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The most compact wallet possible, no folding bills necessary. Holds 10 cards and 15 bills in three pockets plus reversible ID window.
The most compact wallet possible, no folding bills necessary. Holds 10 cards and 15 bills in three pockets plus reversible ID window.
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Instructional Video + Happy Thanksgiving!!


Hey Kickstarters!! First of all, happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all with loved ones today eating some delicious turkey. I've got six confit turkey legs that have been cooking sous vide for 12 hours using my Nomiku to give us extra meat firepower to go with mom's massive 18 lb turkey (we have 16 people at the table today).

I finally had time to record a Wrap Wallet sewing instructional video yesterday. Just a single cut showing how I sew Wrap Wallets. Please watch this if you've ordered a kit so you know what you're in for.

Just after I shot the video I figured out a trick that makes it twenty times easier to thread the sewing needles. I'll show you that sometime soon.

And this is what I was up to last night on Thanksgiving Eve (the biggest party night of the year):

Yep. Sewing Wrap Wallets. You can see four of the different colors on my computer. I'll post pics of those later today. And those "baseball" Wrap Wallets? Those will be going to "Baseball Wrap" backers :-)

Now if you'll excuse me I have some confit turkey legs to finish on the grill.


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    1. TABLEWAR(TM) on

      Where is the needle threading trick? I have been working on mine for 30 minutes and only have one needle threaded. Doesn't help that my eyes stink.

    2. Eduardo A

      have you posted the needle threading tip yet?

    3. Missing avatar

      whirledtraveler on

      Excellent video. I've done a lot of sewing, including some leather projects, but I learned a lot from this video. I'm curious about the needle threading tip...was that posted yet? I didn't see it. Those of us who sew are familiar with this type of threading thingie...
      I've also used scraps of fine gauge monofilament thread or wire.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lukas Kaiser on

      Hey David, nice work!
      I was wondering if you've ever tried to sew the hole length, even the part with only one layer of leather of the top and bottom? How does that look? Would it be possible to add that option?

    5. Ville Ojanperä on

      Is the thread used available somewhere online? Not planning on screwing up, but I would have some other uses for it :)

    6. Chris Marshall on

      @Michelle Seng - this is addressed on the main page under the FAQ section at the bottom. Just adjust your pledge amount to add extra wallets. As an example I am grabbing 2 kits myself, so $29 x 2 + $5 shipping charges for 1 wallet (if it applies), and that will be a total pledge of $63. When surveys get sent out there will be a field that will let you will specify what 'extras' were purchased.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michelle Seng on

      Happy Thanksgiving, I have a question....I want to get the black & red kit and the "baseball" kit however it seems I could only choose one?

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Michael Erhart on

      Awesome tutorial! Looking forward to my wallet :). Is the logo on all the wallets or just the baseball kit/wrap?

    10. Hope Clary on

      Totally awesome, thank you! Can't wait to see the other color wallets done :D

    11. Abdul Razak Al-Amin on

      Thank you for your hard work :Thumbs up:

    12. Adam on

      Excellent excellent excellent. Can't wait to see what they look like all sewn up. Thank you for getting this done

    13. Chris Marshall on

      Well done on the instructions video - I've done some sewing in the past, but I definitely like the method demonstrated & it's results better than what I've tried in the past.