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Express to Essen!

Posted by Conor McGoey (Creator)

Hello gladiators!

I will try and keep this update short and sweet but here is a bullet point summary:

  • Manufacturing finished. Assembly in progress.
  • EU orders will be air-shipped for Essen and EU fulfilment. (Cutting off the 6-7 week ocean freight!)
  • Rest of the world will be fulfilled direct from China, with tracked packages - details below. (Cutting off 3-4 weeks of ocean freight.)
  • VIDEO - Premium Card and Tuck box.
  • "Local Pick Up" backers see details below.
  • Interview and Twitch play of Gorus Maximus on Tabletopia TONIGHT.
  • Incomplete Surveys? Warning!
  • Family Food.


This has been pretty stressful. I knew I had a quick turn around time and even though I had my ducks in a row, we had delays. Unfortunately the 28-29 day manufacturing timeframe didn't include the PVC cards (I wasn't told why...) but THEIR timeframe was 57 days!! Add to that some changes to the plastic insert and the PVC tuck box and here we are.

Currently the components are complete and being assembled into the final games. 


Hearing about the revised PVC included timeline, I have tried to improve upon shipping. 

EU - The manufacturer is pushing to get me one pallet of games prepared and shipped by Friday so it can make it to Essen on time. This same pallet will be the stock used by Happy Shops to fulfil our EU backers. (So the good news is that there isn't the usual 6-7 weeks of ocean freight!)

Rest of the World - After talking with other publishers who had positive experiences, I am using a direct from China fulfilment option. This way the games will be completed and then trucked directly to this fulfilment hub. I have worked closely with them, and thanks to the size and weight of the game (their experience says) we shouldn't have any issues with extra customs, duties or delays.

If you do experience an issue or any "additional fees" due to this change please email me with a copy of the documentation and I will take care of it! You have been so good to me, I don't want any headaches for you!

PVC Cards & Tuck Box!

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with

I don't have components in hand yet but I am really happy with how they, the gold gilding, the plastic tuck box, and the custom insert all turned out in the video above!

Local Pick Up (Essen & Thunder Bay)

Just a reminder to those attending Spiel shortly (and those eventually picking up in Thunder Bay): you will need an identification card with your name matching that on your survey, and you will have to sign for your game when you get it. If you need someone else to pick up your game(s) on your behalf, you must let me know in advance or the pick up may be refused and you could incur shipping fees!

GM live-play tonight on Twitch/Tabletopia!

The fine folks at Geek Spiel have invited me for a live interview and play of Gorus Maximus on Tabletopia starting at 9pm EDT TONIGHT. Here is the LINK.

Incomplete surveys?!?

The vast majority of you completed your survey on time, so thank you, you can ignore this paragraph. Those that haven't, if you do not complete them by Sunday Oct 14th I will not be able to manually add them to the fulfilment schedule and your rewards WILL NOT be shipped until MUCH later, or at all. This is your final warning! Thanks :)  

Unsure on your survey status? CLICK HERE!


Things have been pretty quiet and injury/wound/blood free for a little while (I realize I am jinxing myself by saying this), so I just have a little story for you.

This past weekend we finally had a relaxed day around the house and we decided all 5 of us would pick new recipes from our cookbooks and work together to make something. 

Caleb and I prepared the ribs, Dominique the cauliflower gratin and upside-down potatoes, and Kilianne & Dahlia the brownies for dessert!

It was a 4 hour process due to the ribs slow-cooking and basting... and the brownies were done so early it took all my will power not to lock myself in a closet and eat them all!

Check out that mountain of ribs!! So good.
Check out that mountain of ribs!! So good.

 And once everyone was nice and full, we cleared the table and Kilianne served dessert - brownies with bourbon vanilla ice cream!

Crunchy top... gooey centre... almost perfect.
Crunchy top... gooey centre... almost perfect.

 Caleb was served his first, and after taking a bite said: "Hmm... they are a little salty."

As I was served mine, I asked Kilianne how much salt she used. "The right amount!" she replied.

Not thinking past my sweet-tooth, I broke off a nice piece and popped it into my mount.  "A little salty" may be the understatement of 2018. They tasted like someone had poured salt straight into my mouth and then kicked me in the throat! It took everything I had not to gag and spit it back up. Not wanting to hurt my daughters' feelings, I took half my scoop of ice cream and shoved it into my mouth blinking back tears and coughs. Ice cream was drooling down my face as I looked at my girls and tried to smile.

Once Kilianne tried it, and agreed it was not edible, she checked the cook book. "Oh Kili" i explained, "that says 1/4 TEAspoon, not 1/4 CUP!"

Well, so much for short and sweet!

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    1. Alan Brookland on

      Looking soooooo good.

      I've witnessed several occurrences of someone making a cup of tea and mistakenly adding salt instead of sugar but never a salt cake incident :D

    2. Missing avatar

      TreeMunky on

      Man I'm hungry for ribs now :)

    3. Chris Perkovic on

      The cards look incredible! Can’t wait to get this game!

    4. Missing avatar


      It's looking great!

    5. Matt

      The brownie story cracked me up. It reminded me of the same mistake my sister made when she made a cheese ball for her work, she used a quarter cup of pepper instead of a quarter tablespoon. The cheese ball was practically black, and I could barely choke down the bite I tried to see how bad it was. Anyway, everything looks great!

    6. Greg Sawchyn

      @ole-Ivan, there’s been many instances mentioning Essen pick up. There even is a FAQ about it. Also, it was in the survey and you’d have to indicate it in the survey if you wanted to pick it up at Essen. The booth is F102 in Hall 4 — it is clearly shown in the large graphic.

    7. Greg Sawchyn

      The gold edging is — how Conor would say it — sexy.

    8. Missing avatar

      Stuart Rogers on

      i was a bit uninterested in the gilt sides but now i have seen the vid. woohoo very nice. I like very much well done

    9. ole-ivar on

      Dident think abouth essen when i pledged. Where there a pickup option or can i pick it up in essen even tho im not signed up for it. And whats the boot number