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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 5 2012

A Couple of New Sketches, Survey Update

Posted by Inkwell Ideas (Creator)

I've commissioned artwork for several more of the creatures for the project, and sketches for these are now coming in. 

The first sketch (they should be at the bottom) is a hobgoblin leader.  There will be three other hobgoblin images--two with melee weapons and one with a bow.  I'm honestly struggling to discern a hobgoblin from an orc.  The best advice I could come up for artist Storn Cook was the head should be a bit rounder while the mouth should stay at least as big or a touch bigger.  If you've got other advice, I'll pass it on.  But I'm very happy with Storn's work.

The next two images are of an earth elemental from Ryan Sumo.  The first image is a collection of 9 sketches he did to help finalize a pose.  I picked #3. (Interestingly, I showed it to my almost 6-year-old, and she independently picked the same one!  Another backer who is also a co-worker of mine also picked #3.)  The last image is the first cut of that Earth Elemental.  I really, really like it.  I did ask to drop the pine trees as those wouldn't be to scale for many earth elementals.

Next up, here are the updated survey results:

Which miniature background color do you like best?

  • White: 23
  • Light gray: 26
  • Gray: 2
  • Any: 15

What should be on the backs of each mini? (Drawing a back-side to each creature or using clear plastic is cost prohibitive.)

  • Black silhouette: 13
  • Outline: 25
  • Mirrored version of front: 13
  • Any of the above: 15

The original pitch and samples had icons for defense (a shield) and health/hits-remaining/hit-points (a heart.) They were on the upper corners of the back of the mini.  Should we keep these?

  • Yes: 25
  • No: 23
  • Don't Care: 18

What best represents your feeling about the color of the stands?

  • All black: 10
  • All white: 6
  • Mostly black with a 1 each of most other colors (blue brown green orange purple red white and yellow): 13
  • Mostly white with a 1 each of most other colors (blue brown green orange purple red black and yellow): 0
  • Even Mix: 17
  • No Preference: 20

Which color stand(s) would you want least, if any?  (Have no use for.)  You may select more than one, one, or none.

  • Black 6
  • Blue 4
  • Brown 7
  • Green 5
  • Orange 14
  • Purple 9
  • Red 9
  • White 12
  • Yellow 16

Stock Art Project

If you're a publisher (print, PDF, or video/iPad/Android/web games) or have a blog/website, don't forget about the sister project: Monster Stock Art.  You'll get permission to use most of this great art (and hopefully more if either break their goals) in your own projects.  At about $1 (web-size) or $1.50 (print) per image if you get the larger packages, you can't really go wrong.  Plus as you can see on that project's page, through different backgrounds and color hue/saturation changes you can really make the art look different.


Finally, if you've got a chance to plug the project, please do!  It really helps and if everyone on the project brings just one other person on board, I'm pretty sure we'll make our goal. 

Further, don't be discouraged that we're just 55% of the way with only a little over 20% of the way to go... I know from my last Kickstarter project (and from those I've backed--but I have a nice chart from mine) that pledging picks up during the final days.  In fact, for that project the best day was the 5th to last day.  However, it won't happen easily without some help, so please do try to bring some others on board!  Thank you!

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    1. Inkwell Ideas 13-time creator on

      I actually have the clings as an idea for another possible aspect of a product down the line... But I don't think I have the budget and time to squeeze them in here. In the other project they would be even more useful, but I'm not ready to say just yet.

    2. Skyland Games on

      Cling decals would be cool if they work with the plastic. As far as hobgoblin/orc differences, using a different skin color would help: ie Hobgoblins may have rust colored skin, orcs may have a greenish grey, or whatever doesn't violate someone else's IP.

    3. Ben Stack on

      i like the teeny tiny little human fighter in the foreground.

    4. Daphne Pfister on

      Have you considered static cling decals ( i.e. reusable ) instead of the heart and shield markers since it seems to be evenly split? You could even offer other symbols for various status effects.