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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 5 2012

Early Survey Results; Lizardfolk Set

Posted by Inkwell Ideas (Creator)

I thought you all may like to see the survey results so far.  (If you haven't backed the project yet, if you do so and then look at the previous update, you'll see the survey link.)  I'm not sure how long I'll keep the survey running, but I think it is very helpful.  Here are the results so far:

Which miniature background color do you like best?

  • White: 19
  • Light gray: 25
  • Gray: 1
  • Any: 13

What should be on the backs of each mini? (Drawing a back-side to each creature or using clear plastic is cost prohibitive.)

  • Black silhouette: 11
  • Outline: 22
  • Mirrored version of front: 11
  • Any of the above: 14

The original pitch and samples had icons for defense (a shield) and health/hits-remaining/hit-points (a heart.) They were on the upper corners of the back of the mini.  Should we keep these?

  • Yes: 22
  • No: 19
  • Don't Care: 17

What best represents your feeling about the color of the stands?

  • All black: 9
  • All white: 6
  • Mostly black with a 1 each of most other colors (blue brown green orange purple red white and yellow): 9
  • Mostly white with a 1 each of most other colors (blue brown green orange purple red black and yellow): 0
  • Even Mix: 15
  • No Preference: 19

Which color stand(s) would you want least, if any?  (Have no use for.)  You may select more than one, one, or none.

  • Black 5
  • Blue 3
  • Brown 6
  • Green 4
  • Orange 11
  • Purple 7
  • Red 8
  • White 10
  • Yellow 13

And the freeform answers are all very valuable.  Here are a few answers related to the stand colors:

  • Red and some other color for the stand would let me mark who's been bloodied.
  • For stand colors mostly black with a fair selection of other colors to easily differentiate minions or bosses. 1 of each not really useful. Even distribution, less useful than mostly black.
  • I like the idea of coloured stands because one could also use the stand colour as an indicator for various conditions that affect movement (e.g. yellow = stuck by glue; green = grappled) while the back of the card could say that too, a quick glance at the stand would be like glancing at an enemy in combat, you could probably tell pretty quickly if they were glued to the floor!
  • I like the multi colour stands as we use them for status effects currently (e.g. Red - Fire, Green - Poison etc...).
  • I like the idea of having stands that are mostly one color with an option of other colors. It would help me to remember a monster in a mob that has a special power or is slightly different from the others in some way.
  • Colored stands really do not matter to me. I prefer black but if you can get a better deal getting a variety of colors that is okay
  • Why is clear not an option for the stands?

Just to answer the last question first: the supplier I have doesn't offer clear.  If someone has another supplier they can recommend, please send me a message.

As for the stand color mix, I think I can get several different colors and just get extra whites and blacks for those who want all/mostly those colors.  I'll get each person's preference from the official project survey that comes out after pledging is complete.  However, I won't be able to get all the colors--the more colors we do, the lower the bulk price for each.  So I'll probably drop a couple of the colors with the most votes as "least wanted."

One other point about the freeform questions... one blog writer posted that he would mention the project--please do!  (Just a reminder.)

Finally, you should see a preview of all four lizardmen.  I think its really cool how changing a weapon, the post of an arm and adding a few trinkets to the clothing/armor of a figure can really convey the different purpose of each creature. Jeff Ward put these together for me before the project started.  I'll be posting a few more works which haven't been previewed yet in the next few updates.

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