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A simple and portable coffee brewer that utilises pressure to brew delicious full-bodied coffee in under a minute.
The portable coffee brewer that utilises its own accumulated pressure to brew delicious coffee in under a minute. We are now live on Indiegogo!
The portable coffee brewer that utilises its own accumulated pressure to brew delicious coffee in under a minute. We are now live on Indiegogo!
528 backers pledged NOK 388,258 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      carl 3 days ago

      Hi I just pledged but forgot to do the add-on. Now I can’t seem to find where to do it. Though I believe it’s the last minutes of the allotted time so maybe that’s affecting it. Glad I made it,

    2. Pavel Družba
      3 days ago

      Hey crowdfunders :) anyone else to raise the pledge to two units? It would be so nice if we get to 450 000 for the last stretch goal, but I allready have two units and both of the additional filters :D Contemplating about the workshop with Tim, but its really far from us ... soo ... yeah :D

    3. SteepShot Creator 3 days ago

      @Colin: It is dishwasher safe. Thanks.

    4. Colin Taberman 3 days ago

      I’ve watched the washing video. However, can this go in a dishwasher or is that not recommended?

    5. SteepShot Creator 3 days ago

      @Lars: For Norwegian backers, we ship from Norway, so no need to worry about extra duties/taxes.
      For backers outside of Norway, we ship from Germany, so import taxes may apply depending on where you are.

    6. Missing avatar

      Lars H. Kurverud 3 days ago

      Will the product be sent from Norway or abroad? (Will Norwegian have to pay mva/tax?)

    7. SteepShot Creator 4 days ago

      @Maciej: If you mean a lid with a spout to drink from; no, not at this stage. But it will be taken into consideration. Thanks.

    8. Maciej 4 days ago

      Any plans for the lid so we could use SteepShot as a regular thermo cup?

    9. Missing avatar

      on April 11

      Thanks Pavel and Ari.
      So I'll wait for the survey to add the TW filter later.
      Thanks a lot!

    10. Pavel Družba
      on April 9

      Thank you Ari, another very enjoyable update :)

    11. SteepShot Creator on April 5

      @Lois: That’s an excellent question, and I’m sorry I’m unable to give as detailed an answer to this. September is fast approaching, and of course anything can happen, but I’m confident that we will make the deadline. We have multiple production alternatives and there will definitely be back-ups on this front. I’ll refer to the “Risks and Challenges” section on the page and say that I will do everything in my power to ensure SteepShot is delivered on time.

    12. Pavel Družba
      on April 5

      Ah ... thank you Ari ... I will add all of them at once then. Your paper filter will be different from aeropress ones? If not I will add only your mesh and TW (unless your mesh is same material as KohiLabs, then I would add only TW :D )

    13. SteepShot Creator on April 5

      Hi, we will be adding our Mesh-, Standard-, paper- and TW-filter very soon to the add-ons. Our Mesh-filter (60 microns to balance flow/sediments) will be NOK 180. Thanks, Ari H.

    14. Missing avatar

      Lois on April 5

      Thank you for the previous answer about amount of coffee result.

      Since there's two more weeks left until the campaign is over.
      Has there been any strategies and back-up plans for problem in manufactures?

      Manufacturing projects are usually late for close to half year, or more.
      Commonly, from difficulties of sealing a deal with the factory, need to revise the final prototype for mass production, partners that can't fulfil their deadline, components that are not up to specification and have to be redesigned, until problem with shipment company.

      So has the proposed timeline put this "Kickstarter tradition" extra time into consideration or it's still the most based on most optimistic assumption ? :)

      It's like a norm already so many experienced backers wouldn't expect makers to be able to deliver on time. But those who do deliver on time and up to the original quality would get more respect :)

    15. Pavel Družba
      on April 5

      @MdGP - found it in comments ... add NOK 185

    16. Pavel Družba
      on April 5

      @MgDP - you just need to raise your pledge by amount mentioned somewhere ... i would bet it should be in some update.

