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Ever wished there were more hours in the day? Introducing the NeuroOn mask that creates a unique sleep schedule for you.
Neuroon is the world’s first system, which allows you to modify your sleep paterns with patented light therapy.
Neuroon is the world’s first system, which allows you to modify your sleep paterns with patented light therapy.
1,944 backers pledged $438,573 to help bring this project to life.

Neuroon Open is coming! Update: June 7th 2017


Hello to all of you!

It’s been a long time since we posted here on the Kickstarter portal. This is a moment for a proper update, so you know what is going on at our side and what our future plans are.  

We are very thankful to everybody who believed in the project and supported us, giving us the possibility to develop our product. For the last 4 years we were rolling our sleeves up to make the technology that can improve your sleep. As every hardware crowdfunding project - it wasn’t without its challenges, especially with mass production and global logistics, but we’ve learned a lot moving forward. 

First and foremost, we would love to thank you, our first backers/investors for believing in us, and supporting us, even when we were making mistakes with the delays on our side. The amount of positive feedback and understanding that we’ve received from you was invaluable. There were moments when we though we won’t make it, that it might be too hard for us, but knowing that you believe in us and we cannot let you down, kept us working harder and harder every day. 

Here we are, almost three and a half years after our first successful Kickstarter campaign. During this time, we’ve been perfecting the Neuroon device, our algorithms, production process and management within our company. Just recently, we announced that we’ve sold almost 10,000 Neuroon devices! (including the devices that were sent to you), which means that we’ve finished the first production batch. Neuroon has been officially sold out! 

It was a time to make up a decision on what comes next. Given that Neuroon is not only our job, but our full time passion, the fact that hundreds of people have given us feedback on how valuable our work is for them, and how can improve their lives - a natural choice was; “No, we won’t stop! We want to keep the initial promise to deliver the most valuable sleep device on the market. And we won’t stop until we make it happen!” 

So we decided to gather all the tremendous feedback we’ve received from thousands of people in the last 4 years and make a NEW PRODUCT that will delight you all! 

But that's not all. The feedback that we received was so brilliant that we though, we wish we could have this person onboard in our team. But after a while we got another idea and was equally cool (and we figured out that if we would hire all the people that want to support us we would end up being as big as Google! :D). 

Instead of hiring everyone, came up with a different idea - we will make the new product OPEN SOURCE…meaning everything that we’ve already made and that we will deliver in the future will be publically available - everyone can read our source code, validate it, develop it and even build it from scratch! 

We need to thank two people people who help us make this open source decision. The first is the OpenBCI Team, that devoted us their time explaining how the open source works, and encouraged us to become fully open source. 

The second person is Pawel Chojnacki, who challenged and even criticized some of steps that we took, but also helped us a lot. Pawel is one of the person whom we owe to becoming open source. 

To sum up - we came along a long way, because of you, and now we’re here again to tell you about our new product! We want to introduce Neuroon Open! It is an open source mask for real-time advanced sleep measurement, smart home integrations, meditation, and lucid dreaming. 


Key features of Neuroon Open: 

- advanced sleep measurement based on EEG (brain activity), 

- smart wake ups and naps, 

- audio guided meditation sessions, 

- lucid dreaming induction, 

- IoT integrations that you can also program on your own. 


What are the differences between the current version and the new one? 

1. Advanced sleep measurement will be performed now in REAL TIME! So all the data will be transferred from the mask to the app right away. This gives us a lot of new possibilities that include the other new features. 

2. Smart wakeups will be finally really smart. We took your feedback to heart and the new Neuroon App will let you pick the sleep phase in which you want to be woken up, and other settings as: light and vibration. You will be able to fully customize your wake up! 

3. We have noticed the great interest and positive effects of meditation both for your day and night. But we wanted to offer you more than just a simple audio meditation sessions. Our Meditation App will be working in such manner that it will react to what’s really happening in your brain (you know, this is all thanks to the EEG in real-time, awesome, isn’t it?). So you will get a constant feedback on how really concentrated you are and what you should improve in your meditation. 

4. Lucid dreaming is something that was already promised to you. We know that and we are still very sorry that we didn’t deliver this feature to you on time. The basic lucid dreaming feature will be available to you quite soon with the new Neuroon App but we already are developing the software for the advanced lucid dreaming and it should be prepared together with other additions to Neuroon Open. 

