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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, November 13 2012 4:30 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $7,500pledged of $7,500 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, November 13 2012 4:30 AM UTC +00:00

Recent updates

The new project is live!

Posted by Inkwell Ideas (Creator)

Here's the link straight to the project: http://kck.st/11Bv0Hh

The new project is more centered around encounter & monster cards.  (I just really, really love the Marvel Masterpieces cards from years back and this is a way to do something like that.)  1E fantasy stats *OR* system neutral (knowledge check) information is on the back of each monster card.  (You can pick card decks of either.)  And we may add other systems.

For the encounter cards, think of them as "Mad Libs" meet the "Book of Lairs".  On one side of each card is an encounter outline and the other side has a map and other random things.  To provide the most combinations, the front and backs are not designed to go together.  (If you want a village encounter grab the cards with village encounter outlines and a set of cards with village maps and draw one of each.)

We are still doing a PDF for printing your own minis... but it will be an update to our prior minis PDF.  If you got the prior one, you'll get 50 (and hopefully 100) more monster free.  If you didn't get it, then it now has even more value!

And finally we will offer most of the new art as stock art. It is a bit more scaled back than I wanted, so at the moment I only have packages of 100, 200, or 300 stock art points available.  If we hit a stretch goal to do an extra deck of monster cards, I'll add more packages and an "all reward level"  (Plus an "all" level that includes art from the first stock art Kickstarter.)

Here's a little more about the project: http://inkwellideas.com/2012/12/creature-encounter-cards-kickstarter/

Future Plans

Posted by Inkwell Ideas (Creator)

With only a few hours to go, it is time to face the fact that this project won't get funded.  Even yesterday morning I had hoped making the last minute additions and some last minute momentum would push us over the goal.

Why do I think this project didn't make the goal?  I think it is mostly because the physical minis aren't as in demand for the following reasons:

  • The creatures in this project are less commonly used than the prior project's creatures.
  • People may have thought the prior set were too thin.  (In my initial survey after that project the sentiment seemed to be that backers were happy with the quality, but recently I've had a few people tell me the prior set was too thin.)
  • Groups are playing on-line more often now, so physical minis get less use.
  • The Pathfinder Bestiary Box is now available from Paizo, so there is less need.

Even though there was a higher goal, less than 1/3 of the backers for the prior cardstock minis backed this project.  I don't think the switch from $4500 to $7500 would have scared many people off, especially considering the our first couple of days of funding got us over 1/3 of the way.

The project's goal was set as low as possible.  If you take the goal of $7500 and subtract the 5% Kickstarter takes and subtract the 3-5% the credit cards take that leaves under $7000. Divide that by 100 monsters and subtract the cost to make and mail the physical products and the budget is at most $60/monster.  (All of the art is well over that amount.)  I was able to set a goal of $7500 because having the art for future use was worth some money and some of my time (even though the artists do the art, I do all of the coordination) to me. 

(The prior Monster Stock Art & Minis Kickstarter had a lower goal because some art was cheaper (no line art/backgrounds) and some was already paid for.)

Next Up

I know a lot of people who wanted the stock art are especially disappointed.  But there certainly will be another project which will also offer the art as additional rewards.  I've had an idea for a product for quite some time and the art was just as important for that project... so very soon after Thanksgiving I plan to launch the new project.  I've been following up with the artists that were part of this project and I believe we'll have the same group for that one. 

Thank you, and I look forward to your support on that project!  (Of course I'll post an update here when it launches.)

One More Thing: Fantasy Monster Art Calendar

Posted by Inkwell Ideas (Creator)

We really do have a lot of great art in the project. So I've narrowed it down to 28 pieces and I'm going to let backers who choose this reward vote for the top 12 through a non-Kickstarter survey. We'll set up the vote by Wednesday of this week and set the deadline to vote by next Monday the 19th. I'll get them sent out by December 15th (Priority Mail), and likely a good bit earlier. These will be US calendars, so I don't plan to send them outside of the US. You can pledge for the $23 calendar reward or add $23 to your existing pledge.

