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Shipping Update

Posted by Conor McGoey (Creator)

Hello you wonderfully patient people!

I have been trying to get concrete dates from the fulfilment houses, but the best answer I have gotten is that games will start shipping as soon as possible.  Likely in the next week, maybe two if issues on their end persist.

ALL backers (except most of EU getting packages from Happy Shops.)

These units have all been re-checked by the factory, re-sealed, and re-packaged. They have made their way from the factory to the fulfilment centre. All 2,000+ copies and their shipping information is being entered into their system.

The last email from the fulfilment centre before receiving the stock read: "SFC warehouse do quality check and put your product on shelf, then you or me upload order sheet to SFC system and warehouse pick-pack your order before send them to consignees."

They already have all the detailed shipping information and should begin the shipping prep and process in the next week.

**Backers worried about import fees or delays - I have been assured by the fulfilment house that due to the size and cost of the games they will NOT be affected as they are under the requirements. However, if you are somehow affected please contact me directly and I will make it right :)

** CANADIAN BACKERS - Due to local strikes by Canada Post there will be delays and service interruptions. I don't have more information than this at this time, but packages will continue to be mailed out when possible.** 

EU Shipments from Happy Shops

This is the latest email I received from Happy Shops (who has the stock from Essen.)

"Yes, Conor, it has arrived this Tuesaday, finally! We haven't been able to book your games yet: The half team is sick at home and the other colleagues couldn't do anything because of a server problem. our web shop and our system didn't work for some days and so had some delays. Right now the most priority has all the shipments that go out. I will talk to my warehouse team about the Essen pallets and hope we can book asap!"

Happy Shops has all the backer information, the games, and the shipping material so once they are back online these will move out quickly.

Again I apologize for the delay, but it is important to me that the games arrive complete and playable! :)


PAX Unplugged!

Just a reminder that we will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia at the end of the month. If you are attending please stop by to say hello - we are in booth 1659 :)



Things have actually been pretty quite on the home front. We were so happy to be home with the kids after Essen, but then got so busy pushing the freight and shipping of Gorus and preparing for PAX that we haven't had many adventures (or injuries.)

We have had our first snowfall (of many) and the kids love to play outside. 

Dahlia making a "snow angel" on our back deck.
Dahlia making a "snow angel" on our back deck.

We also have shorter days in the winter, which means it's darker earlier, and that creates the perfect conditions for 'Hide and Seek in the Dark" :D

Yes, I am wearing hearing protection so I can't hear them moving around the house or making any small noises while hiding. I have to level the playing field somehow as I do have years of experience! ;)
Yes, I am wearing hearing protection so I can't hear them moving around the house or making any small noises while hiding. I have to level the playing field somehow as I do have years of experience! ;)


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    1. Scott Summerton on

      @Conor That's a bummer on the freight but all is good. I'm happy to know you're continuing the local pickup honestly :D

    2. Missing avatar


      People really should stop using happy shops / spiele offensive.
      every year at this time they came up with the same stupid excuses.

    3. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      @Andy - Yes bundled games will be shipping together.
      @Roar - I am very sorry to hear about your experience with Happy Shops. I have used them on 3 projects and with 2 convention support and they have always done a good job for me :)
      @Scott - Thunder Bay pick-up will be delayed to due the slowed ocean freight unfortunately.
      @Jeranon - The plan was to use S&L, but with the delays that would have added another 5-6 weeks due to ocean freight. I didn't want backers waiting that long so I am having them shipped right from China and it appears CP is their local partner.

    4. jeranon

      As a Canadian backer, why are we using CP?

    5. Scott Summerton on

      Awesome news! Any word on the local pickup? :)

    6. Roar - The king did not return on

      Thanks for update! I’m sure you are doing everything you can and I’m quite impressed by your achievement so far! Way to go!

      I am however less than pleased to learn that we (the EU backers) are getting our parcels from Happyshops, a company with quite a history of delays. Guess I’ll just have to wait until they are well (their excuse on this project) and until other unspecified projects are completed (their excuse on Dark Souls fulfillment).

    7. Mike Duynhoven on

      Stupid Canada Post... Always creating more issues!

    8. Missing avatar

      Andy Dominguez on

      No worries! Thanks for the update! One question though...if we ordered other games through this campaign (Summit, etc) will we be getting them at the same time as Gorus Maximus?

    9. Missing avatar


      Thank you for the update. Good luck at PAX Unplugged!