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Neuroon is the world’s first system, which allows you to modify your sleep paterns with patented light therapy.
Neuroon is the world’s first system, which allows you to modify your sleep paterns with patented light therapy.
1,944 backers pledged $438,573 to help bring this project to life.

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Neuroon Open is coming! Update: June 7th 2017

Posted by Neuroon Open (Creator)

Hello to all of you!

It’s been a long time since we posted here on the Kickstarter portal. This is a moment for a proper update, so you know what is going on at our side and what our future plans are.  

We are very thankful to everybody who believed in the project and supported us, giving us the possibility to develop our product. For the last 4 years we were rolling our sleeves up to make the technology that can improve your sleep. As every hardware crowdfunding project - it wasn’t without its challenges, especially with mass production and global logistics, but we’ve learned a lot moving forward. 

First and foremost, we would love to thank you, our first backers/investors for believing in us, and supporting us, even when we were making mistakes with the delays on our side. The amount of positive feedback and understanding that we’ve received from you was invaluable. There were moments when we though we won’t make it, that it might be too hard for us, but knowing that you believe in us and we cannot let you down, kept us working harder and harder every day. 

Here we are, almost three and a half years after our first successful Kickstarter campaign. During this time, we’ve been perfecting the Neuroon device, our algorithms, production process and management within our company. Just recently, we announced that we’ve sold almost 10,000 Neuroon devices! (including the devices that were sent to you), which means that we’ve finished the first production batch. Neuroon has been officially sold out! 

It was a time to make up a decision on what comes next. Given that Neuroon is not only our job, but our full time passion, the fact that hundreds of people have given us feedback on how valuable our work is for them, and how can improve their lives - a natural choice was; “No, we won’t stop! We want to keep the initial promise to deliver the most valuable sleep device on the market. And we won’t stop until we make it happen!” 

So we decided to gather all the tremendous feedback we’ve received from thousands of people in the last 4 years and make a NEW PRODUCT that will delight you all! 

But that's not all. The feedback that we received was so brilliant that we though, we wish we could have this person onboard in our team. But after a while we got another idea and was equally cool (and we figured out that if we would hire all the people that want to support us we would end up being as big as Google! :D). 

Instead of hiring everyone, came up with a different idea - we will make the new product OPEN SOURCE…meaning everything that we’ve already made and that we will deliver in the future will be publically available - everyone can read our source code, validate it, develop it and even build it from scratch! 

We need to thank two people people who help us make this open source decision. The first is the OpenBCI Team, that devoted us their time explaining how the open source works, and encouraged us to become fully open source. 

The second person is Pawel Chojnacki, who challenged and even criticized some of steps that we took, but also helped us a lot. Pawel is one of the person whom we owe to becoming open source. 

To sum up - we came along a long way, because of you, and now we’re here again to tell you about our new product! We want to introduce Neuroon Open! It is an open source mask for real-time advanced sleep measurement, smart home integrations, meditation, and lucid dreaming. 


Key features of Neuroon Open: 

- advanced sleep measurement based on EEG (brain activity), 

- smart wake ups and naps, 

- audio guided meditation sessions, 

- lucid dreaming induction, 

- IoT integrations that you can also program on your own. 


What are the differences between the current version and the new one? 

1. Advanced sleep measurement will be performed now in REAL TIME! So all the data will be transferred from the mask to the app right away. This gives us a lot of new possibilities that include the other new features. 

2. Smart wakeups will be finally really smart. We took your feedback to heart and the new Neuroon App will let you pick the sleep phase in which you want to be woken up, and other settings as: light and vibration. You will be able to fully customize your wake up! 

3. We have noticed the great interest and positive effects of meditation both for your day and night. But we wanted to offer you more than just a simple audio meditation sessions. Our Meditation App will be working in such manner that it will react to what’s really happening in your brain (you know, this is all thanks to the EEG in real-time, awesome, isn’t it?). So you will get a constant feedback on how really concentrated you are and what you should improve in your meditation. 

4. Lucid dreaming is something that was already promised to you. We know that and we are still very sorry that we didn’t deliver this feature to you on time. The basic lucid dreaming feature will be available to you quite soon with the new Neuroon App but we already are developing the software for the advanced lucid dreaming and it should be prepared together with other additions to Neuroon Open. 

5. We also figured out that if the mask is going to be working in real-time right now, then we can make a lot of IoT integrations so that you can make your bedroom truly smart with Neuroon Open. In the beginning we will prepare integrations with smart audio devices, smart thermostats (Nest) and smart lightning. But we also know that there is a huge potential in other integrations so we decided to let the community implement other ideas using the open files. Keep in mind that all the software and app updates will be available also for you who have the current version of Neuroon. Cool, right! 