    17. Missing avatar

      on April 4

      Hi Ari. Thanks for the reply. The promise of having less particles sounds really attractive! How can I add the other filter to my pledge?

    18. SteepShot Creator on April 3

      @Martin: You have done it absolutely correctly. Thank you so much for your support! Ari H.

    19. Martin Lehmann on April 3

      Congratulations on reaching the target!

      I got one of the Super Early Bird rewards, but would like to add another SteepShot. Update #1 says:

      > How do I add an extra SteepShot to my current pledge?
      > If you add 650,- NOK to your pledge you are guaranteed an extra SteepShot for your grandma, uncle, boss, the easter bunny or whoever else you want to send some coffee love to.

      I've added 650 NOK to my original pledge (so I have now pledged 400 for the Super Early Bird SteepShot + 150 for shipping + 650 for the second SteepShot = a total of 1200 NOK), but I have not changed my requested reward.

      Is what I have done enough to get me two of the things, or do I need to do anything else to my pledge? :)

    20. SteepShot Creator on April 1

      Thanks Pavel, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Coffee Nerd-Out series! I’ll be sure to let you know when the plans for larger vessels are in motion. Ari H.

    21. Pavel Družba
      on March 31

      @Ari ... wow, great update, exactly the kind of depth and information density I really enjoy, love it an cant wait for more.
      Regarding stretch goals, large vessel sounds great to me, I usually brew between 240-500ml (for 2-3 persons) so, it would fit me well. Desktop mounted version sound really interesting too ... I really like the combination of simplicity and depth SteepShot presents.

    22. Leon Everton
      on March 30

      @Creator Thanks for your detailed answer.

    23. SteepShot Creator on March 30

      @Leon: Sorry about delay,
      with the standard cup size (bigger cup size will be available if our stretch goal is met), using recommended max level of water 200 gram (2 dl); the finished brew will be approx 180 grams (1.8 dl.).
      Oomph seems like an interesting concept, and I’m always excited to see more coffee ideas out there. I have not tried the Oomph, but after seeing some videos on YouTube, my initial thoughts are that SteepShot is a simpler design. SteepShot only has two main parts and one purpose: using its own accumulated pressure to separate the grounds from the coffee fast. No manual pressure is needed and no extra parts.
      SteepShot is more about simplicity and playing with extraction-time vs. grind-size and different filters. SteepShot prioritizes flavor and the simplicity of adjusting your brew to your individual taste. I also think that SteepShot is the fastest brewer on the market, where brewing time can be as little as 30 seconds, and when cleaning is 20, the whole operation will be in under one minute.

      @Andriy: Any grind size will do. The coarser the grounds, the longer the steep time.
      To quote Odd-Steinar Tøllefsen “Due to the combination of short extraction time, fine grinding and metal filter, you will have a full bodied coffee with heavy flavors and complexity. Very difficult to compare it with other brewing methods, but somewhere in between French press, Bialetti and Aeropress… Very enjoyable and interesting!”
      Sorry, we are not incorporating any extra weight measurement-device.

      @MdGP: The mesh-filter is more dense, letting through less particles. Because of this, its flow-rate is a little slower when used on finer grinds.

      @Pavel: Thanks a lot! As mentioned in our campaign, we want to develop a dispenser for portioning the coffee, fitting inside the brewer. I also want to make bigger containers, allowing for batch-brewing. My first ever prototype was a 1.2 litre thermos which produced 6 dl. Coffee. Another goal is to make a mounted “desktop-version” of SteepShot with a valve, an easy filter/bin-release at the bottom and a lid on top.

      @Mikel: Thank you so much! I will send a note to Tim, asking if he can bring a SteepShot to the KaffeFest.

    24. Mikel Duynisveld on March 30

      Congrats on achieving the funding for your project.
      Looking forward to check out this brewer.
      I am a roaster and will be attending at the Nordic Approach KaffeFest next week, looking forward to try the Steep Shot there.

