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Leave your phone behind. Music, calls, and fitness trackers all-in-one.Voice-controlled AI.15,000 skills with Alexa.Noise cancellation.
Leave your phone behind. Music, calls, and fitness trackers all-in-one.Voice-controlled AI.15,000 skills with Alexa.Noise cancellation.
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Bone Conduction Mic Update

Posted by Inspero Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We truly appreciate your continuous support and patience!  The Vinci Team is working very hard to deliver your products to you as soon as possible without sacrificing any quality. We're happy and proud to provide an update on the smooth progress of Vinci 2.0 Super's bone conduction mic development. Please check out the bone conduction mic test below.

Experiment conditions:

The speech (audio file below) was recorded with the speaker wearing a bone conduction microphone on a Vinci 2.0 prototype, simultaneously with traditional air conduction (MEMS type) microphone. The bone conduction mic was recorded in the L (left) channel of the audio file and air conduction mic was recorded in the R (right) channel. External noise, a background music playing “Hotel California”, was introduced during the experiment.

How to Listen to the Audio File?

Because the sound was recorded using both a bone conduction mic and a air conduction mic simultaneously for best comparison, you will need to be able to switch to Left-only channel or Right-only channel to hear the noise cancelling effect of the bone conduction mic.

If you use Mac, go to System Preferences —> Sound —> Switch sound to Left-only or Right-only. 

If you use Windows, go to Control Panel —> Audio and Sound Settings —> Switch sound to Left-Only or Right-only


1. Listen to the audio file with the balance setting in the middle (with both L and R on for stereo sound). You will hear a person speaking with the background music. 

2. Switch to L channel only and listen to the audio file again. Now, you will only hear the sound recorded by the bone conduction mic, as it blocks out the ambient noise. 

3. Switch to R channel only, and you will hear both the speaker and the ambient music noise, as the air conduction mic records everything.


The bone conduction mic successfully blocked out external noise and only recorded the speaker’s voice. This application will not only be helpful for the AI voice commands but also for taking phone calls in noisy and crowded areas. 

More updates to come!


Vinci Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Yip on

      When you ship out?

    2. Gearald William Becker

      Here's an idea for a simpler way to compare the two channels: just use earphones and remove the one you *don't* want to hear at the moment!

    3. Missing avatar

      Tomasz Walach on

      Yes, It can block background sounds, but the speech after noise-cancellation sounds strange, like robot :)

    4. Missing avatar


      Awesome !! Sounds great