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Neuroon Open is a wearable that wakes you up feeling energized, improves your sleep and helps you to experience lucid dreams
Neuroon Open is a wearable that wakes you up feeling energized, improves your sleep and helps you to experience lucid dreams
Neuroon Open is a wearable that wakes you up feeling energized, improves your sleep and helps you to experience lucid dreams
2,125 backers pledged $357,769 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Karol Putra just now

      To all backers:
      Go to this page (Campaign tab of the project) and at the bottom you have "Report this project to Kickstarter".

      Please report them...

    2. Karol Putra 5 minutes ago

      Ok, This is it, I want a refund. I've backed Neuroon V1 and by a miracle - received it. The V1 was and still is worthless.
      I had some hopes for you guys, but well, truth be told - you failed.
      I have no idea what you dedicated the time and money from both campaigns, but it definitely wasn't invested as it was supposed to and not with us in mind.

      Eh, classic crowdfunding scheme :/

      @Neuroon Open - r e f u n d

    3. Missing avatar

      Tom Yeung about 1 hour ago

      So are we getting a refund? How can we get a refund? its sad when people take advantage of others.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rob Mason about 5 hours ago

      Please provide a refund.

    5. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson 2 days ago


      Beware of their new scam:

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Israelsson 3 days ago

      I would like a refund. I also orderd a headset. This has taken to long of a time. This is a trick and you have taken our money. If not atleast give us the heardwhere. I want to have Good Faith in People still.

    7. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson 3 days ago

      @Robo. Please join the facebook group and contact me. I would like to give money to you and the Polish backers to hire a lawyer to get the money back from these crooks if they don't refund me.

    8. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson 3 days ago


      If i have to stay here, i will contact the European Commission as well as the Polish Academy of Science and inform them of you deceptive methods to grab more and more money.
      It is obvious that public money should be withdrawn from your fraudulent hands IMMEDIATELY. Hopefully there will be some jail time too.

      Refund my money and I have no reason to keep posting and wont have access to the comments or updates. But until then, we will keep digging and expose all the lies you are telling.

    9. Robo Durden
      3 days ago

      creator wrote: "Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaing is being run by american Inteliclinic INC "

      This is EXACTLY the same story like the Kraftwerk disaster:

      They too had to file for bankruptcy in a November (and then lied to us for half a year) because they had run out of money and told backers not to worry because the campaign was run by an INC (they had only set up to run it in USD). When i urged everyone to file their claims to the main companies bankruptcy i suddenly got a full $298 refund to silence me in the comment section :-(

      Of course i read that the main company here is still in operation. Just as it was with the Kraftwerk-disaster. That does not mean that in the process of getting fresh money the company gets converted into a new company. And then the new investors decide what their fresh money is used for.
      And @all remember, that they also must have burned $1M of European aid money (read far below) on top of our money.. You only have to file for bankruptcy when you have run out of money.

      If we do not file our claims in the current bankruptcy proceedings, the new investor can cheaply buy the intellectual property and the INC that is running this campaign will simply say to us: sorry.

      As the proceeding already started in Nov 2017, the deadline might already have passed.

    10. Neuroon Open 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Thomas Kamil is still alive and as a founder and shareholder still supporting the company. Since the company main focus now is production and managing legal issues I'm the one who coordinates it. Moreover I decided to jump more into communication with you guys. Hopefully little bit more successful than Kamil 😂

    11. Neuroon Open 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Robo Durden You pasted information about one of the companies in our group. Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaing is being run by american Inteliclinic INC which the restructuring process does not concern. The restructuring process is completely different than bankruptcy. This is a new opportunity for a company that the appointed court supervisor has positively assessed. Please, read the information that is beyond the link that you have pasted. I quote: "The opening of the restructuring proceedings does not adversely affect the operations of Inteliclinic sp. z o.o. The company - as it has been so far - conducts business operations, implements concluded contracts and may conclude new contracts."