    25. Pavel Družba
      on March 30

      @Ari - congratulations to achieving your goal! Have you thought of some stretch goals ;)

    26. Pavel Družba
      on March 30

      @Leon ... my guess is the main difference is that steepshot builds up pressure inside, and thus brews faster. And also uses the same pressure to get the coffee through the filter at the end. Oomph is one of those “lets make frenchpress better” devices.

    27. Pavel Družba
      on March 30

      @Leon .. little bit of patience, if you look through the comments Ari regurarly responds, so ... :)

    28. Leon Everton
      on March 29

      @Creator you can send out a update but you can't answer our questions? Uh huh very good..........

    29. Missing avatar

      on March 29

      What should we expect to be the difference between the two available metal filters?

    30. Missing avatar

      Andriy on March 29

      What grind size is recommended for SteepShot? How would you compare the resulting coffee with V60 or Aeropress? Do you plan to include any type of bean weight measurement to reduce dependency from scale?

    31. Leon Everton
      on March 28

      How much coffee will the SteepShot disperse in total? What's the difference between your product and say an Oomph coffee maker?

    32. SteepShot Creator on March 28

      Hi Daniel, glad you asked! Yes, there will be marking of max. water level inside the brewer. Thanks, Ari H.

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel Webb on March 28

      Will there be a max-water line etched on the inside of the brewer to make it easier when brewing?

    34. SteepShot Creator on March 28

      @Lois: I have investigated and did some measurements: I brew with my favorite recipe: 14 grams of coffee and 200 grams of boiling water brewing for 30 seconds, before I shot it out. Actually, I poured little bit more water in; 203 grams to be exact. 
The finished brew weighed 182 grams.
      Conclusion: 203 - 182 = 21 grams of water that was left inside the brewer. This water was all soaked up by the grounds. The grounds was fairly dry; no floating liquid could be seen. Thanks, Ari H.

      @Melissa M: If backers add NOK 185 to any pledge, we will enclose the extra TW-metal-filter. Thank you for your support! Ari H.

    35. Missing avatar

      Melissa M
      on March 28

      There is only one pledge that contains the Tim filter and it's already spoken for. Can I add more money to my pledge to get the Tim filter as well? If so, how much should I add. I would like one but the pledge is no longer available.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lois on March 26

      Steepshot: Clarifying the question :)
      I mean, how much water would be left inside the Steepshot at the end of the process ?

      Since these water are in contact with the coffee during the steeping, they would also contain taste elements from the coffee bean right? But they won’t get poured into the cup.

    37. SteepShot Creator on March 26

      @Pavel: thanks for the feedback! So glad you like the format and found it interesting! When it comes to the workshop, we haven’t decided exactly what the format will be, nor what the final themes will be. We are going to plan this with Tim based on input from the backers. All we know is that Tim will be hosting it at his new roastery / office in Oslo. We will get back with more information about this asap though!

      @Rodrigo: The flavour and body will depend on what filter you use, as well as the beans of course. When using a metal filter, the mouthfeel will be similar to a french press, only with a bit less sediment. If you use a paper filter, the result will be more similar to Aeropress or a filter coffee. This is something we are very interested in, so keep an eye out for a “Coffee Nerd Out” all about flavour, body and mouthfeel!

      @Lois: thank you for asking!. Following the guidelines regarding water temperature and amount of liquid, 2dl at 90 degrees Celsius or more, there will be more than enough pressure to force the liquid out through the filter.

    38. Missing avatar

      Lois on March 25

      Sorry, I mean the coffee drink, not the coffee ground.

    39. Missing avatar

      Lois on March 25

      Hasn’t seen the cleaning video, but how much coffee will be left inside the Steep Shot after brewing ?

      Since the coffee will be pressed out by steam from the poured in hot water, there should still be coffee left when the steam pressure left is not enough to push the water through filter right ?

    40. Pavel Družba
      on March 25

      Rodrigo I would bet it will be closest to aeropress, due to some similarities, but it will depend very much on your recipe. Like if you use paper filter and different ratio you might get closer to pour over - or rather to immersion filtered through paper since it will be always immersion style. My guess is that there will be a lot of lattitude of possible outcomes, quite like with aeropress. With a limitation of temperature that has to be above 90, so no 80C brews :))

    41. Rodrigo J Montealegre L on March 24

      How about flavor and body? Is it more similar to a French Press or to a Pour Over?