Of course, they make great holiday gifts for your game group so you may want to pledge for multiple.  Each additional calendar is $21 if sent to the same address.

There were some other last minute ideas: Mugs, T-shirts, etc., and maybe we'll do something with them down the line but I'm not sure I could estimate demand and price them properly. I feel it would be better if I did those ideas with more time for people to vote the images they like best and still have time to adjust a pledge. I feel the calendar is different because the Calendar has 12 images so you're almost sure to get several images you like.

We only have about 24 hours left, so please spread the word and consider if you want more rewards from the project for yourself or to give to friends in cases like the calendar.

More Ideas

Posted by Inkwell Ideas (Creator)

We're just about 60% of the way to the goal... so I'm looking for other reward ideas.

If you have an idea for an additional reward please send me a message with the idea and a suggested reward amount and we'll try to work it out.

For example, I'm considering adding back in some of the rewards that let you pick a creature (from our secondary list or even one we haven't been considering at all) and/or a particular artist and/or pose for a creature.  These would be additional options that you add to another pledge. 

Again, if one of those ideas interests you or you have another idea let me know!

Thanks again!

Even More Art Added to the Project!

Posted by Inkwell Ideas (Creator)

We're still at just about 1/2 way to our goal with almost exactly two days left as I write this.  Making the goal is still possible, but it will take a good bit of work and maybe an addition or two to the project.

So I'm happy to announce a major addition to the project: We're going to do line art of some of the prior project's stock art creatures.  Unfortunately I'm still working out some of the details so I can't say right now which creatures we'll include, but my goal is to get to about half of those creatures.  (It is likely the creatures created by artists on this and the prior Kickstarter will have line art versions.  It is possible that won't happen with one artist who is on both projects but another artist or two from the prior project will do line art versions of their creatures.)

And in case you missed the prior stock art Kickstarter, I've added a new reward level that lets you pledge for both sets of stock art.

How does this affect anyone pledging for the PDF or laminated cardstock minis?  Not much.  It only reaffirms that when you pick sheets of the physical minis you'll be able to pick sheets of the prior physical minis if you wish.

More on the stock art:

  • If you were part of the prior Kickstarter, I'll automatically send you the line art for the same creatures you received previously. (If you pledged for all of them, you'll get all the new line art of those creatures.)
  • If you're part of this Kickstarter and want all the prior stock art, the new line art for some of those creatures, and all the new stock art then pledge at the new $430 level.  (Yes, I realize that's a lot of money, but you are getting about 250 color images plus the line art versions for most and versions with backgrounds on the new color stock art.)
  • If you want some of the prior Kickstarter's color art or the new line art, you can use the same points from this project to pick those illustrations.  The art from the prior Kickstarter and the new line art will be the same number of points as the art for the creatures in the core of this Kickstarter.  (So please consider raising your pledge! I know its tough to decide without the final list, but bumping your pledge lets you choose later.  The art will be available later, but it is more expensive if you buy the art as single pieces.)
  • If you are pledging for all of the art for this Kickstarter and want just some of the new line art or even the prior project's color art, add a little bit to your $200 pledge.  For example if you guess you'll want about 50 points worth of the new line art and prior color art, add $40 to your pledge.  For 100 points, add $80 to your pledge.
  • To be clear if you're using points: 6pts gets you the large color version and line art version; 5 pts gets the large color version, 3 pts gets you the small color and line art versions, 2 pts for the small color version and 1 pt for the small line art version.  (The points are basically the same, but no background versions are available for the creatures from the prior Kickstarter.)

Again, I know it is hard to guess how much extra to pledge for the line art for the prior project's creatures and I'll do my best to post an update when I know more.  If you are more interested in the color art then you know we have all of that available.

And of course, I'll be posting about the project everywhere I know, but please give it a mention if you can!