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Ever wished there were more hours in the day? Introducing the NeuroOn mask that creates a unique sleep schedule for you.
Neuroon is the world’s first system, which allows you to modify your sleep paterns with patented light therapy.
Neuroon is the world’s first system, which allows you to modify your sleep paterns with patented light therapy.
1,944 backers pledged $438,573 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Lapinski on

      Bateria się nie ładuje. Wyniki są nie jednoznaczne. Słabo paruje się z urządzeniem. Jeden z pierwszych backerow. Otrzymałem jako ostatni, użyłem raz. Potem po czasie próbowałem i efekt meh pozostał. Leży w biurze jako symbol nieudanych projektów.

    2. Bryan Lyon

      I know that Intelliclinic failed us on the first generation Neuroon, but they've done something incredible, they've presented the source code to the mask at . Now anytime who wants to can pick us the ball and add features to the code. They also already have several more repositories up and running at .

      This is a great sign as it means anyone can improve the code or add the features that never got finished. Basically, Intelliclinic amir's that they messed up the software and have handed it out so anyone can make it better.

      This isn't a magical solution, but it means that our masks will still be useful as we can use the new software to add features and improve the ones we have. You don't even have to buy the new masks unless you want the added heart rate/blood oxygen sensor of the new masks.

      Obviously, Intelliclinic messed up on the original Neuroon, but the step of open source is the best sign that they've changed for the better. The best part is that all the 1st Gen masks will still get most of the new features and support! (Everything but the pulse sensor stuff)

    3. Valter Junior on

      I'm sorry, but I can't believe you anymore. I really would like to buy the new mask, but my mask is useless. I can't have polyphasic sleep (as you promised at the beginning), lucid dreaming is just a dream too. It was more than one year waiting for the delivery, and you were not capable of delivering the basics aspects. I regret buying this mask. It was a waste of money.

    4. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Goblin, please mind that the delivery was successfully finished in May 2016. If you did not get your mask, it means that you did not provide us with your shipping address, but you can still update the shipping address and get your device delivered. Please contact via private message.

    5. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Pascal, please contact us via . There is a special section called "report a problem" and our developers are there for you willing to help!

    6. Goblin Army Games on

      When is this getting delivered?

    7. Missing avatar

      Pascal Hernalsteen on

      I had left my mask in a drawer for a couple of weeks
      The battery doesn't charge
      Any idea on what I should do?

    8. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @T F Taranto We are focusing on sales via our official website that's why sometimes there are no masks at Amazon :)

    9. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      Hi @all! We are very sorry that we are behind schedule with Neuroon Lucid Dreaming. But please do not think that we decided to not do this at all. Taking into consideration the feedback that we got from you throught the previous months we thought that it would be the best to change the whole app and add the Lucid Dreaming feature to this brand new Neuroon App. Due to the fact that building a new app almost from scratches is a major project, then it is taking us much more time to show you the Lucid Dreaming as it is going to be a part of Neuroon App.

      We are quite advanced in developing new application that is going to bring you much better user experience and more features.

      Knowing how interested you are in Neuroon Lucid Dreaming, we decided that we will try to release a beta version of this feature before launching the whole app. If you are interested in becoming a tester of Neuroon Lucid Dreaming and sending us your honest feedback, then please sign to this list:

      When you click on this link, you will be also able to see the first screens of the Neuroon Lucid Dreaming. We hope you like it :)

      Inteliclinic team

    10. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      Hi @Vlagrate, we are very sorry for that. Our customer service team is trying to do their best. Please send us your email address via PM so we can check how can we quickly solve your problem. Regards!

    11. Vlagrate on

      Received a defective mask and haven't been able to reach anyone for over a year.

    12. Josh Ling on

      So is the lucid dreaming app scrapped? No update in 9 months. :(

    13. Josh Ling on

      Thanks for your update. I'm just looking for info. Ignoring communication may seem to be what professionals do but it's never a good idea.

    14. T F Taranto on

      We'll see how this goes, I had a terrible experience with the company, but it has (although dragged on) been rectified. My unit was defective, probably from a fault in firmware update that eventually killed my unit. A new replacement unit has been shipped. This may indicate that the company is managing, however, as we all know, lucid dreaming app has not released. At this point, things seem bad still. I heard some okay reviews lately from, all except the page is permanently down, it can be found, but they are sold out/out of stock. My best guess is they may have thought that any negative reviews are hurting business and wasn't worth the management of amazon storefront. I'll update with more later as things progress.

    15. Josh Ling on

      This is REALLY frustrating. The lucid dreaming app was supposed to be released in August. It is now the end of October. There have been no updates since June yet I'm getting other random email updates and surveys sent to me with no mention of the lucid app. I just backed the iband+ because, to be honest, I'm doubting we'll ever get the lucid dreaming component to the device that I backed over 2 years ago. Remaining silent and ignoring inquiries is not good customer relations. What I wanted was a cool lucid dreaming device and what I got is a fancy alarm clock.

