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Dispatch gladiators & beasts in an effort to earn Crowd Favour. Match gladiator rank & change trump mid-trick! 
Free-For-All or TEAMS!
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    1. Missing avatar

      David about 2 hours ago

      Maybe being 3 steps ahead:
      Conor, do you already know, on which days the Essen pick-up will be possible?

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau about 22 hours ago

      voted A, liked B more but it needed work. A was the most polished of the 3.

    3. Missing avatar

      Caleb 1 day ago

      I voted for A, but did prefer the contrast of B. (A was a bit busy, I concede that.) C was my least favorite option.

    4. Randy Jeffries 1 day ago

      @Alan Same here. I liked the contrast of B. C looks like McDonalds to me.

    5. Alan Brookland 2 days ago

      @Jamster I voted for B as I thought it was the clearest / least busy design.

      I voted for the metal coins but happy happy with the poker chips.

    6. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      I really had trouble choosing coin or chip. I agree with @Wendy Nguyen that seeing them would've helped, but in the end I chose to keep the chips. I think they'd be more colorful and "fit" the game better. Which design did everyone choose?

    7. TyDeL
      2 days ago

      Think the pledge manager should be opened up before making a decision. I plan to add at least 1 or 2 extra copies to my pledge.

    8. TyDeL
      2 days ago

      I've had several poker card sets with gilded edges, it's not a new thing. It holds up pretty well, but I think it would actually look neat if they got worn out some.

    9. Ant 2 days ago

      Guided edges failing is what had me concerned when I saw that stretch goal. I don't have any printing background so I have no idea how they hold up but simply the fact that I had never seen a card with guided edges before seemed concerning. If it can be done why is no one doing it. Can they really even attest that the gold will hold up after years of wear?

    10. Missing avatar

      David 2 days ago

      @Wendy... one might think, that metal coins are more thematic for a game set in 66 B.C. instead plastic poker chips...

    11. Missing avatar

      Kyle Brady
      2 days ago

      Is there any way to get a video of the gilded cards being riffle shuffled and spread on the table? Something similar to the plastic card video?

    12. Wendy Nguyen 2 days ago

      Between poker chip v metal coin it’s kinda hard to vote without seeing what the metal coin would look like. If it will look like any metal coin then I’ll choose poker chips since it seems more thematic. Or we could use the extra money to make heavy clay poker chip? Just an option

    13. Missing avatar

      Ryan Hampel 2 days ago

      I have no personal opinion on metal coins vs. poker chips. The only opinion I have is that they should use what was promised. From what I can tell, metal chips were the final stretch goal, and the amount was not met. So no metal chips. Seems simple to me.

    14. Missing avatar

      David 3 days ago

      In my opinion, Conor will know what to do. Only he is involved in the numbers, so only he knows, if and how much it would cut into his profit and if it is worth it.
      In the end, it is his decision. Personally, I wouldn´t be mad, if we get the coins. But I wouldn´t be disappointed at all, if we get the poker chips.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ty James 3 days ago

      +1 for what @Caleb said. I've been reading over the comments. I honestly hope the coins don't get made. Coins are great, but I think the poker chips are the way to go for this project.

    16. Missing avatar

      Stewart Voss 3 days ago

      +1 for what @caleb said also

    17. Bruce Benson 3 days ago

      +1 to what @Caleb said!

    18. Missing avatar

      Caleb 3 days ago

      Belated congratulations on a fantastic campaign. I was not there to follow the live stream...but I'd like to echo some comments. I don't want the metal coins if they are going to eat into the profits of the creator. We're supporting the developer and he's providing us with (what certainly looks to be) a great game. He has definitely not been greedy, and I don't want him to shaft himself with his own generosity. Just my 2 cents. I can't wait to get this game!

    19. Greg Sawchyn
      4 days ago

      @Tim, I believe CrowdOx's pledge manager allows for payment via PayPal.

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau 4 days ago

      @tim get a credit card or get off KS

    21. Missing avatar

      Wallnip Ehris 4 days ago

      Anyone from Singapore missed the campaign but still wanna pledge? do check out my KS profile and consider joining me on a group pledge to have a cheaper shipping cost.

    22. Tim Kizer 5 days ago

      Don’t have one. Just a debit from the bank.

    23. Missing avatar

      David 5 days ago

      @Tim, why not use a credit card?

    24. Tim Kizer 5 days ago

      Is it possible I could pay using Paypal? My small town bank wont doesnt let us pay out of the US

    25. Randy Jeffries 6 days ago

      @Martin, thanks for the info.

    26. Martin Alexander 6 days ago

      @Randy: We've been watching and refering to the live feed of the last 120 min of the campaign where Conor was on screen answering all kinds of questions. He never really talked about profit or margins but he did say that he doesn't want to let his backers down on those coins (also check update 11). Whether or not these coins are (much) more expensive than the poker chips, no one knows, except him. We're just guessing,

    27. Randy Jeffries 7 days ago

      Where are you guys seeing this discussion about the coins cutting a lot into profits and "seems like Conor has made up his mind on the coins" and whatnot?