    12. Robo Durden
      3 days ago

      @Spencer Patterson , Jean-François Baure is an admin of that facebook group, so joining it to organize an opposition makes no sense at all. Read my posts below.

      from the translation: "19 December 2017 (file reference No. X GR 102/17), accelerated arrangement proceedings were opened for the company INTELICLINIC sp. Z oo with its registered office in Warsaw "

      As i said, they had run out of money already November last year...
      Normally in a bankruptcy proceeding we would have file our claims. Otherwise, the "new Ineliclinic" might no longer be bound to fulfill our pledges.
      And of course, i would not trust the "old inteliclinic" who have lied to us for all the past months.

      So of course we should contact "Zimmerman Filipiak Restrukturyzacja SA has been appointed as the court overseer for this proceeding".

      But with the those active fan-boy backers here i see no chance for any opposition..

    13. Le Ba Rong 4 days ago

      Let’s refund our pledges. We couldn’t wait any more

    14. Missing avatar

      Thomas 4 days ago

      @Jean - thanks much for your persistance & all the effort you are giving into the project. I do really hope Janusz presented us with the genuine state of affairs. He did not mention Kamil at all, nor his new big cardio project, anyways a nice gesture and 'sort of' reassurance for all us waiting and believing that this project is still alive.

    15. Jean-François Baure 5 days ago

      A new update is available on Facebook:

      It is reassuring about the production: a new investor will help to put the masks into production in a new factory (forget in-house production). But still no news about the IOS/Android mobile app development (beyond production, this is the 2nd hurdle for the completion of this project). If you think this mobile app matters a lot, join us on FB:

    16. Sayyeasttolife 5 days ago

      Hi, I am woundering wht is happening to the neuroon I orderd?
      When will it be deliverd?

    17. Team Start Living 6 days ago

      OMG What a chaos

    18. Robert Ireland on

      @spencer that’s the message back from Kickstarter after I reported them

    19. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson on

      Join this group on Facebook:

      We are trying to start legal action.

    20. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson on

      @Robert: This is blatant theft and fraud. They took all our money and ran. Went bankrupt and didn't do anything with the project.…

      So if you were hoping to hear from these thieves, don't bother. The money has been stolen and I am never backing another project.

    21. Resource on

      If you guys have gone bankrupt, at least send us the headphones and the hardware, working or not.

      If bankruptcy is the issue, at least be honest about it, clearly Kamil Adamczyk has gone to start a new company, his linkedin shows this. He now is Co-Founder at Cardio Technology, give us a post, say you ran out of money and apologize. We paid your salary so you can attempt this product, it was a good idea, so be honest about the failure.

    22. Robert Ireland on

      Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear that the creator hasn’t responded to your concerns about this project. When creators go silent, we know that this can damage backers’ trust. We’ve reached out asking them to take time to respond to backers, as well as post an update on their progress so far. It’s important to remember, however, that each creator will approach their project differently, and issues may come up that delay the process.

      We do our best to try and help creators when they run into these situations. We set up a resource page of services to help with project completion, and try and communicate backer sentiment when we hear it from our community. Ultimately, creators are responsible for their own behavior — from communication and engagement to fulfillment. A big part of Kickstarter’s mission is to support creative freedom and independence; we don’t step into the actual creative process itself.

      I’d encourage you to keep reaching out to the creator to ask for an update, and stress that even a short note that they’re still working on it would be preferable to silence. If you’ve already tried that and haven’t received a response through Kickstarter messaging, you might want to consider reaching out through other channels such as a creator’s own website, where available.

      Thanks for being a thoughtful backer and part of the Kickstarter community. I hope you hear more from this creator soon.

    23. Missing avatar

      Yuriy Salvation on

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)

      Jul 4, 4:38 PM EDT

      Hi Yuriy,

      I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing frustration with this project.

      If you are interested in getting a refund for this project, please reach out directly to the creator. While we work with creators to help them find funding for their projects, all money raised goes directly to the creator and is managed by the creator (with only a small fee passing through Kickstarter's hands).

