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Neuroon Open is a wearable that wakes you up feeling energized, improves your sleep and helps you to experience lucid dreams
Neuroon Open is a wearable that wakes you up feeling energized, improves your sleep and helps you to experience lucid dreams
Neuroon Open is a wearable that wakes you up feeling energized, improves your sleep and helps you to experience lucid dreams
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Neuroon Open received Open Source Hardware Certification

Hi there!  

At the very beginning just a small reminder that the campaign finishes within 3 days.

Are you interested in getting to know more about why we decided to open the code and documentation of Neuroon Open? If yes then this update is definitely for you :)  

As stated on our campaign page we are opening all the files of Neuroon Open: hardware documentation, software and firmware codes, sleep staging algorithm, and SDK so you can see all of our work in progress.  

There are a few reasons we are doing this: We want you to assess our work and see the code behind each feature. We’d like to contribute to development of new solutions and new technologies so that people can use our work to create their own, maybe even more advanced devices or programs.  

We also aim to become a part of the huge world’s community of open source products and programs and develop the science that can help people.  

Our product is now transparent, available to the experts who can audit the code and provide constructive feedback as to what we can make better. It is verifiable. Researchers using Neuroon Open for their experiments can see where the results come from and can track the resulting data to electric circuits in the mask.  

It is accessible to DIY and Quantified Self enthusiasts as it provides SDK and raw data access. Its functions may be extended or enhanced with custom apps and tools. With open APIs and data formats it’s ready for integration with existing and upcoming technologies.  

You can find:  

- Electronic design files  

- Sources for Neuroon Open’s firmware  

- Sleep-staging algorithms  

And all of these is published here:  

Take a look at the files and send us some feedback in comments here or on Github.

Currently we are preparing for you a special community page where you will be able to find all the open documents, add your work and join discussions or ask questions. Right now you can find its basic version here: but we will improve this both the look and the functionalities. 

We are proud to say that Neuroon Open has now officially been certified as open source hardware by the Open Source Hardware Association and obtains the UID no. US000068 


You can find us here: 

Our certificate number
Our certificate number

We have also recently added Neuroon Open project to the Hackaday: 

If you have some free time then please check that site and follow us to get all updates on Neuroon Open files and changes. 

And back to science again. Have you heard about replication crisis in science? Many scientific studies that are reviewed (!) and published cannot be replicated by other scientists or even by the same scientists who first came up with the results of the research. This creates a great obstacle for the overall development of science and unfortunately, it does not happen so rarely. According to the poll that was conducted by Nature journal, around 70% of scientists cannot repeat somebody else’s research. 

How easier it would be if all these research methods and details were open for public in order to save time and develop revolutionary solutions helping the whole civilization faster? 

You see, the problem isn’t imaginary. Different assessments done in recent years show that a large percent of prominent cancer studies cannot be replicated either. Obscurity of methods is one of the issues. 

In order to broaden the potential impact of Neuroon Open we started cooperation with Open Science Foundation (you can find more about them here:

The foundation was set up in 2015 by Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of Polish Academy of Sciences. It has an official oversight of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 


The mission of Open Science Foundation is clear and directly connected with Citizen Science: fostering public participation in scientific research. Volunteers have the possibility to join research process in many different ways, such as data collection, data analysis, development of technology or hypotheses, testing and dissemination of results. Through philosophy of openness, Citizen Science is connected and contributes to other Open Science activities, including Open Access, Open Data, Science 2.0, or Open Educational Resources. Benefits for participants include: gaining knowledge and skills, increased competence and learning scientific thinking. Benefits for research? It’s faster, better in a sense of higher quality, and to a large extent reproducible by design. 

President of Open Science Foundation, Paweł Szczęsny is a bioinformatician with PhD degree in biology from Max-Planck Institute for Developmental Biology and IBB PAS. With decade of experience in advocating open science and creating open science policies in Poland and abroad, he found an exciting opportunity in the Neuroon Open Project. 

"Five years ago the most prestigious scientific journal Nature called for open source being standard way of development and release of scientific software. What had been obvious for open source software community for decades, finally reached the minds of prominent scientists. I think now it's the time to call for the same standard when it comes to hardware. 

Modern life science laboratory is a high-tech space. Laboratory centrifuge isn't the most sophisticated equipment anymore. Sequencing of nucleic acids, high-resolution imaging of cells, or detection of metabolic traces require really complex hardware. This is typically developed and produced by a few large companies. And while they do a great job, it's not that all great minds are already working there. Leaving the length of development cycle aside (I don't want to make unreasonable claims about speed of releasing new versions of equipment), opening up the design process would surely give us much better solutions. 

Neuroon Open is already good enough to do some research with it. I plan to use it in a wide range of projects, from predicting the risk of sudden infant death syndrome to the study of effects of nootropics on cognitive skills and sleep quality. But can you imagine how good it can be if the patches to both, hardware and software, can be submitted by anybody? That is why I personally and institutionally, as the president of Open Science Foundation, support the Neuroon Open. The more open for improvement our tools are, the faster we can solve some important problems with them." - commented Paweł Szczęsny 

Neuroon Open together with other open source hardware projects for medical and research equipment (such as Open Source Imaging initiative) is helping you to make important scientific discoveries on your own. How is food influencing sleep quality? Can you predict early stage neurodegenerative diseases with single channel EEG? What about stroke - can you detect it with an EEG device (many strokes occur during sleep, limiting treatment options)? These and other medical question could be at least partially answered by Neuroon Open. The fact that properly documented, certified and verifiable device is put into your hands at a cost of a few hundreds bucks, instead of tens of thousands, provides you with an opportunity to do research and release your own product on top of ours. 

That is why we agreed to financially support Open Science Foundation (OSF), especially during the upcoming event OSF organizes - the designers hackathon aiming at developing new, aseptic, single-use, user and parent friendly EEG cap for infants. 

More information about the event: 

We hope to host together similar events in the future devoted to answering research questions using Neuroon Open. 

How do you think we could further develop Neuroon Open? How Neuroon Open project can contribute to the development of science and new research questions? 

Do you want to find out more or discuss it with our CEO Kamil Adamczyk? If yes, then you should definitely participate in tomorrow's Facebook live chat at 9AM PDT, more info here:

Have a nice week!

Neuroon Open team

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    1. Marco Nissen on May 1

      Hi. when will you ship? April was promised, but no communication. Now start communicating like grown-ups and tell us backers when we can really expect the shipment.

    2. Sebastian Liedtke
      on July 25, 2017

      haven't Read Thru all of this hence I m not a developer...but will you provide a forum or something like that so users like me could go there and maybe get some open source from other users?

    3. Neuroon Open 2-time creator on July 24, 2017

      Dark, of course! Neuroon Open will be fully functional and will have all functionalities described in the campaign. There are no technical skills required to use Neuroon Open.

      Neuroon Open is an open- source device so technical users, apart from functionalities described in the campaign, can build their own projects based on Neuroon Open.

    4. Dark_Ansem on July 24, 2017

      I'm not sure I understand. Will we get a fully functional product or Not?