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Inside... three men struggle to reach beyond the walls that confine them. Read more

Boston, MA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on December 5, 2011.

Inside... three men struggle to reach beyond the walls that confine them.

Boston, MA Shorts
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INSIDE is a short fiction film directed by Erika Street for the MFA from Boston University and produced by Sarah Kamaras. The script for this film interweaves three subtle stories about coping with the isolation of prison: After getting a visit from his wife, an elderly prisoner makes a metaphorical journey home. A prisoner in solitary confinement tries desperately to help the inmate on the other side of the wall. Meanwhile, a prison guard struggles to control his feelings of compassion.

A glimpse at the Historic Tolland Jail in Connecticut, one of the film's locations.


Two of the stories featured in the film were inspired by memoirs by prison inmates -  specifically "Walking Home" by Gregory Goodman and "Walla Walla IMU" by Arthur Longsworth. We adapted these two stories and penned the third story about the prison guard. 

The process of making this film has opened a door for us to learn more about prison writing and literature and we hope that INSIDE will do just the same for others. Our ultimate goal is to create an outreach program for INSIDE that promotes the film while demonstrating the importance of prison writing and reading programs as a way to reduce recidivism. Part of this program includes the film's prison writing blog, which showcases a host of articles about prison literacy programs, profiles of prison writing workshops, and interviews with incarcerated authors.

Windows in a prison visiting room, another film location


*Pledging is safe and easy! 

Depending on how much you pledge, you can receive some great prizes like a DVD of the film with tons of behind-the-scenes footage. You may even have the chance to spend a day on set! No matter how much you choose to pledge, we appreciate your support and will keep you updated throughout the production and post-production process.

All transactions are done through a secure-Amazon business account. If our project reaches its goal, then your credit card will be charged at that time and you will receive your prize(s) accordingly. However, if our project does not reach its goal, you will NOT be charged for your pledged amount.

*Where does the money go?

Besides a 5% fee to Kickstarter and a 3-5% fee to Amazon, all funds raised will be used to support the production and post-production of INSIDE. Almost all of the cast and crew will be working on a volunteer basis! Some of our production and post-production needs include:

-Securing locations

-Supplies for building our very own solitary confinement cell.

-Transportation and food for our cast and crew. One yard scene will include about 30 extras! 

-Renting special equipment.

-Purchasing wardrobe and props

*Why we need to reach our goal:

We plan to start shooting at the beginning of December and need to raise this money before we begin. As mentioned above, if we don't reach our goal then we won't receive any of the pledged funding. Zip. Zilch. Nada! So any way that you can help spread the word about our film would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

You can follow us on Facebook at Inside - Film & Blog and/or Twitter @insideupdates.

First draft of the design for the solitary confinement walls


The INSIDE crew is comprised of a medley of talented Boston-based filmmakers on both student and professional levels. Click here to read up on our crew.

INSIDE is written and directed by Erika Street as a thesis project for her MFA in Film Production at Boston University. Erika has nearly a decade of experience working in documentary production, with a focus on projects that address the need for social change. 

INSIDE is produced by Sarah Kamaras, a 2011 graduate of Boston University. Sarah is a New York-based producer, editor, and writer, with a specialty in non-fiction production. She recently executive-produced two videos for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in media, and completed a 7-minute documentary about rebuilding from homelessness.

(Music credit for this video: Kevin McLeod) 


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