      To get in contact with a creator, I recommend messaging them through our platform, leaving a comment on their page, or reaching out through their social channels or website (where they might be more readily available for questions).

      Though I can't assist directly with getting a reimbursement, I am here to help. Hiccups can happen along the way when bringing a creative idea to life, but that shouldn't turn into a bad experience for you as a backer. I hope this matter is resolved soon and am happy to help if you have any other questions or concerns.


    24. Missing avatar

      DonnyC on

      Any response from Kickstarter or creators?

    25. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson on


    26. Missing avatar

      Harri Konola on

      Hello guys!
      Just like you, I am one of the unlucky ones that backed this project. As you have surely noted, the employees and founders of Neuroon have not been active in communicating with us and nobody seems to have any idea how (or if) the project is advancing.
      That is why we have created a group in facebook with an aim to improve the situation of all backers. We will discuss our possibilities and perhaps even seek legal action. Feel free to join our discussion and aid our common cause!


    27. Jean-François Baure on

      @Ragway: yes, Europe has funded both Inteliclinic (1.7 M$) & Cardio Technology. They might be interested to know that Inteliclinic has gone bankrupt despite their large funding. We are going to let them know.

    28. Missing avatar

      Wesley Blackwood

      Just reported it.

    29. Robert Ireland on

      For what good it will do, I've reported it to kickstarter. Maybe they can help, I know they've investigated things before, but it's still unlikely anyone will get a refund. I ripped the video of the thieving, lying weasel and put it on youtube. I can't believe his next venture involves implanting things into peoples brains. That's one project I really hope he fails on

    30. Robert Ireland on

      Let's all be honest here. We fell for the hair. Well, that and the stethoscope

    31. Missing avatar

      Ragway on

      Isn't the European agency for SME (which granted 1.7 M€) bothered to see their money go to waste ? I mean the guy got money from public investment (basically money from taxes) not only once but twice ! At one point, they must realize that this guy is selling (lucid ?) dreams and getting away with it...

    32. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson on

      Full scam. If I don't get a refund, I will never back another kickstarter project. I am ok with losing all my money if an attempt to make the product in good faith was tried and they failed. This was a pure scam.

    33. Jean-François Baure on

      @Robert. Ok for the risk of crowfunding but on this 2nd project, they were largely reduced by the existence of Neuroon v1 (the hardware & associated basic app) and the experience gained by Inteliclinic to deliver to backers (even if it was plagued by delays). How to explain that 3 months after two fundraisings and a ~2 $ EU funding, the first employees start to leave the company and 5 months later Inteliclinic filed for bankruptcy ? Again: the core of this 2nd project is the IOS/Android mobile app development (I mean the full fledged app) and except screenshots in october 2017, what do we have ? (oh yeah, hardware production problems).

    34. Jean-François Baure on

      Do not hesitate to leave commentaries at the end of the previous article :…
      ...or even on the Inteliclinic rating on Google:…

    35. Robert Ireland on

      @Yuriy - you can’t. This is the unfortunate risk of crowdfunding.

    36. Missing avatar

      Yuriy Salvation on

      Hello! who knows ways how we can refund money from this project??

    37. Missing avatar

      Ragway on

      So in the end, it seems it was a scam ... Founder's new company began in March and he stopped working in Intelliclinic in June. The person recruited for lucid dreaming left the company in November while the communication officer left in October. The company has filed for bankruptcy in January and yet he still made a follow-up in May. From what I gathered, he must have already quitted when he made this facebook live. This is where the scam is really characterized, knowing you will not succeed and still trying to lie about it. Of course, I am still hopeful or dreaming that this backing will have a nice end but I guess I am dreaming . Too bad for my first backing of a Kickstarter project, not a really good incentive to continue backing other projects. So thank you Neuroon, you not only have disappointed backer but you also have made people more reluctant to back other (more honest) companies ...
      Here is an article on founder's new project (surprised he got a grant...) :…

    38. Robert Ireland on

      I’m a Kokoon backer. They will still deliver. Their campaign has no nothing like this shambles. They could at least send us the bits as a self assembly kit, but I guess can’t afford the postage.

