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Our first real delay :(

Posted by Conor McGoey (Creator)

Hello Gladiators!

As you can tell from the title we have a delay. Essen went really well (see more below), but while there we found 2 copies of the game with missing cards! (One was a demo copy we used at the booth, and the other was an "Essen Pick up".) Needless to say neither you or I want you to have an incomplete game! The good and bad news is that our games were ready for shipment at the manufacturer in China once their team returned from Essen.

I spoke with them there and they have halted the shipment and are opening and verifying each copy before repackaging it. As of this morning they are estimating a week to get through this process. The fulfilment centre in China is on standby to send out the games as soon as they arrive at their warehouse. 

So with this current estimate they should be shipping out mid November and you should have it shortly after that. I do apologize for this delay and will try to keep the remaining process as smooth as possible. I really hate letting you all down, and I will update you as I hear more.

EU Exceptions

The manufacturer was only able to send 720 copies of the game to Essen for pick up and fulfilment, not the 1,000 I had asked for. And of that amount they sent almost an equal number of Premium and Retail versions instead of the extra Premium I needed.

All of this is to say that Happy Shops will be fulfilling as many EU countries as they can with the stock they have. (Again good and bad news) They should be able to start sending this stock out very soon (maybe as early as next week - I am awaiting confirmation.) But these copies have not been checked. I am hoping the "missing cards" isn't going to affect you, but I won't know until you have it and can check. Luckily it is very easy to do: 0-15 in 5 suits, one preferred school card and 5 scoring cards.

Any EU orders that cannot be fulfilled by Happy Shops in Germany will be fulfilled direct from China so they will not have the 6-7 week ocean freight delay.

This means that a lot of EU backers should receive their games in the next few weeks, and EVERYONE else shortly after that.

Preferred School Tracker

When you get your copy of the game please check the sides of the insert as the preferred school tracker may have shifted during shipping. If you are having trouble finding it, removed the plastic insert and it should be easier to see :D If for some reason it is missing just let me know and we'll get you a replacement!

This piece can move around and get stuck on the sides!
This piece can move around and get stuck on the sides!

 Essen 2018!

My buddy Adhil and I dressed up as gladiators :D
My buddy Adhil and I dressed up as gladiators :D

 Essen was wonderful as always! I love travelling and the crazy number of cultures, languages, ethnicities and nationalities (in such close proximity) always makes me happy. *Being from northern Canada we are use to travelling long distances without even leaving our province!*

Gorus was really well received (so well in fact that people were trying to buy the Premium versions we had set aside for "Essen Pick Up"! We did not let them.) 

And it was great to meet so many of you! I hope I got to hug all those that identified themselves as backers. ( I know some of you snuck in and out :) If you ever see me at a convention please say hi, I would love to meet you!

I was either so busy in the booth, or in costume without pockets, that I didn't get many photos of Essen, but I seem to have gotten a bunch of my volunteer team crammed into elevators :D

So many amazing and generous people!
So many amazing and generous people!

Sharus Maximus!

Those of you who picked up your copies at Essen, and as the rest of you receive them, if you could share your photos, experiences and plays on social media it will help grow the awareness of Gorus Maximus and Inside Up Games. It has a huge impact on a small company - More than you could guess!


Pax Unplugged

I will be at PAX unplugged in Philadelphia Nov 30-Dec 2, in booth 1659, if you are there please stop by and say hi! If not, send a friend, just warn them that I'm a hugger :D 

Hope to see you there!
Hope to see you there!


It is our 10 year wedding anniversary this year so Dominique and I spent a few days in Paris before Spiel. It was wonderful :D

Yes I am lifting her up, she is not 7 feet (2m) tall :)
Yes I am lifting her up, she is not 7 feet (2m) tall :)

 We got home just before Halloween and I combined my Yeti costume from last Spiel with my gladiator costume from this Spiel:

A gladiator Yeti... scared quite a few children and adults alike!
A gladiator Yeti... scared quite a few children and adults alike!
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    1. Daniel on

      Any update on the process? Its been about a week, will they be starting shipping soon?

    2. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      Due to the small size and low price of Gorus Maximus I am told they will not be picked up or held by customs. I can't guarantee that, but if anyone has problems you know I'll make it right :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Dom Bray on

      I didn't know I needed a picture of a grown man dressed as yeti, dressed as a gladiator in my until I got one. Awesome costume!

      And it's just given me a golden idea for an encounter in the D&D campaign I'm running right now...

    4. Rackar

      Happy wedding anniversary !!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      It's all good man! I'd rather wait a tiny bit more than get an incomplete game. Patience is a virtue ❤

    6. K4REL on

      I am guessing you're from NL (correct me if I am wrong) the CA$25 for the premium edition is well below the €22 threshold. (shipping doesn't count) so (for NL at least) as long as you ordered 1 copy there shouldn't be a problem.

    7. John Wrot! on

      That's the best costume I've ever seen!

      See you at PAX, buddy!

    8. douwe on

      "Any EU orders that cannot be fulfilled by Happy Shops in Germany will be fulfilled direct from China so they will not have the 6-7 week ocean freight delay."
      What does this mean for EU-friendly shipping? A package from China will be held up by customs & charged, in my experience

    9. Christopher Coleman
      on Kickstarter delays go, I wouldn't worry yourself too much over an extra week or 2, lol...just thank God you caught it, right? Now THAT would've been a mess...

    10. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      Thanks Ed and Ben, see you there!
      @SharKK - It depends how much of a problem it is. Unfortunately it is common for manufacturers to have small issues. For this reason they provide "extras" to help with missing components. I have worked with 4 different manufacturers and no body is perfect. How they deal with problems is very important!

    11. Missing avatar

      Stuart Rogers on

      HAHA Great halloween mixture. looks like something out of Thor Ragnarok

    12. Ben on

      @Conor - sounds good! :D

      See you at PAX either way!!

    13. SharKK

      You will keep working with this factory for future projects after this unfortunate event?

    14. Ed Kowalczewski

      Gladiator Yeti is...pretty Awesome.
      See/ hug you at PAX.

    15. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      Hey Ben,
      Unfortunately with this delay I don't know if PAX pick up will be an option. It is likely safer to have your games fulfilled directly to avoid any more possible delays. (If this changes I will let you know via private message.)

    16. Ben on

      Is PAX pickup a possible option? I grabbed Summit + yeti in the PM as well and it would be cool to grab them there!

      If not, totally cool :D - very excited to get and play these. my family really enjoyed the PnP