5. We also figured out that if the mask is going to be working in real-time right now, then we can make a lot of IoT integrations so that you can make your bedroom truly smart with Neuroon Open. In the beginning we will prepare integrations with smart audio devices, smart thermostats (Nest) and smart lightning. But we also know that there is a huge potential in other integrations so we decided to let the community implement other ideas using the open files. Keep in mind that all the software and app updates will be available also for you who have the current version of Neuroon. Cool, right! 



Thanks to this decision everybody will be able to build Neuroon Open from scratch and develop their own programs on the mask. We want Neuroon Open to grow together with our community! 

We’ve used your feedback to make Neuroon Open more comfortable to wear, we will add the band in addition to the mask, so that there will be two ways of using Neuroon Open: with and without your eyes covered. 

We are also going to change the name of our account here on Kickstarter. Instead of Inteliclinic, you will be able to find us under ‘Neuroon Open’. From the formal point of viewInteliclinic is the name of our company and Neuroon Open is the name of product (Neuroon is the name of the brand). But we decided that in order to make it less confusing for our current and future customers we will stick to Neuroon Open in all of the marketing materials. We hope that you like the name and its new logo :) 

And the best news is, we are about to start a brand new Kickstarter campaign this month! 

The price of Neuroon Open will start from just $99 for the Super Early Birds (and every previous backer will get this price. guaranteed) . 


We also kindly invite you to join our brand new private Facebook Group: Neuroon Open Insiders: 

Our goals for Neuroon Open Insiders: 

  • To give you the possibility to contact with us: the Neuroon Open creators face-to-face, 
  • Ask us any questions directly, 
  • Have an access to our amazing engineers helping you to develop your own project based on the Neuroon Open files

We would also be really thankful if at the moment when the new campaign starts, you will share the link to its page with your friends to help us spread the word about Neuroon Open and its open source nature :) 

If you have any questions or feedback, we will be here to answer directly. And please keep fingers crossed for Neuroon Open! We really need the support of our initial backers :) Thank you so much,  

To provide a platform for exchanging sleep hacking ideas and knowledge about the sleep, meditation, and lucid dreaming. 

Thank you so much!

Kamil Adamczyk,

CEO of Neuroon Open


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    1. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      Hi @Paul, the new Kickstarter campaign didn't start yet but will start within June. If you would like to get the exact data please register here: or join the group on Facebook:

    2. Paul Ruai on

      Where is the kickstarter link for this new one?

    3. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Gonzalo, I'm really sorry for this inconvenience! I would like to ask you to contact us via email, including in the message you shipping address and your phone number. If you have any addition questions please let us know via above email address or via private message on the Facebook Neuroon Open page.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gonzalo Saloma

      Guys, congratulations on your new project and becoming open source. I am however in the same case as isabel, I have not got my original mask, but I cannot register on your website. It tells me that my e-mail is being used already, so I try to log in and to recover my password but in both instances I get a message stating that my account is inactive. Upon trying to register a new account (with a new e-mail), I get an error message telling me that I have to repeat my password correctly (I am doing copy paste, so I am pretty sure I am writing the same password on both text boxes). Please help!

    5. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Bryan, thanks for your comment! We've been working really hard for the last four years. We are now much more experienced and understand how hard the hardware production is. The device we're just starting the campaign with is in the advanced development phase, we have received the certification and prepared the production line. Moreover, we're making the device open source so anyone could review the code and the hardware design from the very beginning of the campaign so the community can be sure we deliver what we promised :)

    6. Bryan Lyon

      Given how many of the details of the new device were promised with the last one along with other features that were promised but never released (Lucid dreaming, Polyphasic sleep), I doubt many people will back again. But for the next one, if you focus on fixing the quality and only promising what you can actually deliver, you might be okay.

    7. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Michael, we've changed the design and materials of the new product but the Neuroon Open firmware and app will still be compatible with the first version of the Neuroon so you will be able to use all new features with your existing mask.

    8. Michael D. Kardzhilov on

      Will our existing masks be able to take advantage of Neuroon Open as it seems that the only difference will be the software and no major changes to the hardware.

    9. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Isabel, please mind that the delivery was successfully finished in May 2016. If you did not get your mask, it means that you did not provide us with your shipping address, but you can still update the shipping address and get your device delivered.

      Please register your account in the MyNeuroon Portal: and report a problem is "shipping category".

      If you have any questions and need support please contact us directly via Facebook Neuroon Open page or email:

      Thank you!

    10. Missing avatar

      Isabel Pedrosa on

      I never received my mask. Can someone from your team contact me about this ? Paid and funded the project a long time ago.... thanks!