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Posted by Conor McGoey (Creator)

Hey there gladiators! 

Not a huge update this time, but a few important details:

Gilding - Gold not Red

I received the video and photo below, and unfortunately neither I, nor the manufacturer are happy with the results. At first glance it looks nice, but looking at the photo you can see where the red material has come off of the cards. I asked about this, and the factory replied that the adherence technique with the red material was not "matured" enough, and they recommended that I stick with gold gilding for better results. So I have made the decision to stick with gold gilding so the game can look as premium as possible, for as long as possible :)

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Proofs Completed

All print files have been made into proofs, and all proofs have been confirmed by me so production has begun!

English, French and German Rules in the box!
English, French and German Rules in the box!

 Now I excitedly wait for the PPC (pre-production copy) so that I can look over and approve a physical copy. This is the closest you can get to recreating the "kid-at-Christmas" feeling :D 

This shows the areas of the cover (all versions) that will have Spot UV on them! Shiny and sexy!
This shows the areas of the cover (all versions) that will have Spot UV on them! Shiny and sexy!

 And here is a look at the inside box top! This is the list of "Day 1" backers who chose to have their name included on the list, AND submitted that information before the cut off date. (It is printed on the box top because we upgraded the paper tray to a custom plastic tray.)

CrowdOx and PnP downloads

Thank you to everyone who has completed their survey. For those that haven't please do, and please let me know if there are any issues stopping you from completing it.

Just a reminder that you can always log back into CrowdOx to change your address if/when you need to. I will give everyone a heads up in an update before that information will be locked down (likely the beginning of October).

For anyone who had experienced issues with the Print and Play download, it was a glitch in the CrowdOx system they have since fixed, and they have reset the email and download limit for affected backers.

Thank you to everyone who replies to my thank you notes!

I haven't finished these notes yet (as priority was getting the production started to stay on schedule) but I will get back to them as soon as possible. 


Last weekend we decided to try something "new" for my family. We have been "car" camping since each of them was still a baby in Dom's belly. Car camping means that you fit all your gear into your vehicle, and then drive to your campsite to set up. We have been to wonderful sites, including secluded ones but always with a vehicle (and maybe a short hike).

Last weekend we decided to go "canoe" camping - which obviously means we need to pack all of our gear into a canoe and then paddle out to a remote site and camp there!

Yeah you can see where this story is going...

So, being the workaholic that I am, I pushed it to the last minute to finish off files and emails before we all ate a quick dinner and headed out. It was 5pm when I ended my day early so that we could drive 1.5 hours, check in at the campground, unload the truck, load the canoe and paddle an unknown distance to our campsite and set up before sunset at 9:07pm.

We had to make one stop at Grandama and Grandpa's to water their plants and those 30 minutes weren't accounted for.

So I drove a little fast. 

We got there and checked in with the rangers just after 7pm. I asked how long the paddle would be and the stone-faced man said "30mins... or 3 hours. Depends on your paddling." And then turned to looks at our 3 small children. And then he proceeded to give us a 15 minute "back country camping orientation presentation." 

While unloading the truck and loading the canoe my brain was racing "That's quite the range! ... We must fall somewhere in the middle.... maybe 1.5.... maybe 2 hours?...." Either way I didn't want to be caught on the lake in the dark. Finding a camping site like that brought back nightmares of my childhood!

So we finished loading the canoe, parked the vehicle and set off at 7:45 pm. At this point I turned into my father and the drum master of a viking long boat (I have no idea if that is historically accurate), and I called out the rhythm of our strokes "ONE-TWO-ONE-TWO-ONE-TWO" at a speed and cadence that would have worked at a Dragon boat festival!

Looking back on that hours later in the dark... I was very impressed with my kids (and wife) who had only taken a canoe out (unloaded) a few times. They were champions, and although we were a little wet from the splashing of "out-of-rhythm" strokes, we arrived at 8:45pm and set up before the sun set and the stars came out a little after 9.

Smiles because we were off the water and Papa wasn't so bossy anymore!
Smiles because we were off the water and Papa wasn't so bossy anymore!
Exploring our island the next day!
Exploring our island the next day!

 A nice, relaxing weekend, away from my office and my phone - it felt good for the soul. if you haven't had a chance to step away into nature with those you love, I highly recommend it!

 The kids had my undivided attention, including when Kilianne smashed her foot into a rock and removed a large chuck of her skin...

Because it wouldn't be a McGoey trip without blood right?

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    1. Adhil Riad Patel on

      I love these family updates. Keep 'em coming.

      Too bad the red gilding didn't work out. But you've gotta make the tough decisions.

      So looking forward to seeing the next step.

    2. Brian Baker

      I appreciate the efforts on investigating the red gilding, even if it didn’t pan out.

    3. Missing avatar

      gamaruto on

      Red as the blood. Red as Gorus Maximus. It is cool also.

    4. Missing avatar


      At least you didn't run out of gas on the way...

    5. Conor McGoey 4-time creator on

      Hmmm... sorry Henry the video is glitching and I don't know why. I have tried exporting it to different formats and uploading but still no luck. I will keep trying but I only have a little time to "edit" this update.

    6. Missing avatar

      Kevin Berent on

      ...and removed a large chuck of her skin...

      That's some Gorus Maximus right there!

    7. Henry Seymour on

      The video doesn't seem to be loading for me.