    42. Pavel Družba
      on March 24

      Great update. Love this format, combining some video and some textnto read, for me its good combination, though a bit more video might be nice. All the mentioned themes sound interesting to me, looking forward to reading them :)

      Regarding cleaning the filters, for me the best especially for mesh filter is Cafiza great to remove the oils from the mesh.

      I have some question regarding the workshop. If you might share some more info about it, to what depths it should dive, and if it will be focused mostly on new users or also us coffee geeks ;)

    43. Pavel Družba
      on March 23

      Thank you - great to hear that. Sure, between brews it makes perfect sense.
      Looking forward to the new videos.

    44. SteepShot Creator on March 23

      Hey guys! Thanks again for your comments and support.
      We are working on a series of updates that will go into much greater detail about filters, cleaning, experimentation and more, so there’s lots more information coming your way soon. Through wanting the video to remain short and simple, there are a lot of details it doesn’t cover, so we look forward to some good coffee discussions in the comment sections of the updates to come.
      @Pavel: The metal filter can easily be taken out. We recommend you do so to wash the brewer more thoroughly once in while, but in between brews a rinse and a shot do the trick. The way the lid is formed makes the coffee grounds collect in a dense puck, which is easily tipped out. This is sadly not shown in the video. It’s important to also note that SteepShot is dishwasher safe.

    45. Missing avatar

      Chow Weng Guan on March 23

      Pledged from Malaysia! Can't wait till I get to enjoy good coffee with Steep Shot, however I would love to see more detailed video guide and explanation on the outcome of different grind size, water temp, and time, as this would help us understand more on the product.

    46. Pavel Družba
      on March 22

      @Daniel Hello :) well sure, I know it will be possible to remove it, the think is if it will be also easy and handy to do so :) (Which I hope for, because both the metal discs with fine holes and the mesh filters clog quite easily, the mesh filter needs a cafiza bath regularly ... so I will remove them for sure :D )

    47. Eric Iversen on March 21

      +1 for demo session in Oslo

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel Webb on March 21

      I guess that doing a rinse shot would help clear the metal filter out, that’s what I tend to do with my aeropress at least, and then every now and again wash it in a cleaning solution. I think the filter should be pretty easy to remove, as Ari mentioned that you can use paper aeropress filters too :-)

    49. Pavel Družba
      on March 21

      Thank you :) the video left me a little confused though - I would expect the metal filter to be taken out and cleaned separately - is it ment to be a somewhat permanent part that does not need to be removed for cleaning? Also if I may ask - could you please add some details about the differences between the standart metal filter and Tims special metal filter? Not sure what most people might be able to reference to, but maybe a comparison to say able disk coarse and fine could help? Another question I have regarding a filter compatibility - I very much like using Kohi labs metal mesh filter (just a mesh circle without a solid ring on the edge) - will it be also compatible with the device?

    50. SteepShot Creator on March 21

      Hey all!
      First of thanks for you comments, and sorry it took a while to reply. It’s been a whild two days since we launched. :D

      Regarding add-ons:
      We are new to this whole Kickstarter thing, and forgot to add thous to the campaign page. However, we are on it. The add-on we currently have live is to add 650,- if you wish for an extra SteepShot to your pledge.
      We might add more pledges in the future. ;) And we'll keep you posted on the update section.

      Regarding washing:
      I'm glad you asked, as we actually filmed a quick clip of Tim showing us how it's done when we had him in the kitchen. You can have a gander at i here.

      The short version is basically what Pavel said. However, what the video does not show is that the way the lid is shaped it collects most of the coffee waste as a dence puck which is easily tipped over the bin. Then wash as shown on the video.

      If there is anything else you wish to know, let us know.
      If there is enough local interest we might set up a demo spot in Oslo after Easter. Let us know if anyone is keen. :)

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