COMBO”: The First 25 will receive a digital copy of Super Combo for MAC or PC and Your name will be listed on the Super Comboman website next to your backer level!

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    “THE GAME COMBO”: Receive a digital copy of Super Combo for MAC or PC and Your name will be listed on the Super Comboman website next to your backer level!

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    47 backers Limited (53 left of 100)

    “SOUNDTRACK COMBO:” Digital copy of the game and Digital DRM-free OST from composer Sam Billen of Primary Colors!

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    44 backers Limited (56 left of 100)

    Special "Multi-Platform Copy Combo" Get 2 copies of Super Comboman when it is released on your choice of platforms plus early access to the game when the beta has been released as well as the OST.

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  • Pledge $25 or more
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    61 backers Limited (39 left of 100)

    “STICKER ARTBOOK COMBO”: Vinyl sticker pack of characters in the game + THE GAME COMBO tier rewards and physical copies of the game printed combo manual and OST! PDF of the Digital Art Book featuring Super Comboman concepts from more than a dozen artists with unique styles. Plus get the game earlier than anyone else (Friends outside of the continental United States, please add $10 for shipping)

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  • Pledge $50 or more
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    “ART PRINT COMBO”: High quality 8 1/2 × 11 random glossy print from one of the original pieces in the artbook! Early access to the game and ability to give direct feedback on its progress in a special Super Comboman forum! Also includes the STICKER COMBO TIER rewards! (Friends outside of the continental United States, please add $10 for shipping)

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    “SPECIAL EDITION ARTBOOK COMBO" Super Comboman ARTBOOK print and a limited edition wall poster print case exclusively available on Kickstarter. Also a digital copy of the game manual. (Please add $25 for shipping outside of the USA, Canada and Mexico)

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    8 backers Limited (192 left of 200)

    “FANNY PACK EDITION”: A Fannypack full of SWAG; Stickers buttons, the poster and other surprises. (Please add $25 for shipping outside of the USA, Canada and Mexico)

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  • Pledge $200 or more
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    1 backer Limited (19 left of 20)

    “Your sticker design in Super Comboman”: You will be immortalized as a sticker in the game. We will add the cartoony likeness in the game as a sticker or you can design a sticker of your liking. Also includes two copies of the game. Please add $20 for shipping outside of USA, Canada and Mexico.

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    Add $20 USD to ship outside the US
  • Pledge $250 or more
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    "SPRITE SHIRT COMBO" All of the Complete combo rewards plus a limited edition Super Comboman T-shirt and an illustrated version of you in the Super Comboman style. (Please add $25 for shipping outside of the USA, Canada and Mexico)

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  • Pledge $300 or more
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    1 backer Limited (99 left of 100)

    “ILLUSTRATION COMBO”: 8 1/2×11 Original, One of a kind digital illustration of Struggles from one of our pro-artists and the SPECIAL EDITION POSTER COMBO tier rewards. Please add $25 for shipping outside USA, Canada and Mexico

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  • Pledge $500 or more
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    “Fight Stick Combo”: A custom Mad Catz Arcade fight stick covered with some awesome Super Comboman art!! Also includes 3 copies of the game and the SPRITE SHIRT COMBO rewards. Please add $50 for shipping outside of USA, Canada and Mexico.

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  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    "BECOME A CHARACTER COMBO" Besides getting all of the SPRITE SHIRT COMBO and theFANNY PACK EDITION goodies you will be a non-playable character featured in Super Comboman, as well as a collectible sticker in game.

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  • Pledge $1,500 or more
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    "Enemy Combo!!!": Become a ridiculous enemy in Super Comboman! We will use your likeness as an enemy in the game and give you a distinct ability to torment combo fanatics plus the Sprite Sheet Combo!

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  • Pledge $2,000 or more
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    “INDIE DEVELOPER LOVE SPECIAL”: Play games and discuss behind the scenes development with The Super Comboman team and other world renowned indie game developers at one of our indie meetups at IGN Headquarters. Developers of games such as; Fistpuncher, Escape Goat, Wargames, Overgrowth, A Virus Named Tom, Gish, Waking Mars, Cogs, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble and more... Dranks, pizza, games what can be better than that? **You find travel and room! We buy the food and provide the games.

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  • Pledge $3,000 or more
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    "DESIGNER SPECIAL": Go behind the scenes with the Super Comboman team and collaborate with us on a special edition level designed for the game.

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  • Pledge $10,000 or more
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    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    "Multi-player Shenanigans": We will add multiplayer local co-op versus battles into the game and you will be named as a "producer" for backing this part of the game. **Specifications will have to be planned within the budget of this pledge amount.

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