Thanks to this decision everybody will be able to build Neuroon Open from scratch and develop their own programs on the mask. We want Neuroon Open to grow together with our community! 

We’ve used your feedback to make Neuroon Open more comfortable to wear, we will add the band in addition to the mask, so that there will be two ways of using Neuroon Open: with and without your eyes covered. 

We are also going to change the name of our account here on Kickstarter. Instead of Inteliclinic, you will be able to find us under ‘Neuroon Open’. From the formal point of viewInteliclinic is the name of our company and Neuroon Open is the name of product (Neuroon is the name of the brand). But we decided that in order to make it less confusing for our current and future customers we will stick to Neuroon Open in all of the marketing materials. We hope that you like the name and its new logo :) 

And the best news is, we are about to start a brand new Kickstarter campaign this month! 

The price of Neuroon Open will start from just $99 for the Super Early Birds (and every previous backer will get this price. guaranteed) . 


We also kindly invite you to join our brand new private Facebook Group: Neuroon Open Insiders: 

Our goals for Neuroon Open Insiders: 

  • To give you the possibility to contact with us: the Neuroon Open creators face-to-face, 
  • Ask us any questions directly, 
  • Have an access to our amazing engineers helping you to develop your own project based on the Neuroon Open files

We would also be really thankful if at the moment when the new campaign starts, you will share the link to its page with your friends to help us spread the word about Neuroon Open and its open source nature :) 

If you have any questions or feedback, we will be here to answer directly. And please keep fingers crossed for Neuroon Open! We really need the support of our initial backers :) Thank you so much,  

To provide a platform for exchanging sleep hacking ideas and knowledge about the sleep, meditation, and lucid dreaming. 

Thank you so much!

Kamil Adamczyk,

CEO of Neuroon Open

Neuroon Lucid Dreaming – update: June 1st, 2016

Posted by Neuroon Open (Creator)
Hello there our Kickstarter backers! 

You waited for this for a very long time and now we can officially announce it! Neuroon Lucid Dreaming comes true and will be available for you totally for free in August.

Have you ever wondered how your life would change if you could go to sleep and control your dreams? This is what lucid dreaming can offer - being aware while being asleep and therefore able to consciously influence the content of your dreams. It seems like a computer game, but then so is science sometimes! 

During lucid dream, the dreamer can exert some degree of control over dream’s characters, narrative, and environment. The phrase 'lucid dreaming' was created by author and psychiatrist from the Netherlands Frederik van Eeden in his article A Study of Dreams in 1913, though descriptions of dreamers having knowledge that they are dreaming had appeared even before that. The scientific evidence on lucid dreaming came out of Hull University in the UK in 1975, when Dr Keith Hearne recorded the predetermined eye movements of his lucid dreaming patient during the REM phase of sleep. Since then ongoing neuroscience discoveries have strengthened researchers’ beliefs that lucid dreaming can no longer be thought of as just a fantasy in a movie script. 

Neuroon, our device that is the result of current trends in neuroscience, is the first product on the consumer market that can automatically analyze human sleep by monitoring brain signals and improve sleep with light therapy. Lucid dreams may occur rarely spontaneously or they can be induced by specific techniques divided into two groups: behavioral techniques and external stimuli. Neuroon’s ability to detect REM sleep precisely, allows it to start implementing external stimuli techniques into the mask and induce lucid dreaming while the person is in the REM phase of sleep. Currently, the Neuroon is the most advanced system on the market due to its built-in professional sleep tracker and artificial algorithmic methods for performance improvement. 

Neuroon Lucid Dreaming feature will consist of two parts: behavioral techniques and external stimuli. Both are based on the research conducted by Heidelberg University in Germany and the University of Bern in Switzerland among others. Behavioral techniques aim at preparing the user’s mind to start lucid dreaming while external stimuli are a direct influence of the mask on the user’s REM sleep with the help of light, vibration and acoustic stimulus. Only with both of these methods can lucid dreaming be fully experienced. 

Working on the lucid dreaming feature was first announced during the Kickstarter campaign two years ago. The idea was given a very positive reception from your side so after finishing the final version of the Neuroon, Inteliclinic’s developers focused on this new function. 

How to get the Neuroon Lucid Dreaming? 

