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Shipping and Happy Holidays!

Posted by Conor McGoey (Creator)

Shipping Update

Thank you to those who are still waiting patiently on their game to arrive. I have inquired with Send From China, but until the games have passed their 7-20 day delivery window, they don't consider them late or missing. 

It also appears that some packages are tracked better than others (I have NO idea why!) and that some are "in transit" or "air shipment" for 7-14 days with no change in tracking, and then all the sudden change to “arrived at the place of delivery.”

So unfortunately all I can ask is for you to continue to be patient as they might change status anytime. I have also found that seems to be the most accurate tracking platform that allows translation! (Look for the "Translate" button on bottom right!) This should help all of you getting notes in Chinese.

Please note that I won’t answer personal delivery questions in the comments section, so if you still haven't received your game, or updated tracking information by the end of the month reach out to me via info(@) and I'll see what I can track down.

Replacement Parts

For those of you missing components (mostly the original EU shipment), or with damages or other issues, I cannot send out replacement parts until I have the "extra components" they include in every order. I likely won't receive them until the 2nd or 3rd week of January. 

Happy holidays from my family to you!

Family Update

I got in a little trouble for only talking business last time ;) so as requested here is a little update on the family.

Unfortunately right now the whole lot of us have a cold and Kilianne an earache (she gets horrible ones!) It's so lame that I actually had to take my first "sick day" of 2018 yesterday and only got a half day in the office, which is bad timing for Christmas, and getting everything organized going into Christmas! 

For Christmas my parents have given us a family membership at one of the local ski hills, Mount Baldy, so we have been trying to get out "regularly." I had skied as a kid, and like riding a bike, it came back to me quickly. When we went out two weekends ago Dahlia (the youngest) was tired and complained about her feet hurting after only a few runs. We didn't push her, as we don't want to  turn her off the sport (and she had really enjoyed it the two times we went last year.)

Fast forward to last weekend when they were all asking us to go skiing again (even though Caleb had started this cold.) It was great, and everyone was visibly improving each time they went down the hill. Eventually Kilianne and Caleb got tired of the "Bunny" run and wanted to go down one of the larger runs. Unfortunately because we haven't had much snow this year the only other run that was open was only accessible by "T-bar." 

Now t-bars are tricky when you are used to them, never mind when you are inexperienced or have a large height/weight difference.  (For those of you wondering what a t-bar is, THIS will show you. Its basically a wood/plastic bar that you place behind you and it PULLS you up the hill, it doesn't CARRY you. It has "elasticity" to compensate for the movement and the "ups and downs" of the trail up the mountain.) Anyway, my sister offers to take Kilianne up the hill as I watch Caleb and Dahlia (who is now having a blast on the hill). 

A few minutes later I see my sister and Kilianne back at the bottom of the hill. Apparently they fell off a little way up and came back down. Caleb, not wanting to miss out asked for it to be his turn. And being the genius father that I am I saw this as a great learning opportunity. Either we make it up and he gets confident, or we fall off and like his sister he stops asking to go up until the chair lift is open :)

We started off fine. I explained about not sitting on it, but letting it pull you... but unfortunately I didn't think about how the height difference would mess with both of us. Our smooth ride started looking like we had one to many eggnogs as we started up the steeper bumpy section. Then all the sudden the ground went down as the lift went up and our height difference screwed us. Caleb couldn't "grow" to my height, so he went down and brought the  lift with him. My counter weight wasn't there anymore so he dropped quickly and the lift disappeared from my support. We both went down in a pile of limbs and skis.

Now that's not the tricky part. The tricky part is knowing your a human knot with giant skies AND there is another t-bar with passengers coming up the narrow path in seconds. 

I grab Caleb by the back of his jacket and throw him out of the way into the snow bank, and very ungraciously shimmy myself and my gear out of the way. He's now upset at having fallen, and then getting "thrown" by Papa into the snow! And we are nowhere with an easy descent. We unlock our skis and carry them out of the woods to the nearest run - the "Main."

Explaining that we didn't have a choice to get down, a sad and snow covered Caleb put his skis back on and we rode down the final stretch of the Main and over to the Bunny hill. "Papa, I think we can wait until the chair lift is open." I'm not sure that was a win...

But even after all that, they wanted to go back the next day!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dominique Lainé on

      I dont receive my French Canadian game

    2. Missing avatar

      Ian McNear on

      Just got my game!

    3. Scott Summerton on

      Where are we at for local pickup? :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Jas on

      I got my game today. Looks great! The way it was wrapped for shipping is awesome! The outside mailer was beat to hell but the game was perfect.
      It actually arrived before the weekend, but it was a package that had to be signed for. Used to be that they would try to deliver again, but apparently that is no longer the case, so I went over to the PO to pick it up this afternoon.
      Really love it, thank you!

    5. Sirius Man on

      This has started shipping? I didn't even get a notification yet....

    6. Orlando Sarduy on

      Conor I just received my deluxe copy and several cards were severely damaged (cards torn). What is the process for replacements being sent and will it take as long as the original mailing? Sucks to finally get the game and not be able to play it.

    7. Nsan on

      @Conor : i just received my copy (in France) and i must say i never had such a quality game for the low price (deluxe edition) i paid for !!!

      Everything feels great ! Poker chips, tuck box, plastic cards, the box ... i mean how could you manage to make everything look so great for such a good price ?

      i'm really loving it and you made my day :)

      Thanks Conor for your game :D

    8. René Schultze

      Happy holidays! :)

    9. Missing avatar


      Happy Holidays to you and your family. We just fought off a family plague ourselves. (I'm the last with lingering symptoms.) I hope you all get well soon!

    10. CyberTaniwha on

      @ConorMcGoey Thank you for your hard work, I received my package in New Zealand yesterday, just in time for Christmas. Had a quick game with my wife last night which she won. Loved the fact the game came with corner protectors, such a small thing that is over looked by so many game makers, and its these small things that make a product. Love your work, have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Best wishes from us in lil ol New Zealand.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tony Balazs on

      I go to Baldy with my wife’s fam a lot. They are from Oliver. Might end up on the hill next to you guys this week and not even know it. Have fun.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Kent on

      No worries on arrival delays, that happens. Should we have received a shipping notice though? I’m in Canada and haven’t seen one yet.

      Have a good holiday!

    13. The Bearded Lady

      Mine arrived today in Sheffield England. Looks amazing! Can't wait to play! Thank you!

    14. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      Happy Holidays to you and your family Conor.