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£6,591 pledged of £35,000 goal
By Dan Bridge
£6,591 pledged of £35,000 goal

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Some Options!



Hope you're well :) I've now got a couple of options for making the craft computer project available!

To help work out which route is best I've made a short feedback form (only 4 multiple choice questions!) - if you can please fill it out and please share on facebook, tweet, blogs, etc as the more feedback I can get the better

Thanks again for backing :)


Thank you!


Although the project hasn't met its target I just wanted to thank you all for backing it and believing in the goal!

Despite not hitting the target, the kickstarter has been a success in many ways, so I'm going to spend a little time to see how the project can still succeed. I'll post an update here

In the meantime if you'd like to be involved please drop me an email or msg on twitter (dan@inpractice .org or @danfbridge)

Speak to you soon and THANK YOU!

Dan and the craft computer gang :)

Den Of Geek

More press


It's been a busy week - I'm still cracking away :) - a few more articles have gone up and I've been asked to talk at a few conferences too which is exciting, one way or another this project will succeed!

Eben Upton, the inventor of the Raspberry Pi tweeted out the project last night which was terrific:

"@EbenUpton: Awesome craft computer kit @kickstarter from @danfbridge:"

The brilliant Den of Geek wrote a lovely feature in their weekly Crowdfund report today

Develop (a main news site for game development) also wrote a piece

I also did a fun podcast with Ruth and John Arnold at Parental Geekery - so you can hear me talk (at length!) about the project

Have a great weekend and please keep telling people about the project!


Some press!


Stuart Dredge, the Guardian's resident mobile and app expert, has written a great piece on the project in yesterday's Guardian

I'm off to record another podcast now and talk to the  National Center for Women & Information Technology later who got in touch about a forthcoming exhibition where the Craft Computer Club would be right at home

And last night, a personal hero of mine, Dino Dini backed the project and has offered to help if he can - Dino Dini wrote one of the most famous football video games of all time Kick Off 2! here's Dino's Wikipedia page

Thanks again and keep sharing!