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Surveys Close September 30!

Posted by Conor McGoey (Creator)

Hello Gladiators!

Pre-Production Copy!

First off if you have time, here is a video of the pre-production copy I received 2 days ago.

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Replay with sound
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Here's a written overview for those that can't watch the video. If you did, you can skip to the next header :)

Box Sleeve (red foil looks black due to reflection) and Game Box
Box Sleeve (red foil looks black due to reflection) and Game Box
  • I only received samples of some of the printed components, not everything, but I am really happy with what I have.
  • The colour, clarity and material quality are great!
  • The metal foil and spot UV turned out perfect.
  • The PVC tuck box is nice, durable and closes well. (It will have artwork on it!)
  • I have added a KS Exclusive metal sword to the premium version as a thank you to each of you that supported me! It can be used as the Preferred School tracker, or to defend yourself from very small attackers!
Metal sword! (On home printed Preferred School card.)
Metal sword! (On home printed Preferred School card.)

Surveys are closing. Addresses are getting locked in!

This may be the most important information from any update: The 6% of you that have not completed your survey - If I don't have your address, I cannot send you your reward! You have until September 30th to complete your CrowdOx survey. If you can't find the emails use this link: CROWDOX

For anyone needing to change their address you can use the link from your completed surveys or this link: CROWDOX You have until September 30th to lock in an address. If you are unsure where you will be use a trusted address from a family member, friend or work.

If you don't understand either of these options and/or need help please contact me through KS messages.

If you were supposed to get a PnP file and haven't let me know. There was a glitch in CrowdOx's software which they have since fixed and re-sent to backers, but if you think you were missed I can look into it!


Please confirm that you have completed your survey. If not we cannot arrange details and I will not be able to send you rewards.

Delivery date?

As of right now I am still waiting on a solid confirmation for a completion date from the manufacturer besides "early October." It appears that we are still on schedule to begin fulfilment by mid to end of October. Meaning you should be receiving your games from the end of October to mid-Nov. (Provided there aren't any customs or last minute manufacturing hiccups.)

I don't have an exact timeline as I am waiting on their confirmation, but I will be air-shipping units to Essen for pick-up, EU fulfilment and sales (as it is the official release) so that should cut down on the long freight times.

*The those interested in the manufacturing/publishing side - we are slightly behind as I wanted to fulfil early but this is my first time working with PVC cards, and they forgot to mention the lead time for paper to PVC jumps from 28-54 days!! Lessons learned, and luckily not much of a delay!*

Gorus Maximus Hype?

If you have a few seconds, and are interested in helping us out, BGG has a Essen Preview list which Gorus is listed on. If you click this LINK you can add your thumb which will raise us in the rankings and help bring it to other attendees attention. Even if you aren't attending the support helps, and feel free to share it with gamers you think would be interested. 

You can click the image above!
You can click the image above!

If you have a few more seconds consider Following, Rating, Commenting or listing Gorus in your collection as "pre-ordered." Any attention you can give it will help it pop onto other's radars :) LINK

You can click the image above!
You can click the image above!


For those of you going to Essen Spiel, whether or not you are doing an "Essen Pick up," we would love to see you! Please stop by and say hello in Hall 4 Booth F102. Remember I hug all my backers, so warn me first if you DON'T want a hug before announcing you are a backer! :)


Unless I am misremembering... there haven't been any "real" injuries... We had a really busy end to summer with a lot of fun!

The helmets were their idea! (Sliding down our stairs.)
The helmets were their idea! (Sliding down our stairs.)
Caleb has grown into the bow his Papal (grandpa) got him!
Caleb has grown into the bow his Papal (grandpa) got him!
Dahlia is joining us on bike rides - All. By. Her. Self!
Dahlia is joining us on bike rides - All. By. Her. Self!
A hike and swim 10 minutes from home :D
A hike and swim 10 minutes from home :D
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    1. Nsan on

      Hey Conor,
      Do you have any new from the manufacturer ? What do you think would be the date (roughly) of delivery for most of us ?

    2. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      @Dennis @Anas - That was a day one backer reward so only those names appear. Sorry for the confusion!

    3. Missing avatar

      Rebekah Serrano on

      Looks amazing! Can't wait to have the shininess in hand :D (And definitely not have sword-marker/pen cap duels. Nope, that would be silly. :P)

    4. Anas Al Hakim on

      If I was a premium backer and completed the survey, should my name be on the list?
      Or it's actually just day 1 backers? As in the first day of the campaign? I am slightly confused :S

    5. Dennis Kopcan

      Couldn't find my name :( But love to play it anyway ;)

    6. Arc Crownover on

      Product* always read before you hit post...

    7. Arc Crownover on

      Proud to have my name on the inside of this box. Great looking produce and the sword is cool.

    8. Dennis Kopcan

      Hm when I open the pledge, I can change my shipping address, but there is no Essen pick-up oO

    9. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      Hey Andy,
      Use the links above and you can easily change it.
      Message me if you have a problem. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Andy Brutyn on

      Hi Guys
      How is it possible to change my pledge to Essen pick-up?

    11. René Schultze

      A metal sword!!! A metal sword! Thank you very much, Conor! :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Dave Save on

      Russell Crowe is a backer?!? :o

    13. Eric on

      To me, the most celebrated kickstarter update ever!!

      Amazing news!!! Thanks!!!!

    14. Alan Brookland on

      Amazing, the box and sleeve look soooo good.

      The gladius is brilliant, I think it makes me glad we didn't get the coins :) it's going to make a great marker for preferred school.

      Roll on delivery!

    15. Mike Duynhoven on

      Very nice and simple video! Lots of great content and super happy to see this game from a fellow Canuck! Cannot wait!

    16. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      :D :D :D See, it's these reactions that make it so worth it! You guys and gals rock!
      Thank YOU!

    17. Missing avatar


      conor!!!!!! what the hell is that sword? way to spring a huge surprize on us!!! thanks for going with this so we don't have the slider eating my card edge :)

    18. Greg Sawchyn

      I saw my name! I saw my name!

    19. Missing avatar

      Brandon Usher on

      Surprise Gladius!!! So cool!

    20. Missing avatar

      Garrett Snyder

      Looks fantastic! Nice surprise with the sword.

    21. Richard Walters

      Thanks for the update! Can't wait to get my hands on this game!!