    39. Missing avatar

      astralmind on

      I must admit I was naively trapped into thinking they would deliver on this one (lets face it, KS = failure big time) as they had already sold a reasonable volume of version 1 and seemed well on track. That was my last KS for anything besides games. I'm in the same boat with Kokoon and Angee so yeah, 3 out 3 mega failure.

    40. Jean-François Baure on

      How can Inteliclinic sp. Z oo can be indebted at the end of 2017 ?
      ...when during this year it made:
      - 1 901 104 $ (European Union funds from Horizon 2020)
      - 439 143 $ (Indigogo)
      - 357 769 $ (Kickstarter)
      ... nearing 2.7 M$ for the fiscal year 2017.

    41. Missing avatar

      astralmind on

      Well.. that's it guys, money is gone for good. They filed for bankruptcy so.. no going back. As for cancelling the transaction I doubt your credit card would oblige for such a scenario considering the delay since we made payment and the fact that Kickstarter would certainly not be keen to it.

      I wonder what we've got left to do but it won't be to recover our funds, it'll be more for therapeutic entertainment value at this point. Failures can happen but the way this has been handled has been above dishonest - there has been plenty of opportunity to communicate that things were going sides ways but instead we got silence and eventually a 'live session' on Facebook that was meant to make us believe there was still something happening.

      Don't expect any form of update going on.

    42. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson on

      From The Poland Bankruptcy Court:

      Inteliclinic sp. Z oo
      Status: In progress
      Court: District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 10th Commercial Department for bankruptcy and restructuring matters

      Dear Sir or Madam,

      Please be advised that the decision of the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 10th Commercial Department for Bankruptcy and Restructuring, dated 19 December 2017 (file reference No. X GR 102/17), accelerated arrangement proceedings were opened for the company INTELICLINIC sp. Z oo with its registered office in Warsaw (hereinafter referred to as "Company "). Zimmerman Filipiak Restrukturyzacja SA has been appointed as the court overseer for this proceeding. The function of the judge-commissioner is performed by SSR Piotr Kędzierski.

      The opening of the restructuring proceedings does not adversely affect the operations of Inteliclinic sp. Z o.o. The company - as it has done so far - conducts business operations, implements concluded contracts and may conclude new contracts.

      The basic change is the protection of the Company against enforcement proceedings (prohibition of initiating enforcement against Inteliclinic sp. Z oo and the fact that debts incurred before 19 December 2017 will be subject to restructuring on the terms specified in the arrangement proposals (arrangement proposals will be delivered to each creditor at its headquarters in the coming weeks).

    43. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson on

      The creators have filed for bankruptcy and claim that all of our money is gone.…

      Call your credit card company now as soon as possible and see if you can get your money back.

    44. Missing avatar

      DonnyC on

      Any update creators?

    45. Jean-François Baure on,INTELICLINIC_SP%C3%93%C5%81KA_Z_OGRANICZON%C4%84_ODPOWIEDZIALNO%C5%9ACI%C4%84

      Would it mean that Inteliclinic has already sought a sort of chapter 11 bankruptcy procedure ? (which grants a debtor what is known as an automatic stay from the enforcement actions of creditors).

    46. Manlio Lo Giudice on

      i've asked to join the FB group....

    47. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson on
      CEO Just quit with our money... Everyone needs to be mad and thinking about legal action.

    48. Missing avatar

      Spencer Patterson on

      How do we know what was in those boxes? Could be dildos. The owner of the company changed his linkedin and basically took the money and ran. WHAT A JOKE! Calling my credit card company now. Someone needs to start legal action against this company. No contact, not answering facebook, email, nothing. I sent them a message on facebook asking the status and they blocked me. BACKERS NEED TO BE OUTRAGED RIGHT NOW ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Missing avatar

      astralmind on

      So... last update is a picture of boxes being loaded in your car and..nothing for one month again. Come on guys, this is turning in an absolutely insulting joke.

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