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Neuroon is the world’s first system, which allows you to modify your sleep paterns with patented light therapy.
Neuroon is the world’s first system, which allows you to modify your sleep paterns with patented light therapy.
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July 24 Update: The NeuroOn Companion Application

Posted by Neuroon Open (Creator)

Hey guys,

As we are getting closer and closer to shipping out the NeuroOn to those of you who have pre-ordered, we've wanted to show you how the work on the NeuroOn smartphone application is going. We will be posting more images of the NeuroOn and the application as our work progresses.  

As you probably know, the NeuroOn will work in tandem with a mobile smartphone application that will gather all the raw data collected by the mask, analyze it, and deliver it in an accessible and straightforward way. The application will also allow its users to access and setup the many features we have introduced so far, such as advanced sleep analytics, heart monitoring, intelligent alarm clock, jet lag, and alertness management, all with medical-grade accuracy.

Below you will find previews of some of the features found within the application:

                                                          Picking your time zone

                                           Scheduling a trip in jet lag management

                                                  Day plan with the calendar view

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    1. Guillaume on

      Wow looks like you're progressing really good.
      I seriously wondered if I had done a mistake when I backed it. But now I think it may change my life and help me understand and put my insomnia under control. I am done trying out chemicals.
      Your device represent for me a much safer options then drugs.
      Please take your time and do it right!
      Your product could mean so much to me you have no idea.
      Thx and take care all!

    2. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      Regarding your questions @Michael D. Kardzhilov and @Ivan Gorban, we will ship the NeuroOn to Kickstarter backers in the fourth quarter of this year, before opening up shipping to people from outside Kickstarter starting January 2015.
      Not to worry, our backers are the utmost priority and will receive NeuroOn's as soon as it is possible.

      Best regards,

    3. Michael D. Kardzhilov on

      Hi, @Ivan Gorban made me think, when you are actually ready to ship, how do you plan on doing it. As in if you for example ship in December, would you ship to every one at once in one big bulk, or would you push us back in groups(meaning that the ones that were supposed to get it in December would have to wait even longer then the rest?)

    4. Hiromichi Suzuki on

      I'm happy to see actual features being implemented. Although I am a bit disappointed at the delay, I understand that you cannot estimate everything from the beginning. I am excited to see screenshots of different features too.

    5. Ivan Gorban on

      Hello, guys, I have a question for you.
      I'm a backer and I have an estimated delivery date in July 2014.
      When I'll receive my NeuroOn?


    6. Michael D. Kardzhilov on

      @Marsha Tyszler
      The first two items you list both use Bluetooth, and are all meant to connect to a smartphone (Just like the NeuroOn). With that being the case i can not see the possibility of any of these items working in unison. There are many reasons for this, and i will just list the ones that i can foresee being problems.

      All of these items have no user interface, meaning you have no way of connecting them to each other (maybe you could do it through an app, but i don't know enough programming to say for sure)

      Another thing is that as to my knowledge the NeroOn does not have much storage space built in, meaning that extra data from the devices would have no place to be saved.

      The Pixeom back up idea seems feasible (not that i know if there is to much to back up in the first place), but id much rather see the ability to be able to back up to a place like Dropbox, Google Drive or even just getting them sent to your email.
      (since i cant imagine its huge files we are talking about here, pure speculation would have me guess around 8mb top per night)
      I also have a faint memory about NeroOn hosting the data themselves? Not sure tho, but if that is the case then there would be no need for back up at all.

      Lastly the Bringrr idea seems really nice, and i can totally get why anyone would want it, but it would just add extra cost to the device. And they did say they were finished with the hardware of the NeroOn, so maybe this could be an optional feature for a future version of NeroOn

      Sorry if this seems like a rant, but i felt like being active in the comments for once too :P
      All in all, collaborations are a great idea if you find the right people/products to collaborate with.

    7. Marsha Tyszler

      @IntelClinic, The iOS health kit question below is something I've also wondered. If you will use the health kit, how do you envision it working in tandem with NeuroOn?

      I'd also like to know whether it would be possible for you to integrate support for fellow Kickstarters' technologies:

      -- The Dash "smart" headphones by Bragi to interact with NeuroOn by giving commands, hearing audio, adding further NeuroOn capabilities thanks to the added sensors that are integrated in The Dash, etc.

      -- Vigo energy gauge is meant to keep people from falling asleep, among other things, and could be used in tandem with NeuroOn and/or sync each other's data when the mask isn't being worn.

      -- Pixeom at home cloud and personal exchange device could be set up for auto backups.

      -- Bringrr physically integrated into the mask (rather than attaching a Bringrr Tag) so NeuroOn can be tracked if lost during travels.

      I love seeing KS collaborations and/or supporting each other, so I hope you'll seriously make the above (and more) happen ASAP! When I asked long ago, you said it may be possible to team up with other KS tech, so I'm reminding you once again! :-)

    8. Nate on

      Relax dude... It's been their plan from the start. "NeuroOn is managed by a smartphone Android and iOS application so that you have full control over your sleep cycles."

    9. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Pfohl on

      This seems to be iOS. Hope you guys are making the Android app at the same time, it would be a HUGE disapointment if you didnt.

    10. Guy Chaumont on

      Will you make the app compatible with the healthkit api introduced by Apple at WWDC?