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Shipping! Almost shipped, on it's way, or in your hands!

Posted by Conor McGoey (Creator)

Hello Gladiators,

Thank you for the continued excitement and patience. It's great to hear about those of you who have been receiving your games around the world. And I apologize to those that are frustrated at not having received your copy yet. If it's any consolation, it stresses me out even more knowing that I have let some of you down, and I continue to work hard to keep everything moving smoothly.

Shipping Updates

  • US Backers - These games started shipping out earlier last week so you should be receiving your games within the next week or two. There seems to be an issue with the notification emails not being received so I am waiting to hear back from the fulfilment centre on the reason why, and the remedy.
  • Canadian Backers - The postal strike has been forced to end so these orders are all being uploaded into their system and should begin shipping in the next few days. Thunder Bay Pick Up - These were sent via ocean freight and are estimated to arrive in southern Ontario by mid-month so we should have them here shortly after. I will keep you updated.
  • European Union -  Most countries are in the process of receiving their games from Happy Shops (Germany). France and UK are sending direct from China. If you haven't received a shipping notification yet you should be soon. I am hearing of US backers not getting notifications either so I am trying to track down this issue. I will update you as soon as I know more, but rest assured your games are shipping!
  • Rest of World - Your orders are also shipping direct from China and are in the process of mailing out so I am hoping you'll have them within the next week or two.

*Bundled Games should be shipping (or have shipped) out all together. Please let me know if you have any issues.

PAX Unplugged

Our little booth in the furthest corner of the con!
Our little booth in the furthest corner of the con!

Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi and get your hug :D It was so nice to see and meet you, and you have no idea how much I appreciate your support of me at PAX while you are waiting for your games to arrive. The significance of that is not lost upon me, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

 And to clarify, we did have both versions (Retail, and Premium) for sale at PAX but both were more expensive than what you pledged including what you added for shipping. Also, Inside Up Games will continue to sell the Premium version through conventions and online as we always have to order more than we need. However it will not be available in retail except by those retailers who backed the Kickstarter, and even then they will only have quantities they purchased from the campaign.


I unfortunately don't have a family update as I have been so busy with Gorus fulfilment and PAX. That said, I was so happy to be home with them yesterday as it seems like they grow every time I am away!

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    1. Greg Smith on

      The kickstarter is marked EU friendly however shipping from China will incur import taxes to the uk. How is this being handled?

    2. Missing avatar

      Patrik Naef on

      Are you shipping with Aramex?
      I got an email, but it did not say what for...just a thanks that I am using their services. :)

    3. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      @Robert - Yes, they have fixed the email issue so you should get a note when it ships.
      @Ian - Yes you will receive a notice when it ships.
      @Frank - Your order is packed and "pending shipping." :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Frank Le on

      @Connor, any update from China regarding Netherlands shipment?

    5. Missing avatar

      Ian McNear on

      Has there been any word on the tracking information yet for US orders?

    6. Missing avatar

      Joel A Mann

      NO tracking number and no game here yet. Oregon USA.

    7. Missing avatar

      Frank Le on

      @nsan damn lucky u! still waiting here...

    8. Scott Summerton on

      @Conor: Cool cool, Vault Assault was a hit as a Christmas gift last year so I'd love to repeat with Gorus Maximus :D

    9. Nsan on

      I just received my mail from SFC in China saying my order was shipped today :)
      I don't know how long it will take, but im happy its happening. Fingers crossed to get it before Xmas :)

    10. Robert Pittman

      Any update on the email issue? Just wanna eyeball the shipping info, need it so I know when to host my next game night. Gorus Maximus is the center of the next one. Friends and I are all excited. :)

    11. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      @Nsan - Still in China, but that will still be a lot faster than if I sent it by boat, and then by EU Post :D

    12. Missing avatar

      Frank Le on

      @nian: still in China I think

    13. Nsan on

      Thx Conor for your anwser !
      When you say my order is in the shipping cue, does that mean it is still in China or is already out ?

    14. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      @Scott - Yes I will ship extra copies to Thunder Bay for local stores and orders.

    15. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      @Frank, Robert and Patrick - Netherlands and Switzerland are shipping from China as well. And I can see your orders in the shipping cue so they should be mailing out shortly.

      @Nsan - This was a freight error from the manufacturer to the EU. They were supposed to send 1,000 units but only sent 720. And of those units they sent too many "Retail" versions when I needed "Premium" versions. So Happy Shops does not have the units needed to fulfil all of the EU. The missing shipments have been made up by China split by cost to ensure I wouldn't lose too much money. I see your order in the shipping cue so it should be heading out shortly. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    16. Nsan on

      Why French and English backers are getting their games through China and not from HS like the other European countries ?

    17. Ed Kowalczewski

      Met up at PAX- outfit looked even cooler IRL.

    18. K4REL on

      Here another one from the Netherlands :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Roberto Mol

      @Conor could you post the status for the Netherlands here too? We are small in numbers, but Frank isn't the only Dutch backer:P

    20. Scott Summerton on

      Sweet! Looking forward for the go-ahead to grab mine in person! :D

      Any idea if there will be extra copies available to buy at that time?

    21. Missing avatar

      Patrik Naef on

      Hi Conor!
      Do you know if Switzerland belongs to the EU (I know it doesn‘t, but I mean the distance would be the same ;-)) or to the rest of the world?
      Thanks :)

    22. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      @Frank - I will have a look and PM you. (I can't remember off the top of my sleep-deprived head.)
      @Vinicius - Yes all packages sent from the Chinese fulfilment centre should have tracking numbers. (I am still waiting to hear about the notification email issue which should contain this info.)
      @Nomadic - Thank you :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Nomadic Alchemist on

      Croatia here, the game was delivered yesterday. LOVING IT! Thanks Conor :)

    24. Vinicius Alves

      @Conor, are ROW backers getting tracking numbers?

    25. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      @Chris - US games are shipping straight from China to avoid the 3-5 week ocean freight.

    26. Missing avatar

      Frank Le on

      What about the Netherlands?

    27. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      Thanks for the update. Looking forward to getting this awesome game :)

    28. Chris Perz

      Quick question. Where are the US games being shipped from? Are they being shipped from China or are they being shipped from within the US?