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Improve the style and comfort of your laced shoes's video poster

Shoelaces always coming undone is annoying and tucking them into your shoe is uncomfortable. CUT LOOSE to improve style and comfort. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 25, 2014.

Shoelaces always coming undone is annoying and tucking them into your shoe is uncomfortable. CUT LOOSE to improve style and comfort.

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About this project


Like a bow-less shoe?

Don't like bows or uncomfortable excess lace? Most of us wear laced shoes on a regular basis. Whether you tie a bow or tuck in your excess lace, there are common problems we face. 

  • Laces always coming undone 
  • Floppy laces making your shoes look unstylish  
  • Uncomfortable knots digging into feet
  • Annoying loose lace inside the shoe
  • Shoes loosening as we walk  

The good news: innie is a simple product that will eliminate all of these problems so you can walk and play in style and comfort!

  • Comfort: No excess lace in your shoe 
  • Style: Maintain a bow-less look
  • Safety: No tripping over loose laces 
  • Flexibility: Adjust lace tensions for secure or slip on fit 
  • Durability: Long lasting, durable plastic to withstand any condition
  • Customisation: Colour match product to your shoe and style


innie: Is a small durable plastic clip which attaches to each lace inside your shoe. The clip sits between the tongue and inner side of your shoe so you can't see or feel a thing. The clip can be adjusted quickly to suit various lace tensions or set as a slip on shoe.

Don't like the idea of cutting your lace? No problems, keep the bow and test the product holds firm before cutting or don't cut laces at all, keeping them tucked in prevent your shoes from loosening when running, walking, skating or busting a move!

Suitable Shoes

Suitable Laces

Easy Install

4 Easy Steps
4 Easy Steps

Have it your way: Lace tension can be quickly adjusted from slip on to tight fitting.

Slip On
Slip On
Adjust Lace Tension
Adjust Lace Tension

Do it innie style!

No matter where or how you use your laced shoes, innie can be applied to improve comfort, safety and looks! 






Why Kickstarter

Being a student I have limited resources at my disposal (mainly finance). Bringing this product to market the traditional way of, "build it and they will come" is not attainable. I've put everything I have and more into this project as I believe it will truly make a difference to those using it. 

Fortunately I'm not building a spaceship so the small financial resources I've used have got us to the point of being production ready and now after many stages of product testing I need your help to bring this product to you!

I have been enjoying this product for long enough and want to share it with the world. This funding will get the final packaging templates made and mass production started with the added bonus of FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, landing them in your shoes to be one of the first to finally CUT LOOSE!

Product Breakdown

Pledge Packs

Important Information for ALL Pledge Packs

  • Pick Colours: Choose any colour you like 
    After the campaign is successful you will receive an email asking for your colour choices.
  • $ and more: Pledge more to support the campaign
    Love the product(or me) and really want to see this succeed? After selecting a pledge pack you can increase the pledge value.
    You're awesome if you do this! 

 Product Timeline

The product is ready for mass production. Prototypes have been made, manufacturing and distribution channels are set up, tested and ready to receive our order upon funding success. 

Once campaign is successfully funded, production will take est. 4weeks and international distribution est. 2weeks (late June - early July). Please understand these time frames are estimates and may change slightly but we've done all we can to foresee any delays. 

innie as a statement

innie: Someone that looks good with clean bow-less shoes, never having to retie loosening laces and in complete comfort with no excess lace tucked into their shoe.

Someone that ties their laces in a big bow on the outside of their shoes, laces flop around and are forever coming undone. If this is you than it's time to CUT LOOSE!

 Whats an outie?


Done with your old shoes? Make sure to remove innie and install into your new pair!


A lot of time and resources have gone into planning and developing and testing to ensure innie is a durable and efficient product. Thanks to my friends and family who allowed me to use their shoes and even cut their laces! 

Thank You

Thanks for checking out the page and I hope you guys see enough value in the product to help support me by making a pledge to reach the funding goal! 

Man behind the Brand

Bart is a young Australian entrepreneur looking to make the world a more comfortable place one shoe at a time. Deferring from university to focus on developing innie into a lifestyle brand and reliable product, Bart has put it all on the line to get this project off the ground and into the shoes of people world wide!

Bart (still learning to skateboard)
Bart (still learning to skateboard)

Disclosure: There are no endorsement deals with any shoe brands used in this campaign. The product has been designed to provide an alternative way to secure the lace and improve the shoes overall aesthetics.

Innie is a patent pending product (US/International)

If you have any questions regarding this campaign, the product or anything else please contact us on

Stay in the loop

Stay in touch with the latest developments through our social pages.


Risks and challenges

We have rigorously tested everything from a pre-launch standpoint, confident that all stages, from manufacture to delivery and product quality are of high standards.

Manufacturing: We have completed over a dozen production short runs to ensure quality and colour consistency. We have engaged a reputable company with a proven record of handling high quantity orders timely.

Distribution: All products will be stored, picked and packed by an established distribution company. We have successfully tested their ability to send to various International destinations in a timely manner.

The products simplicity allows us to send any manufacturer the product blueprint to start work on, in the case of natural disasters or factory disruption.

If the campaign is successfully funded than in almost any situation you will get your product one way or another!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • All running to plan, products should be received 6-8 weeks after the campaign ends. Please understand that delivery time will vary slightly for each country.

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  • One pack includes enough clips for 2 pairs of shoes. You will use 2 clips per individual shoe. ($10 pledge includes 2 packs giving enough clips for 4 pairs of shoes)

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  • It’s similar concept to a mobile phone sim card where you remove it out from the surrounding plastic card. However instead of pushing it out you need to spin the product to remove.

    Last updated:
  • We can’t guarantee they suit every type of laced shoe out there but we are confident they suite most as we have tested them in a whole range of mainstream styles found in stores. Feel free to send us a photo of your shoe and we can let you know how likely it is they’ll suit.

    Last updated:
  • You can use any brand of laces as it’s only the lace thickness that will limit the compatibility. We have tried to source every lace style out there for testing and found that they even suite laces referred to as “Fatties” which are more common in skate or casual street shoes.

    Last updated:
  • The initial idea for the product was to improve the style and comfort of street wear shoes, however after demand from people annoyed at laces coming undone when skating, riding, running and going to gym we tested it in these conditions and found the product to be more than capable to hold the tension of the lace and not slip under pressure when installed correctly. We don’t recommend them in high impact football sports or anything alike.

    Last updated:
  • Most definitely! They simply clip off in 2 easy steps (reverse way to how you installed them) and apply directly to your new laces. The product is made out of very durable plastic that will handle many installs.

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  • As innie is under the “Product Design” category, increasing the quantity of a pledge is not allowed. You can however choose a higher pledge for a larger quantity of products and share the costs with others interested in the product. If you think we should offer a different style pledge than let us know and we will consider adding it to the campaign!

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  • That’s awesome! You simply choose your desired pledge and on the next step where you’re asked to confirm your pledge you can increase the quantity to your desired level.

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  • We ship worldwide and for FREE!!! Yes that’s right, choose any pledge and that’s all you will pay!

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  • If your pledge was declined, just log in to Kickstarter and click the “Action Needed” system message on the top of your screen. It will redirect you to where you can change your payment method. Backers have seven days to correct payment.

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  • IF successful our website will be enabled to take online orders immediately after the campaign has ended.

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  • Please leave them in the comments sections above and who knows we might have already answered it. Alternatively you can email us directly on and we will ensure to get back to you within 24hrs.

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