• If you are already an user of the Neuroon and bought the mask during Kickstarter campaign then the Lucid Dreaming App for Neuroon will be totally free for you starting in August 

• If you haven’t buy the Neuroon yet, then if you want to have Neuroon new feature Lucid Dreaming for free since August, you should just simply buy the Neuroon on our website until the end of June 2016 

• For all the future users who will buy the Neuroon starting from July 2016, the Lucid Dreaming App for Neuroon will cost $9,99 monthly 

For more information on Neuroon Lucid Dreaming click here:  You will find here detailed description of how the feature is going to work and what functions it will offer. 

Look at first visualizations of the Lucid Dreaming App for Neuroon and tell us how do you like it?

Have a nice day!

Inteliclinic team


Posted by Neuroon Open (Creator)

Hello there! 

After more than two years of hard work, we are proud to announce that we have shipped all of the Neuroons that were ordered by our Kickstarter backers that provided us with the correct contact data !!!!

We are thrilled that our team’s dedication has achieved these results! 

All ordered Neuroons via Kickstarter: 1,728 

All delivered Neuroons: 1,360 

The difference in these numbers, 368, represents those backers that did not provide the required shipping data. If you didn’t get your Neuroon please check if you provided your address and phone number in your account information at

This was a very long journey for all of us. From the first sketches to a final product that can change people’s lives. None of this would ever have come into being without your support. 

The story of the Kickstarter campaign for Neuroon started more than two years ago. On December 3rd, 2013 we launched the project and showed you the initial version of the Neuroon. 

We established the following goals: 

40 days - that was the duration of our Kickstarter campaign 

$100,000 - this is how much money we hoped to raise 

After only three days, we raised $200,000! This was an unbelievable surprise for us! We believed that the project had huge potential but we didn’t expect such a quick response from the Kickstarter community. 

We promised that if we raised more than $350,000 we would equip the mask with DFU mode - and this was achieved within 17 days! This really blew our minds! We couldn’t believe that we could get more support than you had already committed, but you did it! 

Our campaign finished on January 12th, 2014 and we were astonished with the final number: Successfully raised $438,574 USD with 1,944 backers 

From this point on we knew that we would need to focus all our resources and attention on delivering you the product that you expected. 

Thanks to such a huge promotion via Kickstarter we were contacted by numerous scientists and doctors that wanted to cooperate with us. These contacts gave us our first suggestions about polyphasic sleep. We received a message from the Chairman of the National Sleep Foundation, Dr. Christopher Drake. Dr. Drake is a researcher at the Henry Ford Sleep Disorders and Research Center, and an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. We got very positive feedback, and Dr. Drake offered to be our advisor. After hours of talks with scientists, businesspeople, and other specialists we embarked on our journey to make the Neuroon something really great. Our goal was to transform the Neuroon into a universal sleeping companion and personal energy manager. Therefore, we decided not to make the polyphasic sleep feature the central point of the product. 

In the meantime our hardware and software team was focused on developing the intelligent part of the mask - and this took much more time than we initially expected. Neuroon’s PCB box came a long way to look and work like it does today. We had already developed 3 versions of the intelligent part of the Neuroon even before the Kickstarter campaign. After we received your support the hardware team went through 5 more development versions to get to the final SmartPack. 

The biggest issue in the development process, one that kept us busy for months, was the silicone case for the PCB that contains all the electronics and sensors at the heart and brain of the Neuroon. We worked very hard to master the final forms for the silicone suffusing so that your devices could be spotless. 

At the same time we worked very hard on the final certification process. As of today the Neuroon has been certified as follows: UL, CE and FCC, IC Canada and the certificate for Japan. 

Last but not least, we had to deliver the Neuroon to you - so we spent a lot of time designing the most suitable premium box for the mask. This part of the project was definitely the easiest one - we very soon got what we needed and after a few changes in the color the preparations started. We also advanced our work on the design of the Neuroon. During this process we worked with design studios and prepared more than 5 versions of the soft parts of the Neuroon. Our process included the advice that our Kickstarter backers provided from the multiple surveys we sent out. We designed a mask that is both comfortable and practical in use with a great modern look. We also wanted to make sure that it was washable, an important feature for long-term use and comfort. At the end of 2014 we thought that the Neuroon was ready, but then we realized that the foam that was directly touching the user’s face was too hard. It was uncomfortable, and affected the quality of the signal depending on the sleeping position. We had to make another hard decision. Despite the delay, we decided to redesign the Neuroon one last time. With hindsight it is clear that this was not just an option; it was crucial to the project. 

The mask itself was only one part of the project - the second was the companion app. First, we focused on a version for iOS. We knew that most of our Kickstarter supporters and pre-order customers use iPhones. Nevertheless our team soon grew with the addition of an Android developer so we could simultaneously work on two apps. The team was also supported by a graphic designer who was responsible for the look of the app. 