      I agree that I'm willing to forego the coins if it means it doesn't make Conor have to shoulder extra costs. I've greatly admired the way he has run this KS, and not gone grubbing for extra money like many other "big name" KS projects are making into the norm these days. That alone is worth foregoing the coins so Conor can have a bigger profit, in my eyes anyway.

    28. Martin Alexander on

      Too late, I guess. Seems like Conor has made up his mind on the coins. Really either is fine to me, though I like poker chips. Just might have to buy the base version then as well ... if it still comes with poker chips :-)

    29. Alvin Helms

      @Conor —

      I agree with Martin, that you shouldn't bother with the extra cost and trouble. Among other things, the coins would have different values on their two faces, so they wouldn't be proper "coins" anyway — really they'd just be metal *tokens*. And if they're just tokens, then bigger is better.

      So Conor, please don't go cutting into your profit margin for smaller tokens just because they're shinier and make a *clinky* noise. We'll all be perfectly happy with bigger tokens that make a *clunky* noise.

      Plus, the poker chips can have color on them.

    30. Missing avatar

      Chuck Norris on

      @Conor McGoey > Hey, if you plan to leave to Mexico with our money, please, at least, send us some tacos.

    31. Jarrad Shaw on

      Ryan, you will! Once Pledge Manager goes live and is emailed to you, you'll be able to upgrade to Premium and add any add-ons that may be available.

    32. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau on

      amazing, tnx for letting us have the metal coins. we will blast through that SG with the late pledge for sure.
      cannot wait to get my hand on this.
      thanks again for an amazing campaign.

    33. 'Ryan Penneau on

      Will we be able to change to the Deluxe version in the pledge manager? EXCITED for this one!!!

    34. Martin Alexander on

      @Chuck: Sounds like a plan!

    35. Missing avatar

      Chuck Norris on

      @Martin Alexander > Maybe adding some add-on in the PM can help him reduce the total cost.

    36. Missing avatar

      Tyler Levee

      Congratulations on the campaign! So excited for this one!

      I’d be will to add on the metal coins during the PM for what it’s worth.

    37. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Well done on another successful KS campaign.

    38. Martin Alexander on

      @John: Just read your comment after posting mine. So with you!

      @Chuck: Conor would be paying the extra shipping (if there was any) not us.

    39. Martin Alexander on

      So what about this Cthulhu meets Murder in the Orient Express, you mentioned last night? :-)

    40. Martin Alexander on

      After a short night's sleep, congrats and thanks so much again from Berlin.

      I remember you saying last night that you hate to let your backers down and that you would like to try and figure out a way to make the coins happen.

      Even if other backers might hate me for it, let me say now, you're not letting anybody down if the coins are not coming. The game is awesome as it is. Seeing your enthusiasm over the last couple of weeks has made it clear that your not in for the profit but for the love for games.

      That said, I'd rather like you to not make those coins happen and in turn keep a little extra money. That would not only help feed those three cool kids of yours but would also create a bit of a financial buffer so you can dedicate your time and effort to designing the next great game.

    41. Angela: #Doomfiable #frostedBrownies

      Congrats on a successful campaign. Too bad we didn't reach the coins :(

    42. Missing avatar

      Chuck Norris on

      @John Wrot! >
      The shipping cost is only paid once,
      but the metal coins, you keep them for life :D, so I think its really worth it

    43. John Wrot! on

      Love it! Great goals unlocked!
      I'm kinda glad we didn't make the metal coins. The weight they'd add would really put a damper on your freight and shipping costs. I'd rather you use that money to support those adorable kids!

    44. Missing avatar

      Chuck Norris on


      Great campaign, great stretch goals

      Even if I'd rather have the metal coin than the gilded edges.

    45. Missing avatar

      Adam Harris on

      Would be cool with losing the card sleaves and the gold on card sides for metel coins instead. Also the box sleave, I never got why that is a thing, I do not like them. You have this beautiful artwork on the main box then you cover it up with that sleave? Maybe if it had the same artwork on the sleave. Still something else to have to remove to get to the game. I usually throw out box sleaves, shame I’ll try not to do that with this game.

    46. K4REL on

      Congrats! This was a nice campaign! Looking forward to the game

    47. Steven Alvis

      Congratulations on a successful campaign :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau on

      I want both the red and coins. Add a matter of fact, I want blood on the coins too.

    49. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau on

      Can we pay a extra few bucks for the coins as an add-on like villagers with it wooden coins?

    50. Missing avatar

      Simon Boudreau on

      I want the metal coins, not the guilded:(

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