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Charge Everything. The world's smallest and most powerful solution to juice up 65W laptop, tablet, smartphone and 6000+ devices.
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That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for the PLANET — Meet 92% high-efficiency

Posted by Innergie (Creator)

Dear Backers,  

We can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since our last update. Time flies when you focus on dealing the challenge! Our development team has been working crazy every day and night to overcome the challenge that we’re facing, and we are excited to share with you the great achievement — 92% high-efficiency — the world’s smallest and most efficient adapter has born.  

We have always believed in ourselves — as much as it is a tough challenge reaching 92% high-efficiency — we never compromise and believe that we should take the responsibility for the planet. We tried everything we could do, and the miracle happens when we replaced some materials, like CMOS with GaN. Through the various complicated verification system to check again and again, it’s confirmed that we succeed in dealing with the great challenge and improving the 4% — with 55CC, we made the history.  

From 88% to 92%, it’s our commitment to the Mother Earth. Maximizing the power efficiency and minimizing the energy loss in every transmission is our endless goal as a personal power solution provider.  

(Innergie High-Efficiency: ‭‭‬‬)  

We would like to thank you for all the patience and kind understanding, your supports and all the comments meant the most to us. Now the 55CC is moving to production verification stage. With all tests and verifications done in the follow up stages, we are moving to the production planned in Mar. — say hi to your 55CC in the near future.  

Thanks again for your patience and understanding in advance! And also thank you for being with us for having a more environmental friendly product.  

The Innergie Team


【我們的一小步,是邁向永續地球的一大步! ---達成 92% 高效率--- Innergie 為永續環境負責,對贊助者的承諾更使命必達】  



秉持著我們一直以來追求卓越的精神和永續環境的理念,研發團隊 24 小時不停歇鑽研,突破了 92% 高效率的挑戰---我們將部分零組件更換、驗證、再驗證,如 CMOS 取代原先所使用的 GaN,提升 4% 的效率,成功創造史上體積最小,效率最高的萬用充電器---55CC。  

我們努力堅持從 88% 達到 92% 的高效率,代表接下來每一位贊助者們所拿到的 55CC,能源效率都將高於市面上的 4% ---這樣一步步的堅持,只為讓我們的高效率、低能損的產品,一年可為地球節省一座核電廠的發電量 (Innergie 高效能的堅持  

感謝所有贊助者的耐心等候與正面回應,你們的支持一直是我們最大的動力。也再次感謝大家給予的時間和力量,我們總算謹守承諾,達到 92% 的高效能。接下來一切將步入更嚴謹的量產性驗證、生產流程的正常程序,55CC 也將在三月進入量產,期待盡速與大家見面。  

全體 Innergie 成員 敬上

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    1. Innergie Creator on

      Please be informed 92% power efficiency now is in Innergie's internal test and we believe 55CC will achieve the target level for every MP units. We will apply for DoE Level VI once product launched. You can visit DoE (US Department of Energy) website if interested in the future. Thanks.

      Sorry to keep you waiting. We bet you won't be disappointed with Innergie 55cc, we will keep the promise of MP date in end of March. Thanks.


    2. Missing avatar

      Trond Aasland on

      This is great, but is that average or peak efficiency, and if it's the latter, at what load? Could you post a full efficiency curve covering the whole output range of the adapter?

    3. Missing avatar

      Yang on

      I almost believed. Plz stop buzzing and start shipping. My money was taken like half a year ago.