    16. Josh Ling on

      No responses in almost 4 months. Please give us ANY update on the Lucid Dreaming app.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jacek Wisniewski on

      Any updates about lucid dreaming app???
      It was supposed to be launched month ago.

    18. Josh Ling on

      Can we get a new update? It's September and the lucid dreaming app that was due in August is not here.

    19. Josh Ling on

      When can we expect the Lucid Dreaming app/update?

    20. Seb Coursol on

      Horrible product and horrible customer service. I have been waiting for my refund for months and have had to repeatedly contact support to ask for status updates sometimes not even getting an answer. If anyone is reading this, please beware and stay away from this company!

    21. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Josh Ling Yes, currently there are a few problems with Neuroon App. Our developers are handling them as fast as possible and the solution will be released soon.

    22. Josh Ling on

      With the latest app update, I am having to constantly log back into my account after closing the app. I am not logging out manually.

    23. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Alan Soroka Hi there! What voucher do you have in mind?

    24. Goran Adlén

      I´m still waiting for my mask...i have send all my details since long time ago...

    25. Missing avatar

      Alan Soroka on

      Did you guys ever give out the vouchers for the NeuroOn sleep mask? I got the mask a while back but never ended up getting the voucher.

    26. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Dawn Lasher Hi there! You still didn't provide your phone number via that's why we cannot send you the Neuroon.

    27. Missing avatar

      Valeriy Ostapenko on

      A little review.

      Just received my mask and what can i say. It's totally useless. The inside material is uncomfortable. I can't imagine i will ever have a desire to sleep in it.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dawn Lasher on

      You still haven't sent mine! I already went to the website!!

    29. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Michael D. Kardzhilov Hi there! Please go to to the section REPORT A PROBLEM and write about your issue there: our developers will take care of your problem as a priority.

    30. Michael D. Kardzhilov on

      It's been months since i received the mask but i am still unable to Update it, last time i talked to you about it you said you are "working on it" but that was months ago and i'm still stuck with the same version of the program as the one that came preinstalled on it

    31. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Kovit Komolchokthavee Indeed, we have your phone number now, so we will ship you the Neuroon ASAP :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Kovit Komolchokthavee on

      just updated phone number. please check

    33. Missing avatar

      Kovit Komolchokthavee on

      cannot connect to

    34. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Ruslan Bobrik We replied to you in the direct message :)

    35. Ruslan Bobrik on

      @intelclinic I can give you a Backer number which is 1,600. I am sorry, but I don't have order ID info or I don't know where to look for it.

    36. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Paul Ruai The mask can be cleaned using a cold hand wash only (you should follow the instructions attached to the device). Do not use harsh solvents or chemicals for
      cleaning. Remember never to wash the smart pack.

    37. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Ruslan Bobrik Hi there! We will gladly help you - could you give us your order ID so we can check what is the problem?

    38. Paul Ruai on

      Alright.. mine is starting to stink.. face sweat.. because that mask really isnt breathable.. so what was the cleaning instructions?

    39. Ruslan Bobrik on

      Guys two days has passed, no feedback received. I guess you have really busy days or I have asked a really tough question. Is there any hope to receive a mask or I came here too late?

    40. Ruslan Bobrik on

      Hello guys, been here a while ago, as well as David backed this project and as advised created an account on but there is no orders associated with it. Please advise. Thanks.

    41. Josh Ling on

      Forgive me but I cannot find DELETE in regards to the data in the app.

    42. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @David Hi there, please log in to and add your phone number to your order so we can deliver Neuroon to you :)

    43. Missing avatar

      David on

      I backed this project ages ago and have not received a mask. When will mine be shipping?

    44. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Josh Ling Hi there! Unfortunately you cannot erase the data directly from the mask but you can delete it from the app - Just click on the calendar, pick the date and click DELETE.

    45. Josh Ling on

      Is there a way to reset ALL data? I've had numerous nights of the mask falling off or me ending the program early. I have had many incomplete programs and small uses that may corrupt the data to give me an accurate average. If I reinstall the app I start fresh but the mask holds data that gets downloaded to the app. Is there a way to erase the mask data?

    46. Brad Ruff on

      Hey Intelclinic! Got my mask a month or so back. So far I love it! Nice job on pulling through. I use it 3-4 nights a week in bed. The sunrise feature is the best part for me. May try to transition to a bi-phasic sleep pattern eventually.

      The only problem that I have is that it falls off during sleep about 50% of the time. Any advice? I also don't find the foam to be super comfortable. I may try to make one that is softer like from memory foam. Any plans to offer different mask portions? Its nice that all the smart components come out so swapping masks would be very easy. Thanks again!

    47. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @DC Please contact us via REPORT A PROBLEM and we will help you solve the issue :)

    48. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Heikkinen Hi there! Thank you for your feedback. Please contact us via PM or using REPORT A PROBLEM section so we can solve your problem :)

    49. Missing avatar

      DC on

      i just got mine last night and tried i on. my profile name is unavailable, and it didn't show any data after i wake up. defect?

    50. Missing avatar

      Daniel Heikkinen on

      Also, would like to see 24h clock option.

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