Trial versions of the Neuroon were sent to some of our Kickstarter backers in October. At that moment, only two features were available: the Jet Lag Blocker and the Neuroon Sunrise, but we needed a significantly large group of people for the first major tests of the Neuroon. The feedback was positive and we knew that we were going in the right direction. 

Designing and producing the prototype of the Neuroon was one thing, but the second was to organize the mass production. We spent a lot of time looking for the best parts suppliers and then a factory that could assemble all the small parts and prepare the Neuroons for shipping. After a long research and decision process we decided on a plant in Krakow, Poland because they offered us the highest quality - our highest priority. 

Finally, in December 2015, after a long design process, tests and production we started shipping the Neuroon. 

Even now, we are still adding new functionalities to the mask - thanks to the DFU mode we can change the software of the Neuroon using the Neuroon App. Our programmers are also focused on updating the Neuroon App to fix any bugs and make it compatible with different Android smartphones. And coming soon we will release a redesigned app with a new look and feel! Due to the fact that we can remotely change the Neuroon’s software we will also be adding totally new features that we promised you a long time ago. 

Keep in touch with us and watch the NEWS on our website and our Facebook fan page: Neuroon. And once again, Thank you for believing in us!


Kamil, Janusz with the whole Inteliclinic team!

Happy Easter! - update: March 26, 2016

Posted by Neuroon Open (Creator)
Hello to all of you! 

On this time of the year we wish you and your loved ones the renewal of love, happiness and life. Have a wonderful Easter! 

Also as a quick update here you have the latest number of orders that were delivered to you already: 

1212 Neuroon within 1162 orders 

So we have only to ship: 469 masks! 

Remember to provide us with your phone number for delivery, using Neuroon Customer Portal:

We are also proud to announce that we won this year’s ReleaseIt at SXSW!!! We were chosen as the most cutting-edge company among 10 finalists who delivered a new product/service. 

Thank you again for your support and have a happy holiday! 

Kind regards, 

Inteliclinic team

Update: February 19, 2016

Posted by Neuroon Open (Creator)
Hello there! 

How are you? Did you have a pleasant Valentine’s Day? :) 

We would like to present you with the next update on the status of shipping the Neuroon: 

To date we have delivered 517 masks to 473 backers. The total number of masks that were ordered via Kickstarter is 1,681. 

Please remember to add your phone number using Neuroon Customer Portal: - we need this information for DHL delivery. 

What else is going on at Neuroon headquarters at Inteliclinic? 

First of all, we are working on releasing the next updates and fixing the bugs in both our iOS and Android Neuroon Companion App. Have a look at these screen shots showing the improvements: 

Here you can see that since the iOS app premiered on December 21th the number of bugs has significantly decreased:

On the second screen, have a look at the percentage of users that are crash-free! That makes us very happy!! :) 

Several of you have sent us feedback that it would be much better if the app has a black interface because it would make it much more pleasant to use at night. Proving that we listen to your opinions and consider them every time, here you can see the project of the dark interface for the Neuroon Companion App. Please note that you will have to wait a bit for this as we have a lot of work to do in completing it - but it is on its way! 

Have you read the latest media publications about the research at Stanford University on bright light therapy? Take a look at their last findings on pulsation light therapy - the same therapy we use for one of the Neuroon features: Jet Lag Blocker 

The article explains the scientific background of the Neuroon and the Jet Lag Blocker feature. Scientists proved that the solution for treating jet lag, not surprisingly, involves light, which dictates our circadian rhythms: 

“Typically, sleep researchers say it takes about one day to adjust to a one-hour time change. So a person flying from London to Moscow, over three time zones, would need three days to adjust to the local time—making a two- or three-day business trip a very sleepy affair. But if, the night before the flight, travellers were exposed to an hour of intermittent light flashes while sleeping in the early morning, their body would be fooled into thinking the sun had risen three hours earlier. In other words, before flying to Moscow, they would already be on Moscow time.”  The Economist 

In other important and exciting news, we were nominated to present at ReleaseIt at SXSW 2016! This is a special pitch competition in Startup Village® on the opening day of the SXSW Interactive Festival. The ten best companies launching a new product during the 2016 SXSW season will present their idea to a panel of industry experts and the winner will be chosen based on which product could best succeed in the marketplace. The final stage will take place in March in Austin, Texas. 

Last but not least we were invited to the SKYDECK acceleration program at the University of California Berkeley! This program helps startups grow and survive in the market. 

Thank you for your ongoing support! 

Best wishes, 

Inteliclinic team